tagGroup SexClaribel, A Melody

Claribel, A Melody


This story was inspired (loosely) by a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson, included at the end of the piece. I employ certain of his phrases throughout, but all credit for those words belongs to the great romantic himself.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

Claribel always seemed to have a way of putting people at ease. It wasn't an effect that she tried to have on people; it just came naturally to her. Looking into those deep, emerald eyes, you knew you could trust her.

Sometimes, of course, this led to mischief. Even as a child, she had an easy time convincing her playmates to trek off on adventures with her, and by the time she was in high school, there was scarcely a party or a prank that didn't have Claribel's stamp on it. It was always harmless, if outlandish, fun—Claribel never abused anyone's trust—and even her parents found it difficult to stay angry with her. She was grace personified.

She was in her mid-twenties now, a graduate student living in Oregon's serene wine country. As with everyone she encountered, Claribel had a great rapport with her professors and fellow grad students in the history department, but she was perhaps most beloved of all as a teaching assistant.

Claribel loved teaching. Her students were enamored with her, too—especially the male ones, who had eagerly rushed after the first day of classes to sign up for recitations with "the hot TA."

Indeed, Claribel was stunning. Her soft, rosy features were set off by the dark, unfathomable green of her eyes and the midnight shine of her long, black hair. She wasn't very tall, but her body was slender and rife with sensuality. Even though she dressed more conservatively when teaching, one could glimpse the sumptuous curves of her figure as she paced gracefully in front of the classroom.

It flattered Claribel to see that so many young men had difficulty standing up at the end of her classes, but her days of fooling around with college boys were over. Not that she wasn't tempted: once her admirers discovered how approachable she was, Claribel had to force herself to sternly deflect their advances. Far from feeling embarrassed or humiliated, the rejected suitors found themselves strangely at ease.

As much as she looked forward to becoming a professor, Claribel was enjoying being a student herself. Grad school was demanding, but on a university campus, Claribel was like a fish in water. She worked hard, studied hard, but she still knew how to have fun. The other grad students depended upon Claribel to drag them away from their books every weekend to unwind at the local bar.

The weekend was almost here, and Claribel was itching to cut loose.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

At eve on Thursday, Claribel waited at her window for her friend, Russell, to arrive. For a year after college, the two of them had traveled around Europe together, backpacking from country to country, living on whatever they could make at odd jobs. Russell always had a crush on her in college, but Claribel had convinced him that it was best that they remain friends.

In truth, he was too immature for her. Callow, adolescent—he was not what Claribel desired in a romantic partner. Still, she and Russell had a great friendship. His light, carefree attitude was a perfect playmate for Claribel's mischievous streak, which made him an ideal companion for an aimless jaunt around Europe.

The only problem was that mischief made Claribel horny. They were not even a week into their journey before Claribel finally gave into temptation and fucked Russell's brains out on the way to Prague! He was a fantastic fuck, but Claribel worried that he would become too attached. Lying in bed the next morning, she explained that her attraction was purely sexual and gave him an ultimatum: if Russell wanted the fun to continue, he would have to accept that the two of them would never be more than friends, albeit erotic friends.

Showing remarkable character, Russell didn't agree straight away. Claribel was pleased to see that he took a few days to think it all over. But she was even more pleased when he finally came to a decision and accepted her terms! From then on, the two of them merrily traipsed about the continent, ravaging each other along the way!

They fucked in empty train-cars, hostels, bathrooms, and rental cars. They made a game of pleasuring each other while trying not to get caught. Claribel got a thrill out of giving Russell a late-night blow job in the empty streets of Venice. Another week: a mid-day hand job beneath the table of a Parisian café. Russell fingered Claribel as she drove the Autobahn, bringing her to orgasm at 140 km/h. The two of them smoked hash and fucked in Amsterdam. They stripped nude on beaches of Barcelona and fucked discreetly in the turquoise sea. Europe became their erotic playground.

As great as it was, she was glad that the romp was over. Russell was a good friend, but Claribel longed for romance in her sex life. She and Russell had parted on good terms after the trip and kept in touch during Claribel's first year of classes in Oregon. She was glad when she heard that Russell was passing through on his road trip down the western seaboard, and she hoped that the two of them would reconnect as friends.

