Claire's Career Ch. 07: The Magician’s Assistant


She pulled back from his erection and looked up at him as he cruelly twisted her nipples. "Would you like to fuck me?" she asked invitingly.

"Oh, fuck! Yes, god, yes! Of course I would," he agreed.

Claire stood up and pushed him onto the bed. "Let me go on top. You can play with my tits then," she offered, although in reality she just wanted to control the pace of their coupling.

He didn't need to be asked twice as she quickly straddled him and impaled herself on his stiffy. She smothered his red sweaty face in her magnificent firm bosom while riding him expertly.

This time he couldn't hold back and within a minute of starting, he was grunting and squirting into her tight snug pussy.

As soon as he'd finished spurting, Claire jumped off his cock and quickly licked him clean as a courtesy.

"Come on," she urged, getting into her leotard at last. "I've got to get downstairs. Oh and thanks so much for not telling anyone."

She left him lying on the bed, with a stupid smile on his face.

All-in-all the show went brilliantly. Claire interacted well with the children and thought she set off Kevin's mysterious magic gestures perfectly with her happy smiles and flamboyant flourishes. Certainly the children seemed to have a great time. The only awkwardness for Claire was when the father distracted her by winking at her while she was performing and the slow but inexorable seepage of spunk out her pussy and down her thighs. Luckily she didn't think anyone noticed either issue.

Kevin certainly seemed pleased when they got back in his van after the performance to drive back to the lock-up. In fact he even suggested she practise her swallowing on the way back, which she unsurely did before he came generously in her mouth just as they arrived at their destination.

"Well, Claire, I think I can trust you now with the more intimate secrets of magic. Are you ready to find out about the spirits?" he asked her once they had unloaded all of the props.

"Oh! Yes, I am. What are we going to do?" she replied eagerly.

"If you meet me here tomorrow night, we will hold a séance. You can help me prepare to channel the spirits!" he said portentously.

Claire was nervous all through the next day. She had a strong belief in the supernatural and was concerned about meddling with powers that she didn't understand. Still, knowing that Kevin would be in charge made her feel much more secure.

Luckily Danny was out playing a gig so she was able to slip away with ease.

The area of Kevin's lockup appeared spooky in the weak moonlight. She anxiously walked from her car to the door before opening it and stepping into the dimly lit garage.

She squeaked in alarm as she turned to find three men dressed all in black, sitting around a circular table.

"Shhh, it's me," Kevin assured her before she could scream. She recognised his stick-thin figure in the gloom but couldn't make out who the other two men were.

Kevin led her over to them and introduced them. "These are two of my peers, both true magicians, Eddie and Gustav. Between us we will attempt to channel the spirits tonight. However we need your help, Claire. Can you remember how I said I could commune with the other side?"

"Yes," Claire replied. "You need to be turned on."

"That's right. Do you think you can help us with that?" Kevin asked sombrely.

Claire knew she could turn on any man. "Of course! Shall I take my clothes off?" she asked.

One of the other men, Gustav she thought, gasped and then coughed but Kevin just nodded and said, "Yes, let's see those great tits."

Claire pulled off her jumper, again eliciting a groan as her splendid bosom was revealed. She then stepped out of her heels and slid her jeans down to her ankles.

"All of it?" she asked, both frightened yet excited by the thought of the séance,

"Go on. Why not?" Kevin replied.

She unclasped her black bra, releasing her full perfect breasts to further gasps of admiration from her audience before pulling her matching knickers off. The small strip of red pubic hair leading to her moist pussy looked dark in the muted light.

She looked at the three men but couldn't tell in the murkiness how they were reacting. "Are you getting turned on yet?" she asked.

"Oh, yes, you could say that," said the stocky Eddie. His voice was deep and rough.

"Quick, Claire," Kevin said urgently. "I want to slip under the table while we attempt to reach someone on the other side. Keep us aroused, Claire. We're relying on you!"

Claire's eyes widened at this responsibility. She quickly got onto her hands and knees and crawled under the table while men sat down at it.

It was difficult to tell who was who in the dimness so she reached for a crotch at random and squeezed to find a hard cock. She repeated this twice, recognising Kevin's long erection at the third attempt.

"Claire, we need you to do more. Start sucking!" Kevin ordered her from over her head.

Claire sighed but unzipped all three of them in turn before taking Kevin in her mouth while she tossed off the other two. She could hear a lot of moaning and groaning from above her, presumably as they began to commune with the other side. Despite the slick slurping sound of her wet warm mouth on cock, she listened hard to get any sign that the séance was working.

When her hair was grabbed by a hand to pull her head to the dick on the left, Claire shuffled around on her knees to switch her mouth to it and moved her hands accordingly, slowly rotating under the table to ensure all three hard penises got a share of her willing young mouth.

After a while, Claire's knees began to hurt as she circled endlessly under the table, her mouth and hands moving from cock to cock.

