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I submitted this story a while back under the name Tifani40D. I have decided to revise it and to make things easier on me merge some accounts. Therefore I am now using the name SteffiD. Hope you enjoy!


As Clara came back to consciousness something felt off. Her body felt so heavy, her eyes wouldn't open, and there was a funny taste in her mouth. Her brain seemed so foggy and it was all she could do to concentrate to wake herself up. 'Why won't my eyes open?... Why can't I move?...Why does my whole body ache?...And where has this migraine from hell come from?' As these thoughts were going through her head she came to the sickening realization that she couldn't move because she was tied to something and she couldn't see because she was blindfolded.

"Oh good you're awake..." said a strange sounding voice that she didn't recognize.

Thankfully her mouth was not gagged and she could speak. If she wanted to. She wanted to scream, but didn't know if she really wanted to piss this guy off without knowing if it would truly help her. So for now she kept her mouth shut.

"How do you like the chair? I had it made special, just for you." said the strange voice.

Again Clara held her tongue. She did do a mental check of her body at that point. If she was being honest, it felt like she was on one of the exam tables a woman lays on at the OB/GYN with the stirrups. She could tell by the feel of her skin that she was in this "chair" naked with her legs spread wide. Two major differences with the "chair" were that is was more comfortable than any exam table she had ever been on, and second she was in a reclined, sitting position. Maybe she was wrong. Her arms were restrained above her head in a fashion that her wrists were almost sitting directly above her head, wrists side-by-side, and hands facing opposite directions.

"Let me start by explaining a few things. First, this isn't so much a rule as it is just so you know, I'm glad you aren't screaming and crying; but you can be as loud as you one will hear you. You are in a sound proof basement. Second, the chair you are sitting in is actually a modified exam table from a doctor's office. It has a few minor adjustments and you should know it has pressure sensors. I have the control for it and at different times of the day I will let you change position and even get up. You will be chained to this table at all times. For example, at night I will try and make you more comfortable. I will only make you have one wrist attached to the table. Every other cuff will be left off. Now in order for the other cuffs to open, one of your wrists has to be in the wrist cuffs. When I give you the choice of which cuff you want one, I will count to five for you to choose. If you try to be stubborn and refuse to move then you will just stay the way you are and lose the chance. As you can probably feel there are three sets of cuffs. One set for your hands, one around your waist, and one set at your ankles. Just so that we are clear, if I instruct you to position yourself to get cuffed and you refuse...I will count to five...and then you will get shocked through whichever cuffs you are attached to. Now I can adjust intensity, but any cuff that is closed on you will get shocked. Any questions so far?"

Clara was speechless. How was she going to deal with this? Before she could think any more she felt a small vibration in her wrists, ankles, and around her waist. At first she was confused, but as seconds passed and the vibrations grew and grew, Clara realized in horror what was happening. It was the "shock" the strange man had described. The intensity slowly grew and was becoming uncomfortable as it was now feeling like getting pricked with thousands of straight pins. Before it could get any worse she whispered, "I don't know..."

At once the shock was gone.

"What do you mean you don't know Clara? I'm sure you are questioning a lot right now" said the man with the strange voice.

"Are you going to hurt me?" Clara asked.

"I did not bring you here to hurt you. I actually brought you here to help you. Only two things may happen that may be physically uncomfortable or hurt you. If you do not follow instructions, you will get shock. To what intensity, is up to you. The other thing is although I told you that you can be as aloud as you want, if you get too annoying or insulting, I'll use a ball gag. I know that your stay here is not what you asked for or think you want right now. There will be times that you will want to yell and curse at me. I can be reasonable, but I won't take verbal abuse."

"What do you mean help me?" Clara asked.

"Well that's to be explained later, any questions about the chair before I move on?

"You said I would be able to get up?"

"Ah...yes...the wrist cuffs actually separate. So when I allow you up, as long as a wrist in in one of the cuffs, all the other cuffs will open and the cuff with a wrist in will detach from the chair. Don't worry though each cuff has a long enough cord attached for you to walk around and even make it into the bathroom to your right. This will also be how I will let you sleep, unless you cause a problem, and I'll just adjust the length of the rope. Also, the sides and end elongate to make sure you have enough room to sleep. I think that is enough talking for now. Are you hungry?"

