tagBDSMClaire's Dressing Room Experiment

Claire's Dressing Room Experiment


Hi all! I'm not new to writing or to erotic stories, but I am new to writing them myself! Please keep that in mind if you're going to leave a comment. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Enjoy!


Claire didn't think it was possible to be this nervous, and yet somehow she was. She knew she was risking a lot by being here, but curiosity and the ache she felt under her clothes drove her forwards. Claire had never been a particularly eye catching girl, she'd always managed to fade into the background, but she could look quite decent if she bothered with things like make up and tight clothes. That was why she'd done herself up today, sitting in her car and sweating with nerves.

She was wearing her long, black curly hair back into a braid to tame the frizz, and she'd taken special care to put on just the perfect amount of eye makeup to accentuate very pale blue eyes. A purplish lipstick had been applied twice since she'd chickened out and taken it off at one point, before steeling her resolve and putting it back on. For her clothes she'd settled on tight, tight skinny jeans and a crop top. Maybe not particularly sensible attire for what she was planning on doing, but she knew the jeans showed off her rounded butt and controlled the curves of her thighs.

After spending twenty minutes just sitting in her car and staring at the building in front of her, Claire finally gathered her resolve and got out of the car. She tucked her car keys in her pocket but otherwise took nothing else with her. If things went the way she wanted them to, she could very well lose or drop something, and she didn't want that.

Claire had been thinking about doing something reckless like this for a while. She'd woken up in the dead of night from dreams about it, and touched herself to gushing orgasms while remembering the details. For another girl the fantasies might seem silly and underwhelming, but for Claire they were humiliating and possibly reputation destroying.

After several bad relationships with boys Claire had bitten the bullet and come out as a lesbian at age eighteen. It was around the time she was starting to get into politics as well and she used her anger and hatred towards the sexist and misogynistic men in the world to convince herself that she held no attraction to their gender. For three years things had been fine. She was genuinely attracted to girls and she enjoyed a few relationships and hook-ups with them. But she couldn't deny the truth from herself for very long.

First it started with the porn. She found anything she watched or read had to have a man involved somehow, or it just wasn't interesting to her. Claire tried to focus on the girls but she found she gained the most pleasure from listening to the men grunting and moaning. She hated it and could barely admit it to herself, but what got her off the most was knowing that the man was getting everything he wanted and that he was being satisfied.

Then her porn tastes started to evolve. She accidentally tapped on the wrong video on her phone one night and found herself watching a girl licking some guy's asshole with both disgust and interest. She'd tried to close the tab and return to her normal fare, but after an hour she'd given up and gone back to it, rubbing her pussy to a hard cum while watching it.

From then on she found herself drifting to porn that would make her furious if she weren't so horny. Videos of men spitting on girls, choking them with their cocks. Videos of girls slavishly licking men's feet, rubbing their faces in the man's balls. It was all so utterly wrong but for some reason all of the videos got Claire wetter than she'd ever been.

It took her a good two years to hesitantly admit to herself that maybe, just maybe, she'd been a bit hasty by declaring herself lesbian. No actual lesbian fantasised about being on her knees for cock after all, which was a fantasy that Claire had often. But due to her political nature, Claire had dug a hole for herself. She'd been very open and vocal to all her friends and family about being a lesbian. She'd viciously shut down any notion that maybe she was unsure. She'd openly mocked men and made it clear to any that approached her that she was uninterested. The majority of her friends were feminists like her and they'd all be disgusted if they knew the real Claire, the truth of the matter. She had a few male friends that would probably be delighted that she wasn't completely lesbian but the thought of that made her feel a little ill.

Besides all that, the humiliation of having to tell everyone that she was wrong was something that Claire just didn't think she could take. She'd resolved to never indulge further than watching or reading porn. That resolve lasted about a year before she decided she couldn't take it anymore. All her repressed desires were bottling up inside her and she'd even found herself fantasising about sucking off one of her gross male friends. Something had to be done before she gave in to that one.

Which was why she was here. Claire had driven two towns over in the hopes nobody here would know or recognise her. The mall she walked into was reasonably crowded considering it was just after lunch on a Tuesday, and most people should be at work or school. Claire herself should have been at college, but she'd skipped easily enough.