"Is it working yet, Kevin?" she ventured, taking a break from sucking Gustav's dark veiny erection but still with each hand wrapped around a hard dick.

"Er, not yet, Claire," he replied. "We might need to go a step further."

Claire, keen to come out from under the table, thought briefly. "How about I come out and we can fuck?" she suggested brightly.

She could hear the men muttering and swearing and maybe even a muffled laugh before Kevin said, "What a great idea."

Claire hauled herself up from under the table. "Er, right. Who's first?"

The three men looked at each other before Eddie said, "I'll have a go!"

He lay back on the table and ordered Claire to hop on top of him. She climbed onto him and slid herself down Eddie's pole.

"Oh, yeah, baby, that's fantastic. You're such a great fuck," he moaned, groping her fabulous pale breasts, as she rode him, her hips slowly grinding back and forth.

Gustav was also obviously very keen to join in because he moved behind her and began to finger her arsehole.

"Oh!" she cried, "not up there!" but Gustav forced a finger into her tiny tight bum.

"Claire, you need to keep us satisfied at the same time. You're going to have to let Gustav into your arse while sucking me off. It's crucial that we all remain aroused," Kevin said urgently.

Claire swore but lent forward allowing Eddie to take her weight so that she could part her buttocks with her hands. "Come on then! Hurry up," she ordered.

Gustav complied pulling out his finger with a pop before thrusting his mid-sized cock into her butt with one slick push.

"Oooooh!" Claire squeaked but managed to find a reasonably comfortable rhythm between the two groaning illusionists.

"Now, Claire! Suck me!" Kevin ordered.

She turned her head to the side and Kevin, grabbing her hair, began to fuck her mouth forcefully, his cock sliding into her throat at every forward thrust.

Although she had had three men inside her simultaneously once before, Claire had never felt quite so full of cock as she did for the next ten minutes as the men under, behind and next to her abused her sweet little holes frantically.

Suddenly, Kevin went still. "I can feel someone. He has a message for you, Claire!"

Claire allowed his cock to fall out of her mouth in amazement. "Who is it?" she gasped.

"His name starts with S. Steve? Er, Simon? Um, Sid? Sam? Seb?" Kevin groped for the correct name.

Claire couldn't think of anyone who had died and whose name started with S. She had a thought.

"Is it Mr. Sharma?" she asked, wincing at a particularly deep thrust from Gustav up her bum.

"Who? Er, no, hang on. Yes, it's Mr. Shammie!" Kevin cried.

"You mean Sharma?" Claire asked.

"Yes, that's what I said."

Claire couldn't believe it! Mr. Sharma was an elderly Indian gentleman with whom Claire had worked at a charity shop a few months ago, before he had mysteriously disappeared.

"Mr. Sharma! I didn't even know you were dead. I thought you ran away with the shop takings! What happened?" Claire said incredulously.

"Erm. He says that it's too difficult to explain. He wouldn't want to put you in danger too. He says that he's got a message for you though," Kevin said.

"Really? Ooh! Not so hard, Gustav!" Claire said at another mighty butt-thrust before turning her attention back to Kevin. "What's the message?"

"Mr. Sharma says that you must have sex with the three of us as much as possible. He can't say why but it's of the utmost importance to avoid dire consequences. You have to do anything we want!" Kevin finished.

"Wow! Really? Ugh, ack, glug!" she choked as Kevin pushed his cock back into her mouth and began to come plentifully, causing her to cough and gag.

This seemed to trigger the other two as well as she felt them shooting into her vagina and anus respectively, filling her all her holes with rank sticky jism.

Eventually, she managed to swallow all of Kevin's spunk. As soon as the last mouthful had slipped down, she desperately said, "Mr. Sharma? What do you mean?"

"Sorry, Claire. He's gone. I lost him when I came," Kevin replied apologetically.

"Oh, shit," she said. "Ow!" she screeched as Gustav pulled out her sore bottom.


After a pause, she lifted herself off a very satisfied looking Eddie, her mind spinning and spunk slipping down her legs.

Not only had she finally got herself a job, it was an amazing one. On one hand, she got to dress up in wonderful costumes and perform to children which she loved. On the other, she had found out about the amazing world of the supernatural which she found fascinating and exciting.

Fancy, Mr. Sharma coming back from the dead to give her a message! She felt sad that he had passed away but glad that he had thought to warn her. What could he have meant?

"Kevin, what did he mean when he said 'dire consequences'?" she asked.

Kevin shook his head. "I have no idea, Claire. I just know that whenever I've managed to speak to someone from the spirit world, they've always been right!"

Claire gasped. She had to fulfil Mr. Sharma's request!

She looked around at the three panting men.

"Guys, you have to help me! We've got to have more sex. As much as we can! I'll do anything you want, no matter how kinky. Please!" she begged.

The three magicians looked at each other. After a pause, Kevin smiled before answering for them all.

"Don't worry, Claire. I'm sure we'll be able to work something out!"

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