A car drew to a halt on the street in front of Claribel's apartment. The clumsy attempt at parallel parking was distinctively Russell's. Claribel was surprised to feel butterflies in her stomach. She took a deep breath and opened her apartment door. Russell had already rushed up her front stairs, and he immediately wrapped his arms around her slim waist, lifting her effortlessly off of her feet. Momentarily overwhelmed, Claribel simply giggled as he spun her around the foyer of her apartment.

Setting her back on the ground, Russell boomed, "Ha! It is so great to see you again!"

Claribel beamed and threw her arms around his neck. Surprised at his own emotion, Russell swooned as he felt the press of her supple, little body.

"It feels like it's been forever!" Claribel replied.

Both of them were flustered and somewhat awkward, the usual kind of unease that happens between friends long separated. It was only a matter of minutes, however, until the two of them were joking around and bantering like old times. Once Russell brought his bags into the apartment, they sat down over pizza and beer and reminisced about college. It seemed to both of them that their friendship was just as they had left it.

As they sat on the couch together, Claribel noticed Russell's eyes perusing her body during conversation. She was wearing a tight, white tank-top, and a kelly-green, pleated skirt down to her knees, with her bare legs tucked beneath. She wondered why she hadn't thought to put on something a little less sexy, given that she was trying to keep things platonic with Russell! Still, she tried to dismiss his meandering eyes as idle curiosity. After all, he hadn't seen her in a whole year.

After a couple more beers, Claribel had stopped fretting about the way Russell was looking at her. His eyes hadn't stopped prying at her clothes, but they began to feel familiar, as if this was the way Russell had always looked at her. At least, this is what she had convinced herself. For once, Claribel had put herself at ease, and she snuggled closer to her friend.

Russell smiled and put his arm around her while they continued to talk. Claribel had always found his dimples to be one of his best features, along with his wavy, sandy brown hair. Curling up on the couch next to him reminded her of college, and the memories welled up inside her as she watched Russell take another swig from his beer. A ice-cold drop of condensation from Russell's bottle dripped onto her knee, furling her back into the moment.

"Oo!" she howled, feeling the droplet trickle up the inside of her leg.

Her knees were tucked up against Russell. As he looked down to see what she was howling about, two more drops of water fell against her skin.

"Oo! Ooo!" she repeated, recoiling at the chill traveling along her leg. She started to giggle.

"What's the matter?" Russell teased, and then rattled his beer so that more droplets rained down on Claribel's knees.

"Ah!" she gasped, slapping him playfully. The two of them laughed, and Claribel fell back onto the couch in a fit of giggles.

Keen to keep her laughing, Russell pressed his cold beer bottle against her knees. Claribel squealed. Trying to avoid the icy glass, she rocked her body from side to side, thrashing her jet black hair against the couch cushions. Russell toyed with her, trying to keep the cold bottle against her skin until, all of a sudden, he seemed distracted.

Claribel finally calmed down, wondering why Russell had stopped struggling. Then it struck her: having curled up in defense, she had given Russell a view right up her skirt! At once, Claribel blushed, feeling completely exposed. Neither of them moved or spoke, but just sat there, looking at each other.

Feeling that the mood had changed, Russell again touched the cold bottle to her bare leg. Instead of putting up a struggle, this time Claribel gasped sensuously in response. She knew she should put a stop to this, but catching Russell staring into her crotch had made her incredibly horny! As he rubbed the icy bottle further up her thigh, Claribel acquiesced.

Russell marveled at her shapely legs, which were now entirely exposed with the exception of her white, cotton underwear. God, she was sexy! Unable to restrain himself any longer, Russell slid the base of the bottle further up her thigh and rested it against the thin strip of cloth that covered Claribel's pussy!

"Ohh!" Claribel gasped, feeling the chill rush through her loins. She closed her eyes and moaned as he continued to lightly rub the bottle against her.

Russell watched and waited for Claribel to stop him. When she didn’t, he set the bottle aside and used his fingers to pull the strip of cloth to one side! His erection twitched inside his pants at the sight of Claribel’s beautiful pussy. Her clit was bright pink and swollen, and Russell began to gently massage it with his finger.

