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Amy Turner knew she was in trouble as she sat, trembling, outside the Headmaster's office. She had never been summoned here before, never been in trouble before. She was the good girl, the vicar's daughter, and although she had just turned eighteen she felt just like a child again. The tone of the Headmaster's note to her own Form Master, the look on his face, the stares of her fellow pupils all had her in trepidation as she walked the long, silent corridor in fear.

She didn't know what she was supposed to have done but the way the Headmaster's fierce secretary had informed him of her arrival with a blunt, "She's here," let her know that whatever it was it must be very bad, very bad indeed, for Miss O'Hare to treat her so cruelly. The 40 year old secretary had simply sat behind her desk, returned to her paperwork and ignored Amy.

After what seemed a lifetime of standing there (as Miss O'Hare had made a point of not inviting her to sit), the door to the Headmaster's office was thrown open and Mr Gallagher suddenly appeared in front of Amy. He had always frightened her with his tall frame (at least six foot four) and now towered above her slight five feet nothing. As he came closer, his body seemed to fill the room and, when Amy eventually found the strength to lift her eyes, he glared down at her.

"You," he commanded, "In my office now!"

Amy could do nothing but obey as she took a few steps forward into what seemed like a trap. And that is exactly what it was as the Headmaster and Miss O'Hare followed her into the room -- the secretary locking the door behind them.

"What's going on?" Amy pleaded.

"You may well ask, Miss Turner. When did it become acceptable to cheat at exams in this school?" the Headmaster thundered, having walked round his huge desk and sat down behind it. Miss O'Hare, meanwhile, remained behind Amy.

The young girl didn't understand a word he had said. Yes, they had just sat their final Maths exam but Amy had always come top of her class in Maths, as in everything else. She didn't need to cheat. She knew there had obviously been some mistake and, relaxing just a little, she said so to the Headmaster.

"Is that so," he asked sarcastically. "In that case maybe you can tell me why both you and Alison White got exactly the same mark and made exactly the same mistakes?" He threw the two identical papers at the frightened girl and she tried, vainly, to catch them. As she bent down to pick them up off the floor she heard a gasp from behind and, looking round, saw Miss O'Hare appearing to look up her short skirt. Confused more than ever, she stood up and looked at the papers in her trembling hands. Sure enough, both the papers seemed to be exact copies with only the names at the top differing.

"But Alison must have copied me. She sat behind me during the exam. She must have done!" she entreated.

"Don't make it worse for yourself by trying to blame another innocent pupil. I have already spoken to Miss White (he hadn't but she was a fat, ugly girl and of no use to him). She has promised me that she would never cheat so the only other explanation is that you are the culprit. The only question now is what are we going to do about it?"

"Do?" asked Amy in total bewilderment; she couldn't understand any of this. It was all happening too fast. "What do you mean?"

"You must be punished, Miss Turner. Otherwise you will never learn the error of your ways. The only alternative to being punished by myself is for me to call your father and leave the matter to him. Would you prefer that, Miss Turner? Would you like me to call the vicarage and let your parents know that you are a cheat?"

The tears poured from Amy's downcast eyes as she imagined her father and Sunday- School teacher mum discovering that their only daughter, their pride and joy was nothing more than a common cheat. This was so unfair, she had done nothing wrong. If she ever got out of this office Alison White was going to pay.

"Please, Sir. I'll do anything. Just don't let my parent's find out. I'll accept whatever punishment you see fit to give me."

Inwardly he was smiling in delight as his plan started to come to fruition but to Amy his face never changed. He continued to glare at her from beneath his dark eyebrows and eventually leaned back in his chair.

"Very well, Miss Turner. You shall be punished and punished right now. Take off your clothes."

Amy couldn't believe what she had just heard. "What?" was all she could say in shock.

"Take off your clothes, Miss Turner, and don't make me come round this desk to do it for you or your punishment will be even more severe."

Amy stood still. She couldn't move. Neither her brain nor her arms could understand what her Headmaster was saying to her so she just stood there.

"Very well, Miss Turner, you leave me with no choice." With a nod to his secretary, he stood up and walked round the desk to his terrified pupil. Miss O'Hare suddenly was right behind Amy and she grabbed both the young girl's arms. "If you want to make this harder for yourself then so be it."

