tagNonConsent/ReluctanceClaire's Career Ch. 06: The Corporate Trainer

Claire's Career Ch. 06: The Corporate Trainer


Part 6: The Corporate Trainer

A big thanks to those Claire fans out there who have inspired this story and indeed suggested the central theme. Keep those ideas coming and please keep voting -- it motivates me to write more!


Claire re-read the rejection letter from MI5 once more and sighed.

She had felt certain that, after her exciting missions with top secret agent Conn Fiddle, she would be accepted as a trainee spy with Britain's secret service, MI5. She had met Conn in a bar when he'd ask for help to pose as his girlfriend to fool some criminals. She had then spent an exciting few days including meeting and seducing a top terrorist, Mr. Big, to extract his most precious secrets much like a modern day Mata Hari.

However three days ago she had received the rejection and her hopes had been dashed.

When she'd found out, she had called Conn and he had agreed to meet her in the local red light district under the cover of prostitute and punter. She had dressed in as tarty a way as she could, as requested, and, after she had refused two offers from kerb-crawlers and fended off an attack from a disgruntled professional, he had picked her up and driven her to a quiet street.

She had explained what had happened and he had promised to sort it out all out and get back to her the next day.

"It must be an administrative error. Let me call my handler and arrange a meeting for you. Now as we're here under cover and just in case anyone followed us we'd better live up to our roles. Here, give this a suck and get your tits out," he'd said unzipping his cock.

She had spent the next hour having sex with him in various ways until he had confirmed that the coast was clear and that any observers would be convinced of their intentions. She knew that her boyfriend, Danny, wouldn't have been happy about this but it was just a job and he didn't need to know.

Unfortunately, Conn hadn't called the next day and when she'd tried to call him, his number had been unobtainable. She'd even called MI5 but, unsurprisingly she supposed, they didn't give out any details of agents.

Supposing that he's had to go into deep cover, she cursed her luck and threw the letter in the bin. She had really been looking forward to surprising Danny with the great news that she'd finally got a job, and a responsible and exciting one at that. It looked like her long job search would continue. She just couldn't seem to hold down a job without something happening to her.

She knew that she was a fit young well-turned-out woman; she was slender and tall with red hair, green eyes and freckles. Her body was both busty and leggy and, although she wasn't a rocket scientist, nor was she completely stupid even though Danny seemed to hold the view that she was often a touch naïve when it came to the motives of a certain type of man.

In any case it looked like it was time to scour the job ads once more.

Surprisingly, she found a suitable opportunity in the back of the local paper almost immediately.

A small advert in the personal columns stated, "Small Corporate Training Agency looking for Bright, Enthusiastic and Dynamic trainers willing to give 100%. No experience necessary." It ended with a contact name, Bobby Flapjack, and a mobile number.

Excited, she called and made and appointment to see Bobby that afternoon. She decided not to tell Danny just in case he raised any objections. Once she had the job she would let him know, she said to herself confidently.

The address she found herself later that afternoon was over a Chinese takeaway on the High Street. She carefully walked up the rickety outside stairs in her 4 inch leopard-print stiletto heels holding onto the wobbly banister and cursing her shoe choice.

As ever, she had decided to make sure she looked her best for the interview. She was wearing a low-cut cream stretchy mini-dress that hugged her stupendous figure enticingly as well as matching linen jacket. Because of the clingy nature of the dress, she was wearing her skimpiest underwear, a transparent red half-cup bra and a tiny matching g-string as well as her usual black patterned hold-up stockings. Looking good always made her feel confident.

She pressed the doorbell marked BF Corporate Training at the top of the stairs and waited. She was sure she could hear some shouting from inside the flat followed by the sound of a slap.

Suddenly the door was pulled open and a short yet exceptionally pretty Asian woman stormed out, bumping into Claire.

"Oh!" she exclaimed in surprise. She looked Claire up and down. "If you're here about the job then I'd leave now! You have no idea what that filthy pervert just asked me to do!" she said as she skipped down the stairs.

Claire was flabbergasted. She turned to see a short heavy-jowled overweight man in his forties hobbling towards the door. He had droopy moustache and, despite a receding hairline, shoulder-length curly black hair. He was wearing a slightly shiny suit that was a few sizes to small for him. He also had a huge red mark on his left cheek in the shape of a hand.

