tagGroup SexClarissa & the Doctor Ch. 4

Clarissa & the Doctor Ch. 4

byNava Kirsch©

In which Michael, Clarissa and Kate get to, uh, know each other better...

* * * * *

I stopped in my tracks just inside the door.

The hotel room was nice. Really nice. One room, but wow. Dark antique wooden furniture, expertly arranged. Thick oriental rugs on polished parqueted floors. Heavy tapestry draperies. Cut flowers in colorful porcelain jugs on the coffee table, the sideboard, the nightstand. Real oil paintings on the walls. Twin tobacco jar lamps glowed softly from matching tables on opposite sides of a beautifully carved, overstuffed sofa. I craned my neck, looking amazedly at the heavy plaster rococco moulding bordering a ten-foot ceiling. Gold leaf. It was dusted with gold leaf.

I gawked like a yokel. Motel 6 was more my style.

And then I saw the bed.

Huge, four-postered, canopied. Big fluffy pillows, crisp white sheets, glossy burgundy comforter. It matched the canopy. Naturally. The linens had been turned back, and there were chocolates on the pillows, individually wrapped in shiny gold foil. I was betting room service was killer.

I felt a sharp crack across my left buttock. I jumped.

"Jesus!" Michael snapped impatiently. "You gonna stand there and gape all night?"

Michael grabbed my arm and dragged me into the room. Kate followed, laughing, closing and locking the door behind her.

Releasing me, Michael walked over to the sofa, peeled off his jacket, and tossed it onto the cushions. He threw himself onto the couch and leaned back, stretching out his long legs and propping his booted feet on the coffee table. He took out his cigarettes, shook one out, and fired it up.

Kate followed. She knelt beside him, waiting.

Michael leaned over and fisted one hand in Kate's hair, jerking her head back..

"How about you suck my cock while Little Miss Braids gets me a drink?"

Kate lifted her chin defiantly and smiled. "How about you ask nicely?"

Michael sighed mightily and in one swift motion, released his hold on her hair and backhanded her. Hard. Michael sat back, watching her serenely. He took a deep drag from his cigarette and carefully blew a series of perfect, lazy smoke rings.

Kate remained on her knees, holding her injured cheek, head bent, trembling.

"Look at me, Kate," Michael said, gently.

Kate lowered her hand and stared at Michael with huge, tear-filled eyes. Her right cheek was a riot of flaming scarlet. Her beautiful chest heaved wildly. Her bravado had evaporated without a trace. But she didn't move.

Michael raised a dark brow."You wanna test me? 'Cause we can play that way. You think you're some tough cookie, don't you? Going to hotel rooms with guys you meet in bars. Real Cosmo Girl. Whatever. Not here ten minutes and you're already on your knees, crying." Michael leaned over and shoved one hand between Kate's parted thighs, pushing up the hem of her dress, trailing his fingers over her mons, caressing the swollen lips of her shaved pussy. He slipped one finger inside of her. Grinned.

"Gee whiz. Sopping wet. Fucking slut. Bet you'd come right now if I slapped you again, huh?" Michael laughed softly, sliding his finger slowly in and out of Kate's vagina. "I like the way you're wired, Katie, but you got to watch how you talk to me."

Michael withdrew his hand and shoved his finger into Kate's mouth. Kate gasped and shuddered, undeniably aroused, and sucked lovingly.

"Let's try again," Michael murmured. He pulled his finger from Kate's mouth and sat up, planting his feet flat on the floor, knees apart.

Kate nodded. Kneeling up, she positioned herself between Michael's thighs. With shaking hands she unbuckled Michael's belt, opened his jeans, and pulled his rigid cock from his boxers. Kate inclined her head and placed her lips gently on the head of Michael's erection, kissing it tenderly.

"Christ," Michael ground out, exasperated. "I said suck it, not kiss it! Whaddaya think this is, the freaking high school prom?"

Michael grabbed her hair once more, this time with both hands, and forced himself into her mouth, snapping his hips. "I just wanna fuck your mouth, honey, so open wide and say 'ah.' "

Michael turned to me. "You," he snapped. "I told you to get me a drink. Glasses and booze are on the sideboard. Try not to spill anything, huh?"

Dazed, I walked slowly to the sideboard, opened a heavy silver ice bucket, and extracted a handful of cubes. Dropping them into a short, heavy glass, I grabbed a bottle of bourbon from an impressive selection of ethanol, unscrewed the cap, and splashed a healthy dose over the ice.

I paused, considering Michael's sudden change in mood. There was nothing playful about him now. He seemed angry. Genuinely cruel. He'd hit Kate rather hard; she'd probably have a bruise tomorrow. She hadn't seemed to mind, though. It had, in fact, quite obviously turned her on.

