tagBDSMClaire's Second Experiment

Claire's Second Experiment


Hi all, thank you all for voting and for the feedback I got. I enjoyed writing the first one so much that I decided to continue it for another chapter. I'm not sure if I want to write a third however, but let me know if you think I should. Give me some ideas on where you'd want me to take it also, I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts.



Two weeks had passed since Claire had done her little experiment in the mall and she found that her desires were still just as strong. Now that she'd had a taste of the humiliation and submissiveness that she craved, she couldn't get it out of her head. Every night when she went to bed her hand managed to find its way into her panties and she rubbed herself while recounting the easy blowjob she'd given to a stranger a few towns over. The way he'd laughed at her and pushed her around, taking advantage of her eagerness, meant Claire was always soaking when she remembered it.

For a few days she'd been worried that pictures or videos of her would pop up on the internet, but now Claire was feeling pretty confident. Maybe Ben just wasn't the type to kiss and tell. Either way, she tried to put the whole experience behind her and launch herself into her classwork. She told none of her friends what had happened that day, and she tried to keep herself from daydreaming about blowing all her male friends.

That night, however, after Claire had freshly showered and settled on her bed with her laptop to study for an exam, her confidence vanished. She had one new friend request on Facebook, and she swore she felt her heart stop when she clicked on the profile and immediately recognized Ben in the profile picture. Her fingers were shaking as she tried to figure out what to do. If she ignored the request or blocked him, he might post the photos or videos in revenge. But accepting the request would not only show up on her friends' newsfeeds, but it would open her up to more possible humiliation at the hands of Ben. As much as she craved it, her logical mind knew she needed to avoid it.

Before Claire could decide on what to do, a message from Ben popped up. There was a picture of her topless on her knees attached, looking up with her lips wrapped around what was clearly a cock. It was easy to tell it was her, and her stomach twisted with both arousal and dread knowing he had this sort of evidence of her slutty side. Along with the picture was a short message: 'hey babe, finally found you haha. Want to meet up?'

Claire bit her lower lip hard and tried to stifle a groan. She'd been trying so hard to put the whole experience behind her and forget it ever happened. Now she knew she had no choice. Ben might have been innocently showing her the picture to remind her who he was, or to try and turn her on, but he could have also sent it as a sort of warning. To show her what blackmail material he had on her if she tried to say no. Not only that, but the idea of meeting up with him the night before one of her big exams to suck his cock instead of studying, had her panties soaked already.

Despite knowing she was making a big mistake, she carefully typed out a reply. 'Sure, when and where?'

Twenty minutes later found Claire dressed with a bit of makeup, driving back to the town she'd gone to last time. Ben apparently didn't have a car so she had to pick him up, and he said he'd direct her to a place where they could 'chat'. It didn't take a genius to realise he just wanted another blowjob, and Claire squirmed a little in her seat at the thought. She knew there was no point in fretting now, so she just tried to relax and enjoy the arousal she felt.

Picking Ben up was humiliating. He wasn't outside when she pulled up so she'd had to get out and knock on the door, and several of his flatmates had seen him slap her ass as they walked back to her car. Claire could feel her wetness spreading over her inner thighs already, and she modestly adjusted her skirt to cover it as she sat down in the drivers seat.

"Oh good, you drive an auto," was all Ben said once they'd gotten in, and he unzipped his jeans, pulling his cock out through the open fly. He pulled her right hand over onto his shaft once he was done, leaning back and smirking at her. Claire flushed at that, feeling decidedly slutty but also incredibly turned on as she started driving with one hand, the other slowly and carefully stroking his cock.

Ben directed her to the local high school and she parked outside the grounds to the football field. It was dark out, definitely secluded enough for her to feel comfortable, and she started looking down at his cock as she jerked him, already fantasising about having it back in her mouth.

"Come on, I've always wanted to hook up with a chick under the bleachers," Ben said, pushing her hand away and getting out of the car. Claire flushed and protested weakly, less comfortable with that idea, but Ben was already climbing over the gate and heading towards the bleachers.

Claire glanced around uncertainly. They were completely alone and it would be too dark for anyone to see anything if they happened to pass by anyway. She took a deep breath and locked her car before following Ben across the field.

The underside of the bleachers was disgusting. There were cigarette butts and empty bottles lying around everywhere, and almost half of the surfaces within Claire's sight were covered in gum. The grass was damp and a little muddy, and the whole place reeked of sweat and smoke. It didn't stop her from sinking to her knees one Ben turned to face her though. She told herself she wanted to get it done quickly, but she knew she was just eager to have him back in her mouth. She'd touched herself to the memory of blowing him every night since it happened, and she was finally going to do it again.

"God, what a slut," Ben laughed as he watched her, casually undoing his jeans and pushing them and his boxers down. He was already mostly hard from her stroking and Claire moaned a little under her breath as she shuffled closer. "I should have brought my flatmates, you probably would have done them too."

Claire flushed at the thought but decided not to comment. The idea of him giving her away to others made her pussy clench in arousal, but she knew better than to encourage him. This was already dangerous enough without adding other strangers to the mix.

