Claire's Career Ch. 01: The Saleswoman


"Fuck!" screamed Claire as virtually the entire length slid into her tight hole. And when he turned it on she convulsed immediately in spontaneous orgasm.

"Oh, OK," she whimpered as Fred began to push it steadily in and out of her.

Over the next twenty minutes, Claire came countless times. The combination of the two vibrators was just too much to withstand. At least Mr. Phillips couldn't now doubt that these were really effective toys.

She relaxed her body as Fred finally slid the Big Boy out after another shattering climax. "Oh, wow. That was amazing," she purred.

She looked down. Fred was kneeling between her legs and now holding a full erection.

"Oh, good. You got hard again! Would you like to order some of that cream now?"

"Yes. But first I just want to do this," Fred said as he pushed his hips forward. His cock slid into her pussy smoothly.

"Mr. Phillips!" she exclaimed as he lifted her legs over his shoulders and began to thrust.

"Oh, fuck, your cunt feels good, Claire. I'm just continuing to pretend you're my wife. Miri.., er I mean. Belinda likes a good shagging. Just need to make sure the cream works in all circumstances," he finished weakly.

"Oh, I see." Claire didn't know what to do. There was no denying that letting a strange man fuck her was seriously letting down her boyfriend. However it wasn't like she was enjoying it or anything. Perhaps this was because Fred wasn't the most well-endowed and after the Big Boy, his cock was a little disappointing. She decided her best bet was to help him finish off quickly and get the order signed.

She began lifting her hips up in time to Fred's thrusts. "Oh yes, Fred. Fuck me, you big bastard. Give it to me hard," she moaned doing her best to excite him further.

Fred didn't really care what she was saying. All that mattered was that he was fucking a truly gorgeous woman for the first time in his life. And what was great was that, because he'd already come, he was going to be able to keep going for ages.

After another few minutes of grinding, groaning and ineffectual acting, Fred decided that he'd like to try a different position. "Let's try you on top. Belinda loves that."

"OK," Claire said happily. She'd got a bit uncomfortable with her legs in the air and Fred lying on her and being on top would give her back some control.

He lay back and Claire swung over one of her long legs before slowly lowering herself down on his stubby cock. "Oh that's nice, Mr. Phillips. Go on play with my tits," she urged as Fred began fondling her enormous chest.

She ground her hips back and forth, desperate to make him come.

But Fred still had some way to go and, after a while, decided he wanted to try another position.

"Let's do it from behind," he ordered. Claire groaned but lifted off and got onto her hands and knees on the sofa.

Now Fred adored tits so he'd been exceptionally happy with Claire on top, playing with her substantial bouncing breasts as she fucked him. But he had to admit his view of her arse as he shagged her doggy-style was possibly even better. He'd never seen such a perfectly shaped butt, not even on the TV. And as his cock slid in and out of her fabulous cunt, he began to squeeze her buttocks while watching her glorious rosebud of a bumhole. Making a decision, he reached across to Claire's bag with his left hand.

Claire was pushing her hips back as hard as she could so that Fred's stomach slapped her arse with every thrust. "Please, Mr. Phillips. Come in me! Fill me with your spunk!" she cried, keen to finally seal the order.

In the meantime Fred had found a tube of what he'd been looking for. "Shag-o-Lube! Gets the biggest things into the smallest places!" he read to himself.

A few seconds later, Claire squeaked as she felt something wet and clammy on her arsehole. What was going on? Had he just come on her bum? But no, it felt cold.

"What's that?" she asked as Fred pulled out.

"Oh, that's Shag-o-Lube," he answered.

Claire's brain generally worked quite slowly. So although she was trying to work out what was going on, it was the unfamiliar pain in her bottom as Fred pushed his cock in to her that finally made her understand what was happening.

"Mr. Phillips!" she screamed. "You can't do that! It's naughty!"

"But I really want to buy some lubricant so I just wanted to try it out first," Fred huffed as he thrust in and out of her tender bumhole. "And in any case Miriam, I mean, Belinda loves it up the arse. I'm just pretending you're her like you suggested,"

Claire didn't know what to say. Yes, it had been her idea that he imagine that she was his wife but she hadn't expected to lead to a fuck let alone a full anal rogering. She'd never expected to be the kind of girl who ever took it up the butt. Danny had asked her on a couple of occasions but she'd always refused.

Luckily for her, the lubricant was actually very effective and, although it was uncomfortable to have a dick in her bum, it was hardly agonising.

