Claire's Career Ch. 06: The Corporate Trainer


"I think you should kiss my cock, Miss Bell. It's all right no-one can see: you're behind the bar," Kevin said, breathing heavily. He stepped back, unzipped his trousers and released his ugly grubby erection, waving it at her.

Claire was astounded. Did Kevin really ask his bar maids to kiss his cock? Again she waited for Bobby to step in but he just smiled at her, his misshapen discoloured teeth grossing her out. It looked like she'd just have to go through with it.

She took a breath, knelt down and gave his cock a quick sticky peck, leaving a red lipstick mark on the tip.

"Very good, Miss Bell," Kevin groaned before grabbing her by the back of her head and pushing himself past her lips and into her mouth.

Claire, her stunning green eyes wide in surprise, made some inarticulate noises around her mouthful of cock but did her best not to pull away as he began to determinedly slide himself in and out of her.

"Oh, yeah, Miss Bell. That's good. You give great head. Suck it, you little slut," Kevin moaned as he fucked Claire's poor mouth.

Anxious to finish him off quickly, she swirled her tongue around his head before beginning to suck as hard as she could, keen to show that being forced to give oral sex by a stranger in no way fazed her.

For the next few minutes all that could be heard in the office was the wet squelching sound of Claire's mouth and tongue sliding up and down Kevin's cock and the occasional groan of delight from Kevin himself as he groped one of her huge breasts with one hand and pulled her head towards him with the other.

"Oh, fuck, I'm coming!" Kevin shouted as he began to flood Claire's beautiful red-lipped pink-tongued mouth with rank sticky jism.

Disgusted with how quickly he was filling her mouth with his horrid spunk, Claire considered spitting it out but, not wanting to make a mess on Bobby's carpet, she reluctantly swallowed Kevin's repellent gunk.

Once he had finished spurting off over her tongue, Kevin sighed in relief and sat back on the desk

"Fuck me, that was amazing. What a tart!" he said happily.

Licking her lips clean of a few stray drops of cum, Claire stood up and turned to Bobby who was smiling broadly.

"Brilliant work, well done, Claire. Now I could have stepped in a bit earlier, Kevin, but I didn't want to interrupt you. What I can say is that if you were to try that with one of your employees, she would have a very good case for sexual harassment."

"Really?" Kevin said, shaking his head. "Whatever is the world coming to? What about fucking them?"

"Do you mean like this?" Bobby answered. "Claire, come here please and take off that thong. I just want to show Kevin something."

Puzzled, Claire discarded her panties so that she was left in her stockings and heels, causing Bobby to groan out loud as her small strip of ruby pubic hair and long wet pink cunt lips were revealed.

He kicked the chair away, indicating that Claire should bend over the desk and continue to pretend she was serving at the bar. She wasn't surprised when he dropped his trousers and, standing behind her, positioned his erection at the entrance to her tight pussy. Despite his general lack of physical appeal, Bobby's penis was long and thick, if a little hairier than perfect.

Claire tried hard to ignore the fact a large cock was being pushed into her wet hole but, once he was all the way in, she began to struggle to maintain her calm façade. In fact, as he grabbed hold of her substantial knockers and began to ram into her fast and hard, she let out a squeal of consternation.

Bobby. Breathing hard, continued to talk to Kevin as if she weren't there. "Unfortunately, fucking your employees like this could also be considered sexual harassment unless, of course, they make the first move."

"Really?" Kevin said, who looked as if he were trying not to laugh for some reason.

Despite the fact that they were only having sex as a demonstration and that Mr. Flapjack could in no way be considered attractive, Claire found herself getting more and more aroused as he fucked her powerfully from behind with his substantial cock.

"Ooh! Ugh. Ugh," she grunted, uncomfortably aware that his large penis was bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.

So it was a bitter-sweet feeling when Bobby swore out loud and began pumping what seemed like an enormous quantity of spunk deep inside her pussy before she could reach her own climax.

"Oh, fuck, yes. That's fucking fantastic!" he exclaimed, collapsing on top of her.

Claire, frustrated by her lack of satisfaction yet pleased she hadn't lost complete control, waited a few seconds before tentatively asking, "Er, have we finished the role play yet?"

"What? Oh. Yes. We're done," Bobby said, standing up and sliding his softening cock out of her sodden cunt.

