Claire's Career Ch. 02: The Teaching Assistant


However, Amir seemed to be looking at her with real affection so she gave him a little smile back causing him to giggle.

Mr. Forsythe's lesson continued. "And now, boys, begins the practical part of the afternoon. Ms. Bell has kindly agreed to help us once more with a demonstration. She will now fellate me so you can examine the nuances of the act. Gather round."

Claire, blushing slightly, pulled off her top and bra eliciting groans from around the room. She knelt down in front of Mr. Forsythe and within thirty seconds had his cock out and in her mouth.

"As you can see, Ms. Bell, who is an experienced practitioner of oral sex, is first of all licking around the shaft of my penis to educe the hardest possible erection. And now she will suck my testicles, yes, like that..."

Claire took his leathery scrotum in her mouth, trying to ignore the coarse grey hair and papery wrinkled skin before moving her tongue back up his dick. Hoping to speed things up a little she took his craggy hands and placed them on her full breasts. Her red nipples popped up after a little tweaking and pinching.

"Of course, fondling Ms. Bell's great big bosom does, as you can imagine, enhance the overall experience. And now she is going to begin to suck as hard as she can and pneumatically bob her head up and down, making a tight ring with her lips, sliding it up over my glans and down the shaft of my penis. As you can see she is exceptionally fit and able to do this at extreme pace while she continues to fondle my balls."

Claire slowed her pace down after a while, glancing at the boys as she did so. She was shocked to see Charles to her right sporting an obvious erection in his grey trousers. To her right Michael was furtively rubbing his bulging crotch.

She looked up at Mr. Forsythe, wondering whether she should mention that, rather unexpectedly, the boys had had an unfortunate reaction to their demonstration but she didn't want to interrupt his commentary.

"And now, boys, I am almost ready to ejaculate. First some etiquette that must be understood: it is generally considered polite to ask whether you can climax in your partner's mouth. Is that OK Ms. Bell?"

Claire nodded uncertainly in reply.

"Good, and if you don't mind sticking your tongue. Very good. And there you go," he grunted as he came. "As you can see, boys, Ms. Bell's tongue is now liberally coated in my semen. Please go ahead and swallow, Ms. Bell."

Obediently, Claire gulped down Mr. Forsythe's spunk.

"And there you have it. Oral sex. A round of applause for Ms. Bell, please. Good. Now, boys, while Ms. Bell cleans me up, do you have any questions?"

Claire noticed a drop of spunk at the end of his cock so she licked it up before putting him back into his pants and zipping him.

As she stood up and reached for her clothes, Charles asked a question. "Uncle Eddie, I mean, Sir, I'm not sure I got everything Ms. Bell did before you finished. Perhaps I could have a go in her mouth, you know, just to make sure I've understood exactly how it works?" he asked disingenuously,

"Hmm. Well, I suppose that would be OK. Ms. Bell, please can you oblige," Mr Forsythe asked her perfunctorily.

Claire didn't know what to do. She really didn't like Charles but she also knew she had a duty to teach the boys as effectively as she could. Sighing she dropped her clothing back on the bench and sat down on a chair.

Charles had his cock out by the time he'd taken three paces to stand in front of her. It was fleshy and ugly, of good size but without any elegance. It was also absolutely rock-hard.

She looked up at his triumphant leering face as he grabbed her boobs and began to squeeze them roughly.

"Go on, Ms. Bell, suck it," he ordered unpleasantly.

Claire gave his balls a little squeeze with one hand and grasped his erection with the other before leaning forward and taking his knob in. At least he tasted clean, she thought as she sucked.

Almost immediately, Charles groaned mightily and spunked into her mouth. She was amazed by the quantity of his sperm but she gobbled it down as he thrust himself in and out of her until he was completely spent. He slumped back against a workbench behind him.

"Oh, Charles," Claire said cruelly, "it looks like you've come already. Oh well, what a shame."

Charles glowered at her angrily.

"Um, Ms. Bell, is it my turn?"

Claire turned to see Michael in front of her with a hopeful expression on his face and his hard and dusky cock in his hand. She looked up at Mr. Forsythe who nodded encouragingly. Sighing, she turned back to Michael to suck him off.