At least he should finish off quite quickly. He certainly felt a lot bigger in her arse rather than her pussy. It should be a lot tighter for him, she reasoned as she began to push back gingerly to speed his climax.

And she was right. Not that he was particularly experienced but this was the tightest hole he'd ever been inside and it felt divine. All too soon he began to spurt what seems like gallons of spunk into her arse, before collapsing on her.

Claire allowed him to lie there until she felt his shrivelled cock slip from her bum.

"Mr. Phillips?" she asked, prompting him to roll off her.

Fred was utterly exhausted as well as utterly elated. All his fantasies had just come true. He knew it was a touch of luck with a smattering of dishonesty and a dash of opportunism that had allowed him to fulfil them but he would always have the memory of being sucked off by the most gorgeous woman he'd ever met before fucking her lovely pussy in several different positions, prior to finally finishing off in her arse.

"Er, Mr. Phillips, can I get you to sign this? I've added both vibrators if that's OK as well as tube of the lubricant. I just need your signature and your credit card number." Claire was standing in front of him, still in nothing but her red stockings and suspenders and holding out her order form and a pen. Her beautiful long red hair was in disarray; her breasts were heaving as she breathed in and out, worn out after her exertion; her nipples were an angry red from his tweaking, biting and sucking' cum was leaking out of her arse and down the insides of her thighs and her makeup was smeared. She looked divine. He felt an inordinate fondness for her.

"Claire, can I just say how wonderful you've been. You're a very beautiful woman and I feel truly honoured that you've been so practical in your product demonstrations," he said as he reached out and gave her breasts a grope.

Claire blushed slightly. "Oh, thanks. I mean it really was no trouble at all," she fibbed.

Fred had to go up on tip-toe but he reached up and gave her a kiss on her soft lips before reaching around to cup her buttocks and squeeze. Claire automatically kissed him back, and he took the opportunity to stick his tongue into her mouth.

Her instinct was to push him away -- his breath smelt unpleasant and his hands were rough on her smooth bum -- but she held back as she didn't want to offend him.

During the long lingering snog, Fred considered his next steps. Of course there was no way he could afford to pay for all these products. How could he get out this without getting into trouble? He made his decision.

"Oh, shit is that the time! Belinda is due back any second! Quick, we have to get you dressed and out of here," he exclaimed as he pushed her away and grabbed her dress and jacket.

"What! But can't we just tell her I've been selling you products?" Claire asked as she randomly grabbed some green undies from her case and began to slip them on.

"No, there's no way she'd believe you'd been here two hours just selling. And anyway I want to keep the purchases a surprise!"

Claire quickly pulled on her dress and shoes before packing away her samples. Fred noticed she hadn't bothered with putting on a bra.

"But what about the order?" she asked plaintively.

Fred thought quickly. Did her dare try and take things even further? "Well why don't you come back next Tuesday, say, at 2? I definitely want to make an order and if you bring some other products I'd like to try them out."

"Really?" Claire considered. "Well, I suppose am free then. And I've got a delivery of new samples coming this weekend. But I'm not sure..." She broke off as she thought about what to do.

Fred crossed his fingers. He'd chosen the same random time he'd said to Belinda on the phone to try and kill two birds with one stone. After all, he didn't want Belinda to get in touch with Claire and blow the whole deception. And he certainly wanted another chance to repeat today's experience.

Surely she wouldn't fall for the same trick again?

Claire was trying to weigh up the chance of an even bigger order against the need to demonstrate even more products to Fred. On the negative side, her knees and arsehole still hurt and her hair was ruined. She'd also been unfaithful to her boyfriend in several different ways although only as a consequence of her practical demos. But, on the other hand, she was due to receive some brand new and expensive lingerie as well as a new range of high-value real-feel sex toys. And she didn't need to tell her boyfriend what had happened.

She looked up at him and gave him a big smile. "Yes, all right. I'll be back then."

Fred gave her a peck on the cheek and a quick squeeze of her bottom. "Thanks, Claire. Now, come on, you need to get out here!" he said as he opened the front door.

"OK!" she said brightly, pulling her cases behind her with her heels clicking down his garden path.

Fred watched her swaying arse as she walked away, already missing her divine presence. As well as her divine tits.

She stopped and looked around. "Oh, Mr. Phillips? Just one thought about next Tuesday. Belinda won't be around will she?"

Fred looked up from her proud chest and gave her a wicked smile. "Claire, I can absolutely 100% guarantee she won't be here."

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