Claire's Career Ch. 04: The Shop Assistant


"Ah, Peter," Mr. Sharma said warmly. "Do come in. And who is your friend?"

"Oh, hi, Mr. Sharma," Peter replied. "Hi, Claire," he added warmly. "This is Gregory."

Claire grunted a response but did her best to ignore them.

"Good to meet you, young man. Come to look at the books?" Mr. Sharma asked.

"Er, no, we've come to look for clothes actually," Peter answered.

"Clothes? Here?" Mr. Sharma looked at the racks of cast-off elderly ladies' apparel and back at the boys in surprise.

"Er, yeah, we need some, um, fancy dress stuff," Peter replied quickly.

They rummaged around for a while, sneaking surreptitious looks at Claire and her long curvy body whilst furtively whispering to each other.

Eventually, Peter took some assorted garments to single changing cubicle at the back of the store. After a minute, he stuck his head around the curtain. "Erm, Claire. Please can I ask for your opinion on something?"

Claire looked up from pricing some old CDs. "Me?" she replied. Peter gave her an imploring look. "Oh, I suppose so," she agreed.

Mr. Sharma raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything as she made her way to stand outside the changing cubicle.

Peter whispered out to her. "Please come in here."

"What!" she whispered back. "I can't go in there."

"Please, Claire. Just for a bit," Peter begged.

"Why?" Claire asked crossly.

"You know," Peter intimated. "I need you to help me. My head still hurts. And only you can help me."

Claire muttered a curse before looking up to see Mr. Sharma distracted by a question from Gregory concerning a box set of Stephen King books. She slipped into the cubicle.

"Peter, how can your head still hurt? Maybe you need a doctor," she hissed angrily as she pulled the curtain closed behind her. She turned to see that he already had his hard stinking cock out.

Peter waved it hopefully at her. "Please. I'm sure just once more and it will be better," he whispered

Claire shook her head but sat down on the stool in the corner and reached out to toss him firmly. With a grimace, she bent down and began to flick her tongue over the very tip of his dick before sliding her mouth down over his dick and then back up. A few more bobs and he exploded over her tongue.

Not wanting to make any noise, Claire swallowed the reeking jism that had filled her mouth. "Right. That's it, Peter. You can't keep coming back and expect me to give you head. I've got a boyfriend!"

Peter smiled happily down at her. "But I thought you didn't want me to tell anyone about the shelf. I have a feeling that I might forget if my head starts hurting again. And only you can stop it hurting."

Claire's eyes widened in concern. Oh no! Was Peter trying to blackmail her?

"In fact," Peter continued," I think my friend Gregory might have a headache too. Do you think you could make it better for him?"

"But he hasn't been in the store at all! Nothing dropped on his head!" Claire protested.

"Yes but he's very sensitive to those around him and because I got a headache so did he. Come on, Claire. Just a quick blowjob. He's never had one before. And you really are so good at it."

Claire decided that the best thing to do would be to humour him.

"OK but get him in here quickly," she relented.

Gregory and Peter did a quick switch when Mr. Sharma's back was turned and Claire found herself with the fourth cock of the day in her mouth (she had blown her boyfriend in the shower that morning).

Gregory actually seemed like quite a sweet boy if very nervous. In fact he was so anxious that Claire got him to play with her exposed tits while she sucked him completely hard just so that she could then suck him off. Once he had come though, he was so grateful that Claire gave him a quick hug and let him feel her bum for a bit. At least, she thought, his cock was cleaner than his friend's.

Claire did her best to slip out of the cubicle without Mr. Sharma seeing but she suspected that she hadn't done that good a job.

The boys decided that nothing was to their taste and left without buying anything, although not before Peter had whispered to Claire that he'd be bringing a few more friends the next day who also all had mysterious headaches.

As they left, Claire put her face in her hands in despair. "Oh no," she groaned.

"What's wrong, Claire?" said Mr. Sharma, coming out from behind the counter to hug her whilst casually squeezing her bum.

Claire thought about lying but instead began to tell him what had happened until she had related the entire story.

"And so," she concluded, "Peter's going to be back tomorrow with even more of his friends. And I'm going to have suck them all off!"

Mr. Sharma considered while he cupped Claire's breasts. "Hmm. I might have an idea, Claire, that could turn this whole unfortunate matter to our benefit."

"Really?" Claire said hopefully.

"Yes, quite possibly. Perhaps we could repair to the back room and you could see if your miraculously fine mouth is able to breathe life into me just the once more while I consider a plan."

