tagGay MaleClass Reunion Ch. 02

Class Reunion Ch. 02

byKen Nitsua©

Revised version copyright 2006 by the author.


Lucas did not see Will for more than a week after that late-night visit. He thought that it was just as well, as he was not only shaken but still puzzled by the encounter. The semester marched on toward spring break, and a succession of sunny and pleasant days lifted his spirits. He busied himself in his work and tried not to dwell on his confusion.

Inevitably, there came the day when, walking to class, he saw the tall figure of his friend approaching him across the main mall in the center of campus. He began to tremble with nervousness. What would he do or say? What if Will ignored him, or, worse, changed direction when he saw him coming? He put his head down and continued walking.


Lucas stopped at the sound of Will's commanding voice. He raised his head. At least, Will was speaking to him. He raised his hand tentatively. "Hey, Will."

"You ignoring me?" Will demanded.

"N-no, I just didn't see you. How have you been?"

"All right. Where have you been hiding yourself, man?"

"Nowhere. Been pretty busy with classes, the paper, you know. Congratulations on the conference championship. That's really great."

Will smiled, "Thanks, man. Couldn't have done it without you." He continued, musingly, "It sure is good to have a few days' break from practices. I've got to catch up on my studying, but I haven't been very motivated. Not the same without you around, guy."

"Well," Lucas said, embarrassed as always by compliments, especially from Will, "Let me know if you need any more help. You and Jenny doing okay?" he asked, feeling daring.

A snort of contempt escaped Will's lips. "Let's just say we're on hiatus until certain women rethink their attitudes."

"Will, if I've been the cause of any trouble between you two, I'm sorry."

Will shook his head in dismissal. "It's not you, man, believe me. Listen, what are you up to today?"

"Well, I've got a class this afternoon, but that's about it. Why?"

Will said, with a glint in his eye, "Want to take an early weekend? Since it got so nice out, I've been wanting to drive to the lake, but I can't find anyone to go with me. Today's the perfect day to go. How about it?"

Lucas shook his head. " I don't know..."

"Aw, come on, Luke," Will said. "Live a little. You'll love it out there, especially if you're used to swimming in that dull old pool."

Lucas looked at Will, and succumbed again to his charms. "Okay."

"Good man! I'll meet you at the Sigma parking lot in half an hour, okay? Bring a towel and some water if you want. I have sunscreen and I'll bring some beer. We can kick back, relax a bit."

"I'll need to bring my suit too, right?"

Will grinned. "Hell no, I'm taking you to the nude beach."

He walked away, leaving Lucas staring after him, open-mouthed.

"It's okay, Luke," Will explained as they sped in his Ford Explorer out into the hills west of town. "You don't have to get naked if you don't want to. It's clothing optional."

"I've never skinny-dipped in my life," Lucas confessed.

His friend grinned. "Well, you don't know what you've been missing, especially out at the lake. I had to drag Jen out there kicking and screaming the first time. Now she loves it." His face darkened. "Or loved it, maybe I should say."

Lucas tried to be generous. "You and Jenny will work it out, I'm sure."

"Well, maybe. Anyhow, let's not worry about her today. It's too nice out to spoil it."

The large parking lot by the lake was almost empty--there were not many sunbathers here on a weekday morning, even Friday. They got out of the car with their duffel bags, the beer cooler and a large inflatable raft that Will had brought. Lucas said doubtfully, "Are we going to able to take all of this?"

Will said, "Sure, I've done it lots of times. Come on."

The lake was a man-made one, created by a dam now many decades old. It was not surrounded by sandy beach, but craggy rocks on which stands of scrub cedar grew, sloping precipitously down to the water. The trick, as Lucas discovered, was to find a flat one suitably close to the shore. They followed the one paved path for quite a distance. Lucas was beginning to wonder just how far they would walk when Will said, "Let's climb down here."

They clambered down the uneven terrain, taking care not to slip. At last Lucas saw what Will had been aiming for, a wide, sunny ledge next to and just a few feet above the water, the ideal spot for the two of them to stretch out.

"This is great," Lucas said. He was beginning to enjoy himself.

Will smiled back at him over his shoulder. "It's hard to get this spot, but it's the best."