He lasted a whole minute before coming almost silently down her throat. She licked him clean before turning to look for Amir who had been extremely silent.

"OK Amir, you now," she said. He had his hands covering his obviously excited crotch.

"Erm, no, it's OK, I'm fine, Ms. Bell," he stammered.

Claire was surprised and a little disappointed. Of all the boys, she liked Amir the best. He was always polite and seemed to look at her in an adoring fashion so she was amazed he didn't want to take this opportunity to use her mouth.

"It's OK, Amir. Really, I'd like to show you how it's done. I promise it'll be nice," she smiled warmly back at him.

Amir considered, blushing darkly as his classmates ribbed him. Claire held out her hand and pushed out her chest encouragingly. This seemed to break his resolve.

He scampered over to Claire and she took his hands and put them on her tits. He massaged them gently as she extracted his cock.

At once she could see why he'd been so shy to take up this opportunity. His penis, despite being hard, was quite small. She took in her hand and tugged it tenderly.

"Is that a worm, Amir?" Charles taunted him nastily.

Claire gave him a heated look while Mr. Forsythe interjected, "That's enough, boy!"

She gave Amir's cock a kiss on its tip. "Ignore him, Amir. Just enjoy what I'm going to do to you," she said fondly,

She began at his bollocks, licking and sucking them lovingly, while he groaned in bliss. She kissed up and down his brown shaft before taking his glans in her mouth and swirling her tongue around it, acutely aware of his tension and excitement.

For the next ten minutes Claire used every trick she knew to drive Amir wild with pleasure. She nibbled, kissed, slurped and sucked him whilst alternatively squeezing his balls and cock to stop him coming to soon.

When finally he couldn't hold back any more he let out an exultant shout as he flooded her mouth with jism. Claire spent a while savouring his taste before swallowing with a satisfied gulp.

"Oh, thanks, Ms. Bell. That was amazing!" he said as she stood up. She gave him a quick hug while he took the opportunity to feel her arse, not that she minded.

"Well, boys. I think Ms. Bell has done fantastically well in giving us all an enormously useful and practical demonstration of her oral skills. Thank you."

"Oh, well it was nothing, really," Claire lied, trying her best to appear unconcerned and professional.

"Actually, Ms. Bell. I do have one more request for you. Rather unusually, I find myself ready for another session. Perhaps we could show the boys how to have full sexual intercourse."

Claire was dumbfounded. "You want to fuck me in front of the class?" she asked disbelievingly.

"Uh-hum, language, please Ms. Bell!"

"Oops sorry!" Claire did her best to appear unruffled and unfazed. "Um, well of course, Mr. Forsythe. That's fine. Um, how do you want me?"

"Why don't you lie back on this bench and I'll stand in front of you, my dear," he replied.

Claire unzipped her skirt and, after a pause, pulled down her knickers. Once more, the boys murmured appreciatively at her long flawless legs, taut peachy bottom and beautifully trimmed pussy.

She lay back on the bench, shuffling her bum to the edge to allow Mr. Forsythe a smooth entry.

He slid in with a grunt before beginning to thrust his hips in a jerky rhythm. After a while, Claire realised that it could take Mr. Forsythe a significant time before he was ready to come. She decided to help him along a bit.

"Um. Mr. Forsythe?"

"Yes, my dear," he replied breathlessly.

"Perhaps it would be a good idea to show the boys another position. Why don't I go on top?" she suggested.

"Oh, that really is an excellent idea, Ms. Bell. Shall we?"

He pulled out and, with some help from the boys, boosted himself up onto a bench before lying back. Claire climbed onto him and impaled herself on his crusty member.

Immediately she began to ride him powerfully, keen to get him to orgasm as soon as possible. However a side-effect of this was to rub his wiry grey pubes repeatedly against her turgid clit, causing her to moan in unwelcome pleasure as she fucked him as hard as she could.

"Wow," Charles said, "look at her go. What a slut!" She tried to give him a hard look but couldn't concentrate enough to do so as Mr. Forsythe began pinching her red nipples and squeezing her enormous firm pale tits.

