Claire's Career Ch. 04: The Shop Assistant


"What I mean is that you cannot bring me orgasm without me doing the same for you. As we did this morning."

"Oh, so you want to lick my pussy?" Claire asked, still a little confused.

"I have an even more efficacious suggestion. Why don't I lie back and you mount me? That way we could bring each other to a mutual orgasm thus fulfilling the needs of karma."

"Erm. Well. OK. If that's what your religion insists," Claire replied bemusedly.

As Mr. Sharma pulled down his trousers and lay back on an impromptu bed of coats, Claire pulled her thong down over her legs, gave her pussy a quick rub to make sure it was wet and then sat down on top of him, impaling herself on his cock.

"Hmmm," she sighed in pleasure as Mr. Sharma began to lick her nipples expertly. Although he wasn't particularly well-endowed, he more than made up for it with his mouth.

"Oh, that's really nice, Mr. Sharma," she moaned as she began to grind back and forth, rubbing her clit on his wiry grey pubes as she rode him.

After a while Claire lost herself in bliss, unable to focus on anything more than the sensations flooding through her from her amazingly sensitive nipples and her hard aching clit.

For the second time that day, she came with brutal intensity, almost passing out in ecstasy. After she had caught her breath, she leaned forward and gave Mr. Sharma a deep tonguey kiss while he cupped and groped her flawless arse.

"Hmmm, thanks so much, Mr. Sharma. Would you like me to restore the cosmic balance now using my mouth?" she asked eventually.

"That would be most acceptable, Claire," he agreed.

Claire enthusiastically licked and lapped Mr. Sharma's cock clean of her own juices before bobbing her head up and down him once more.

He came quickly, once more squirting his fragrant sperm over her tongue and down her throat until he was spent.

Claire made sure he was completely clean with her skilful tongue before helping him up and getting dressed.

As they locked up, Mr. Sharma thanked Claire for her day's work. "You really have been a wonderful companion today, Claire. I must thank you for your dedication to the cause and your sensitivity to my religious needs."

"Oh, that's OK, Mr. Sharma. I can't say that it wasn't fun."

"Good. Well, Claire, I'll see you in a couple of days. I have my day off tomorrow. Good night."

"Good night, Mr. Sharma."

That evening, when her boyfriend asked her how her day a the charity shop had been, she told him that it had been quiet but decided not to mention her pseudo-sexual encounters with Mr. Sharma. Even though all she had been doing was allowing him to practise his religion via the medium of her mouth and pussy, she realised that Danny might not quite understand the subtleties of why she had had both oral and fully penetrative sex with a man virtually old enough to be her grandfather.

The next day, to make sure she didn't keep accidentally exposing her cunt and bum, Claire decided to wear a red dress which came all the way down to the middle of her thigh along with black hold-ups and black stiletto-heeled knee-high boots.

She was working with the absent-minded Elsie who was an elderly lady with white permed hair and an equally permanent smile. The day went well with Claire getting a lot done without the distraction of having to service Mr. Sharma's erections or, indeed, the distraction of any customers.

Elsie had to leave a couple of hours before closing time to take her poodle to the vets and solemnly gave Claire responsibility for cashing up the till, setting the alarm and locking up. Claire was determined to do a professional and thorough job.

She was just sweeping the floor in the stock room when she heard the bell ring. A customer! she thought, excitedly. She rushed out to find the same spotty teenager who had popped in the day before.

She smiled reassuringly at him but her immediately blushed like a tomato and turned to leave.

"Oh, don't go," she said. "Please, it's Peter isn't it?"

He nodded and gave a grunt but stepped back into the shop. He was remarkably ugly, remarkably pale and remarkably skinny.

Claire decided to entice him with her wares. "You like books don't you? We've got lots of new ones," she said pointing at the bookshelves.

Peter eyed her suspiciously but walked in awkward crabbed way to the shelves to have a look at what was on offer.

Claire waited for a while but Peter was taking his time browsing the novels so she went back to sweeping the back room.

She came out a few minutes later but there was no sign of Peter at all apart from a pile of four books on the sales counter. She looked around the shop but she couldn't see him.

Oh well, she thought to herself. He must have slipped out and I can't have heard the bell. Maybe he'll be back for the books.

She swept the floor in the shop itself for a few minutes, occasionally looking up because of the eerie feeling that she was being watched. Suddenly there was a crash at the back of the shop followed by a loud thud and a groan.