Amy shook in terror as her Headmaster grabbed both sides of her white, school blouse and ripped it apart, buttons flying across the room. She looked down in disbelief as her tiny tits were now covered only by her plain, white, cotton bra. She didn't always need one, so small were her tits, but she was glad she had worn one today. Unfortunately, it didn't offer her much protection as his big hands simply ripped it apart and she gasped in shame as the first man ever to her see her naked breasts simply leaned down and started to suck on her right nipple. His hand soon found her left one and Amy didn't know what to do, to think, to feel. No one had ever touched her like this; no-one from her small village would have dared, knowing who her father was. She knew that she should be trying to break free from Miss O'Hare. She knew that this was wrong. But why did it feel so nice?

The Headmaster swapped sides and now her left nipple was feeling his warm, wet tongue circle it as it got bigger, harder and more sensitive than she had ever known. She had only recently started to explore her own body but she was a good girl and she knew such things were sinful. But that didn't explain the feelings in her tummy at this moment; it didn't explain why she felt she had to squeeze her legs together to control what was happening between them. She could feel herself start to get light headed when she heard Miss O'Hare say, "She's ready."

The Headmaster released her nipple from his soft lips and she suddenly realised that she wanted them back. He, however, was reaching round her young waist to the back of her skirt. Undoing the button, pulling down the zip and tugging it over her hips, the skirt was on the floor before she knew what was happening. Almost in a daze, she stepped out of it as the Headmaster simply threw it aside and stood up.

Just for a moment he seemed to stop and simply stare. Amy's white, cotton knickers were now all that stood between him and his prize and he wanted to enjoy the sight. He could see tiny, black hairs curling out from each side and he knew that she had never shaved her cunt. He reached forward, cupped her pussy through her knickers and was both surprised and delighted to find a tiny wet spot on her crotch.

"So you like what I did to your nipples, Miss Turner. Perhaps you're going to enjoy your punishment after all."

Kneeling down again in front of her, he reached up and slowly pulled her panties down her smooth legs. Again he simply stopped and stared as the young pussy that he had been waiting for was suddenly before him. Grabbing her thighs, he pulled her legs apart and started to move his wet tongue along the length of her equally wet slit. She tasted so sweet and, although she writhed above him, he could no longer tell if it was from fear or pleasure.

Amy could tell. She again knew that this was all wrong but she couldn't resist the feelings that were coursing through her whole body. Yet her whole body seemed to exist of one part only, the part father had told her never to touch, the part mother had told her was "dirty" and the part that her own Headmaster was licking and licking and licking. Miss O'Hare lowered her to the thick carpet so that she was lying on her back, totally oblivious to the rest of the world as her young body rushed towards its first orgasm, as her hips raised themselves involuntarily to meet his probing tongue and as that very tongue moved slightly up to the hard clit that she wasn't even aware of and flicked it out of its hood. As his teeth clenched around it, her body exploded in pleasure and she bucked beneath him wanting this feeling never to end.

Amy's body slowly came back to normal, her breathing slowed down and she became aware, once again, of where she was and what had just happened to her. She suddenly realised that she was almost naked, the school blouse around her shoulders and her socks and shoes the only clothing that remained. Trying to cover her small tits with one hand and her pussy with the other, she started to raise herself from the floor.

"Stay where you are, slut" commanded her Headmaster. She looked up from her prone position on the carpet but it wasn't him that she saw. Miss O'Hare now towered over her but looking nothing like she had when Amy had first come to the office. While the Headmaster was licking Amy's cunt and playing with her clit, Miss O'Hare had obviously taken the chance to undress and now stood over the young girl wearing only her dark red bra and knickers. Sliding those silk knickers down her long legs, throwing them to the waiting Headmaster who grabbed them eagerly and inhaled her musky scent from them, she stepped over Amy and placed one foot on either side of the schoolgirl's head.

"Your next punishment is to make Miss O'Hare cum, just as I have done for you. Any hesitation on your part and I will have none in placing that call to your father."

Amy realised she was trapped in more senses than one and looked up amazed to see another woman's "dirty place" rapidly approaching her face. Miss O'Hare's pussy was different from Amy's though; there was not a single hair to be seen and her swollen lips hung down, dripping with her own juices already.