Claribel was exceedingly turned on, and she was in no mood to think about the implications of what she was allowing Russell to do. When he began to tug off her underwear, she gladly lifted her hips to oblige. Russell was glad to see how aroused Claribel had become, and he leaned in to taste the juices of her pussy.

Claribel's eyes snapped open in surprise as she felt his lips touch against her clit, but then closed them again to savor the warm tickles of his tongue. Russell gave amazing head, something Claribel had missed dearly since their European trip. She squeezed her nipples through her tank-top and let him pleasure her pussy with his mouth.

Parting her tender thicket with his fingers, Russell flicked his tongue athwart her clit. The more she moaned, the more he wanted to eat her out! Then he had an idea. Keeping her spread with one hand, he lifted his beer bottle with the other and pressed the ice-cold base against her clit. Claribel squealed! The chill was so pleasurable that she felt like she had an ice cream headache. She ran her fingers through her long, black hair, trying to rub the headache away. Then Russell removed the bottle and melted her clit again with the warmth of his mouth.

"Oh god!" Claribel moaned, feeling the headache immediately dissipate, only to be replaced with a warm, woozy head-rush.

Russell sucked gently but vigorously on her swollen bud and then touched it again with the icy beer. Claribel grunted ferociously, assailed by a spike of pleasure. Russell knew that she was loving this, so he continued to bring her back and forth between the blasts of cold and the warm suckling of his lips and tongue.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Claribel moaned, feeling Russell switch back to using his mouth for the umpteenth time. Her pleasure was rapidly getting the best of her.

"Oh fuck…" she groaned, feeling her pussy begin to tighten against the fingers that held it apart.

Russell could sense it, too. He dug in, slurping at the moist folds of her opening. Claribel arched her back, gripping tightly to her tits as she felt her body surge with warmth.

Then, the orgasm ripped through her body! She roared as her head emptied of blood, and her pussy began to spasm with the rhythm of Russell's tongue. Russell clenched onto her buttocks and held her firmly against his face until he had brought her orgasm to completion. The taste of her juices brought back a thousand memories.

Claribel squirmed until her climax finally subsided. Trying to calm her frantic breathing, she opened her eyes toward the ceiling of her living room. She hadn't had an orgasm like that since—well, since their last night in Europe.

Claribel lunged forward, forcing Russell up onto his knees. She rummaged about his waist, un-tucking his shirt, un-buckling his belt, un-buttoning his fly. Claribel gazed fiercely up into his eyes and yanked down his jeans and boxer shorts with one swift motion. Hard as timber and just as she remembered it, Russell's cock sprung into the open! She grabbed hold of it and looked up into her friend's eyes.

"God, I want to you fuck me right now," she confessed breathlessly.

Russell began to lower himself onto her, craving the warm, familiar embrace of her pussy. Claribel wanted it, too, but as she laid back on the couch, she faltered.

"N…No," she said, hesitantly, placing a hand against Russell's chest.

"No?" he replied, confused.

Claribel was confused, too. She did want Russell to fuck her. It was so tempting. And yet she was worried. She didn't know what feelings Russell was reading into all of this. Right now, she didn't even know her own feelings. As badly as she wanted it, she knew she couldn't go forward with it—not right now.

"I…I mean, I do want you to fuck me. Believe me, I want it so badly!" she tried to explain. "It's just… I'm not ready for that right now. Do you understand?"

Russell didn't really understand. But he knew that things between he and Claribel were complicated, and that was enough.

"I guess," Russell replied, disappointed but sympathetic. He sat up on his knees.

Claribel laid low on couch, wrapping her legs around him. Her gentle smile, as always, put him at ease. The stirrings of anxiety inside him seemed to pause and die. And yet, his cock remained thick, hard, tipped with the ambrosial nectar that had beckoned to mix with Claribel's juices. Claribel examined the plaintive erection in front of her. It stood over her body like a solemn oak, sighing a lustful melody of an inward agony.

She grinned. "But I still want your cock…"

Russell raised his eyebrows and watched Claribel's hand reach out to grab hold of his hard on! She slipped her fingers around it, loosely stroking its length and making Russell groan. Whatever disappointment he had felt melted in Claribel’s hand! He found the look of mischief on her face to be particularly bewitching: her eyes fixated on his erection as if it were an adversary to be vanquished!

