tagNonConsent/ReluctanceClaire's Career Ch. 02: The Teaching Assistant

Claire's Career Ch. 02: The Teaching Assistant


Part 2: The Teaching Assistant

Claire was determined to make a success of her new career.

The morning of her first day she dressed carefully: she wanted to appear smart without being dowdy, attractive without being tarty. Claire was rightly proud of her outstanding figure, her long legs and pretty face with its lovely green eyes and glorious auburn hair but she knew that it was important to appear professional rather than simply stunningly gorgeous.

It was important she left a good impression with everyone she met. She settled for a fitted white blouse and charcoal skirt that reached to just above her knees and that respectively flaunted her formidable bust and fine tight bottom in an understated and subtle way. She also needed to be practical but the lowest shoes she had were three inch black open-toed heels which showed off her long elegant legs beautifully. She deliberated for a while but plumped for them as her most pragmatic option.

She checked she had everything, kissed her boyfriend Danny goodbye and set off for her new place of work: The Fannerly Batter School for Difficult & Febrile Boys.

She had managed to land a job at FBS after she had lost her previous role in disastrous fashion. She had been a saleswoman for Funky Lady, a home lingerie and sex toys brand, for just a few weeks when she was caught having anal sex with one of her clients, or at least technically so.

In fact all she'd been actually doing was allowing him to try out a new lubricant before committing to its purchase. The fact that she happened to have used her bottom as the method of trial was entirely besides the point. It wasn't real sex as such. Just a demonstration.

In fact it was the second time she had visited Mr. Phillips, a portly middle-aged gentleman who had wanted a large and varied order. The first time she had visited his house she had actually been expecting his wife, a lady whom she'd met at a lingerie party just a few days earlier. However, for some reason she hadn't been in so he had asked Claire to demonstrate some of the products so he could buy some presents for his wife.

She had been a little reluctant to model lingerie for him but had eventually succumbed with the prospect of a lucrative sale in mind. However, she had to admit, matters had escalated a little beyond her expectations when he had tried out various vibrators, creams and drops on her, eventually ending up ejaculating in her several times and in several ways. Anyway at the end of the session she'd had to rush off to avoid his wife discovering them and ruining the surprise gifts he was planning.

She had come back the next week to finalise the order and things had progressed remarkably similarly. Although to Claire's mind they hadn't really been having actual sex as such, he had already somehow contrived to come in both Claire's mouth and vagina when a woman claiming to be his wife had come home from work early and discovered them just as he was shooting off up her butt. She hadn't been amused.

In fact Claire had, rather humiliatingly, been thrown out of their house completely naked apart from her stockings and stilettos, despite her protestations of the innocence of her motives. She had managed to get help from a passer-by, a leering opportunistic taxi driver. Of course she hadn't been able to pay the fare but, luckily for her, the driver had been willing to accept instead an easing of a problem she had caused him with her nudity i.e. a painful erection. And so she had managed to get home in return for a quick blowjob while he had groped her large, creamy and lightly freckled tits.

Rather confusingly, the woman who had thrown her out wasn't the Mrs. Phillips whom Claire had originally met and she hadn't been able to work out why a completely different woman had been so upset about what she'd been doing with Mr. Phillips. In any case, whoever she was, once she'd complained to the Funky Lady regional management, Claire had been summarily dismissed.

Miraculously she'd managed to keep all of this from her boyfriend. He was always telling her that she was too gullible and needed to be protected so there was no way Claire wanted him to find out that she'd been sacked (she'd said she'd resigned because she wasn't enjoying the work), that she'd been demonstrating sex products to a potential customer by allowing him to use them on her or that she'd had to suck off a random cab driver to get home. He really wouldn't have understood and would probably have got a bit upset.

All in all, she wanted to put the whole disagreeable episode behind her.

Which was why today was such an important day to her. Rather remarkably she had been offered a role as a teaching assistant to the Head of Biology at Fannerly Batter, Mr. Forsythe, despite the fact she had absolutely no Biology qualifications whatsoever. In fact, Claire herself admitted, it would be fair to say her academic abilities had never been strong points in any respect: she had dropped out of school at the earliest opportunity. She liked to think she had a certain natural astuteness but she was hardly a profound thinker.

