Claire's Career Ch. 08: The Singer


"Ok, honey. I've negotiated as hard as I can and the deal is they want a lot more than that. Basically they say you can pay off your debt using your body."

Claire's eyes widened in alarm. "My body? You mean..."

"Yep, they'll give you twenty-five quid for a handjob, fifty quid a blowjob, seventy-five for a fuck and a hundred to try out your lovely arse."

"Oh no!" Claire squealed. What a terrible situation! If only Bianca could see her now.

But, of course, this was different. All she'd be doing is paying off a debt to launch her singing career, not really prostituting herself like a common whore. And anyway, no-one need find out.

"OK, then," she began to say before several male hands descended on her clothing to undress her in a whirlwind of testosterone and urgent need.

"That's my girl!" Frankie said rubbing his hands together. "You owe Nigel five-hundred and everyone else two-hundred and fifty including Alf."

"Alf?" Claire said anxiously as the old balding caretaker pulled down her white thong to leave her in nothing more than black stockings and leopard-print stilettos.

"Yeah, honey. I owe him for letting us use the studio on the sly," Frankie replied.

"Oh," Claire said before Ed grabbed her head by her hair, forcing her to bend over at the waist and swallow his pudgy erection. Almost immediately she felt her thighs being separated so that she was standing legs wide apart as a long thin penis was roughly inserted into her unsuspecting pussy. She could tell it was Pete because she could see Nigel looking on astonishedly at her from past Ed's chunky waist as her left and right hands were guided to Alf's wrinkled member and Jez's extraordinarily thick cock respectively whilst they fondled her immense dangling boobs.

Sighing mentally, she concentrated on satisfying all four of them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Perhaps because of the practice she'd had recently with her mouth, her agile tongue-flicking and staunch sucking caused to Ed came quickly; she swallowed his salty jism speedily and took a breath only for Jez to stuff his very thick but stubby knob into her mouth, stretching her lips wide around him as he fucked her face.

She expected Nigel to take his place in her right hand but instead was surprised to grab hold of Frankie's familiarly wrinkled penis. She couldn't stop to enquire what he was doing because Pete's long slender member was banging uncomfortably against the entrance to her cervix. She concentrated on trying to maintain a rhythm with her hips, head and hands simultaneously.

Her agility and athleticism paid dividends after a few minutes with Pete spurting deep into her pussy whilst fingering her tiny pink arsehole.

As pulled her out of her, Jez pushed her head off his cock with a loud pop.

Claire, who's mouth had been aching from servicing such a fat dick, heaved a huge sigh of relief. Her respite didn't last long however as Alf pulled his cock out of her hand and rubbed it over her face, leaving a foetid trail of sticky pre-cum across her cheek.

It was apparent that Alf believed that washing was an optional activity as his cock tasted utterly disgusting, evidently not cleaned for goodness knows how long, as he thrust it into her mouth with a groan of triumph.

Claire's eyes watered at the unpleasant smell from his greasy grey pubes but then she forgot all thought of worrying about Alf's lack of hygiene as she felt Jez position his exceptionally thick erection at her vacated pussy.

She screamed around her mouthful of elderly malodorous cock as Jez pushed himself into her, stretching her pussy walls wider than they'd ever been stretched. Even as he began to slide his bulky dong in and out of her tight moistening cunt, she incongruously noticed that Nigel still hadn't joined in despite nursing an obvious erection.

Alf obviously wasn't used to having his ugly reeking cock being serviced by a gorgeous young woman's talented mouth because he took no time to squirt over her poor tongue, forcing her to swallow his rank semen.

Claire coughed and spluttered as he withdrew and then sank to her hands and knees as Jez powerfully shafted her from behind. He knelt down with her without a pause and began to increase the pace of his thrusting until she was moaning in pleasure at his skilled fucking, not even minding when Frankie briefly pushed himself into her mouth to ejaculate rather weakly.

Claire's first orgasm was explosive and sudden, ripping through her slender frame like the crack of a whip and causing her substantial boobs to shake violently. She came again twice more rapidly, noticing between the two climaxes that Nigel was still to yet to join in.

