tagFetishClaire's Unusual Marriage

Claire's Unusual Marriage


The two middle ages sisters had now been acting as general home help to my husband Mike and myself for over 3 months. Margaret had always been rather untidy but Monica her older sister was so gently efficient she just charmed everyone.

Although I am 29 years old, loved it when she playfully addressed me as Princess Claire. Mike adored her.

I felt in heaven since Monica had joined the scene. It had started when we first employed Margaret and her husband Gerry to help around the house. Gerry was an odd job man. He was as bit of a scrounger really, but he was very good in the garden and fixing things around the house.

Margaret and Gerry had sort of muddled their way through things for a few weeks, until by accident, we came to know Monica. Everything changed when she started to help her sister at our home. Both Mike and I had been entranced with her quiet efficient manner and we could see that Margaret admired her sister.

Monica had this quiet air of authority without having to raise her voice. Even Gerry didn't step out of line when his sister in law was around.

I felt so wonderful as she sort of mothered me. It was a wonderfully warm feeling that I had never experienced as a young girl growing up in a rather conservative home. My mother had been a kindly but unfeeling woman.

With Monica it was so different. She recognised that she and Margaret were in effect our servants but she could see that I needed that little personal touch. Sometimes she would half apologise that she was overstepping her station and I had to quickly reassure her that I loved her behaving this manner and that I really wanted to please her in every way. I knew I was overdoing it a bit but in his way so was my husband.

She was so unlike her sister Margaret who was a loveable lady but so haphazard and careless. Maggie even sat rather carelessly with her knees partly open without knowing it. It didn't bother me and I could see Monica smiling when my husband Mike stared rather obviously and had to adjust his trouser position.

I think we all knew that Margaret would let my husband have little touchy treats from time to time. Gerry seemed quite willing and I didn't really mind. If it gave Mike some pleasure I was the first to realise that it wasn't doing any harm. I think it was Monica who gradually guided me into this frame of mind.

Monica had encouraged me to sit carelessly like her sister, although I wore much shorter skirts of course and therefore tended to show more underwear. I don't think my husband Mike liked it, especially when Margaret's husband Gerry was around.

Mike sounded a bit childish when he said I looked like a young teaser but I didn't care, he seemed less important now. He could moan as much as he liked. He never let Monica hear him objecting.

It was even better when Monica joked that I was her pretty princess because I wore short clothes. Mike was jealous and was always trying to please Monica himself.

She even joked with me that girls always like showing their panties. Actually when Margaret's husband Gerry was around, Monica would encourage me to show him my underwear. I knew she liked me to tease him. I laughed when she told to him "Claire has pretty drawers on today Gerald."

I knew it was ridiculous for a married woman of my age especially with our odd job man Gerry but it was so exciting.

I loved it when he gasped as I lifted my leg up to show him my knicks. My husband didn't like it but wouldn't say anything in case he upset Monica.

Monica would secretly whisper in my ear "Gerald's cock has gone stiff, Princess."

It had become a sort of game for us and I giggled as I could see from Gerry's trousers that he had a big swelling.

She had started to playfully smack my bottom from time to time. Not very hard and it was more teasing than anything else. I enjoyed it. Actually, I was more than just enjoying it. I loved it.

I am 29 years old but I was starting to behave like an adolescent. Whenever I felt that special way, I wanted and needed to have my bottom smacked. Monica wouldn't do it immediately, and I knew I had to wheedle her into doing it. I couldn't ask her directly but I did start to wear even shorter clothes.

When I wore my very short old skirt around the house, which showed my panties, Aunty Margaret knew what I needed so desperately and would sometimes intervene on my behalf. Monica would always help me but she would always make absolutely sure that I really wanted it, before she would spank me. She would say, "Do you want to show me anything, Claire?"

Although the others were present, I would quietly nod and stand in front of her and pull my skirt up to show her my panties.

She wouldn't make it too hard for me and say something like "You little scallywag. You always look so pretty in little panties."

I knew it was all right then to really pull my skirt right up. I would be really daring and stand with my legs astride in front of her to show her my snow white panties. Margaret would say something to her sister like "Doesn't her crutch look nice?"

Monica would chuckle "Our Princess has a lovely crutch. It's a beautiful crutch."

I thought and hoped for a minute she was going to feel me and I stood nearer with my legs astride. But she didn't.

I knew she liked my bottom so I would also bend forward for her so that she could see my pantied bum. The fact that my husband Mike and his friend Gerry were there,was irrelevant. She would chuckle to her sister "I think our Princess wants her bum smacked."

I loved it when she teased Gerry. She would ask him "Do you think we should smack the girls bum, Gerald?"

