Claire's Career Ch. 03: The Actress


Claire held Justin's head to her breasts, wallowing in disappointment. "Oh, shit", she exclaimed, highly upset that her big chance was disappearing.

She stroked Justin's greasy head as he nuzzled between her snug boobs.

"Isn't there anything we can do, Justin?" she asked despairingly.

He looked up into Claire's lucid green eyes. "Well, I have been working on a new script for a modern version of The Taming of the Shrew. It's called The Really Slutty Slut and it's set in the sordid and fascinating world of the pornographic film industry. The heroines are two up-and-coming porn star sisters, Bianca, a sweet hard-working big-titted peachy-arsed long-legged green-eyed redhead who's willing to do anything to anyone in any way, and Katie, a tempestuous blonde prima donna who's overly fussy about who puts what inside her; it's all about how the two of them are wooed by various competing male porn actors. It's rather explicit so it might not be one for Southbury but, in recognition of the fact that I see such potential in you, I want you to play the role of Katie."

Claire clapped her hands girlishly. "Oh, Justin, thank you so much. I'm so excited," she said kissing him on his thick lips in gratitude and allowing him to squeeze her breasts in return.

Justin continued. "And, even better, I'm willing to continue our private lessons at no charge. We can practise scenes from the new play repeatedly when my wife is out. I'll even bring in some other actors with whom you can rehearse if I can find any willing to give it a go. Perhaps we could even film some of the scenes, just to give you some useful feedback and learning material.

Claire hugged Justin. "Oh, Justin, how ever can I think you? You're so kind to me!"

"There's no need. What I do, I do for my art. Why don't we try one of the earlier scenes out right away. Now, as I recall, Bianca is trying to persuade a casting agent to give her the lead in Gobjob Frenzy 3 and spends er..." he paused to check his watch before continuing, "...a good thirty-five minutes using her mouth and breasts to land the role."

Claire closed her eyes briefly to get into the character of licentious amoral whore. "OK. I'm ready. But before we start, I just want to let you know that I really am so grateful for all of your help."

"That's all right, my dear. And remember," he said as he loosened his trousers to release his already erect penis, "in the unpredictable and capricious world of acting, you must never give up hope."

Claire's eyes shined at this uplifting thought. "I won't," she said as he pushed her head down into his lap, "I won't!"

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