I wondered, crazily, how I would react if Michael did the same to me, and was ashamed to feel the blood rush to my crotch. I knew, as surely as I was standing there, that I desperately wanted Michael to use me until it hurt.

"What the fuck are you doing over there, distilling the stuff?"

I jumped again, jarred from my reverie, and hurried over to Michael. I handed him the glass of bourbon and stood to one side, waiting. On the floor next to me, Kate sucked enthusiastically on Michael's cock, moaning as he stabbed his prick down her throat. I watched, wide-eyed, as she took him all the way in, expertly working her lips up and down his stiff shaft, tonguing the underside of his cock, stroking his balls with gentle, practiced fingers.

Without missing a beat, Michael took a long swallow of booze, put the glass down on the coffee table, and sighed contentedly.

"Clarissa," he ordered, "Here. Beside me."

I plopped down next to Michael. He grabbed my braids with both hands and pulled me to him, fastening his mouth on mine, kissing me hard. His lips were warm and soft. His tongue darted over mine, slippery and wicked. My body responded instantly. I leaned against him, feeling my nipples harden, my belly twitch, my breathing quicken.

Michael cupped one hand around my breast and rubbed his thumb over the nipple. I moaned, pushing myself against him, wanting more.

"Get down there and help her," Michael murmured into my mouth.

I knew better than to hesitate. I slid off of the sofa and onto my knees.

Kate paused, lifting her lips from Michael's cock, and, leaning over, kissed me. Her mouth was sweet and hot. I could taste Michael on her, and I gasped as her tongue found mine and nudged it gently. Her soft hair brushed my neck, raising deliciously shivery goosebumps along my arms and thighs. I could feel heat and raw desire radiating from Kate's flesh like a sunburn.

Kate broke the kiss, inclined her head, and placed her lips on the head of Michael's cock, swirling her tongue in slippery, wet circles. Following her lead, I leaned over and licked the shaft, slowly, up and down, cradling Michael's balls in my hand, massaging them with my fingertips.

"Work it, Katie," Michael murmured. "I wanna feel your fuckin' tonsils. You," he ordered me. "Suck my balls. And watch your teeth."

I shifted, allowing Kate better access to Michael's cock, and bent low, taking Michael's scrotum gently into my mouth.

I licked for all I was worth, loving the velvety feel of his skin against my tongue, the taste of him. I strained to watch as Kate swallowed Michael's cock. She moaned softly as she sucked, taking it all the way down her throat, up and down, in and out, pausing every so often to tongue the head and glans. Her nimble lips caressed Michael's cock, coating it with a sweet, glistening mixture of her saliva and his pre-come.

Michael grabbed double handfuls of Kate's lustrous hair and jerked her mouth harder, faster, up and down his engorged prick, undulating his hips.

"That's it, Katie," Michael gasped. "Gonna shoot soon. Right on both of your pretty faces."

He groaned, and I felt his balls tighten in my mouth.

"Aw, yeah---" Michael moaned, pistoning his hips. "Here it comes, kids!"

Michael grabbed me by the back of the neck and hauled my face up next to Kate's, pulling his cock from Kate's mouth and jerking his prick, hard, in his other fist. Thick, creamy jism spurted from his pulsating organ, drenching Kate's face and mine.

Kate brought her mouth to mine and kissed me once more, licking Michael's cream from my lips, my cheeks, my chin. I returned the favor, kissing her timidly at first, then more boldly as the taste of Michael's semen and sensation of my tongue on Kate's cheeks and mouth made my cunt swell and my heart pound. I crushed my mouth to hers and kissed her, running my tongue around her parted lips.

Michael chuckled, stroking his slick, still-hard cock. He proferred a come-coated hand. Kate and I sucked his fingers dutifully, attending to his cock when his fingers were clean.

Satisfied, Michael sat back, stretching lazily.

Michael snapped his fingers and jerked his head toward the bed. "You two. Get naked and get in the sack."

Kate and I rose shakily to our feet and shucked our clothing. Smiling, Kate grabbed my hand and led me to the bed. We sat down, side by side, on the bed, legs crossed demurely. Across the room, Michael stripped down and, snagging his jacket, pulled two pieces of soft white rope and a condom from one of the pockets. I shuddered, remembering the way that rope had felt.

Michael walked over to the bed, swinging the rope loosely in one hand. His cock jutted, ramrod stiff, bobbing with each step. He paused, one fist on his hip. Grinned.

"On your belly, Clarissa. Arms out."

I complied, licking my suddenly dry lips.

Michael put the condom on the nightstand by the bed. He tossed a piece of rope to Kate. "You know how to tie a decent knot, Red?"

