tagExhibitionist & VoyeurClarissa the Model Ch. 05

Clarissa the Model Ch. 05


The day after Clarissa posed nude for Charlie's class, she told me she found it thrilling.

"I love to be the only naked one in a group." She admitted.

I had figured she was a bit of an exhibitionist when she first started posing for me and then for those old guys in Chicago, but this was more of an overt admission. I was totally turned on.

"At first, when I got naked and first walked into the classroom... I was kinda scared but then I realized that I was the center and I was in charge. Being naked lets you command the room..."

I saw that as an interesting point of view. I was not surprised when she said,

"I want to pose for more classes."

I told her that I would support her and that I found this to be a turn-on. I dialed Charlie and handed her the phone.

He was thrilled since he did not have a permanent model and it would save him a lot of trouble looking for models each week. He also insisted on paying her and she accepted. She hung up the phone and put her arms around me.

"I will model for the next 3 classes and he will pay me 50 bucks per session!"

I really appreciated her enthusiasm and this was better than I had hoped for. I get very aroused when people see my wife naked in pictures and in person, well, this was fantastic!

For the next couple of days, Clarissa was drinking lots of fluids and working out on the treadmill with weights in her hands... very determined to get even better looking.

The following Friday evening, Charlie came by to pick up Clarissa and she came down in a trench coat.

She looked and me and winked and said to Charlie, "how about this?" and she opened up her coat... she was naked.

He and I were both shocked.

"No point in getting dressed and undressed over again, right?"

We both agreed, somewhat stunned. She buttoned up her coat, gave me a kiss and they were out the door.

That night, there were only two students, both male and they were setting up as Charlie and Clarissa came into the classroom.

She walked to the posing platform, stripped off her coat and stood there naked, awaiting instructions. The boys both greeted her, eyes darting again to her tits and pussy. Charlie set her up with a pose, sitting, with her legs somewhat apart. She did not seem to mind and neither did the boys. Clarissa took the usual break in the classroom, this time the boys and Charlie stayed around her, as she keep flashing them better views of her pussy. They brought her some wine.

When the break was over, Clarissa asked them what the next pose was to be, because she was feeling tired, so Charlie told her to just get comfortable and choose her own pose. She sat down, crossed her legs and looked at Charlie. She had her pussy more exposed than in the previous pose and she was excited. Charlie gave her the OK sign and the boys started sketching wildly.

When the session was over, she was still naked and hanging around with the students when Charlie finally had to give her the signal to get her coat. She was having a ball.

I waited up for her and I could hear Charlie pulling away as she came in the door, coat wide open. She apparently had been riding in the car that way.

"So, how was it?" I asked.

"It was so cool. Only a couple of guys plus Charlie... I think they like my pussy and I really showed it to them... Do you think I should shave it?

"No! It is beautiful like it is...Leave it." So, that turned you on tonight?"

"You must think I am a tramp..."

"No... I love when you show yourself and its not just tits now, it is that lovely pussy."

"Anyway, I think I have a great hobby and the money is not bad either."

I gave her a funny look and she took off her coat and hugged me.

"You are the only one who can touch me, you know..."

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