They reached the ledge and stood for a moment, catching their breaths. Will reached into his duffel bag, took his beach towel out and spread it on the ledge. Lucas followed suit. He saw Will pull his T-shirt off and tried not to think of what was coming next. Sure enough, the athlete kicked his sneakers off, then unfastened his cutoffs and let them fall. He stood naked on the ledge, leaning back and stretching his arms out, his face turned toward the sun. "Ah, the perfect day," Will said.

He turned his back to Lucas and bent down, smoothing out the towel. Lucas felt his cock jump as he got a full view of Will's butt, the cheeks spread just enough that he could glimpse the sparse hair in the crack, and maybe even the darker skin of his asshole. He turned away hastily and concentrated on fixing his own spot on the ledge. He then slipped his own shirt off, but kept his shorts and shoes on.

"Luke?" Lucas turned and saw that Will was extending a plastic bottle toward him. "Would you?" He sat with his back to Lucas on his towel. Lucas obliged, thinking of the recent night he had done something very similar, and what had happened later. He didn't think anything like that was going to occur today. The thought both relieved and disappointed him.

When he had finished, Will stretched out his hand and said, "Turn around and I'll do yours." Lucas sat obediently down, glad that Will couldn't see his face. The touch of Will's strong hand on his back filled him with a joy quite beyond anything sexual. All too soon it was over and Will was busy covering the rest of his own body. Lucas averted his eyes as his hand descended toward his crotch, but was forced to look up when Will said, "Luke?"

"What?" Lucas asked. Will was applying the lotion to his cock in a businesslike manner.

"If you decide to take it all off, don't forget to put sunscreen everywhere. A sunburned dick can really cramp your style, take it from me."

Lucas snorted to cover his nerves. "Not much style to cramp here."

Will laughed. "You're such a stick in the mud." He pulled out a pair of sunglasses and put them on, then lay back on his towel.

Lucas sat with his arms wrapped around his knees. It was extremely pleasant out, a breeze keeping the sun from becoming too hot. A few figures, some clothed, some not, dotted the rocks around them. If he looked out across the lake, he could see a few distant sailboats.

After a while Will stirred and got up, removing his shades. "I'm going to take a dip," he said. He stepped to the water's edge and dove in, stroking smoothly away from the shore. He looked to Lucas like some classic statue come to life. At that moment he loved Will so much that it was almost a physical pain. He watched him swim further and further out until he reached a line of safety markers that had been placed in the water. His head was now a distant dot, bobbing among the buoys. Lucas strained to keep him in his vision, an irrational fear that Will might drown gripping him. At last, he saw the swimmer turn back toward the shore, and sighed with relief.

When he got close enough to the ledge to see Lucas, Will shouted, "You coming in? The water's great. Bring the float with you."

"Okay," Lucas replied. He took his glasses off and put them carefully in his duffel bag. He stood and slipped his shorts off. He was wearing his pool Speedos underneath. Carrying the float down the rocks, he slipped into the water with it and swam out to where Will was. They clung to either side of the mattress, facing each other.

Will was breathing rapidly from his exertions. "It's great, isn't it? Aren't you glad you cut your journalism class?"

"Yes," Lucas said. Out here at this moment, in the cool water, feeling the breeze and sun on his face and having Will all to himself, he was as happy as he had ever been in his life.

A wicked grin appeared on Will's face. "We need to loosen you up, Luke my boy," he said.

"What do you mean?" Lucas asked, apprehensive. In answer, Will's head disappeared as he dived beneath the float. A second later, strong arms grabbed his legs underneath the water. Lucas felt his suit being tugged downward. "Hey!" he shouted, letting go of the raft. His head slipped underwater as he tried to stop Will from stripping him. When he emerged, coughing and sputtering, it was a second before he saw Will some distance away toward the shore, holding his trunks triumphantly aloft. He was laughing.

"You asshole!" Lucas shouted, treading water. He was embarrassed as much as annoyed, not least because his excitement at feeling Will's hands around his lower body had made him hard. He could swear that he had felt a hand grab his cock for an instant.

"Come and get it if you can, Luke," Will said. "But first get the raft."

Lucas turned and saw the float drifting a good distance away. He struck out in pursuit. The water passing between his legs and over his unencumbered body felt silky, and wonderfully sensual. Reaching the float, he grabbed its edge and began to push it back toward shore, frog kicking himself forward.

As he approached their rock, he saw his trunks in a wet heap on the ledge. Will had climbed out, put on his sunglasses again and opened a beer. As Lucas neared him, his friend raised the can in ironic salute. "Here's to your first skinny-dip," he said.