Wordlessly she reached out, wrapping her hand around the base of his cock. Remembering last time, she turned her face upwards and used her grip on him to slap herself with his shaft, whimpering a little at how silly she felt. Ben let out a laugh and got harder in her hand though, so it was worth the embarrassment.

"Go on, stop fucking around, suck it," Ben muttered, grabbing fistfuls of her hair and tugging her in closer. Claire could smell him now, the same musky scent as before, but he smelled a little worse and Ben laughed when he noticed her face. "Yeah, figured I shouldn't bother washing if you didn't mind it last time."

Claire mustered up the best glare she could but his cocky smirk and condescending tone just made her more desperate. After a moment she dropped the act and sighed, just opening her mouth and taking him in. Like his scent, his taste was a little worse than last time, and the slight tang of urine was stronger, as if he'd taken a piss just before she'd picked him up. Claire moaned around him at the thought, secretly loving that he clearly didn't give a fuck about cleaning up for her, and actually seemed to be actively trying to make it a grosser experience for her.

Ben didn't waste time, using his grip on his hair to hold her still as he started trying to force his way deeper into her mouth. Claire made a little noise and then gagged around him when he hit her throat, but he didn't stop, just trying to push himself even further. It took a moment of struggle but Claire managed to calm herself enough to swallow as he pushed, and he eventually slid into her throat.

"That's right, straight down your throat, where it belongs," Ben muttered, holding her there as Claire struggled to breathe around him. She tried to focus on his words to distract herself, the degradation sending a lovely wash of arousal through her. Eventually he let her pull back and Claire gasped for breath, strings of her spit connecting her mouth to his cock.

"Give me a moment," Claire managed in a small voice when Ben made to push back into her mouth. He gave her an impatient look at that and shoved her face into his balls instead, holding his cock out of the way.

Claire moaned softly and took the time to get her breath back, not having been prepared for deep throating straight off the bat. She dragged her tongue along his ballsac slowly and lovingly, enjoying the sweaty taste and the feel of his pubic hair. The knowledge that she should be cramming for her exam and instead she was on her knees for Ben in public again meant it didn't take long for her hand to find its way up her skirt, pushing her panties aside. She was slippery wet and her clit was swollen and sensitive, and Claire let out a louder moan as she started to rub it, taking Ben's balls into her mouth and sucking.

"Fucking slut," Ben muttered, getting out his phone and starting to film her again. Claire didn't bother to stop or argue, he already had pictures of her. She just squinted against the light of his flash and kept sucking, hoping no one would see the light from the road and come investigate.

After a while Ben seemed to grow bored and he nudged her away impatiently. Claire made to take his cock back into her mouth but he slapped her face lightly before pushing her onto her back on the wet grass. "I've already had a blowjob from you and it was average, give me your other hole," he demanded, climbing on top of her.

Claire felt a flash of panic at that, starting to struggle a little underneath him. She hadn't had anything inside her in years and it wasn't something she'd anticipated Ben wanting. After telling her friends and family she was gay she'd gone off the pill, and she didn't touch sex toys. She knew she would be too tight and despite her arousal, unprotected sex was going a little far.

"No, wait, that's too much," she gasped, trying to push at his chest. She felt abnormally weak underneath him and her pushing was doing nothing. Claire knew it was her arousal and her desire to be used and degraded that was trying to keep her on her back, though her reasonable mind fought against it.

"Oh come on, you're too much of an easy slut to say no, what kind of bitch sucks off strangers but refuses to fuck them?" Ben demanded impatiently, already tugging her shirt up and pulling her bra down. He grabbed the flesh of her tits and squeezed before starting to massage and pull on her nipples, sending jolts of pleasure through her.

Claire's mind went a little hazy at that and she moaned, hips bucking a little. Ben wriggled a little until his bare cock was pressed against her pussy through her skirt and panties and he started grinding against her, a little grin on his face. Claire knew he was trying to get her desperate enough to say yes to him but she couldn't bring herself to push him away again, not with how amazing it felt to have his hardness rubbing against her clit.

After a minute of this Claire knew she was beaten and she let out a little whiny moan, looking up at him. "Fine, just... do you have a condom?"

Ben gave her an incredulous look and didn't answer, just pushing her skirt up and then her panties down. He pulled them completely off and sniffed them before throwing them behind her. Claire hoped his expression had been a 'duh, of course' and she waited anxiously as he positioned himself between her legs. Instead of reaching for a condom however, Ben positioned himself at her pussy and started to push, and Claire let out a yelp and shoved his chest.

"Wait! I'm not on the pill, you need a condom!"

Ben ignored her completely and kept pushing. Claire was tight but she was also extremely wet and aroused, and with enough force he managed to slide the majority of his bare cock inside her. Claire let out an uncomfortable moan underneath him, still pushing at his chest. She felt like she was split open but the fullness also felt sort of right, though her mind was still panicked. "I could get pregnant," she insisted, trying to push him away.