She pushed her hips back in time with Jez's thrusts, her breasts swaying delightfully, until he couldn't resist any more, causing him to spunk copiously in her delightfully wet pussy.

Taking a few moments to recover, Claire looked up at Nigel who was evidently too shy to take advantage of her obvious delights, which she thought was sweet. Added to his charming nervousness was the fact that she owed him twice as much as the others. She decided to encourage him to claim his debt from her, by crawling up to him seductively on her hands and knees.

"Are you OK, Nigel?" she breathed, licking her lips as she looked up at him with her big green eyes. "Wouldn't you like me to suck your cock?"

Nigel groaned in what appeared to be a mixture of terror and lust as Claire once more placed his hands firmly on her astounding tits, smiling encouragingly at him as he tweaked her nipples.

She reached up forward to cup his erection, squeezing it delicately before unzipping his ordinary-looking todger. Mindful that this was most likely his first sexual experience and aware that he was probably very close to coming, Claire kissed the tip of his cock lightly, causing a sticky strand of pre-cum to hang between her glossy pink lips and his virgin penis.

Slowly, deliberately she opened her mouth and slid her lips around his glans, gradually increasing her suction and swirling her tongue wetly around him.

She could taste that he was about to come so she slid her mouth down so that he was wedged at the back of her throat. This was obviously just too much for his resistance, because he immediately began to spurt down her gullet. She pulled back so that his final spurts coated her tongue. Sitting back she swallowed noisily and smiled up at him. "There, that wasn't too bad was it?"

Nigel shook his head, a huge stupid grin plastered across his face causing Claire to smile at his innocent pleasure. What a nice boy!

Sensing movement behind her, she turned to see at least three erections ready to be serviced once again.

"Oh fuck," she sighed. "Right, who wants which hole?" she asked resignedly.

It took several hours for Claire to pay off her debt although, not having much of a head for mathematics, she lost count of the balance fairly quickly into her ordeal.

She was pretty certain that all of them had come in her pussy at least once more, Jez driving her to a series of mind-blowingly powerful orgasms again. Most satisfyingly though she had taken Nigel's virginity by riding him hard, staring into each others' eyes, as he'd groped her hefty dangling breasts.

Pete had also taken advantage of her arsehole by poking his very long but, thankfully, very thin cock in and out her deliciously tight anus until he was able to push himself all the way into her butt, his balls slapping against her plump pussy. Mercifully for Claire's poor abused bumhole, he hadn't been able to last too long, coating her rectum with spunk after a few minutes.

She'd also sucked them most them all off once more although after a while the whole thing became a blur of sticky penises and grunting hairy men.

Finally though it was all over. She dressed herself shakily noticing that Frankie was collecting money from the four older men.

"What's that for?" she asked him indignantly.

"Don't worry, babe. It's just that they used up more than their agreed debt so I thought I'd collect the cash to contribute to, um, the distribution costs of the single."

"Oh! Well, that's all right then," Claire said, perking up at the thought of imminent musical stardom.

"Although you still owe Nigel quite a lot."

"Oh, dear," she said, although the thought of sexually relieving Nigel wasn't too onerous. Conscious that he would be mixing her single she gave him a kiss and arranged to meet him the next afternoon at his house for more servicing while his mum was out at work, promising him that she'd wear some sexy lingerie. She also noted to herself that she had to remember to bring some lubricant in case he wanted to try her arse.

Finally, she said goodbye to the cheerful band as they packed away their gear and hobbled sorely to the car with Frankie.

As they drove, he smiled at her and patted her thigh. "Well, doll, that was an adventure! Still it'll all be worth it when you're top of the charts!"

Claire smiled back, happy that she'd been so resourceful in the face of potential disaster.

As Frankie drove, she allowed herself to day dream about her future career as a pop star. It was going to be amazing! Her boyfriend would be astounded and more than a little bashful that he'd underestimated her! She couldn't wait to become Claire Bell, superstar!

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