He would almost whimper with excitement. I could also see my husband looking very embarrassed.

There was a sort of dreamie cuckold atmosphere about which made us all breathe very heavily.

I knew then that I would have a really wonderful smacking. She would make me kneel on a chair first of all and pull the back of my skirt up to inspect my knickers. Mostly she would tickle me privately and stretch my pantie elastic.

I would often see Gerry out of the corner of my eye edging closer and close with his big swelling tenting his trousers. I knew she was teasing him and I wanted to giggle.

If I was lucky Monica would pull my knickers down and really finish me off or sometimes she would tell her sister to finish me. It was so wonderful to be finished off, with my panties down.

My husband and Gerry were there but they were unimportant. They were onlookers. Actually Monica would encourage Gerry to watch as she pulled my panties down.

Monica knew I was conscious about the size of my bottom and she would whisper in my ear quietly "Mummy loves Claire's fat little bum cheeks and her cute little hole and lovely wet slitty."

I loved her whispering to me about my slutty slitty. I flushed and flowed in heaven. It was also nice when they took my panties right off and the sisters finished me off together. It was nicer when they both did it to me.

Gerry loved standing directly behind me when Monica was pulling my panties down. Mike my husband didn't like it but was afraid to say anything to Monica.

Gerry used to make funny groaning noises when he saw my panties. Monica would whisper naughty things to me about the big boys cock.

If Gerry had been a good, she would tell me to lie across his lap with my panties down. She knew I could feel his cock in my tummy but that was her treat.

My husband used to get embarrassed, but I loved pressing down onto Gerald's cock.

If Mike tried to object Monica would get cross and say something about that he should remember that sometimes Margaret was very nice to Michael. Mike would blush and apologise to her. He hated her being cross. He would also look at Margaret in a guilty way.

If Monica felt Gerald had been behaved himself she would let him squeeze my bum. If he had been very good she would let him spank me gently and touch me very personally.

She would whisper secret instructions "He has a nice big cock today Princess, we'll let him have a nice feel between your legs."

I giggled as he did it because it was nice and would open my legs and let him feel my secret slit. If my husband made any sounds she would talk to him sharply and tell him that her sister Margaret would stop being nice to Michael.

Whilst Monica would frequently let Gerald feel inside my knickers, it wasn't all one way. She would allow me feel him as well. When I had my skirt up we could all see Gerald's penis making a tent in his trousers. Monica would also tell him "Afterwards, our Princess is going to have your cock out to play with."

I knew I had full authority over him and would undo his trousers, pull his cock out and rub it. I loved doing it and as it got bigger and he groaned more I would squeeze it more and make my strokes longer.

Gerry could be very bossy sometimes, but when I was rubbing his cock he was like my plaything. He knew I could make him cum whenever I wanted and as he always made a mess he was very ashamed.

Sometimes I would leave go of his prick and tease him saying "Oh dear I don't think I can finish you today Gerald as you haven't been respectful."

He would almost cry and beg, "Oh please, Princess, you are my Royal Highness".

Monica and Margaret used to laugh as I relented and made him cum.

Monica would always know when I was being naughty with him but would smile indulgently as I took him nearer and nearer to his climax.

My husband would be watching with bated breath as he saw me make Gerald have a series of little squirts. When I knew he was ready I would tell Monica "Gerald is ready for his Princess now Aunty Monica."

She laughed as she could see me studying Gerry's knob, which was already streaming little droplets of creamy over his thighs.

She would whisper in my ear "Make him spunk a lot Princess and then Michael will cry."

It was so exciting as they all knew I could make Gerald came with huge flushes and I could see my husband looking humiliated. It was so exciting.

Here I was a woman of 29 playing with a scruffy old odd job man penis in front of my 35 year old husband. Later on when I thought over it I blushed with embarassment.

Now however I was just overcome with excitement. Monica knew what I really wanted as I looked at Gerry's penis with great desire.

Monica laughed, "Go on Princess. I know you want to. Don't worry about Michael. Margaret will sort him out."

I leaned over and looked ravenously at his upstanding penis. I heard my husband whimper and Monica tell him sharply "Be quiet Michael. Your wife only wants a little gobble."

I looked at it and murmured "It's like a tall soldier."

She chuckled "You are right Princess. A nice upright soldier with his shiny helmet on."

"Yes, Monica."

"Do you know what soldier's like Princess?"

"Please tell me."

Monica chuckled "Soldiers like to have their helmets sucked."

I panted heavily and opened my mouth and pulled his cock in. It tasted lovely but felt better when I heard Gerry groan and then my husband started to cry.

I felt so wonderful and joyous.

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