tagNonConsent/ReluctanceClaire's Career Ch. 01: The Saleswoman

Claire's Career Ch. 01: The Saleswoman


Part 1: The Saleswoman

The only thing that saved Claire from being called a dumb blonde was that she had red hair. However there was little doubt that she wasn't the sharpest knife in the cutlery drawer. Not that she didn't have a certain instinctive cunning; more that she was known by all who knew her as exceptionally naïve to the point of breathtaking gullibility.

Her boyfriend, Danny, despaired. Despite being a successful radio DJ, he knew he was more than lucky to have such a hot girlfriend. Apart from distinctive long auburn locks, she had a stunning figure -- tall, slim and leggy but with enormous firm breasts and a perfect tight arse -- as well as striking green eyes and delicate freckled features.

However Danny was constantly having to guard her against sexual advances from virtually every man who met her. He'd lost count of the number of times when, out for a night in the pub, he had returned from the lavatory to find Claire being chatted up by strangers.

He'd even had to chase away one man who had been fondling her exposed boobs, claiming he was a doctor who had had to give her an emergency breast check. When he asked Claire why she'd thought he was a doctor, she showed him a beer mat with some scrawled illegible writing on.

"See, he said doctors were famous for having awful writing and then he wrote down my name. And I definitely can't read it," she'd justified.

Luckily for Danny, Claire's job as a receptionist for a local hair salon involved very little unsupervised contact with the opposite sex. All the hairdressers were female, as were the vast majority of customers, and the owner, a matronly woman in her 50s, always kept an eye out for anyone trying to trick Claire into over-familiarity.

Unfortunately, she herself was tricked by her less-than-honest accountant who embezzled enough funds to send the salon into financial ruin and it closed with all the employees losing their jobs.

Although Danny made enough of an income for Claire not to have to work, he'd realised that leaving her home all day wasn't a great idea either when, luckily, he'd come home early to find the window cleaner with his hand up her skirt, fingering her pussy.

Claire had been indignant when Danny had attacked him and thrown him out.

"I can't believe you did that! He's a poor blind old man. He was just touching me so that he could recognise me in the future."

However she hadn't been able to respond coherently as to how a blind man could be a window cleaner nor why he had needed to feel her cunt and breasts rather than just her face.

"Oh, yeah, I hadn't thought of that. Do you think he was just joking then?"

So Claire embarked on a job search which was also very stressful for Danny. Finding a role where her naïveté wouldn't be abused proved to be difficult.

In fact after an interview at a reputable bank, Danny was dismayed to hear that Claire had been invited back for a second interview.

"Isn't it exciting," she said, "The personnel woman didn't really like me that much the manager took me aside afterwards and said I needed to go back at 6 o'clock tonight so that he could do a thorough physical in private and if I performed to standard I might be able to get a job!"

She didn't really understand why Danny refused to let her return.

Eventually however, Claire did land a job that seemed relatively safe and also one at which she might excel.

Interestingly, the role involved organising lingerie parties for an Anne Summers type networking company called Funky Lady. The customer base was female as were the staff. Despite the racy nature of the products, Danny couldn't really see how Claire could get herself into trouble. And the reality was that she loved pretty things, had great taste in clothes and would be a superb model for the underwear. It was this latter fact that had finally persuaded Danny, particularly as Claire had promised to give him a private viewing every night.

Claire for her part was really excited that she'd found a role which she could really enjoy. She thought that Danny was more than a little overprotective and even a bit prudish sometimes. She was a big girl and she could look after herself!

Which perhaps explained why she didn't tell him about some of Funky Lady's more adult products. They didn't just sell mainstream lingerie but also some more specialised role play costumes such as naughty nurse outfits as well as a range of sex toys and accessories.

What he didn't know wouldn't hurt him, she thought.

The night of her first party came quickly and it was a huge success. The party was held at a friend of a friend's house and the 25 or so mostly middle-aged women reacted well to Claire's open fun style. As the wine flowed more freely, Claire brought out some of the more interesting items which caused a lot of giggling and joking.

She got a lot of lingerie orders and also sold a few toys, creams and lubricants on the night. She also made several follow-up appointments with some ladies who maybe felt a little shy and didn't want to buy anything in front of anyone else.