Since she had no money on her she made her way to a seating area and sat down, trying to scope out all the men around. She was woefully inexperienced at this sort of thing, and she really didn't know where to start. She knew that by the end of the day she wanted to experience having a cock in her mouth, hoping that maybe she'd find out it was actually disgusting and she could put these fantasies to rest. Claire just didn't know how to get a cock in her mouth. Where was a sexist douchebag hitting on her when she needed one?

After half an hour of just sitting around and hoping someone would approach her, Claire admitted to herself she'd have to take the offensive. It was a humiliating thought, to have to take matters into her own hands. It only highlighted the fact that she wanted this, that she was actively seeking it out. But she'd never reach her goal if she didn't, so she took a deep breath and approached a boy around her age who was loitering outside a clothing store.

"Hi, uhm, do you have the time?" she asked awkwardly, almost shrinking in on herself in embarrassment. She couldn't believe she was trying to seduce a boy who she ordinarily wouldn't give the time of day.

The boy looked up from his phone and gave Claire and obvious once over, his eyes seeming to linger on the amount of cleavage she was showing. He was utterly average in both looks and build, and yet Claire still felt herself getting wet from feeling his eyes on her. "Yeah, it's half past," the boy said casually, only looking at her face once before going back to admiring her tits.

Claire resisted the urge to try and cover herself up, wracking her brains for something to say that could move things along. Her mind got stuck on a porno that she'd watched and touched herself to before she'd driven here, and blurted out the first thing that came to mind. "I, uhm, I was going to go try on some new bras but I think I really need someone else's opinion. Could you help me?"

The boy glanced up to her face at that and gave her a surprised expression. In the few seconds it took for him to reply, Claire felt her cheeks getting red and her panties getting wetter. It was such an obvious come on and yet the humiliation of it all was only getting her more worked up.

"Hah, yeah, sure thing babe, I'd love to," he said with a confident smirk, shoving his phone in the pocket of his baggy jeans.

Claire flushed darker and ducked her head a little, hating that his confidence was only turning her on more. She hesitantly took his hand and, when he didn't pull away, she guided him into the clothing store and towards the bra section.

"I'm Claire, what's your name?" she asked a little awkwardly, fingering the strap of a plain white bra in front of her.

"Ben, and don't even bother with that ugly shit, you need something that's gonna show off those titties," Ben replied, lightly slapping her hand away from the bra before dragging her over to another aisle where all the push up bras were. He picked out a few skimpy and lacy ones, pressing each one against her chest to estimate whether it would fit instead of simply asking Claire what her size was. She allowed him to submissively, hating that she enjoyed feeling his hands all over her tits.

"Try these on then," he told her, tossing her the few that seemed like they would fit. Claire had reasonably sized breasts but she knew with a push up bra they'd look ridiculously big. Ben looked disappointed when she started heading to the changing rooms but he didn't argue, just following behind her. Claire could feel his eyes on her ass the entire time.

Once inside the dressing room Claire took a deep breath to try and calm herself. She couldn't believe what she was doing, all her friends would be disgusted if they knew she was here, trying on skimpy bras for some random asshole she'd just met ten minutes ago. But she knew her panties were absolutely soaked and she wanted to live out her fantasy quickly so she could hopefully get it out of her system.

There was a knock on the dressing room door and since Claire hadn't taken her top off yet she opened it. Ben slipped inside with a cheeky grin and quickly locked the door behind him, ignoring her weak protests. "I snuck past the attendant so I could really give you my personal opinion of each bra," he told her, still grinning widely.

Claire almost protested again before she realised that this was probably a good turn of events if she was going to get on her knees for him. Ben was leaning against the door and motioning for her to get a move on, so Claire took a breath before stripping off her crop top. She wore a plain black bra underneath but Ben still whistled at her and reached out to give each cup a quick grab, mashing the material with his fingers.

"Nice titties," he told her smugly. "They'll look better in these other bras though."

Claire couldn't help but squirm, his groping and condescending words going straight to her clit. Almost on auto-pilot she undid the hooks on her bra and let it fall to the ground, giving Ben a good look at her bare tits. She didn't expect him to sit idly by and he didn't, immediately moving forward so he could give each tit a slap and pinching the nipples.