"Who's there?" she said, eyes wide with fright. The only reply was another groan.

Holding the broom out in front of her, she tentatively crept to the ornaments section only to find Peter lying on the floor with the problematic former top shelf lying on his chest and half a dozen miraculously unbroken snow-globes strewn across him.

"Oh, no! Are you OK, Peter," she said in concern, dropping the broom to kneel down next to him.

She pulled the shelf of him and divested him of associated knick-knacks before cradling his head which he had been rubbing. She pulled him close to her magnificent chest as she soothed him. "Oh, Peter. I'm sorry. I put that shelf back up myself yesterday. I'm really so sorry. Are you OK?"

Peter made some snuffling moaning noises and pushed his head firmly between her vast tits while she stroked his head tenderly.

"I'm OK," he eventually managed to mumble out of her bosom. "It still hurts a lot but it does feel a lot better when you hug me,"

"Aw, you poor dear," Claire cooed pulling him even closer and even letting him reach up to fondle her boobs a little.

They sat like this for a few minutes until Claire noticed an odd aroma.

"What's that stink?" she said in a perplexed tone. "It smells just like unwashed..." She froze in revulsion as she looked down Peter's body to find that his ugly pink erection was poking out of unzipped flies.

"Oh my god," she swore. "Why is your cock sticking out of your trousers?" she asked relatively calmly considering the circumstances.

Peter sat up. "What? Is it? I didn't realise."

"What do you mean you didn't realise?" Claire said pushing his hands off her breasts where they had been playing with her nipples. "What were you doing here anyway?" she enquired suspiciously.

"Well, er, I found a few books which I left on the counter and I was just looking for a, um, snow-globe for my, er, grandmother," he answered feebly.

"Really, oh, that's really sweet." Claire said. "But hang on, why are your flies undone?"

"Erm, oh, that must have happened when the shelf fell on me. I fell down and I must have caught my flies on those um, dresses, or perhaps that blender or something. How else could it have happened? I don't know, it all took place so quickly. I was just minding my own business, looking for a snow globe when this shelf landed on my head," he finished confidently.

Claire felt guilty for her doubts. "Oh, yes. Oh, I'm so sorry. I really thought I put it up properly. But Peter, just one more question. How come your cock is so hard?"

"Oh well that's easy. It's because you pulled my head between your boobs."

"Oh, I see. Well, I'm so sorry. I didn't know it would have that kind of effect," she said although in retrospect she wasn't really surprised. Men did seem to regularly get stiffies around her particularly when she allowed them touch her breasts.

"Oh, no really, that's fine. To be honest it does help the pain. Ow," he groaned dramatically.

Claire felt mortified. This poor boy was in agony because she hadn't put the shelf properly the day before. She had a sudden worrying thought. What if he complained? What if he sued? She would surely lose her job.

She pulled him close to her boobs again. "There, there. Does that help?"

"Mmm-mmm," came the reply somewhere from deep into her cleavage.

She decided to hold him close until the pain subsided. It was after all the least she could do. Maybe he would take pity on her. While she waited, she looked down at his cock once more. It was stubby but fat, grey-pink with unpleasant light hairs sprouting from it. It smelt disgusting too even from where she sat.

She tensed as Peter moved his hands up once more to squeeze her boobs but she let him. However, when he began to suck her left nipple through her dress and bra, she drew the line.

"Oh, Peter! Stop that! It's rude."

He stopped his licking and sucking temporarily. "Please. It helps distract me from my head. Ohhhh," he groaned in pain.

Claire thought for a bit. It made sense that Peter as an eighteen or nineteen year old man would be interested in her body so it wasn't surprising that using it as a distraction made the pain better. What harm could it do to let him have a little suck?

"Oh, dear! OK, go on then. But can I at least get them out for you.? You're going to ruin my dress otherwise," she replied.

Peter looked up in astonishment. His voice was broken as he finally said, "Oh. OK."

Claire stood up and unzipped her dress, letting it drop to the floor, revealing her divine pale long-limbed full-breasted yet slender figure.

"Fuck me," Peter said.

"Are you OK?" Claire asked once more.

"Oh, yes. It's just my head still really hurts," he replied. "I just need something to distract me and take the pain away.

"Oh, hang on. Let me get this off and I'll hug you again," she said taking off her bra and letting her massive creamy freckled breasts surge out. Peter groaned in wonder.