Later that week, she knocked on the door of a suburban house, ready for her final appointment of the week. She had with her two good-sized trolley-bags full of lingerie, in her own size, and a varied selection of accessories.

Fred had been reading the newspaper when he heard the knock. In his early fifties, Fred had taken early retirement from his job as a lorry driver the previous month. He was a relatively fit man for his age although his beer belly was a bit larger than it should have been and he was going rapidly bald. Miriam, his wife of 30 years was working a shift in the local supermarket and she wasn't due back until that evening.

When he opened the door, he found himself looking at a goddess. She was in her early-twenties and was wearing a cream business suit made up of a fitted jacket and a mini-dress. Her legs were bare and her matching stiletto heels had tasteful strapping up over her ankles.

Her red hair shone in the sunlight and her green eyes were wide and inviting if a little vacant. Her figure was astonishing. He didn't think he'd ever seen a woman with such long legs and also such large breasts in one perfect package.

"Oh, hello, I'm Claire from Funky Lady. I've got an appointment with Belinda Phillips?" Claire said, surprised that Belinda's husband would be around. She'd thought that Belinda had wanted to make her purchases in privacy. After all, a lot of them would be for his benefit.

Fred had no idea who Belinda was. Perhaps it was because retirement had already become boring; or perhaps it was simply because he'd never before been in the presence of such a gorgeous young woman, but rather than admit his ignorance, he decided that it would more fun to just play along even if it resulted in just a few more minutes with her.

"Belinda? She's just popped out but she won't be long. Come in. Would you like a cup of tea?"

Fred helped Claire in with her bags and showed her into the living room.

"There you go. Make yourself comfortable. I'll go and make a cuppa. Do you take sugar?"

Claire sat down and opened her first case while Fred made the tea. As he came back he allowed himself to peak around the corner, before entering the room.

She was sitting on a low sofa so that her legs were exposed to high up her thighs. And, unless he was going mad, she was holding up a bra. He saw that her case was full of lingerie and she had put some brochures on the coffee table. Funky Lady? Obviously this young woman had come to sell underwear to Belinda, whoever she was.

"Here we are, milk, no sugar," he said as he sat down opposite her doing his best not to stare up her skirt.

"Thanks, Mr. Phillips," Claire replied. "Do you know how long Belinda will be? I'm sure we agreed two o'clock."

"Um, yes, that's right. She said she'd be back by now. Let's give it a minute and I'll give her a call to see where she is."

"OK." Claire was a little surprised that Belinda, whom she recalled as being a slender elegant woman in her early-thirties, was married to such an unprepossessing and old-fashioned man but she knew that love could blossom between virtually anyone, no matter how poorly matched they might seem. She looked around at the kitsch décor and collection of porcelain cats and thought that Belinda had a lot better taste in clothes than in interior design.

Meanwhile, Fred had picked up one of the catalogues and was flicking through pictures of lovely young women in their underwear. He adjusted himself uncomfortably to conceal his growing erection.

"Do you like what you see?" Claire asked artlessly.

Too right I bloody do, thought Fred. Out loud, however, he said, "Um, yes there are some lovely items in here."

After an awkward pause, Claire looked pointedly at her watch.

"Right. I'll just give her a call to see how long she'll be," Fred said, leaving the room ostensibly to find a phone.

In the kitchen, he thought about his options. He could make up an excuse for Belinda's absence and allow Claire to leave. Or he could somehow persuade her to stay for a bit longer. Maybe he was perverted, but he couldn't deny that talking to a hot young lady about underwear was more than a little arousing.

After a couple of minutes he went back in.

"Claire, I'm so sorry but Belinda has been delayed. She sends her apologies but she won't be able to make it back for ages."

"Oh, well that's a shame." Claire was disappointed. She'd already hit her week's sales target which meant that a high proportion of everything she sold today would be converted to commission in her pocket.

"But she's told me what she likes and said to surprise her with a few things. I've got to say there's loads of good stuff in here," he said, sensing her frustration and pointing to one of the brochures. "I think I'd like to get her quite a few things, if that's OK."

