tagExhibitionist & VoyeurClarissa the Model Ch. 02

Clarissa the Model Ch. 02


We completed our business early the following day and spent some time down along the shopping paradise on Michigan Avenue. Clarissa bought some very sexy but classy skirts and blouses for when we traveled together next time and some higher heeled shoes than usual, at my urging, to try and dress less domestically. We went back to the hotel to collect our stuff and headed out to Sam's place.

Along the way, we did some shopping and bought some gifts for him. Some fun props for his studio at some of the antique stores along Wells Street just north of the loop. It was still early so we caught a movie in New Town, Clarissa wearing her very thin and low cut blouse and somewhat short skirt with a generous slit up the side. I was in heaven but she kept slapping me away when I pawed her in the movie... I guess we are not sixteen anymore.

We got to Sam's at the agreed upon time of 6PM and there was already another car in the driveway. I was drooling as I watched Clarissa make her way up to his front door and knock at the door with her blouse unbuttoned halfway down the front. Her nipples were poking at the thin white material. I had my photo portfolio with me since this was going to be a photo club meeting.

Clarissa knocked and opened the door, and Sam hugged her when he saw her there, shaking my hand warmly as he ushered us into his dining room. A couple of Sam's friends were sitting around the table, about his age, standing to shake our hands. There was a pitcher of beer on the table and we all sat around like old friends.

Sam explained that Chuck and Hal had brought over some of the work they had just finished from a seminar they had taken the previous week on abstract nudes and lighting. It was mainly black and white 8x10 prints and they asked if it was alright with Clarissa if they discussed the nudes. Clarissa grinned and looked and me and Sam and said that it was fine because she did some modeling herself. I could see them straining to politely not look down her open blouse and Sam and I exchanged knowing glances.

The conversation turned to their work, and I must say it was not as advanced as my own and certainly not as good as Sam's and we all passed the pictures around. The models were two girls in their 20's but not particularly pretty or fit, obviously just some students trying to make a few bucks by posing for old geezers.

Sam told them that I was also a photographer and Clarissa and I were his guests tonight. He asked if it was okay to look at what I brought with me, looking at Clarissa. She smiled and said, "Certainly", and sat back with her beer. I watched the expressions of Chuck and Hal as Sam sat between them and slowly turned the pages of my large portfolio when they realized that my nude model was Clarissa. She was sitting quietly, studying their faces as they seemed to be devouring the pictures. I could see she was getting hot.

Sam, ever cool, looked up to Clarissa and complimented her on her posing and told me that he liked my photo style. The other guys joined in and made comments about each picture, as they looked at my wife's naked body and Clarissa and I answered questions about how we did each shot.

I don't know when she did it but Clarissa managed to have all her blouse buttons open by this time and when she moved it was very easy to see her breasts and nipples. She had selected a blouse which had the buttons hidden so when it was unbuttoned, it looked like it never had any buttons. She was the center of attention.

I asked Sam how last night's shots came out. He lit up and said he spent most of the day on them. He said if Clarissa did not mind, he would show the group. She said she would be honored if they did not think it was boring to see more pictures of her and they quickly told her it was okay.

Sam came back into the room with a stack of 8x10 prints and a beautiful close-up 11x14 shot of Clarissa's face and breasts.

"Clarissa, I could not help myself, you have the most beautiful breasts and the lighting was perfect... what do you think?"

She stood up and held it at arm's length and walked around the room for about a minute. Then she looked up at him and said, "You make me look better than real life, Sam. Thank you."

I told her that she really does look that good and Sam agreed. The other guys just stood there. Then Chuck spoke up and asked her how long she has been a model and where else might he have seen her.

She smiled and said that Sam and I have been the only photographers who have had her pose in the flesh but many others have seen her pictures. He asked if she had ever considered posing for a club or small group. Hal elbowed him and he apologized. Sam gave Chuck a dirty look.

I looked at Clarissa. As far as I could tell, she did not look mad; she was looking to me for a hint on how to respond. I lied and told them that Clarissa had considered posing for a photo club if the opportunity came up but we really have not considered it seriously. How would you even approach a club without making it sound like she was a slut...? I queried.