Kate giggled and shrugged. "I guess."

Michael frowned. "Do a good job, now. If that slut gets loose, I'm holding you personally responsible. You may find yourself in her place, understand? And I don't think you want to be her tonight."

Swallowing hard, Kate nodded. She slid off of the bed, walked around to the other side, and wound her piece of rope around my right wrist.

Huh? Not want to be me? What the hell was Michael up to?

"Hey," I said, weakly, suddenly a lot less sure about the outcome of the evening's festivities. I tried to get up.

Michael was on me in a flash. He put one hand in the center of my back and shoved me back down on the bed. In one fluid movement, he hopped onto the bed and straddled me, grabbing me by the hair so tightly my scalp burned.

"What the fuck," he said quietly, "do you think you're doing?"

"I, uh, just wanted some clarification," I stammered, alarmed. "You-- you aren't really going to hurt me, are you?"

Michael smiled gently. "You want clarification, honey?"

He yanked my hair again, harder still, pulling my head back. Tears welled, hot and thick, in the corners of my eyes.

"Gosh, I thought we had that all worked out." Michael sighed. "You fourth-year students sure can be thick-headed. I often wonder how any of you ever make it through residency."

Michael snaked one hand around and gripped one of my nipples between the thumb and forefinger of his free hand, twisting it hard.

A sob broke from my throat; but even as I wept, I felt my cunt swell and tingle.

"I'm gonna hurt you a little, Clarissa, but it's nothing you can't take. And nothing you don't really want. I saw the look on your face when I belted Kate. You practically creamed. I'm gonna show you how strong you really are, baby. Build your character. Think of it as a form of Outward Bound." He chuckled. "Emphasis on bound."

Michael nodded at Kate. "Proceed. She's going to behave now, aren't you, sweetheart?"

I nodded, sniffling. I didn't have a choice.

They finished attaching me to the bed.

Michael crooked a finger at Kate. She came to him, and her grabbed her and pulled her to him. Kissed her, deeply and heatedly. She melted into his arms, moaning softly.

Michael took his mouth from Kate's and slid his hands over her hips, caressing her curves. He smiled nastily. "Wanna have some real fun, Red?"

Kate nodded, slipping a slender hand around Michael's cock and stroking it gently.

"Clarissa's got jealousy issues. She's got to learn to share. Needs some behavioral adjustment. What say I do you first, while she watches? Then you smack her around a bit."

Kate giggled. "I have a hairbrush."

Michael beamed. "Awesome." He paused, eyeing Kate thoughtfully. "You get to call the shots much, Katie?"

Kate shook her head coyly.

"Hmm. Bet you got all kinds of pent-up frustration, huh? Not healthy to keep that stuff bottled up. Clogs your arteries. So you just go to town on Clarissa. Get it all out. Whatever you wanna do." He chuckled. "No permanent damage, of course. I still got to get some use out of her."

Kate looked at me, studying me like all women study their competition. Her eyes narrowed.

I gasped. I knew my psychology. Given the chance, Kate would no doubt mete out worse punishment than Michael ever could. And Kate was a complete stranger. She could be a raving psychotic.

"Michael!" I protested, struggling against the ropes.

Michael slung a casual arm around Kate's waist and turned to me. "Shut the fuck up," he said pleasantly. "You are, as of this moment, a non-person. My toy, and therefore Kate's. You mind her, or I'll break your heart." Michael grinned. "And you know I can do it, honey. You think I don't know you're in love with me?"

I wept, bereft: a torrent of bitter tears. And writhed as I felt my cunt throb.

Michael's cruelty was intoxicating. I loathed myself for loving it, loving the scalding wash of conflicting emotions that he never failed to elicit. I felt him wound around my brain and my heart like so many silken tentacles.

With blurry eyes, I watched Michael wrap Kate in his arms and kiss her tenderly, trailing his lips across her ear, her cheek, her neck. His lips met hers and she pushed herself against him, swiveling her flawless hips.

Kate watched me over Michael's shoulder, smiling triumphantly, obviously pleased with this sudden shift in the balance of power. She liked Michael. A lot. I had a feeling that if she could have given me a hundred-dollar bill and sent me home in a taxi, she would have jumped at the chance. But she was smart enough to give Michael what he wanted. And just nasty enough to enjoy it.

Michael stepped back, taking Kate's hand, and pulled her toward the bed. He pushed her gently down beside me and lowered himself onto her, pressing his chest to her breasts, his cock to her belly. Michael ran his hands through Kate's hair, smiling sweetly. She gazed up at him, raptly adoring.