As Kevin & Bobby talked in main part of the flat, Claire got dressed and cleaned herself up as best she could with the help of a box of tissues. She could see Kevin handing over a sheaf of banknotes to Bobby, as payment for his training, she supposed. It seemed training was quite a lucrative industry which was another reason to get this job.

Bobby walked back into the office, having seen Kevin out.

Claire turned to him. "How did I do?" she asked.

Bobby looked at her with an inscrutable expression before smiling his ugly smile. "I have to say, Claire, that was brilliant. I really thought I might have disconcerted you at the end there when I entered you roughly from behind but you kept it together. Well done."

Claire smiled, happy that she had proved herself. "Oh, I'm so pleased. Do I get the job?"

Bobby cleared his throat. "We're almost there. I just need to test your knowledge of what is sexual harassment and what isn't. Obviously the scenario we've just enacted with Kevin would be considering pretty close to the line by most experts!"

Claire nodded in agreement.

He continued, "So why we try out a few more pretend situations?"

Claire nodded and smoothed back her hair nervously as Bobby sat back down in his chair.

"Right, why don't we switch roles? After all, sexual harassment can be perpetrated by women as well as men. Let's pretend that you're my boss and that I'm an attractive young man in your office whom you really fancy."

Claire raised her eyebrows at this stretch of the imagination but replied, "Erm, OK."

"So now, why don't you do some things to me that you would consider sexual harassment. I'll let you know if they are."

Claire stepped back to consider.

"Um, maybe if I were to put my arm around you when we're talking?" she suggested.

"Go on, act it out. Doing is the best way to learn!" Bobby said wisely.

Claire stood beside him, allowing her arm to settle across his shoulders. "How's that?" she said leaning over him. She noticed Bobby looking down her cleavage before he answered.

"It depends -- some might find it OK, some might not. Go on: do something a bit more risqué."

"Oh, I know!" She turned to stand in front of Bobby and sat down on his lap face-to-face, straddling him with her legs apart. "What about this?"

He replied, "Hmmm, I suppose you could just be looking for a place to sit if there were no other chairs in the room.

Claire hadn't thought of that. "OK, how about this?" She began to grind her peachy firm arse over Bobby's crotch, certain that this would be going too far.

Bobby took his time to consider, idly feeling her breasts while she rubbed herself on him.

Eventually he replied, "Perhaps you could just be scratching your bottom."

Claire thought that surely there were better ways to scratch her bum but bowed to Bobby's superior knowledge.

"OK, what if I did this?" she asked, yanking down her dress and bra and pulling Bobby's face towards her huge fat tits with their small high red nipples.

Bobby took an age to answer this time. As he held her boobs together and buried his nose into her cleavage, she guessed that this situation really would be considered harassment. And when he started to lick and suck her nipples, moaning as his cock twitched against her crotch, she was sure.

This continued for a few more minutes until Claire, acutely conscious that she could feel his full erection under her arse, asked, "Er, Bobby?"

Bobby looked up, his expression befuddled. "What? Oh, yes. Sorry?"

"Am I harassing you?" she asked a touch impatiently.

"Er, yes. I think I can safely say that this would be going perhaps a step too far in the office."

"Oh, great! I got it right!" Claire laughed enthusiastically, bouncing up and down on Bobby's lap.

"Yes, very good," he confirmed in a high voice.

"So do I get the job?" Claire asked with anticipation.

Bobby shifted in his seat uncomfortably.

"Oh, I don't know, Claire. You've done very well. You're definitely attractive enough. You are difficult to disconcert. You were very professional with Kevin. And you can recognise sexual harassment. It's just that I'm struggling to make a decision. For some reason, I feel distracted." His erection twitched under her pussy.

"Um, would it help if I got of your lap?" Claire asked, jumping off.

Bobby reached up with his left hand and squeezed her butt. "No, I still feel a little preoccupied. I don't know what it is but just can't decide!" he said, shaking his head.

Claire glanced down at his crotch. She could clearly see his hard-on bulging in his trousers. A thought came to her.

Bobby had been so focused on interviewing her that he didn't realise that he had developed an erection when she had writhed around on his lap! Knowing men the way she did, Claire wasn't in the least surprised that Bobby was struggling to decide anything with a hard penis!

