tagFetishClara the Babysitter Ch. 01

Clara the Babysitter Ch. 01


Jim and Karen got home early from evening. The party wasn't nearly as exciting as they had hoped. They thought about staying out longer, but they were hoping to get home for some alone time.

It had been a couple weeks since they were able to have sex, and they found that spending the time together was working them both up, even if it was a boring work party. So they left after spending what they hoped was a reasonable amount of time, in hopes they could spend the time together.

Clearly they weren't expected because as they walked in they saw Clara, their babysitter, on her knees, blindfolded, and sucking on some guys cock. Her boyfriend, who they knew, was sitting across the room on the sofa. He was mostly dressed, but with his pants undone and his cock sticking out. He was just watching the scene before him and stroking his cock.

He froze when he saw Jim and Karen come around the corner. He wanted to say something, but Jim put a finger to his lips telling the boyfriend to be quite. The other guy didn't notice as he was starting to grunt. Lost in his own orgasm, he filled young Clara's mouth full of cum. She drank all she was given, licking her lips.

"Any more for me darling?" she called out. Clearly this wasn't her first blowjob of the night. How many had she given? Was there other guys?

Jim and Karen were both turned on even more from watching this short part of the show. Karen had unzipped Jim's pants and was stroking his cock. Karen looked at the boyfriend and shook her head yes, giving Jim a little push to go before the 18 year old.

The unknown guy bid his goodbyes thanking everyone of the good time.

Jim stepped forward and lined his cock up with Clara's mouth. As she felt his stiffness she instinctively opened her mouth and started bobbing back and forth. Clearly she had experience in being blindfolded and working a cock. It was something that few did naturally, so she had done this many times before.

Karen came up behind Jim and pulled on Clara's ponytails, forcing Jim deeper into her mouth. Clara wanted to pull back, but couldn't. Not just because of Karen, but because she loved the feeling of power and control being exerted.

Clara was getting a rush - not only from being blindfolded, but being clearly used. Normally guys were happy to get their cock sucked, but here they wanted to show they were in control. The power was intoxicating to her.

Clara found her hands wandering to tits. Rubbing them, and pinching her nipples under her clothes. Her bra had been discarded long before, but her shirt remained tented by her hardening nipples. One hand moved under her shirt and rubbed the bar skin of her perky tits.

Jim took over for his wife's hands as she moved quietly to the couch. Clara's boyfriend was afraid to move. His hard cock sticking up, with his hand frozen on it. He figured he'd be in trouble, but now he was watching his girlfriend blowing another guy, while the lady of the house sat next to him.

Karen slipped her panties off from underneath her skirt. She started to rub her pussy while watching her husband being blown by the babysitter. She loved to watch him in action. She reached over to Clara's boyfriend's lap, and helped him stroke his cock.

She winked at him as he sat there nearly lifeless. She leaned into his ear "Don't. Say. A. Word." The combination of fear and excitement was enough to send him over the edge. Several shots went up and came back down. Karen had a couple land on her hand.

She wiped the mess on his shirt before she stood up. Walking over to where Clara was kneeling, she slid her skirt off. Her smooth pussy on display.

Clara's boyfriend started getting hard again thinking about watching two girls giving a guy a blowjob. But that wasn't what was in store for Jim. Instead Karen pushed Jim out of the way. Spreading her pussy lips with one hand, she used the other to force Clara between her legs.

Unsure what to do, she froze. Karen started pushing Clara's head up and down, getting her to lick her pussy. Clara got the idea and started moving on her own. She took one of her hands and used it to stick into Karen's pussy.

"Never sent me a pussy", she said as she moved her head back. "Kinky." Then she moved back and started lapping up Karen's pussy.

Jim moved behind his wife. He had removed his shirt and pants fully. Now he started undoing her blouse and bra. With the cool air upon her, her nipples hardened. Jim found them, and started playing with her tits while Clara continued flicking her tongue all over Karen's pussy.

She wasn't real skilled at licking a pussy, but it still wasn't long before Karen started to cum. Once she finished she stepped back from their babysitter, removing Clara's blindfold as she did.

Clara blinked several times, getting used to the light. She had been blindfolded for some time. That's when saw Jim and Karen for the first time. Both stood totally nude before her. She started to stammer out something, but realized no excuse, no statement, nothing was going to fully explain.

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