It just so happened that Mr. Forsythe was her neighbour and when she'd mentioned that she'd been looking for a job he'd immediately suggested working for her. When she'd admitted that she knew nothing about biology or any other science, he'd said that he was willing to be flexible and would take her on for a trial period as long as she worked hard to impress him.

Claire had been ecstatic but her boyfriend Danny had been more difficult to persuade. He felt that if Claire really wanted to work, she needed a job that protected her from the wider world and unscrupulous men in particular. On several occasions he had managed to narrowly avert some devious stranger taking advantage of her naïveté to get her into bed or to at least persuade her to perform a gratuitous sexual act. He hated to think what would have happened if he hadn't been there to save her.

However the fact that Mr. Forsythe was a well-spoken silver-haired gentleman nearing retirement and that he had been happily married for well over thirty years had persuaded Danny that Claire would be safe and, in any case, what harm could she possibly come to in a school? So, reluctantly, and with sworn promises that she would be careful with any man who asked her to do anything even remotely erotic or lascivious, Danny had finally supported Claire in her decision to go back to work.

Which was how Claire ended up in the school reception early on a Monday morning, as keen as mustard to start her new career.

As ever, Mr. Forsythe was pleased to see her. He grasped her hand in both of his in his characteristically friendly way, "Ah, Claire. Or should I say Ms. Bell! So nice to see you, my dear. May I say you look as divine as ever, like a flower amongst weeds. Welcome to FBS. Come with me and I'll show you to our lab."

She followed his gangly emaciated figure; he was wearing an old shabby grey suit, scuffed brown shoes and a lab coat.

The school was relatively quiet as the first children weren't due for an hour or so. Mr Forsythe introduced her as his new teaching assistant to the other school staff she met. Everyone seemed extremely friendly, especially the male teachers.

The Biology area was at the far end of the school and was composed of a small office and a laboratory in a standalone building. Rather worryingly for Claire, the lab walls were covered in complicated scientific posters showing diagrams of various biological systems and odd charts covered in Latin nomenclature.

"Er, Mr. Forsythe?" she interrupted tentatively as he was taking her around the facility.

"Please call me Edward, at least when we're not in front of the children," he replied.

"Oh, yes, Edward. Are you sure I'll really be able to help you? I really don't know anything about Biology. I'll work really hard for you but I'm worried I won't be able to do the job."

Mr. Forsythe clasped her hands in his own. "Claire, Claire, Claire. You really mustn't worry. You see I've run this department by myself for many years. But I'm getting old and I could do with some fresh young blood to help me set up some of the experiments and do my admin. You honestly won't require any specialist knowledge. Just a positive attitude and a willing youthful body." He leant in close to her and smiled, reeking of stale tobacco and cabbage and showing her his yellow misshapen teeth.

Doing her best to ignore his peculiar elderly pong, Claire smiled back sweetly. "Oh thank you so much, Mr. Forsythe, I mean, Edward," she said eagerly. "I promise I'll do my absolute best to please you! I'm really excited by this opportunity and I promise I'll do anything to repay your faith in me."

"I'm sure you will, my dear, I'm sure you will," he replied patting her hand familiarly.

Over the next two weeks, Claire settled into her role reasonably well.

Mr. Forsythe was very precise with his instructions and she was generally able to follow them easily enough. She spent an awful lot of time helping with photocopying and other administration as well as helping him set up various practical experiments for the pupils.

Also bearing Danny's admonitions in mind, she tended to avoid the staff room and the younger male teachers who in particular had seemed to take a liking to her.

The boys themselves were generally pleasant: in fact she found herself very popular with them particularly when any of them had been in a scrape and needed a hug until they felt better.

Not to say that they didn't sometimes take minor liberties – she realised after picking up yet another dropped pencil that maybe some of the boys were trying to look up her skirt to glimpse her stocking tops and that she needed to bend at the knees and not just at the waist.

But it was fair to say that on the whole she got on well with them.

The only exceptions to this were the three eldest boys in the sixth form, doing Biology 'A'-level, or rather one of them in particular. This wasn't necessarily because of their age, they were all eighteen, but rather because the difficult boy, Charles, happened to be Mr. Forsythe's great-nephew and consequently seemed to feel he could be overly familiar with her.