Lucas tried and failed to stay annoyed. "You are such a jerk," he said, nevertheless.

Will chuckled. "Lighten up, Luke. Doesn't it feel good without a suit?"

"Yeah," Lucas admitted. It felt very good. Being naked and seeing Will in the same state was getting him aroused again. He was very glad that his lower half was still invisible under the water.

By now he was near the shore, and found he could stand on the uneven bottom and still keep his head and shoulders above water. He rested, keeping the raft floating sideways in front of him. His cock was still semi-hard and he wondered how long he would have to stay there.

As if to tease him, Will said, "Why don't you climb out and have a beer with me?"

Lucas shook his head.

"Okay, I'll bring one to you." Will flipped the top off of a second can, and holding both, skillfully maneuvered his way down to the water and slipped in, striding toward Lucas, who was very glad that the raft was between them. Will reached the float and extended his arm across it to Lucas, offering him the fresh can.

"Thanks," Lucas said weakly, taking it. He didn't really want the beer, but took a token sip. Will's being so close, yet so untouchable was driving him crazy. He had the distinct sense that his friend knew, and was playing some sort of game. He wished it would end.

"You know, Luke, you look much better without your glasses," Will said.

"Really? Thanks," Lucas said absently, unable to think of anything other than his rapidly hardening cock.

"Why don't you get out of the water now and drink your beer?"

"Maybe in a minute," Lucas said desperately.

The wicked grin he had seen earlier reappeared on Will's face. "I bet you've got a hardon, don't you? I bet skinny-dipping's made you horny."

Lucas began to say something, then gasped as he felt a hand grasp his cock and begin to stroke it, slowly and teasingly. "Wh-what are you doing?"

"Checking to see if I'm right," Will chuckled. "I see I am."

"DuBarry," Lucas hissed, "There are people around."

"Relax, guy," Will said, continuing his underwater hand job. "No one can see. No one will know, unless you tell them. We're just two buddies, having a beer."

Lucas stared into the dark lenses of Will's sunglasses. He didn't protest further--the exquisite pleasure, and the excitement of doing it outdoors in public, were taking him past all thought of caution. His friend smiled as he saw the effect he was having. "Just relax, Luke," he said softly. "Let Uncle Will take care of you." He backed away as Lucas tried to reach for his cock, shaking his head. "Don't worry about me--this one's for you."

There was nothing Lucas could do but stand, shoulder deep in the water, holding his beer, and let Will manipulate him to orgasm. Soon, his breathing deepened into harsh gasps. He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, his hand tightening convulsively around the can, as his cock came to life in the hand grasping it, ejecting warm spurts into the cool waters of the lake.

"Good man," Will whispered. "I felt you cum. Feed those fish some protein."

A short bark of laughter escaped from Lucas. "DuBarry, you are crazy."

"Guilty as charged, Your Honor," the swimmer smiled. "And you love it."

"Can you get out of here before we both get arrested?" Lucas demanded.

Will stuck out his lip in a mock pout. "So that's the thanks I get for getting you a beer, and getting you off?"

Lucas laughed again in spite of himself, still trying to catch his breath. "You are something else."

Will grinned. "I'm going for another swim. Take my beer back, will you?" He added in a stage whisper, "I can't show myself right now either." He flung his sunglasses onto the raft and splashed off, leaving Lucas trying to hold on to the float with a beer can in each hand.


They didn't say much on the trip home. Occasionally Will smiled at him with the same glint in his eye he had had all day. Whatever had been started wasn't over yet. All that had happened between them so far could be written off as horseplay, two buddies helping each other out, getting their rocks off. But it seemed to Lucas that Will was pulling him along on some journey of exploration, and he was powerless to resist.

When they got back to the campus, Will headed toward the gym parking lot. "I think I'm going to get cleaned up here. You want to come with?"

They entered the gym, which was almost deserted. When they reached the men's locker room, Lucas started to push open the door, but Will shook his head. "Not here." He kept walking down the hallway until they reached another door with a sign that said, "Faculty/Staff Lockers." Will pulled out his key ring and unlocked it, then pushed it open and went inside. Lucas followed.

They went in and the door clicked shut behind them. "Coach Joe gave me a locker here," he said. Not all of them were taken by the athletic staff, and it's more secure here. Cleaner and more private too," he grinned.

Lucas nodded, not knowing what to say. His mouth was dry with excitement.