Claribel strengthened her grip on Russell’s cock and began to really beat it off! Knowing how much he loved her hand jobs, she smirked at the look of ecstasy on his face. His cock swelled within her fingers, begging for release, and a pool of nectar was amassing at his tip with each further jerk of her hand. She was getting excited about giving her friend the same pleasure he had just visited on her!

Watching sweet, beautiful Claribel lying there in front of him, Russell was certain that her hand job was going to make short work of him. Her taut body shook alluringly to the rhythm of her handiwork, and Russell wanted so badly to ravage her. It was Claribel, however, who was doing the ravaging, and before Russell knew it, his come began to boil.

"Oh shit, Claribel," he lisped.

Claribel grinned. She was eager for his come! She reached with her other hand to gently grasp his balls. She wanted to feel them swell when she jerked out his load…

"Oh, oh shit…" he repeated.

"That's right," Claribel encouraged. "I know how you like it. Come for me, baby."

Claribel did know how he liked it, and she had Russell ready to explode. She beat him off rapidly, quickening his breath to the pace of her hand. Feeling the moment approach, Claribel had a sudden impulse. She lifted her hips in front of him.

"Let me feel your come, baby. Let my pussy feel it!"

She pulled up her skirt so that Russell had a perfect view of her pussy, and then she returned her hand to his balls. Seeing Claribel beat him off toward her wet, pink folds was too much. Russell's head began to sizzle and he felt the come began to rise through his shaft.

"Oh shit!" he yelled, feeling his load burst forth! It launched into the dark thicket surrounding Claribel's pussy.

Claribel was aroused by the warm splash of fluid against her flesh. She continued jacking him off, letting the second shot blast against her clit. Russell's orgasm intensified as he saw Claribel's pussy becoming drenched in his semen, and he roared with pleasure. It was so intense that the bursts of come seemed never-ending, and Claribel did not cease rubbing him off until the last drop had spilled.

"Holy shit," Russell gasped. Every time Russell climaxed, his speech reverted to a lisp that hadn't plagued him since childhood. Claribel found this quirk endearing.

Resting her hips back on the couch, Claribel grinned at her friend. They had so much fun together! But she couldn't help but wonder what was going through Russell's mind.

The truth was, Russell wasn't sure what kind of feelings he had for Claribel. He only wished that the two of them could keep fucking the way they had in Europe. Aside from that wish, he was content to have Claribel as a friend. It may not have been the "romance" Claribel was after, but it was all he could ever desire.

Russell smirked at Claribel. They really knew how to get each other off! Claribel pet his spent erection and took a deep breath.

"I'm going to take a shower," she said, smiling at the mess of semen in her crotch.

Russell nodded and helped her up off the couch. He contemplated following Claribel into the bathroom. He longed to see her gorgeous, naked figure again. But he didn't want to push it. Claribel needed space to think, space to figure out what she wanted from him.

That night, Russell offered to sleep on the couch rather than share Claribel's bed. Though she was tempted, she knew it was for the best. Appreciatively, Claribel simply answered, "Thank you," and kissed him good-night.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

At noon, Claribel was on campus for her class the next day. That morning, she had left Russell with a map of the wineries and told him that he could borrow her bicycle to tour the scenic groves. It was Friday. That night, she would meet him at the bar to introduce him to her friends from the program.

She met one of her friends, Finch, in the office that they shared. Finch was about her age, an attractive man with dark brown hair and a perpetual five-o'clock shadow. He would be holding office hours while Claribel was off at class. She gathered her books and rushed for the office door, already running late.

"See ya!" she called out as she sprinted down the hall.

"See you later!" Finch shouted after her.

The usual suspects showed up as the first visitors to Finch's office hours. There was Rhea, who was already pulling an A for the course but always had a million questions out of sheer interest. Then there was Jon, who somehow managed to retain nothing from the professor's lectures and came to Finch every week for the recap. After Jon left, Finch was busying himself with erasing the chalkboard on the office wall when he heard the next student arrive.

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