He could almost see Claire's eyes light up as she sniffed an impending sale.

Claire considered. She knew that she was alone in a house with a strange man and was potentially putting herself at risk. But he looked so harmless and she so wanted to be able to prove to the semi-sceptical Danny that she could be a real success in this career.

"OK. Is there anything in particular you like the look of?" she smiled.

Fred sat down next to her and pointed randomly to the open page. The picture showed a stunning young blonde wearing a lacy red bra, a matching thong and suspender belt and sheer red stockings. Her nipples were obvious through the bra and the rear shot of her arse left nothing to the imagination.

"Oh, yes," Claire gushed. "That's a very popular set." She rummaged in her case and brought out some skimpy bits of ruby lace. "Do you know what size Belinda is?"

Never having seen Belinda, Fred didn't have a clue. He decided to take a chance. "Um, I think she's the same size as you," he said nodding to her substantial bosom.

Claire looked puzzled. She lifted up her breasts as if offering them to Fred. "Are you sure? She was about the same height and shape as me but I didn't think she had such large breasts."

Fred groaned under his breath as he openly stared at her chest. He decided to push things further. "Well, it's really difficult to tell through that dress."

"OK, well let's assume she's a size 10 with a 34D bra size for now. If you order the full set I can throw in a set of stockings for free," Clare offered, sensing that Fred was really interested in a purchase.

"Hmm, I'm not sure. It's really difficult to tell what it looks like on..." Fred had no idea where this was going but he could already tell that not only was Claire desperate for an order but that she was probably going to be easy to manipulate.

Claire paused. If this were a full party or even if she were selling to a woman alone, she wouldn't hesitate to get changed and give the customer a proper viewing. However she could just imagine Danny's voice if he were ever to find out that she'd stripped to her underwear for a male client. But this sounded like it could be a big sale.

"Well I suppose I could model them for you..." she started uncertainly.

"Oh, that would be great!" Fred enthused.

"Er, OK. Where can I change?" Claire asked.

"Let me go and tidy up the dining room -- you can change in there." He almost capered to the dining room and when he got there, he did a little dance. He couldn't believe she'd fallen for it! He needed to stay calm and not give away his excitement.

He looked around the room. Was there anything in here to give him away? He took down two family pictures which showed Miriam and him. What about in the living room? He went back in.

Luckily Claire hadn't bothered to look on the mantelpiece or she'd have seen several photos which would have been difficult to explain.

"Right, in you go," he said, pointing the way. "Come back in when you're ready."

Just as she left, her phone, which she'd left on top her case, began to flash, luckily in silent mode. He froze for a second and grabbed it. It looked like a local number. Carefully he pressed the answer button and quietly said, "Hello."

"Oh hello," said a cultured voice. "I was after Claire. This is Belinda Phillips. She was due to come and see me today at two?"

Fred thought quickly; he looked around the room for inspiration. "I'm sorry. Mrs. Phillips. This is Tony Sony, Claire's boss. Claire has been regrettably called away. A family emergency. Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience."

"Oh, I see. Well perhaps she can come and see me next Tuesday, Mr. Sony?" Belinda replied.

"Erm. Yes that would be great," Fred answered. "Shall we say 2pm again?"

"Yes, that's fine thanks."

"OK then. Actually please can I just confirm your address?" Fred asked.

"Yes, it's 33 Acacia Drive." Fred now understood why Claire had turned up at his house -- his address was 33 Acacia Terrace. She'd made a simple mistake although Acacia Drive was at the other end of town and significantly more upmarket than this area.

After he'd rung off and put the phone back on the bag, he hid all incriminating pictures around the room. He smoothed down the wisps of hair still left on his head as he looked into the mirror over the fireplace. If he were honest with himself, he'd never been a particularly attractive man even when young. He was shorter than average, had a heavy brow and bad teeth. Age had made him overweight and his hair had first turned grey and was now disappearing. He did still care for his wife but the chance to get this close to woman beautiful enough to be glamour model who was willing to parade in front of him in her underwear was just too much to turn down.

"I'm ready, Mr. Phillips." He heard the call and forced himself to take some deep slow breaths.

But when she came back in he almost swore out loud as she unselfconsciously strode into the room and stood in front of him.