Clara just nodded her head.

"When I speak to you Clara, I expect a verbal response. Let's try that again. Are you hungry?"

"How do you know my name?"

"I did not choose you randomly. Now, last chance...Are. You. Hungry?"


" I'm going to release your hands first. Go ahead and move them around or rub them. I know they are probably numb...good, don't take off your blind fold yet... put the hand you want to keep in a cuff in one." After a pause... "it is okay, it is the only way to release the other cuffs (that wasn't exactly true, but he wouldn't tell her that. He just didn't want her to try and make a run for it or see his real identity)...1...2...3...4..." Clara quickly put her left hand in a cuff. "Oh, I almost forgot to tell you...when you have to be doesn't start the intensity over each time, it picks up from where it left off from the time before. So you will never feel the vibration setting again, you're at setting one. Ok, now I have a plate at the table with a ham and cheese sandwich, some fruit, chips and a drink. I am giving you 45 minutes to eat, use the restroom, and check out your temporary home. There is a timer on the table that I am setting now. When the timer goes off I expect you back on the table in position to be completely cuffed. If I see you are truly trying to get into position, I will give you a few minutes grace period. If not, you know what happens. Do you understand?"

"Yes." With that the rest of her cuffs opened, except her left hand, as a door closed.


Nick, as he was going by for the time being, watched Clara through the glass. 'My god she's beautiful'. All Nick wanted to do was go back in there and repeat this morning, but he knew he couldn't. He had let himself get a little carried away. He knew that it could only happen once and only cause she was drugged. In order for his plan to work, there would have to be no way that she could recognize him later. He would always have the memory of when he first brought her here. That and the video...

He had parked the "borrowed" black van right next to her car. He had been watching her for weeks and knew that she left every weekday morning at 6am. It was still dark out and she was the only person in the parking lot. Every morning he watched her and never saw anyone else out that early. After he knew her scheduled and knew she was only going to work, he stayed behind and took note that it was a good 30-45 minutes before anyone else left from the complex she lived in. This info made it clear that this would be the best time of day to take her. This led him to this morning.

He stood crouched in the back of the van, with the side door open, hidden in the shadows. It was so dark that no one would be able to see him. He was wearing black jeans, a black long sleeve shirt, black gloves, and a black ski mask with a small microphone that altered his voice. He heard someone approaching and prepared to take his target. She walked right to the driver side door, never realizing the sliding door on the van next to her car was open. As she slid the key in the lock an arm slid tightly around her waist as a rag covered hand simultaneously came over her nose and mouth. Before she could scream, blackness claimed her.

Nick pulled her limp body into the van, grabbed her fallen purse, took her keys out of the unlocked car door, and closed the sliding van door behind them. He had carefully laid Clara on the middle row seats making sure not to hurt her. That was not why he took her. He bound her wrists behind her back and her ankles with zip ties. He then laid her out across the seat and buckled her with all three sets of seat belts to make sure she didn't fall off the seat. Making sure everything was secure and there were no witnesses, Nick climbed into the front seat, started the van, and pulled away.

Thirty minutes later Nick pulled into the abandoned parking structure across town, which had no security, up to the third floor where his SUV was waiting. He had really done his homework. He moved Clara over to his vehicle and made sure he left no trace of either of them in the van. Nick covered Clara with a blanket, locked the door, and got back in the van to return it to where he found it. Making sure to stay at the speed limit, Nick drove the four blocks to the lot he found the van. He quickly got out, switched the plates back with car a couple of spots over, and headed back to his car. Fifteen minutes later Nick was driving back to his house with a still unconscious Clara in the back seat and it was only 6:48am. His plan was going perfectly and it wasn't even daylight yet.