"Fuck," Claire breathed, keeping her arms by her side. There was a part of her that was urging her to leave now while she still could, but her submissive side won out. The knowledge that she was letting a stranger play with her tits in public was getting her wetter than she'd ever been in her life, and the overwhelming desire to just drop to her knees flowed through her.

She'd barely even registered that she'd done exactly that until Ben's smug voice snapped her out of her daze. "Jeeze, I figured you were a bit of a slut if you wanted to show off your titties but this is pretty fucking slutty," he laughed, looking down at her. Claire's knees were aching from how quickly she'd dropped onto them, but it didn't compare to the ache in her pussy.

Claire flushed dark at that but didn't bother arguing. She knew she was acting like a slut but it was just for one afternoon and then hopefully she'd never feel the urge to do this again. Emboldened by the thought, Claire leaned forward and started quickly tugging at his belt.

"Fuck yes," Ben hissed once he realised what she intended to do, slapping her hands out of the way to undo his belt and jeans himself. He pushed them along with his dirty briefs down to his knees, baring a half hard cock. He wasn't overly large but he wasn't tiny either, and his balls were slightly above average. His pubic region and balls were covered in a dark dusting of hair, and Claire already knew she'd be finding some of that wiry hair in her teeth once they were done.

"Stop daydreaming and get to work, slut," Ben said with a grin, gripping the base of his cock and giving it a bit of a wiggle. Seeing Claire lean forward, he took the opportunity to slap her lips and cheeks with his shaft a few times before he let go and leaned back against the door, ready to enjoy an easy blowjob.

Claire took a deep breath and immediately smelled him. His cock was a little musty and she could see some black fluff on the shaft from the material of his boxers. She'd fantasised about this for years now and she found herself in a submissive daze, determined to make this boy feel good as she opened her mouth wide and took him inside.

Ben's answering moan went straight to her pussy and Claire couldn't help but moan a little in response around his shaft. Her pleasure was directly linked to his enjoyment and hearing the evidence of it just made her more wild with lust. She started bobbing her head and sucking the best she could, trying to imitate what she'd seen in porn. She knew she was inexperienced but she hoped that her enthusiasm would make up for it.

Ben reached down and gripped the back of her head, fingers messing up and tangling her carefully done braid. It was a little painful but she let him do as he pleased, allowing him to use his hold on her to start guiding her mouth where he wanted it. The taste was indescribable. He clearly didn't hold much stock in personal hygiene and he was hot, hard and musky, even with a little tang of urine that made it clear he hadn't shaken properly the last time he pissed. But the idea that this lazy, smug, arrogant asshole of a boy was getting free use of her mouth made Claire moan desperately around him.

She tried to push a hand down her jeans to rub at her pussy but they were too tightly molded to her body for her to get more than a few centimetres down her pants. Frustration bubbled up inside her but she wasn't willing to pull off his cock long enough to strip completely. She settled for rubbing herself through her jeans, the thick denim material making it impossible for her to get any real satisfaction. That's okay, Claire couldn't help but think. She should be focusing on Ben's pleasure anyway, hers didn't matter in the long run.

Ben started rocking his hips up into her mouth even as he pushed down on her head. It made his cock bang against the back of her throat with every thrust and Claire gagged a little around him. Her eyes were watering as she looked up at him, but she could still see the self-satisfied smirk on his face. "That's it slut, swallow around me, it'll help," he coaxed, laughing a little. He was clearly amused by this desperate girl on her knees for him.

Claire obeyed and swallowed around his cock each time it pressed against her throat. It helped her repress her gag reflex and Ben moaned each time she did, which only sent more jolts of arousal to her pussy. She was starting to get the hang of it now, but Ben suddenly pulled out, making Claire whine in protest.

"Shut up," he laughed, grabbing the back of her head again and shoving her face against his balls. He let out a satisfied groan when Claire immediately started lapping at his sac.

Claire couldn't believe how aroused and needy she was. Having this asshole take advantage of her and push her around like this was only getting her more desperate. She could feel his pubic hairs against her tongue as she licked him but she kept going. Something like that should have made her feel a bit queasy but it just turned her on more, made her more eager for him. She could feel Ben rubbing his shaft all over her upper face even as her mouth gently licked and sucked at his balls.