In the end she came before he did, her body racking with pleasure as she cried out in release. After she had calmed down from her orgasm, she noticed that Mr. Forsythe seemed to getting close too.

"Oh, I don't want you to come in my cunt, I mean, vagina, Mr. Forsythe," she said with a final thrust of her hips. She pulled herself off him before plunging her mouth down on him for a few seconds before he spat a small amount of foul jism over her tongue.

"Yes, that really was most satisfactory, Ms. Bell," he said shakily as she climbed off him. "Boys, you must all respect Ms. Bell's wishes and not ejaculate in her pussy, only in her mouth."

Claire looked around to see all three boys holding their hard cocks in hand. She sighed once more before they descended on her.

For the next two hours the boys fucked her in every position of which they could think. They had her from behind, on top, underneath and upside down. After they'd come in her mouth they would wait until she'd sucked them hard again while another of them had her pussy, before switching around again.

This enthusiastic and relentless shagging resulted in her coming repeatedly, the most humiliating time with Charles bringing her to a screaming orgasm as she rode him and the most satisfying as she and Amir snogged, coming in delicious harmony together as they held each other tightly.

When the bell went signalling the end of the school day, Claire was on her hands and knees as Michael rogered her up her arse.

Rather unhelpfully, Mr. Forsythe, who had been unable to raise another erection but was watching the action unfold intently, had suggested that if anyone were interested, they might like to try out her bottom as it was bound to be a delightfully tight and unusual experience.

Michael was the only one who took up the offer, Charles and Amir both wanting to finish off one last time in her mouth. So, with some help from some laboratory grease, Michael had eagerly thrust himself up her tight pink bumhole.

Unfortunately for Claire, he had come at least three times already and seemed to have unending stamina as he hefted his bulk back and forth, slapping Claire gloriously peachy butt with his large stomach.

She did her best to grind her bum back up against him and tense her arse even tighter around his erection to speed his climax, but in the end found herself being anally shagged for a good twenty minutes after the bell.

Even worse, obviously heeding Mr. Forsythe's earlier warning, when Michael did finally come he pulled his cock out with a loud slurping pop before moving round to shove it into her mouth, not giving her a chance to explain she didn't mind him coming up her butt, and leaving a combined taste of grease, spunk and her own bum in her poor weary mouth.

Finally with the boys now fully aware of the intricacies of sex in various holes and positions, Claire was able to rest.

She got dressed somewhat gingerly, wincing at her sore bum, but had enough energy to say goodbye to the boys, with a sneaky and affectionate kiss for Amir.

Mr. Forsythe was extremely grateful. "Well, Ms. Bell, I have to say that was by the far the most informative sex education class I have ever taught. You really made a difference and the boys learnt an awful lot, more than I had envisaged. Well done. You're willingness to throw yourself in with such commitment must be commended. I shall be recommending to the headmaster that we upgrade your contract to a permanent one."

"Oh, Mr. Forsythe, thank you so much!" Claire said thrilled at his praise. "I'm so glad it was worth it. That was really tiring. Is that it for sex education for this term?" she asked hopefully.

Mr. Forsythe considered. "Hmm, I think it might be worth having maybe one or two more lessons, just to ensure the subject is fully bedded into the boys' minds. However, we should probably prepare ourselves a little more and maybe try out some of the positions up front just to make sure we're getting the most out of the learning experience. We didn't really explore anal sex in any depth so I think we should maybe focus on that initially."

"Oh, golly," Claire said, disappointed but still determined to do her best. "Oh, well, maybe we could use a free lesson tomorrow to practise, Mr. Forsythe? I'll bring some nicer lubricant along."

"That would be perfect, Claire. And really, please call me Edward."

Claire went home that night a happy woman, delighted at her feedback from Mr. Forsythe. Finally she had a job in which she just knew she would be successful!

Feeling positive and confident, she got into her car to drive home. She had a really good feeling about being a Teaching Assistant. She was popular with the staff; she was liked by the pupils; she'd just been told she was great at her job.

Nothing could possibly go wrong now. Could it?

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