A couple of times as she had walked past him, he had squeezed her splendid firm bottom and even groped her oversized tits. Of course she had scolded him but when he had persisted she had taken her complaint to Mr. Forsythe.

Mr. Forsythe was astonished at her accusation. "Really! This is awful. What exactly did he do to you?"

"He squeezed my bottom with both his hands! He's done it a couple of times before," she said, turning to show him her lovely arse, snugly encased in a cream skirt.

Rather unexpectedly, Mr. Forsythe reached out have a feel himself. "Did he do it like this?" he asked, taking a buttock in each of his wrinkled hands.

"Oh!" Claire squealed in surprise. Mr. Forsythe had always been very tactile with her but he had never touched her inappropriately before. Looking at the concerned expression on his face though, she realised he was just trying to understand what had happened.

"Erm, no, he was a lot firmer," she continued looking back over her shoulder at him. "Ooh! Yes that's it, just like that."

Mr. Forsythe shook his head although, absentmindedly, he continued to massage her taut full bum. "Oh, that really is most regrettable, Claire. I have to apologise on his behalf."

"And he even touched my breasts!" Claire said with even more indignation.

"Oh, dear, no. And how did he do that?"

Claire turned around taking his hands and putting them on her big sexy boobs. "He squeezed them when I was holding a rack of test tubes in each hand so I couldn't stop him!"

"What like this?" Mr. Forsythe asked, taking a good handful of each and groping them vigorously,

"Well, no maybe a bit more gently and he didn't pinch my nipples like you're doing now," she replied.

Mr. Forsythe continued to tweak and fondle her bosom while he considered.

"Claire, this is really is completely indefensible. I can only apologise for such appalling behaviour. I shall have a word with Charles as well as the other two boys and let them know such actions are inexcusable."

"Oh thanks, Mr. Forsythe," Claire replied gratefully as he finally let go of her tits.

"Please, it's Edward. I hope you can forgive him. At that age, young men are easily distracted by a beautiful young woman. It's entirely hormonal."

Claire blushed at his compliment but said she would indeed forgive him.

Mr. Forsythe talk to the boys obviously worked because the groping stopped immediately and, although she could feel their eyes on her body when she was in the lab with them, it was no worse than she experienced whenever she was in the presence of a man.

Overall she felt Danny would have been happy with the way the whole incident was handled but decided not to tell him just in case he got the wrong end of the stick.

A week later, Claire was assisting Mr. Forsythe in another lesson with the three boys. They were covering Anatomy and were discussing the female body.

"But, sir, I don't understand," said Amir, a small Indian boy who looked significantly younger than his real age. "What exactly are boobs made of?" he asked pointing at a cross section diagram of a woman's chest in profile.

"Breasts, boy. I'll not have unsuitable language in my class and in the presence of a lady!" Mr. Forsythe interjected angrily.

"Sorry, sir," Amir said although Claire could see him giggling behind his hand.

"Breasts are composed of adipose tissue, or fat to you, as well as glands, primarily the mammary glands, plus some collagen," Mr. Forsythe intoned. "And of course superficially there is a nipple surrounded by an areola on each."

"What do you mean, sir?"

"Come, come, boy. Are you telling me you've never seen a pair of breasts?"

"No, sir," Amir replied with a straight face.

"What about you two?" the teacher asked the other two boys, Michael, an overweight bespectacled boy of Chinese origin, and his nephew Charles, a tall heavyset, thick-lipped young man with a permanent sneer and hooded eyes.

"No, sir," they chorused, again with straight faces although slightly less successfully so.

"Well. I thought you young boys would have been perusing pictures in, um, well, in, er, whatever one peruses these days for such material. Hmm. Well that makes this most difficult. Um, Claire, might I have a word?" When she nodded, he continued, "Boys, continue to read chapter fourteen about the primary female sexual organs."

Mr. Forsythe took Claire to the office.

"Claire, might I ask for your help, my dear?" Mr. Forsythe said, holding her hands.

"Oh, yes, Mr. Forsythe, I mean, Edward. Of course. You just have to ask and I'll do anything," Claire replied eagerly.

"I need some help explaining the boys about breasts and how the lactation works."

"Sorry?" Claire asked.

"The production of milk in mammals."

"Oh, I see. What would you like me to do?" she said.