By 7:30 Nick was pulling into his garage and closing the world out behind him. He was so excited; he thought he would cum in his pants. Clara had been unconscious for about an hour and a half. The trial runs he did on a few call girls had them out for 5-6 hour. That meant he still had about 3 ½ hours to have some fun. He picked up her limp body and took her down to the fully functional, sound proof basement where he had the perfect accommodations waiting for her. He laid her on the modified exam table. It already had the end and sides extended. He punched in a code for the hidden draw to open and pulled out a pair of scissors. Cut after cut was made until his beauty laid there as naked as the day she was born. He made sure to look at sizes and made a note in a pad from the drawer so he could have the right size clothes when he returned her. His mouth began to water when he pulled the fragments of what was left of her bra and saw the size...40DD... 'Damn they're huge'. He dropped the note pad back in the drawer and closed it.

Not being able to wait any longer, Nick reached out and grabbed Clara's huge tits with both hands...squeezing and pushing them together...pinching the huge brown nipples until they crinkled and hardened. Nick bent over the tabled and sucked a nipple in his mouth, rolling his tongue over the hard nub. After a few minutes he switched to the other, giving it the same attention as the first. He looked up to her face, seeing her eyes closed, but hearing her breathing change. Nick wasn't worried; she would still be out for hours. He brought one hand up to her mouth and pushed a finger inside and rubbed his thumb along her bottom lip. 'Her mouth is so warm and wet...' He snaked the other hand down and started rubbing her outer pussy lips. Her brain was out of it, but her body was sure responding. He could feel her getting wet, and slid a finger inside her. He had to fight cumming in his pants right then. At that moment he remembered he had several cameras in this room and he would be able to watch this later. He could just imagine the picture this made...his mouth latched onto her nipple while finger fucking her mouth and pussy.

Nick came to the end of the table and put her feet in the stirrups and spread her legs wide. 'I've got to taste her...' Nick ran his tongue from the bottom of her slit to her clit and groan. She tasted so sweet, he couldn't help it. Nick devoured that pussy like he'd never get another. He nibbled, sucked, and licked as he slowly slid two fingers in her dripping hole. 'She's so tight...'. Nick could not wait a moment longer. He stood and dropped his pants and boxers as one. One small step forward got him out of his clothes and to Clara's pussy at the same time. Without further ado Nick slammed to the hilt in one push. He had to hold himself still for a moment to calm down. He felt like a stupid teenager ready to blow his load in less than a minute. As he calmed down he slowly started to stroke in and out of her tight pussy. He'd have to ask later how she stayed so tight. He knew she was married and had a child. It was then that he noticed the scar that ran just below the hair line of her mound. That explained some of it. It just turned him on even more. Pulling at her hips to bring her hot body closer, Nick laid over her and sucked a nipple back into his mouth. As he bit and licked the right nipple, he pulled and twisted the left. When he felt her pussy walls contract around his cock, he lost it. Nick shot rope after rope of cum deep into her well used pussy.

After a few minutes to catch his breath he sadly slid out of Clara's pussy, seeing some of his cum leaking out. As beautiful a picture as it was, he wouldn't waste more than necessary. Pushing a button on the side of the table, the head of the table went down as the foot of the table went up. This cause her feet to be slightly above her head and less chance for his precious seed to be wasted. Once he was satisfied he slipped his pants back on and pulled a remote out of his pocket. Walking around to the head of the table, he straightened her body on the table and pushed buttons three and four. Immediately the cuffs around her ankles closed and one came over her waist and locked. 'She's so beautiful and her mouth looks so inviting'. He was instantly hard. It didn't matter that he just finished in her pussy; he was ready for round two. Placing the remote back in his pocket, he unbuttoned his pants. With the head on the tabled lowered she was at the perfect height. Not even bothering to take his pants off this time, Nick opened Clara's mouth and shoved his 8 ½ inch cock to the back of her throat. He slowly pulled back until just the head was left. Reaching forward and squeezing her left tit hard, he shoved back to her throat again. Groaning in pleasure, he pushed a little farther and felt himself slip into her throat. How he wish he could just stay there or at least do this again when she was awake where he would be able to feel her tongue licking him. No matter a few more strokes in her mouth and he was cumming down her throat.