He smiled warmly as he grabbed Claire's hand before she could leave, revealing crooked yellow teeth.

"Please ignore her! She just doesn't have the commitment I'm looking for. I can tell immediately though that you're a determined woman and won't let minor issues stand in your way," he said.

Claire didn't know what to do although she was flattered that he had discerned her never-say-die attitude so quickly from just a glance. "Um, er, well..." she started to reply.

"You must be Claire," he interrupted. "My name is Bobby Flapjack. Please come in."

She might as well go in for an interview, she thought. What harm could it do?

She found herself in a reasonably tidy but obviously bachelor-inhabited flat.

"Please come into my office," Bobby said guiding her to a mid-sized room with a desk, a meeting table and a few chairs. There were files and papers strewn across the desk around a PC and a dozen or so impressive-looking certificates framed on the walls.

"Have a seat please, Claire. No need for formality. Would you like a drink, perhaps?"

While Bobby went to get Claire a glass of water, she read his diplomas and credentials. BF Corporate Training had been accredited for various different types of training by various official-sounding bodies. Reassured by this, Claire began to relax.

For the next twenty minutes, Bobby explained that BF used a number of self-employed contractors to provide training for small and medium-sized companies across the south-east of England covering different types of training ranging from specialist human resources to general management skills development.

However, times had been lean of late with the troubled economy and Bobby had come up with the idea of specialising more in helping companies avoid one of the business world's fastest rising costs: claims for sexual harassment and discrimination.

Therefore he was looking to permanently recruit an eager helper who would be able to help him train exactly what was sexual harassment and what wasn't.

As Bobby continued to explain, Claire began to feel excited. This was something she would be able to do and would also satisfy Danny's request that she stay away from unscrupulous men who might take advantage of her alleged gullibility. What better role than that of an expert on avoiding sexual harassment!

Bobby asked her a few more questions about her recent employment history and her skills and so forth and seemed to be impressed by her enthusiastic answers and obvious keenness.

"Right, Claire. I do think that you might be very suitable for me but there are a few more tests that I need you to take in order to demonstrate you really are the right person for this job. I also need you to show your commitment to having to role play some extremely delicate and difficult situations," he said.

Claire immediately replied, "I'm sure I'll be able to do a great job. And there's nothing I wouldn't do to prove it."

Bobby smiled at her, slightly unnervingly, showing her those horrible teeth once again.

"Right, first things first. You will be working with some top male executives and testing their ability to resist the temptation to harass you sexually. To do that I need to be sure that they will find it very difficult not to be attracted to you. Now obviously it would very wrong for me to check out your figure without your permission. Would you mind standing up for me here please and maybe taking your jacket off so I can confirm you're sexy enough?"

Claire didn't hesitate to jump up and walk around to Bobby's side of the desk, discarding her jacket on the way. She was really pleased that she'd made the effort today to look great with her red hair tied up in a long high pony tail and her face made up fully with bright red lipstick and glittery green eye shadow.

She put her hands on her hips, raised one heel off the ground and leaned over him in an effort to exude sexuality.

"How's that, Bobby? Do you like my body?" she asked innocently, looking him in the eye.

Bobby cleared his throat. "Er..."

Claire turned around and looked back over her shoulder confident that her tight dress left little to the imagination as far as her figure went.

Bobby didn't seem that sure though. "I don't know, Claire I can't really tell. I mean for instance you could be wearing a padded bra or maybe a corset..."

Claire looked down at her deep creamy cleavage and the long clean sweep of her hips. It seemed fairly obvious to her that this wasn't the case but she supposed that a man of Bobby's appearance probably didn't have much opportunity to study the female body intimately.

She had an idea.

"Bobby, I know this might be a bit outside of normal interview practice but how about I take my dress off so you can have a really good look at my body," she suggested.

Bobby remained silent for long moment. She thought, judging from how red his face had become, that she had made him angry with her unconventional proposal but before she could apologise, he smiled and said, "That's a great idea!"

Claire smiled back happily before grabbing the hem of her dress and pulling it over her head. While she was doing so she heard Bobby mutter something.