The deep ruby hue of the lingerie set showed Claire's flawless body off perfectly. He hadn't appreciated just how fabulous her breasts were. Her red nipples were clearly visible through the intricate bra and he thought he could see a small dark patch in between her legs through her g-string. She was still wearing her high-heeled shoes which emphasised the fabulous length of her stocking clad legs. The suspender belt was tiny and the straps cut delicately into her thighs.

"What do you think?" Claire asked ingenuously.

Fred forced himself to speak slowly. "Yes, that's really nice. Can I have a closer look?"

"Sure," Claire replied enthusiastically. The bra has got fantastic built-in support. It's really comfortable. And the whole set is 100% silk. It feels wonderful on the skin."

Fred had sat down in front of her so that her crotch was only a foot from his face.

"It does look great, I have to say," he managed to get out as Claire turned to give him a view of her incredible peachy bum. The red string disappeared between the top of her buttocks giving him an uninterrupted view of her creamy arse; her long red hair came halfway down her back. He rubbed his erection a couple of times before strategically placing a cushion on his lap as she turned back.

"Well can I put you down for a set?" Claire turned and smiled down at him over her imperious breasts,

Fred's mind spun as he thought about how to take things further still. "Are you sure that it's nice and smooth. My wife has very delicate skin."

"Oh, yes. It's lovely and cool," she replied.

"Can I feel?" Fred asked, trying to keep his voice relaxed.

"Erm, well, OK," Claire wasn't too surprised at the request as lots of customers wanted to feel the product. Of course, she should have allowed him to do so before she put it on.

Fred stood up and reached for her breasts. At first he slid his first two fingers on each hand behind the top of the bra cups and felt the material with his thumbs.

"Oh, yes very nice," he said as he pushed his fingers into the low-cut bra a little further until he could feel the tops of her nipples with them. He couldn't believe how smooth and velvety her bosom felt.

Claire assumed he had touched her nipples by accident so when he said, "What about the panties?" she pushed her hips forward slightly to allow him access.

Fred slid his right hand down the front of her thong allowing his fingers to play through her trimmed pubic hair.

"Nice isn't it, Mr. Phillips?" Claire asked guilelessly as felt up her crotch with one hand and, by chance of course, brushed his fingers over her right nipple with his other.

"Oh yes," Fred moaned

After a minute, Fred realised that Claire would suspect if he persisted so he tried a different tack. He just had to see those breasts.

"You said that the bra has got good support but it seems to me your breasts are very firm so they don't need that much help. It's really difficult to judge just how supportive it is without being able to compare to your breasts without a bra."

At the party she'd hosted, she'd been fairly relaxed about going topless in front of the customers as she changed. But it was a bit different with a man. Still if it helped the sale. "Erm, well I suppose I could just let you have a quick look but only as a comparison."

"Great," Fred smiled. "It would really help me decide what I'm going to order." He couldn't believe she was going to swallow his story but she reached behind to unclasp her bra.

As she did so, her breasts surged forward but didn't sag much at all. She pulled the bra off completely, leaving Fred breathless with desire.

As he'd suspected her nipples were red and, relative to the size of her tits, quite small. Her bosom was milky with a light smattering of freckles. She could easily have got away without a bra.

"They are nice and firm but I promise the support this bra provides is fantastic," she said conversationally.

Fred couldn't resist. He reached out and took hold of one breast in each hand, weighing them to judge their firmness.

"Oh!" Claire was startled but decided to allow him to have a good feel. After all it wasn't like he was fondling her boobs exactly. He was just weighing them up to gauge the support the bra provided.

"Hmmm," Fred did his best to continue the deception. "Yes, as I suspected you've got great big firm tits. It's a beautiful bra but I'm not sure how much support your boobs actually need," he said as he continued to squeeze her astonishing breasts.

"Oh, honestly they might seem like they don't need a bra. But they're really comfortable in this one," Claire gasped slightly as Fred pinched her nipples to stiffness but didn't protest.

Realising that if he continued his shameless groping she might question his motives, Fred allowed his hands to drop with a sigh. She reached out to put the bra back on but Fred took it away from her to have a closer look.

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