Ben rolled his eyes at her and slapped her hands away before moving his fingers to her clit. He wiped his fingers in the wetness on her thighs before he started massaging the little nub, tugging on it slightly. The waves of pleasure it caused made Claire stop and moan weakly, the slight pain and discomfort of him inside her starting to fade. She was starting to like the feeling now, mostly helped along by the fact that the situation was turning her on. He wasn't taking no for an answer and just helping himself to her pussy, and it aroused Claire more than it should.

"Yeah, that's what I thought, a slut can never say no to cock," Ben said smugly when he saw the pleasure on Claire's face. He started rocking his hips slowly, easing the rest of his cock inside her even as he kept playing with her clit. Claire just moaned and arched her back a little. She was exposed under the bleachers of some random high school with her legs spread for a stranger and it was overwhelming her. She distractedly told herself that she could always get the morning after pill and just relaxed into the feelings, her arms dropping onto the wet grass.

Ben grinned at that and held himself over her, starting to properly fuck himself into her. Now that Claire was consenting he didn't bother with her clit any longer, just focusing on his own pleasure as he worked himself inside her. Claire gripped handfuls of grass and moaned loudly, trying to move her hips to match his thrusts. The fuck wasn't much different to the ones she'd had with ex boyfriends years ago, they'd just laid her down and went to town between her legs as well. But the humiliation and the degrading situation was sending Claire to another level of arousal and it was easily the best sex she'd ever had.

Ben was moaning and grunting above her, occasionally giving her tits a rough grope. Claire could feel his balls slapping against her ass and a bit of his sweat rubbing off on her. She wanted to reach down and rub her clit frantically at the knowledge this absolute asshole had managed to score with her, but she also wanted to tease herself a little bit. She wanted to see if she could come just from this alone.

Unfortunately for her, Ben didn't last very long. As focused as he was on himself, he pounded her at a fast pace and it was only a few minutes later that he pushed himself as deep as he could and unloaded with a loud groan. Claire felt her pussy twitch and ache, only turned on more at the denial of her own orgasm and at the fact he'd clearly had a great cum in her unprotected cunt.

Ben pulled out of her slowly, wiping his cock against her neatly trimmed pubes and smearing a bit of cum in them. Claire whined a little to try and indicate that she hadn't gotten off but Ben paid her no mind, getting to his feet and taking a few pictures of her lying with her legs spread, his semen starting to drip out of her.

Sighing, Claire sat up and fixed her clothes. She kind of wanted to just rub herself to an orgasm right there with him watching, but it was getting cold and the mood was starting to dissipate. She figured she could always get herself off once she was warm and safe in her bed, so she got on her knees and reached for her panties.

Ben stepped up beside her and let out a satisfied little groan. Claire realised with a disgusted noise that he was starting to piss, and she yanked her hand away just before the stream hit her panties lying on the ground. She watched as the light pink material darkened with the liquid and Ben gave her a smirk as he finished, pulling his boxers and jeans up.

There was no way Claire was going to touch her panties now, let alone wear them, so she just stood up awkwardly and smoothed her skirt down over her thighs, hoping it would cover her naked pussy well enough. She reached up to fix her hair and let out another disgusted noise when her fingers touched a few cigarette butts tangled in her curls, as well as a small wad of gum that had stuck itself firmly enough that she'd never be able to get it out quickly.

Defeated, she gave up and just started trudging back to her car, a satisfied Ben trailing behind her. It would take her some time get the gum out, and it was already getting late. On top of that, she still had to get home. She'd gotten no study done and her exam was early morning. Claire knew that she was screwed, and that she'd be up late. She had another exam the day after so she'd be scrambling to get back on schedule to get enough study for that one even though she knew she wouldn't be running on a lot of sleep.

Claire dropped Ben off at his flat in silence, mentally going over what she needed to do. Her arousal had cooled and there wasn't enough time to masturbate anyway, so she was going to go to bed unsatisfied and sore. It wasn't until five days later when Ben sent her another message on Facebook, this time a picture of his cum leaking from her cunt, that she realised she'd completely forgotten to get the morning after pill.

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by Anonymous

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by SeashEl11/26/18

With Some Restraint

May I suggest she has a phantom pregnancy, has the feelings the cravings even thinks she hears the babys voice, has dreams of giving birth and immediately shagging the doctors, sex with random patientsmore...

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by durabrite10/23/18

What will Ben put Claire through next??

You are a fanstastic writer and this is an incredibly hot story - can’t wait to see how things escalate from here. Hopefully you’re planning on continuing?!

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by wyyyyy08/16/18


My suggestion is more nudity and more risk of exposure. And I actually like the use of Ben because it's clear he's not getting rid of an easy lay so easily. I'd also wanna see more desperation on her part,more...

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by whole_tone07/04/18

Future direction

I like this story but I think bringing Ben back into it was a mistake. Personally, I want to see Claire getting more and more promiscuous with strangers, letting them violate her in new and nasty ways.more...

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by Anonymous06/28/18

you have talent

Your opening comment suggested that you're not sure where to go next. I hope you look inside and explore the spots that hold some tension. You are a good writer and I hope that you continue.

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