"Er, Bobby. I think I know what's distracting you," she said.

He looked up from breasts, which he had been unconsciously studying. "Really? What is it?"

Claire pointed between his legs. "Look!"

Bobby looked down. "Oh no! How embarrassing! How did that happen?"

Claire blushed as she explained. "Oh, I think it was my fault. You know, when I was rubbing my arse on your cock. Sorry!"

"Ah, yes. That explains. In any case, I think you're right. Oh, well. I'll just have to make a decision tomorrow. I think a couple more people are coming to see me later in any case. I should probably meet them before I make a final decision," he said.

Claire's eyes widened in alarm. If he were to see someone else then there was just a chance she might lose the job. She had to do something!

"No wait! Maybe I can help to ease your distraction," she said, kneeling down in front of him.

"Claire, whatever can you mean?" Bobby asked, looking down at her stunning upturned face.

"Well, I know it's not very usual but I do feel a guilty about making you hard so I was just wondering if I could make it better for you," she suggested. "You know, give you some relief."

"I see. Well I just don't know. I mean I know earlier on I did thrust my hard penis in and out of your delightful pussy but that was just part of our client training. Hmmm, well I suppose there's no real harm in it. After all we're both professionals. Go on then. I'll let you suck me off."

Claire, who had been about to offer him a handjob was slightly taken aback by his request for oral sex but recovered quickly. After all, she needed him back to a state in which he could make a decision and if she had to use her able mouth to do so then so be it.

She unzipped his flies and released his cock before licking the end with her long pink tongue, swirling it around under his loose foreskin, doing her best to ignore the heady taste of her own pussy. Then she licked her way down his thick shaft, planting the occasional kiss on his turgid member until she got to his heavy balls which she tongued lovingly. After sucking each of them in turn she began to slowly masturbate him with both hands whilst flicking the very tip of her tongue all over his glans, leaving it wet with her saliva.

Bobby began to moan in pleasure as she gently sucked his dong whilst unhurriedly bobbing her head up and down. Gradually she increased the suction on his cock as well as the pace of her bobbing until her head was a blur on him.

Despite his recent climax, it took no more than ten minutes of frenetic sucking and slurping before Bobby exploded in her mouth, rewarding her determined diligence with a large mouthful of creamy sharp spunk.

Claire swallowed without thought, making sure she lapped up the last few drops that oozed from the slit of his penis. Then with a satisfied kiss, she tucked him back into his pants and zipped him back up.

She looked up at Bobby with her sparkling green eyes and smiled. "So, do I get the job?"

Bobby nodded, "You start tomorrow!"

That evening, Claire explained to Danny what her new job would be. As she'd hoped he seemed very supportive although she didn't exactly explain the interview process and she probably made BF Corporate Training sound a little more grand than it actually was.

In any case, with Danny's blessing, Claire went back to see Bobby the next morning to start work proper.

Over the next few days, Claire was put through her paces by Bobby. He gave her some files to read covering discrimination law which she found extremely hard going. So whenever there was choice, Claire chose to work on the practical aspects of her training as much as possible.

Much like her interview, Bobby spent a lot of time testing Claire under a series of potential harassment situations to check she understood what harassment was but also to make sure she was ready to handle anything the clients threw at her.

Often he would grope and fondle her while she tried to study the impenetrable theory of discrimination law.

Claire hated law so much that she would actually feel relieved when Bobby took matters further by pulling down her knickers and fucking her or forcing her down to her knees to suck him off. Indeed she often found herself coming after he gave her a good long hard shag, although she did her best to keep her orgasms low-key so as to appear composed and professional.

The only time she ever felt truly worried, was when, whilst she was trying to understand the numerous and incomprehensible amendments to the Sex Discrimination Act (1975), Bobby bent her over a table, pulled her dress up and her knickers aside and started anointing her arsehole with some hand lotion he had lying around.

Quickly discerning what he was about to do, Claire opened her mouth to protest. After all, she didn't mind having her deliciously moist pussy abused but was concerned that his cock would be too big for tiny sweet butthole. However before she could say anything, Bobby thrust a good few inches of his throbbing erection up her tight bum.

"Ooooooh!" Claire screeched in surprise and not a little discomfort as her anus was invaded by his cock.