Will reached his locker and opened the combination lock. He quickly stripped off his clothes and got a fresh towel and shampoo out. He looked at Lucas, who was standing uncertainly, and said, "You can just leave your stuff on the bench, guy. I'll give you another towel if you want."

Lucas shook his head. "It's okay." He felt as if this were his last chance to turn back from the unknown. His desire for Will was overpowering him, but still he hesitated, held back by some mysterious apprehension. Later he would think how prophetic that feeling had been.

Will grinned at him. "Well, I'm going in. Don't stand there all day." He entered the shower stall and Lucas heard the water go on.

He sighed and took the plunge, taking his clothes off. His cock jutted out, half erect. Still feeling modest, he wrapped a towel around himself and headed for the shower.

He poked his head in and saw that the shower area was much smaller than the one in the main men's locker room. There were only four shower heads, two on each side. Will was standing at the far one on the left. He turned, and Lucas saw that his cock was swollen as well.

"Come on in, the water's fine. Hang up your towel." Will's smile broadened a bit as he saw his obvious excitement, but he said nothing as Lucas stepped to the shower next to him and turned it on.

He began to soap himself, keeping his back to Will, very aware of his body near his own. He was not surprised but drew in his breath sharply nevertheless as he felt a hand on his back, then two.

"Don't turn around," Will said, "I'm washing your back." His touch was as comforting as earlier in the day and he leaned his weight back, ever so slightly.

Suddenly the hands were in front of him and Will was pulling him into an embrace. Lucas closed his eyes as he felt himself surrounded by strong arms, his back pressing against the smooth, taut skin of his friend's chest and stomach. Lower down, he felt a hard cylinder of flesh pressing against his backside.

Will leaned his head down close to his own and whispered, "How are you doing?"

Lucas nodded wordlessly, lost in the pleasure of being in Will's arms. A last wave of anxiety rose in him and he turned, looking up into his friend's blue eyes, set now in a face so tender and serious that it almost robbed him of speech. Still, Lucas made one weak attempt. "Will, why..."

Will pressed fingers against his lips and shook his head. "Don't talk. Don't ask questions, Luke. Just go with the flow, man."

"What if someone comes in?"

Will shook his head. "There's a security system. If someone opens the door, a buzzer sounds inside the shower. So we'll have plenty of warning. But no one comes in here late on a Friday afternoon. We have this place to ourselves, buddy," he said, and leaned down and put his lips to Lucas' mouth. Whatever resistance Lucas might have had left dissolved. His arms went around Will's body as his own mouth opened and welcomed the hot urgency of his friend's tongue. They kissed for long moments, their mouths grinding and pressing against one another.

When they broke apart, Will said, "Luke, you are hot."

Lucas let his hands rove over the hard pectoral muscles he had only been able to look at until now. He bent slightly and took one of the erect nipples in his mouth and was rewarded by a gasp. "Oh, yeah, man, feels good," Will whispered. As he continued to lick and nibble at the hard nub of flesh, Lucas took Will's cock in his right hand. After a moment, he knelt on the wet tile floor and took it into his mouth.

He had never given a man a blowjob before, but it was as if he had always known what to do as he slipped the rod of flesh down his throat, tasting the salty fluid that was leaking from the head. As he slid back and forth, flicking his tongue around the head, he grasped the base of Will's cock tightly with one hand. The other continued to fondle one of the swimmer's nipples.

Will's hands grasped Lucas' shoulders as he moaned softly with pleasure. After a while he bent, took Lucas' head in his hands and lifted him to his feet, kissing him again. Will whispered, "You're a fabulous cocksucker."

Lucas smiled. "Easy with a cock like yours."

"Damn, you looked hot squatting down, your butt cheeks spread like that. Wonder if your ass feels as good as your mouth?" Lucas gasped as he felt a finger invade the private area between his cheeks, pushing into his hole. "I want to fuck you."

At that moment Lucas would have died for Will. He nodded.

"Luke, you ever done it before?" Of course he hadn't.

Will paused. "Well, it's not so easy the first time, especially standing up. Let's get out. I'll show you a good way to start."

By now all Lucas wanted was to be with Will for as long as possible, to do anything for this beautiful man who, unbelievably, wanted him too. He followed Will back out into the locker room, staring at his cock, swinging before him in full erection. He wondered whether it was going to be possible to get it inside him.

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