Buttoning his pants for the second time, he arranged Clara's wrists to fit properly and pushed buttons one and two and left the room.

Coming back an hour later with a bowl of warm water and a wash cloth, Nick cleaned Clara's pussy, thighs, and face. He fixed her hair and made sure she was locked in and comfortable. After putting the table in more of a sitting position and applying a blindfold, Nick set out to prepare for her to regain consciousness. Just as he was finishing the last touches and making sure her food was ready, he started to see slight movement to his left. Watching her come back to herself brought a smile to his face.

"Oh good you're awake..."


Clara looked around the small room. It looked almost like a studio apartment. The blasted chair stood center stage in the middle of the room. On the wall in front of the chair was a door with a large window next to it. Clara couldn't help it, even though she knew the door would be locked, she ran to it and tried for a good 5 minutes to open it. As she knew it would be, it was locked. Clara also knew she didn't have much time so she kept looking. To the right side of the chair was a love seat and a 32" flat screen tv. To the left was a small looking kitchen, if you could call it that. There was a counter with a sink, a microwave, and a mini fridge. There was also a small table with 2 chairs. There was also another door! Careful not to wrap the cord attached to her cuff around the chair, Clara checked the door. To her relief it opened! Her relief was short lived when she realized it was just the bathroom. True to the strange man's word, her cord let her in the bathroom enough to relieve herself and wash her hands.

Clara stood at the sink and watched her reflection as the tears fell. There was no way out. She was stuck here with this strange man and naked. There was no guessing needed to know what he wanted from her. Clara had never been with another man a day in her life, except her husband. How was she supposed to be ok with cheating on him? Sure, she was unhappy. They fought all the time and he always told her how horrible he was. How he regretted being married to her and he only stayed for their daughter.

"OH MY GOD! LUCI!" Clara screamed.

That was the final thought Clara had before she broke down. She slid to the floor on the verge of a full blown panic attack. She would never see her daughter again. Luci would grow up without her, and she was young enough that she probably wouldn't even remember her mother. Time left Clara. She didn't know how much time passed before she felt the shock coming through her wrist and down her whole body. Clara scrambled to her feet and rushed to the chair knowing that was the only way to get it to stop. Lucky for her, when she reached the chair the shock stopped allowing her to get back in the chair in the correct position and apply the mask. Breathing hard, still on the verge of hyperventilating, and tears streaming down her face; Clara got in the correct position and all the cuffs closed around her.

Nick hated seeing Clara like this. He wanted to march into that room, collect Clara in his arms, and kiss the tears away. Of course he couldn't do that. That would ruin months on planning and he'd never get what he wanted. So instead of doing what he wanted, Nick fixed the wireless mic in front of his mouth that disguised his voice and walked into Clara's room.

"Why are you having a meltdown in the bathroom instead of eating the food I prepared for you?" Nick asked.

"I...I...I...I'm stuck here!" Clara sobbed

"That's correct..." stated Nick.

" daughter..." Clara continued "I'll never see her again."

"I never said that" replied Nick.

"NOOOOO! Please don't take her too! Please! Please! Please! I'd rather never see her again than her be stuck here" Clara wailed.

"Clara, please calm down. I never said I was going to take her" Nick told her.

Clara held her breath. Had she heard him correctly? 'How can he say I'll see her again but he isn't going to kidnap her too? Is going to let me go?' Clara started to regain some hope.

"Are you letting me go? I promise I won't tell anyone...please?" Clara begged

"Clara I had every intention of telling you what I expect from you, but since you aren't listening to me maybe I should keep it to myself for now" Nick threatened. Clare couldn't believe he would say what he did, and then not explain. She sat in shocked for several minutes just waiting for her kidnapper to continue. She hoped if she should some restraint he would tell her more, but the silence just stretched on. Well, silence except Clara's hiccups from her breakdown. After what felt like hours, but what was probably only a few minutes, she heard the door close. Clara was too shocked to do anything but quietly weep until she exhausted herself and fell asleep. She woke up several hours later hungry, in pain, and in serious need to relieve herself.

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