Sam could see where we were going and being the perceptive fellow that he was, said that we could go downstairs and take some shots as a group if Clarissa wanted to get some group experience. All eyes went to Clarissa.

She said, "Even though you guys have seen me completely nude in the pictures, it is quite a different thing to get naked in front of a bunch of guys... but I guess I trust you and after all, my husband and Sam are here. Okay, let's go."

Clarissa started to head downstairs, her blouse already half off, followed by Sam and me. The guys were pretty excited and Gus stopped and said, "Hey, it's a beautiful day and Sam, you have a great private backyard, right? Clarissa stopped, blouse already open.

Sam said that it was fenced and he and taken many nude pictures of his wife back there in the past. We agreed to wait outside and Clarissa would get ready.

We waited outside and in a moment, Clarissa came out the door, in her naked glory. We could see her beautiful blonde pubic hair. She seemed uncertain and turned to go back in, seemed to change her mind and came out and sat down.

Sam and I called out different poses and she accommodated us. She seemed to keep her legs together and most of the shots.

In a few minutes she relaxed a little bit more intend to be enjoying the sun and gave us a little better exposure of her pussy. After awhile she said she was getting too hot so we came into the house. She placed a towel on Sam's couch and sat there, still nude. She was quite relaxed and we all had a comfortable time, Clarissa had a couple of beers and was loosening up pretty nicely.

"You guys really like to see naked chicks, don't you?"

We all grinned stupidly at her.

"How about letting me wear at least a little something in the next shots?"

We said no problem.

Sam told us we could probably go down to the studio and find something for her. He was thinking about her toga from the previous day.

Clarissa walked down the stairs, naked, and we followed her. Sam showed her his custom collection and she selected a bright sarong and a Hawaiian Lei.

We shot various poses in her relative state of undress and then she said, "oh, what the hell." And she took off the sarong and placed it across her shoulders, striking a sexy pose.

After a few shots, she walked over to the costume rack and selected a very open knitted shawl. She posed with this on her shoulders and saw me looking at her and she got what I meant.

She took off the shawl, wrapped around her neck exposing everything for us and smiling...then she took it off completely.

Sam put up a black backdrop and we took some artsy nudes. She was watching where the cameras were aiming.

"You guys like the crotch shots, don't you?"

No one actually knew what to say, they were somewhat embarrassed.

"Don't be embarrassed. That's all part of a package, don't you think?

I think she was getting a little drunk. I was certainly enjoying it and she said she didn't mind. One of the guys suggested perhaps some bedroom shots could work. It got unanimous support and Sam showed us upstairs, a group of guys and a naked girl.

She lay down on the bed, striking a few different poses.

She sat up and looked at us....Based on our responses she said, "I suppose you want some good pussy shots, right?"

She could tell by their smiles so she lay on her back and the cameras kept clicking.

We all took turns placing Clarissa in various positions. Clarissa even let us each work with her alone to set up more erotic poses, less embarrassing to the photographer when the others were not present. Those were taken with a digital camera. When we got finished, we all came up to the kitchen and had yet another beer. Clarissa played the naked hostess

The deal was that the erotic ones were strictly for personal use, no web posting and everyone agreed.

The night grew old and Hal and Chuck sadly left, Clarissa, still nude, gave each one a peck on the cheek at the door.

As the door closed, we all went back into the living room to sit and relax. Sam offered Clarissa a robe but I asked if it was okay for Clarissa to remain nude until she left in the morning and Sam said it was more than okay with him, Clarissa just smiled and shook her head at me. She stayed nude, sitting on a towel that Sam provided.

It was a good visit, we developed a good relationship with a man who understood my relationship to Clarissa and it was a landmark in the development of Clarissa's exhibitionism. She told me she felt wanted, not cheap and wanted to be naked whenever we were near my photography friends. I was not going to argue.

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Who is more embarrassed: The Amateur or the Model

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