Claire deliberated briefly. "OK. I'll give you a nice slow soothing suck and then you tell me about your plan."

After all what did she have to lose?

The next day Claire, wearing a blue miniskirt, matching heels, a white blouse and virginal white underwear, became more nervous as the hour got closer. She had given Mr. Sharma a quick blowjob in the morning and after lunch, rather distractedly, had let him fuck her up the arse which he had seemed to really enjoy. She was also wearing full makeup to boost her confidence, bright red lipstick and green eye-shadow to go with her eyes. At least she looked fab.

Just after four, Peter came into the shop with eight other boys of the same age in tow including Gregory.

Mr, Sharma turned to Claire. "My dear, you go to the cubicle and I will handle the young gentlemen. Good luck!" he added as he turned to intercept them before they could talk to Claire.

Claire went into the changing cubicle and peeked out from behind the curtain to watch and listen to Mr, Sharma.

"Good afternoon, young men. I assume you are here to visit my quite lovely colleague, the stunning Claire."

There was a general assenting murmur in reply.

Mr. Sharma continued. "I'm afraid that circumstances have changed and you will no longer be able to use Claire's talented mouth as an analgesic for your illusory head pains."

The boys groaned in dismay, all turning to Peter who, looking flushed, moved to the front of the group. "Hang on! If she doesn't do what we want then I'll make a complaint about the shelf landing on my head!"

"Really? And how will you explain why you felt the need to masturbate whilst secretly watching my colleague when this somewhat lightweight and flimsy shelf landed on you?"

Claire gasped as she realised that Mr. Sharma was quite right about Peter. That's why his cock had been hanging out of his trousers!

Peter turned an even deeper red as his friends laughed at his discomfort.

Mr. Sharma carried on. "But wait. I would still be distressed for Claire and the reputation of this worthy enterprise if any of you were to talk to others about her generosity in sharing her body. I have a solution that will satisfy all of our needs."

The boys lent forward as Mr. Sharma laid out his proposal.

"This is a charity shop with the sole purpose of helping furry and fluffy pets. Claire has most munificently agreed that she will be willing to continue to allow you access to various parts of her anatomy as long as a) you keep this offer only to yourselves and b) you have give an upfront donation to the charity for the privilege."

The boys murmured to each other before Gregory asked, "How big a donation?"

Mr. Sharma smiled. "Ah! Very good, Gregory. You are obviously a man who likes to get down to business. Claire and I have discussed this and come up with the following schedule. Let's see, yes. These prices are cumulatively inclusive. For access to her skilful hands, £10. To her most excellent and abundant breasts, £15. Her impossibly talented mouth, £30 (including guaranteed swallowing). Her hot tight vagina, £40. And finally her hotter tighter anus, £50. Considering how delectable Claire is, I think these prices are competitive and indeed offer excellent value for money. As you have seen Claire is not only beautiful, she has very large yet very firm breasts, a toned slender body with long legs and a perfect bottom. You will never again in your lives have the chance of touching a woman as lovely as this let alone using any of her stupendous orifices for your pleasure."

As one, the boys pulled out their wallets to see how much cash they had.

"Now, now. Please form an orderly queue. Everyone will be fully serviced to their satisfaction. That's right, in a line please..."

As the boys jostled for position, Mr. Sharma went to the cubicle to see Claire.

"My dear, I believe your reputation is safe. None of these boys will tell another soul as long as they can sample the bliss of your body for themselves. Any revelations would mean the immediate end of this arrangement. And I think that all of a sudden local RSPHNFFP donations will be going through the roof which will at least guarantee this store's future."

Claire smiled at his reassurance. "Thanks so much, Mr. Sharma. I'm not really doing anything wrong, am I? It's not like I'm really going to have sex with them. I'm just thanking them for their donations using my body, aren't I?" she asked slightly uncertainly.

"That is quite right, my dear. You will be doing nothing about which to feel guilty. And of course, to maintain the cosmic balance, for every orgasm you induce, I will give you one back with my tongue."

Claire nodded in understanding. "And we're doing that only for religious reasons, not because I like to come. Right." She looked out through the curtain. Gregory was first, holding two crisp twenty pound notes. Claire checked her lipstick and prepared to get undressed.

She was feeling really happy about herself. Not only was she doing good she was doing it using her own unique and personal talents which made her feel quite positive and self-assured.

"Right, Mr. Sharma," she said confidently. "Bring them on!"

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