After a minute he pulled back and shoved his cock back into her mouth, and Claire glanced up at him. She felt a jolt of shock when she realised he had his phone out, and was taking pictures of her with her mouth wrapped around him. She started to pull off but he glared at her and gripped her hair again hard, keeping her where he wanted her. Despite the fact pictures of her sucking cock getting out could utterly ruin her reputation, Claire just gave in, closing her eyes and submissively sucking him.

"Oh yeah bitch, that feels good," Ben muttered, starting up the rocking motion of his hips again. He let go of her hair and instead reached down to give her tits a light slap before capturing a nipple and tugging on it. Claire couldn't help the desperate moans she made around him at this, rubbing herself through her jeans all the harder.

After what seemed like no time at all, Ben pulled out again. He wrapped a hand around his shaft and started stroking himself quickly, still holding the phone pointed at her. Claire didn't know if he was taking a picture or a video and she decided it didn't matter anyway. She just closed her eyes and kept her mouth open, knowing what would happen next.

Ben let out a strangled sounding groan and Claire suddenly felt his come hitting her face. She felt big dollops of it on her forehead and nose, and she could taste even more on her tongue. It was quite salty and tangy, not at all appealing, but in her heightened state of arousal she couldn't find it in herself to care. She opened her eyes once he was done, looking up at Ben submissively and swallowing what had gotten into her mouth.

Ben was looking at her with a grin and took a few final pictures before he pulled his briefs and pants back up, getting himself presentable. "Never been sucked off by someone as slutty as you, so thanks," he laughed. He gave her tits one final grope before opening the dressing room door and leaving, not bothering to close it behind him.

Claire sat there in a daze for a minute before finally realising she could get caught with cum all over her face, and she quickly reached over to shut and lock the door. The mirror in the dressing room caught her eyes and she scanned her own image, moaning quietly to herself at what she saw. There was cum everywhere, hanging from her face and smeared in her hair. It stood out obviously against her black locks and the idea of walking back to her car without cleaning it off made her stand and quickly shimmy out of her jeans.

Claire jammed two fingers in her pussy and used her other hand to rub at her clit, moaning as she watched herself in the mirror. It only took her two measly minutes to come to a crashing orgasm, soaking her fingers with her juices. When her head cleared she heard someone knocking on the door, and the attendant asking if she was alright. Claire scrambled to her feet and tried to dress quickly, doing her best to wipe all the cum off her face. With nowhere else to wipe it off onto, Claire settled for rubbing the cum into the material of her jeans, hoping it wouldn't be too obvious.

Claire opened the door to see the middle aged attendant waiting for her, giving her a disapproving stare. She stammered something about not being able to find the right size before almost sprinting from the changing room. Once out of the older woman's eyesight Claire tried to calm herself down, slowing to a walk as she left the store and started back to her car. She kept an eye out for Ben, wondering if he would be waiting for her anywhere, but he was nowhere to be seen and she made it to her car easily enough.

Looking into the rear-view mirror as she was about to leave made Claire groan with embarrassment. She'd wiped off most of the cum but she'd missed a glob of it by her eyebrow and even more that was smeared in her hair. She wiped at it desperately for a few minutes but what was in her hair wasn't budging so she gave up and started driving home, hoping no one she knew would see her before she managed to catch a shower.

Claire had hoped that sucking off some random would get the urges out of her system, but late that night she stayed up, putting her pillow between her thighs and humping herself to multiple whimpering orgasms at the thought of Ben spreading the photos and videos he had of her around.

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This is the best story I've read on literotica. I love the conflict of Claire...I do hope she continues to be turned on by women, but I absolutely love her sexual desire to be dominated and shamed by amore...

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by Anonymous05/31/18

Does sex have to be dirty?

Only if you're doing right. Congratulations on finding some truth to make your story work. You have found the place within Claire where the tension lives. Exploring the space between political correctnessmore...

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by Obedient_Slave7005/31/18

Excellent start

I really enjoyed your story. I hope you continue to write additional chapters. Very interested where you take this. 😘

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