He turned and looked at me coldly. "Watch closely now, Clarissa. I've decided I'm going to make love to Kate. Not fuck her. You do know the difference, don't you?" He laughed softly. "Just thought I'd show you what you're never going to get from me."

I gasped as my chest tightened, as Michael's words seared me like acid.

Michael grinned, enjoying my reaction. "Wow. Just like a knife through your heart, huh? Poor Clarissa. Wants so much to be loved, but only gets fucked. You want candlelight and roses, sweetheart? Keep dreaming."

My head spun as my beleaguered brain vainly attempted to process equal amounts of anger, jealousy--- and boiling desire. I should have hated Michael. But a bigger part of me needed what he did to me. And Michael knew it.

He slid one hand down the inside of my thigh and shoved his index finger roughly into my vagina. Michael's finger slipped in easily: I was soaked.

"Jesus," Michael breathed, almost admiringly. "You're completely aroused. You twisted little slut. How the fuck are you wired?"

I moaned and shuddered, pushing myself down onto his hand, snapping my hips.

Michael withdrew his finger, and raising his hand, slapped me across one cheek. "That's my girl." He turned back to Kate, and inclining his head, kissed her gently on the mouth. Nudging her thighs apart with one knee, Michael took his cock in one hand and positioned it at the opening of her vagina. With the other, he grabbed the condom and dropped it onto Kate's chest.

Taking the cue, Kate unwrapped the condom and slipped it slowly over Michael's erection.

Kate wound her arms around Michael's neck. He made no move to stop her. Not for her the ropes, the welts, the harsh words. Not now.

They looked like lovers.

Michael pushed slowly into Kate, groaning softly. She lifted her hips to meet his, wriggling sinuously.

Michael moved back and forth, slowly, in and out of Kate, smiling down at her.

Kate sighed and lifted her lips to Michael's. Michael obliged willingly, inclining his head and kissing Kate gently on the mouth. His gaze found mine as he did so, and he smiled.

Michael slid his hands slowly down Kate's silky thighs, catching his hands under her knees and lifting her legs. She wrapped them around Michael's back, locking her ankles at the base of his spine.

Michael rocked his hips slowly, rhythmically, stroking Kate's hair, feathering soft kisses on her upturned face, her closed eyes.

I watched the hard muscles in Michael's back and buttocks flex as he had her, and God, he was so beautiful and she was exquisite and my heart was splitting in two. Tears coursed freely over my flushed cheeks, dampening the pillow beneath my head. But I could not deny the waves of warm, shuddering pleasure that suffused my pussy and hardened my nipples.


I loved it! Loved hanging perfectly, painfully poised between stabbing jealousy and overwhelming arousal. And somehow I knew that Michael understood this, as surely as he knew the rest of my mind and body so well.

I heard someone moaning. It was me.

Michael looked up at me, never ceasing his fluid, heated onslaught, and grinned, his dark eyes feverish and full of wicked wisdom. "Watch this, Clarissa," he whispered.

He turned his attention back to Kate. "Christ, you're pretty," he murmured, suckling her nipples gently. "And tight. Like warm, wet silk."

Kate arched her neck, throwing back her head. Incomprehensible cries of pure pleasure issued from her wet, parted lips.

Michael fucked Kate in earnest now, sliding in and out of her drenched pussy, faster, harder, his mouth locked to hers. Both of them glistened with sweat born of raw desire.

Kate thrashed and groaned, building toward orgasm.

"C'mon, honey," Michael breathed, pumping for all he was worth. "Come for me. Right on my cock."

Kate cried out, bucking her hips, grinding her pelvis against Michael's, lost to all but her own climax.

"Yeah---" Michael gasped, bracing his arms on either side of Kate's shoulders, giving one last shuddering thrust. He groaned deeply as he came, head down, biceps quivering.

Michael pulled out of Kate and threw himself down on the bed between the two of us. He reached over and tweaked Kate's right nipple. "Nice job, Katie. You ready for another treat?"

Kate raised herself on one elbow and kissed Michael lightly on the mouth. "Yeah."

"Get the hairbrush," Michael said. He stripped the condom from his cock and thrust himself to my lips.

"Suck it clean," he snapped. I complied.

Michael grinned hugely. "Scared?"

I nodded, chest hitching with barely supressed sobs.

Michael laughed. "You should be."

He stroked my hair gently. "But you'll bear it for me, won't you?"

"Yes, Michael," I whispered. I looked at him intently, searching his hard, handsome face. There was still so much that I did not understand.

Kate bounced back over to the bed, hairbrush in hand. It was round and wooden and looked expensive. Incredibly, I wanted to giggle. At least I'm getting it with a quality piece of equipment, I thought insanely.

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