As he began to slide in and out of her snug bum-passage, Claire did her best to concentrate on her reading but soon gave up as Bobby pushed his entire length up her, causing her to scream out, "Oh, fuck!" in consternation.

Luckily for Claire the tightness of his cock's fit up her arse meant that Bobby came very quickly, inundating her rectum with spunk, although she did feel a little sore for the rest of the day.

On other occasions, often in the morning, she would sometimes see that Bobby had developed an erection usually after she had bent over him, inadvertently showing off her deep creamy cleavage, or even allowing a part of her lush curvaceous body to accidentally brush against him. Taking pity on him and keen to prove herself indispensable, she would usually offer to suck him off until this practice developed into a ritual blowjob as her first task of the day.

It was while she was frantically bobbing her head up and down on his crotch one morning that Bobby had revealed that her first training session proper with a group of clients would be the next day.

She had pulled back from his cock in surprise at this statement, disturbing the newspaper he had been reading. "Tomorrow! Really?"

Bobby had lifted his paper aside and signalled to her to continue sucking. As she licked his dick, he continued, "Don't worry. It'll be easy. They're actually old friends of mine. I've told them all about you and they're really keen to be trained by you."

That day, Claire was distracted and nervous as she considered that tomorrow would be her first real training session. So intent was she on her first full client meeting that she didn't even mind that much when Bobby fucked her roughly up the arse again that afternoon, even having the presence of mind to clench her butt around him to heighten his pleasure and accelerate his climax.

Bobby had said that she needed to dress to maximise her attractiveness in order to provide as much temptation as possible to the clients. So, the next day, she brought in a change of outfit with her, not wanting her boyfriend to see what she was going to wear as she couldn't think of a good reason for her choice of attire.

When she got to the office she changed into a tight cropped white t-shirt that lifted her deep cleavage enticingly and revealed her belly button and flat tummy plus her tiniest micro-skirt, a narrow strip of blue material that exposed her stocking tops and suspenders every time she took a step. Finished off by an-above-the-knee pair of black leather stiletto boots, her long red hair in pigtails and her full make-up she looked both stunning and slutty.

In fact, Bobby, who had watched her change, found her so attractive that he begged her to suck him off before the clients arrived which she did as a favour while he played with her tits. He came in her mouth, just five minutes before the meeting so that she had to rush to brush her teeth and reapply her lipstick. She had to look her best: she was determined to prove herself to Bobby by providing the best training session she could.

When they arrived, Claire was a bit surprised by the clients. Once more she had been expecting top businesspeople in suits but they turned out to be eight unshaven men wearing casual clothing. One of them was Kevin, the landlord from the White Hart.

He greeted her enthusiastically. "Hello, gorgeous. Fuck me, you look even hotter than you did the other day. Look at those tits, boys! Told you they were amazing." There was a general growling of assent from the others as they looked her up and down hungrily.

Claire, used to attracting crude verbal comments about her sexy appearance, wasn't particularly alarmed at the way they were looking at her and at what they were saying but even so she whispered an aside to Bobby. "Bobby, can I have word in private?"

Bobby and Claire went into his office. "What's up, babe?" he asked, patting her bottom familiarly.

Claire put her hands on her hips. "What's going on? Who are they? I thought they were supposed to be businessmen but it's Kevin and some other blokes!"

Bobby put his hands on Claire's shoulders to calm her. "Claire, Claire, it's fine. Don't worry. We can't pick and choose our clients. We should just focus on spreading best practice as far as avoiding harassment and discrimination claims in the workplace."

Claire could see the sense in that but she was still annoyed. "But who are they? And why's Kevin here again?"

"Basically, they're the darts team from the White Hart. They want to learn all about sexual harassment. And Kevin's here because he can't quite remember everything we taught so he thought he'd join them. Come on, Claire. They're going to pay in hard cash!" he pleaded, his hands dropping to her breasts for a feel.

Claire still wasn't satisfied. "But why would the darts team from the White Hart want to do training on sexual harassment?"

"It's because you're such a good trainer, Claire; Kevin told them how brilliant and valuable the training was and they wanted to try it. Remember, they've all got day jobs in various businesses in which they can apply what we teach them. This is actually great news. We're spreading the word!"

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