"Are you OK?" she asked dropping the dress behind her.

Bobby crossed his legs and said, "I'm fine," squeakily.

"So what do you think?" Claire asked, lifting her pale freckled boobs to show him how real they were, although conscious that her nipples were barely covered and, in any case, could be seen through the transparent red lace of the bra.

Bobby nodded in wonder at her boobs. "Yes, they're definitely real. I can tell," he said reaching out to take one in each hand and give them a good grope.

Claire, a touch surprised at Bobby's direct methods, nevertheless allowed him to squeeze her tits and pinch her nipples through her bra until her was certain they were genuine.

With a sigh, Bobby eventually allowed his hands to drop. Claire turned to give him a good view of her tight arse which appeared virtually bare, the string of her thong disappearing into her delicious bum-crack.

"Am I attractive enough, Bobby?" Claire asked looking back over her shoulder at him.

Bobby paused briefly before nodding. "Yes, I think you could say that," he agreed.

"Oh good!" she replied jumping up and down and clapping her hands girlishly, causing her nipples to pop out of the top of her bra. She put them back in, hoping Bobby hadn't noticed. He certainly didn't say anything so she didn't mention it.

"OK, that's great," Bobby said. "We've established you're attractive. The next step is to see whether you have the resilience and the ability to ignore distractions to be a really good trainer."

Claire was about to put her dress back on but stopped, intrigued by Bobby's statement. "What do you mean?"

"As part of the training we'll be showing the client exactly what is acceptable and what isn't as far as interaction with the opposite sex goes. Sometimes clients can be a bit random and you need to be able to manage anything they throw at you. We might have to let them go too far to show them that some of their behaviour is unacceptable. I need to know you can handle it."

Claire nodded in understanding. "Right. OK," she said determinedly.

"As it happens, I have a client coming in a few minutes for some training on the recognition of sexual harassment. I suppose I could...," he started. "No, maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea."

"Oh, no, go on. What were you going to say?" Claire said, eager to prove herself.

"Well, I was considering using you to show the client what he can and can't do but I'm worried that I'd be throwing you in at the deep end," he said, shaking his head.

"Oh, no, please, Mr. Flapjack. Give me a chance; I'm sure I can do it!" Claire pleaded.

Bobby paused for a minute to reflect. He stood up decisively. "Oh, go on then! Let me call the client just to make sure he's all right with that."

Claire, forgetting she was still only in her underwear yet ecstatic at the opportunity, jumped up and down before grabbing Bobby and giving him a hug. In return, he buried his face between her breasts and squeezed her bottom before Claire let him go.

"Right, I'll be back in a minute," he said, snatching his mobile and leaving the room awkwardly.

Claire took the opportunity to get back into her dress and check her makeup. She could hear Bobby talking animatedly on the phone but couldn't distinguish exactly what he was saying.

She was back to looking her best by the time Bobby came back in.

"Right, he's on his way," he said.

"Brilliant!" Claire said. "Is he a really important businessman?"

"Er, well, yeah, I suppose. He's called Kevin Wragg and he's the landlord of the White Hart, you know, the pub across the road."

"Oh," Claire said, a little surprised but she supposed that even pub landlords would have to be wary of sexual harassment particularly as there were often a lot of attractive barmaids at the White Hart.

"So what do I need to do?" she asked.

"Right, here's where I need your help. I could explain what sexual harassment to the client through words alone is but it will be a lot more effective to show him by using you as a kind of mannequin. Just go along with the situation that we're role playing even if it develops into something that is obviously a wrong situation. Sometimes getting things wrong is a great way of learning."

"OK," Claire nodded, grateful for her past acting experience.

They were interrupted by the harsh buzz of the doorbell.

Kevin turned out to be an older gentleman, in his fifties, with a huge beer belly peeping out from under his tight black ACDC t-shirt. He was virtually bald apart from an unflattering fringe of long straight greasy grey hair around the sides and back of his head. His eyes were protuberant and lecherous.

"Hi Kev, this is Claire Bell," Bobby said as he entered the office.

Claire immediately felt a little uncomfortable as Kevin's eyes wandered over her body, hungrily taking in her huge breasts and luscious slim figure. If there were anyone who needed training in respecting women, it was most definitely Kevin!