"Well, as the boys are unfamiliar with breasts, would you mind awfully if I could use yours to demonstrate to them the basic anatomy?"

"What, you'd like me to show them my breasts?" she asked incredulously.

"Yes, that's exactly what I need you to do. I just want to point out how they're, um, put together."

Claire was confused. Although she wasn't in any way shy of exposing her body, she knew that Danny might not be so happy about her doing so. But she wanted to please Mr. Forsythe and she was keen that she act professionally in front of him. And it wouldn't really do any harm – it was just an anatomy lesson, after all.

"Um, well, OK then," she agreed.

They went back to the lab where the boys were chatting and giggling.

"If you wouldn't mind standing there, Ms. Bell. Thank you. And please can you disrobe," Mr. Forsythe said,

Claire stood at the front of the room and began unbuttoning her black blouse while Mr. Forsythe continued. "Ms. Bell has kindly agreed to allow us the opportunity to examine her breasts. Gather round, boys."

All of a sudden the boys became very quiet and moved rapidly to stand around Claire as she pulled off her blouse to reveal a lacy black half-cup bra. She wished she'd worn a less interesting one as the tops of her areolae were quite visible. Luckily it was warm in the room otherwise it might have been worse.

The boys sighed in wonder at the size and sight of her bosom which, like most of her, was lightly freckled and a smooth milky white.

She looked at Mr. Forsythe who was smiling benignly. He nodded encouragingly.

Beginning to feel self-conscious she reached behind her to unclip her bra, her unfettered breasts surging forward a little. She took a breath and pulled it off completely.

"Oh, shit!", "Wow!" and "Holy fuck!" came the comments from the pupils as they looked upon Claire's impossibly flawless tits with their perfectly shaped small red nipples.

"Boys!" Mr Forsythe warned before beginning his tour of Claire's big boobs.

Claire began to blush as he discussed the different parts of her breasts and exactly what was inside them, occasionally prodding her left breast and nipple to make a point. Certainly the boys seemed to be paying attention, their expressions rapt and hardly blinking as they stared at her chest for the next ten minutes.

"Any questions, boys?" he eventually finished to amazed silence.

"Are all tits as amazing as Ms. Bell's?" Michael eventually asked.

Mr. Forsythe didn't seem to notice Michael's use of vernacular. "What? Oh no. Ms. Bell's bosom is remarkable in two significant respects," he lectured. "First of all the size of each breasts is extraordinary, much larger than one would expect on a young lady with such a slender frame, at least without any enhancements. How big are they, Ms. Bell?"

"Um, about 34DD," she replied, slightly calmer now that she realised that this was a very factual and down-to-earth discussion.

"Yes, that is a good size," Mr. Forsythe nodded, reaching out and weighing them in each hand. "And also, Ms. Bell is blessed with very firm breasts too. Note that they hardly sag at all - she probably has no need for a brassiere whatsoever."

He was squeezing and fondling her boobs quite firmly now.

"And note the current softness of her nipples. If I just do this," he said taking hold of each her nipples between thumb and forefinger and gently pinching, "you should see..., yes, there you go. My manipulation has resulted in some local arousal. Her nipples are now nice and hard to the touch."

Claire did her best to remain calm but she was becoming a little breathless.

"Can we have a go, sir?" Mr. Forsythe looked up at Amir who had asked the question.

"Er, I think what Amir means is that would be really valuable for us to have some first hand knowledge of the anatomy of breasts," Charles interjected smoothly.

"Yes, well, I suppose it would be a good idea. All right, queue up. One at a time," Mr Forsythe barked.

Claire was more than a little startled at Mr. Forsythe's decision but still wanted to appear professional so did her best to stay still, staring straight ahead as the three boys took turns to feel her tits, each taking time to get a really good feel for their size, texture and shape.

Amir went first, boyishly eager, but very gentle although he gradually increased the force of his fondling, all the time checking with Claire to make sure she was OK. He was such a sweet boy that she gave him a little smile and nodded encouragingly.

Michael was normally painfully shy but was extremely thorough as he concentrated hard on one breast than the other in a systematic and methodical way.

Charles however was quite rough with her breasts, twisting her nipples and causing her to gasp, interestingly keeping eye contact with her rather than staring at her boobs as the other two had done. He had to be told twice to stop by Mr. Forsythe before he moved away.

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