She knelt down next to him and allowed him to suck on her left nipple this time whilst fondling her right boob. His technique was amateurish compared to Mr. Sharma's sublime skill.

"By the way, I haven't introduced myself; I'm Claire," she said. "I really hope we can keep this just between us, Peter. I really don't want to get in trouble about the shelf falling."

Peter hummed a reply but didn't take his mouth from her nipple, although he did let his free hand drop to squeeze her matchless butt.

After a while, Claire asked, "Does your head feel better yet?"

En route to sucking her other nipple, Peter replied, "Er, not yet. I think I need even more distracting. In fact it's getting even worse. Ouch."

Claire sighed patiently and glanced down at his erection again. "Well at least can you put your cock away. It's really quite rude having it poking out like that."

Peter shook his head, generating another chorus of moans. "I don't think it would fit back in." He went back to sucking her tits.

After another minute he sat up. "It's no use, Claire. The pain's getting worse. I can only think of one other thing that might distract me enough. I think if you were to give me lots of pleasure it might counteract the agony."

Claire was struck by the similarity of Peter's idea to Mr. Sharma's philosophy.

"What do you mean?" she asked warily.

"Perhaps, if you were to give my cock just a little kiss..."

Claire refused point blank. "No! That would be very wrong. I couldn't possibly. I've got a boyfriend."

Peter immediately held his head and began to whimper in anguish to Claire's instant concern.

"Oh, hang on wait a minute. I'll give it a kiss."

With a triumphant groan, Peter jumped up to stand in front of her so that his grubby dick was inches from her moist red parted lips.

Claire took a breath, lent forward and gave it a quick peck. Peter made a deep visceral sound. "Please do it again. For longer. It's definitely working."

Claire grunted in annoyance but this time kissed it wetly for a few seconds, doing her best to ignore his foul reek.

"Oh, yes, Claire. It really works. But as soon as you stop it starts hurting again. Maybe if you just were to open your mouth a bit..." Peter pushed his erection forward whilst holding her head.

Claire wrinkled her nose in disgust as his cock slipped across her closed mouth before heaving a sigh of resignation and opening up.

His cock slid between her lips and slid over tongue. As expected, he tasted revolting.

Before Claire had even had chance to suck, nibble or bob her head, Peter came jerkily, filling her pretty mouth with nauseating stinking jism. Claire allowed him to finish his erratic thrusts as the dribbles subsided before she thankfully spat out a mouthful of foetid spunk onto the floor.

Peter collapsed down next to her. "Oh, fuck me, that was amazing," he said in a satisfied tone.

Claire wiped her mouth on her bare arm. "Good. Has the pain gone now?"

Peter though only briefly. "Ohhhhh, oooooo, ouch," he groaned. "It went for a bit but it's back now. I'm sure if you could just distract me for a bit longer that it would be gone for good."

Claire took a deep breath, doing her best to remain patient. Her fear of anyone finding out about the accident though didn't give her much choice.

"Do you want me to suck you off again?" she asked directly.

Peter, eyes wide, nodded. "Oh, yeah."

Claire got onto her hands and knees and caught his half-hard cock into her mouth. It tasted a little better the second time although she didn't know if this were because she was now used to the flavour or because she'd already licked off the worst of the grime.

A few minutes of forceful sucking brought Peter back to another full erection after which Claire began to bob and slurp rapidly.

"Oh, shit, yes. That is so so good," Peter groaned in ecstasy as Claire took his entire cock into her mouth whilst poking her tongue out to lick his dirty hairy balls. She got into an easy rhythm alternatively sliding her mouth up and down his repulsive member before flicking her tongue over his glans.

"Oh, wow," Peter exclaimed. "This is amazing and it's definitely a bit better but my head still hurts. What else can we do?" he asked leeringly.

Claire, conscious of time, didn't hesitate. "Why don't you try my pussy? I'm really tight."

Peter's mouth hung open in wonder but he shuffled around behind her to position his cock between her labia.

Claire reached round to guide him into her cunt which he entered with one quick push.

"Oh, my god! I can't believe this is happening to me! Oh, fuck yes!" Peter shouted blissfully as grabbed hold of her hips to shaft her from behind.

After a while Claire realised that Peter was going to take his time coming, having ejaculated so recently. She checked her watch and realised that Danny would be expecting her home soon so started to push back with her hips and squeezed her snug pussy around his unimpressive cock in order to hurry him up.