"Hi, lovely to meet you," he said, grabbing her offered hand and stroking it creepily.

After another cup of tea, during which Kevin didn't take his eyes of Claire, Bobby stood up and suggested they get down to business.

"Claire, why don't you stand at the desk here. Now I want you to pretend that you're working as a barmaid and that Kevin is your boss. Are you ready to get into character?"

Claire seated herself and nodded in response.

"OK, Kevin, why don't you pretend that Claire is learning to pull a pint and you're helping her. Why don't you stand behind her and talk to her for a few minutes and just do what comes naturally? Just treat her like you would any of those lovely young barmaids you employ at the pub. Then we'll pause and assess how you've done."

Claire began to pretend to draw a pint of beer in an invisible hand pump at an invisible bar, conscious that Kevin was standing right up behind her, his stomach and crotch pressing against her back and doing his best to look down the front of her dress. She jumped when he slid his arms round her to pretend he was guiding her hands at the bar.

"That's right, darling. Nice and smooth with so you don't get too big a head on the pint," he said.

"Er. Um. Thanks, Mr. Wragg. I think I've got it now," she answered.

"Good, good," he replied. Claire flinched as Kevin's hands casually slid up her taut flat stomach to cup her breasts and gave them a firm squeeze. "I must say, Miss Bell, you really do have fantastic tits. I've never seen a natural pair so big yet so firm."

"Um. Er. Well, er, thank you, Mr. Wragg," she replied, doing her best to ignore him slipping his fingers down the front of her dress and tweaking her nipples.

"Why don't you get them out so I can have good feel while you finish pulling that pint?"

Claire's eyes widened in alarm at Kevin's rude suggestion but, when Bobby didn't say anything, she sighed, stepped back and pulled her dress off up over her head.

"Oh, fuck me, you're gorgeous, Miss Bell," Kevin said.

Claire, remembering Bobby's warning to let the role play develop naturally, turned around and allowed Kevin to grope her tits through her skimpy scarlet bra, uncomfortably aware of the bulge in his jeans rubbing at her bum. She just hoped that Bobby appreciated her commitment and would be willing to give her a job.

"Right Kevin, let's pause it there; do you know where you went wrong?"

Kevin, still playing with her breasts and rubbing his cock into her arse, grunted a "no" in reply.

"Claire, stand here please. Kevin, in a work situation, you're not really supposed to grab a woman's breasts like this," Bobby said, reaching out to squeeze her boobs, continuing to fondle her as he talked.

"Really?" Kevin replied. "What about her arse? Can I cop a feel of that?" he said, sliding his hand up her thighs, over her stocking tops and groping her pert buttocks, almost causing her to screech in surprise.

"No, you probably shouldn't do that either and nor should you touch her pussy like this," Bobby replied, allowing one of his hands to drop to her crotch to lewdly cup her cunt, before sliding his hand inside her thong to finger her briefly.

Despite her resolve to remain calm and disinterested, Claire let out a squeal at this latest invasion. "Oooh!" She hadn't realised that Bobby's methods would be so hands-on.

"OK, carry on, please," Bobby said, stepping back and allowing them to continue, his finger slipping stickily from her pussy.

"Right, where were we?" Kevin mused. "Oh, I know. I was fondling your boobs. Tell you what: go on, get your tits out," he encouraged. Claire almost shook her head. He'd got it wrong again! She waited briefly for Bobby to intervene but when he remained silent, she signed once more and reached behind her back to unclip her bra, revealing her fat creamy tits.

"Oh, fuck me, those are amazing, Miss Bell," Kevin exclaimed, taking her enormous boobs in both hands and pinching her nipples cruelly. Claire squeaked in alarm at his rough treatment of her perfect breasts but didn't try to stop him even when he bent his shiny head down to her boobs and sucked her tits, one at a time.

Claire was impressed with just how anatomically thorough the training was in terms of exactly what was allowed or not. And, although she hadn't realised just how demanding such training could be, she was determined to remain calm and get the job.

However, after Kevin had finally stopped sucking her boobs, she was beginning to wonder just how far this role play would go. She didn't have to wait long to find out.

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