"Go on, Peter. Do it to me, Do me hard, big boy," Claire encouraged him.

Peter began slamming himself in and out of her pretty cunt, squeezing her buttocks hard as he thrust.

Claire was getting more and more bored. She decided to take charge and hurry him up. "Peter, how's your head?"

"Improving all the time!" he gasped as he rammed her from behind.

"I've got an idea to make it even better," she suggested between thrusts. "If you like my pussy, you should try my arse. It's tight and hot and I promise it'll make you forget your headache," she assured him, looking over her shoulder.

Peter pushed himself in and held her in astonishment. "Really? Can I really try out your bum?"

"Go on, you'll love it."

Peter pulled his cock out of her cunt and lodged the end against Claire's pinky-brown butthole.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked.

"Yes, go on. It'll feel fantastic," Claire urged him.

Peter tensed and gave it a tentative push. When it didn't slide in immediately, he paused.

"Are you sure it will fit?"

Claire lost patience. "Yes, for fuck's just push it in hard. I promise it will go!"

Peter began to increase pressure as he pushed his hips forward.

"That's it. Harder. Go on. I can take it. Ugh!" Claire groaned as his cock slipped past her narrow sphincter and slid into her tiny tight arse to the hilt. "Oh, fuck! Go on. Do me hard. Yes, like that. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh," Claire continued to grunt enchantingly as Peter rogered her naughtiest hole passionately.

"Oh, Claire. Thanks! This is so good!" he shouted as he shagged her relentlessly up her bum.

"No, ugh, problem," Claire replied. "Anything, ugh, to make your, ugh, head better."

Very soon Peter came with a huge sigh, gratefully filling her butt with his spunk.

He pulled out and shuffled around to face a relieved Claire. Much to her distaste he kissed her adoringly. "Thanks. So much. I feel a lot better."

Claire allowed him to snog her briefly, before pushing him off gently.

"I'm so pleased you're OK. Right did you want those books?" she said, not wanting to miss a sales opportunity.

They got themselves dressed, Claire allowing him one more brief feel of her tits, before a grinning Peter paid for his novels and left with a jaunty swagger.

Claire closed the shop down and thankfully made her way home, relieved to have got to the end of the day without further incident. Who'd have thought being a volunteer would be so difficult? she thought. She couldn't wait to go home, brush her teeth and have a shower.

On her third day in the shop, Claire was working with Mr. Sharma again.

He greeted her fondly when she arrived. "Ah, how delightful you look today, Claire," he said gallantly as he let her in. She was wearing tight jeans, leopard-print high-heeled shoes and a sapphire blue t-shirt that stretched tightly across her generous chest.

"Thanks, Mr. Sharma," she said. "What shall we work on today?"

"We have some more donations that have come to us from head office," he replied. "But first, would you be so kind as to help me with this," he said pointing to an erection tenting at his crotch.

Claire's eyes widened. "So soon! OK, let's go to the back room and I'll suck you off," she said matter-of-factly.

She knelt down and gave Mr. Sharma a long loving blowjob, even allowing him to grab her by the hair and fuck her face while he squirted into her mouth. After she'd swallowed his tasty cum, Mr. Sharma insisted that he give her an orgasm in return, Claire rather guiltily agreed without much protestation, conscious of respecting his religious needs.

Unfortunately, Mr. Sharma's tongue was so cultured that, before she knew it, she'd come five times.

"Oh, no! No more, please. I can't take it," she said eventually. "Fuck that was good," she said to him giving him a deep kiss. "Does that mean I need to make you come another four times today to maintain the cosmic balance?"

Mr. Sharma agreed that this was the case so Claire spent most of the rest of the day giving him head, even sucking him off quietly below the counter while he tranquilly served one of the very few customers of the day.

By four o'clock, Claire managed to get him to come for the third time, realising she would have to carry her karmic debt over to another day.

"Don't worry, Claire," Mr. Sharma kindly told her as he zipped up his flies. "I think you have done wonderfully using your skilful mouth to pleasure a man as old as me so many times. Karma, I'm sure is patient enough to wait until tomorrow to be satisfied."

"OK. Thanks, Mr. Sharma," Claire said, relieved that she could finally get off her knees.

As she stood up, the bell rang and Peter came in with another young man of eighteen or nineteen. In contrast to Peter, he was overweight and prematurely balding although they did both share the same silly grin when they saw Claire.

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