Amy was totally at a loss as to what was expected of her but when Miss O'Hare's wet cunt landed on her open mouth she didn't have much choice. She tried to think of what the Headmaster had done to her and slowly, reluctantly, reached out with her own tongue and tasted another woman for the first time. Miss O'Hare moaned in pleasure and, as Amy continued to lick up and down her wet slit, she started to grind back and forth across the young girl's face. The School secretary practically tore off her lacy, red bra squeezed her large tits together and pulled on her nipples. Her breasts were different from Amy's too; Amy's were small, hardly filling her A-cup bras. Miss O'Hare's were much bigger; they seemed to hang a bit lower too and her nipples were huge. Amy had never seen another woman's nipples but she couldn't believe they were meant to be as big as that.

What the Headmaster was doing at this point, Amy had no idea but was certain that it couldn't be anything good. She had kept her eyes closed after Miss O'Hare had landed on her mouth but when she heard a "Click" she quickly opened them and was filled with terror all over again as she saw Mr Gallagher, now naked, taking a photo of her with her tongue in another woman's cunt.

"Keep licking, whore, or I'll call your father and show him these photos."

Amy knew she had no choice but thought the sooner she made the older woman cum the better. Her mouth was getting sore, her jaw was starting to ache but she returned to her task with renewed vigour. Miss O'Hare, in turn, lowered one hand from her swollen nipple and started to play with her large clit. She simply flicked it at first but, as Amy's licking became more and more insistent, she was soon rubbing it as fast as she could. Faster and faster, harder and harder, her hand was just a blur to the young woman beneath her. Amy knew she was doing something right and instinctively reached up and grabbed the School secretary's arse cheeks and squeezed. That was all it took for Miss O'Hare to start cumming all over Amy's face.

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'M CUMMING!" she screamed. If Amy didn't know before today what that meant she certainly did now as the older woman flooded her mouth and face with her sweet pussy juice. There seemed to be no end to it as Miss O'Hare bucked and rocked all over Amy's face and all Amy could do was to keep on licking and hope that this ordeal would soon be over.

Miss O'Hare finally slumped forward, almost smothering Amy, and rolled off the young girl's naked body. If Amy thought for one moment that she would now be released, she was quickly dissuaded from that by the looming figure of her Headmaster standing above her. She already knew he had undressed but now she had her first look at a man's erect cock. It looked enormous -- not that Amy had anything to compare it with. She knew about the facts of life, she knew how babies were made, but she couldn't imagine how such a monster could fit into any woman. And then it hit her: he was going to put it in her, he was going to force her to have S.E.X. -- a word her mother and father never said without spelling it out, trying to protect her innocent ears. She whimpered at the thought of what was about to happen and tried to wriggle away from him -- him and his hard cock.

"Stay where you are, slut, or your father will be here in no time. You and Miss O'Hare have had your fun. Now it's my turn."

The Headmaster knelt down between Amy's outstretched legs, looked longingly at her virginal cunt, and lay down on top of the frightened young girl. Amy whimpered in fear but equally in anticipation as the head of his cock teased her clit. He suckled on her engorged nipples as he felt the tight wet entrance of her pussy wrapped around his dick. Amy suddenly knew she wanted him inside her and thrust her hips towards him, giving him all the encouragement he needed.

He lined up his cock with her tiny opening, moving slowly up and down her wet slit, coating it with her juices. He pushed himself forward and enjoyed the glorious feeling of his cock slowly entering her eager pussy. Amy gasped with surprise and no little discomfort as she held herself, tense, still trying to understand how his big cock would fit into her tiny pussy. All she knew at this point was this was exactly what she wanted him to do.

"Fuck me," she whispered. "Fuck me," she pleaded as she instinctively raised her legs behind his back and pulled him deeper into her very soul.

As he pushed ever deeper into her he soon met the resistance he had expected since he just knew she would still be a virgin. His mind argued for a second about making love to her or fucking her but he knew he wanted her bad. His lust took over and, slowly pulling out of her tight hole, he then thrust forward with all his strength behind him, breaking through her virginity and burying his hard prick as deep as it would go.

They both screamed for very different reasons as he stabbed her with his cock. She had never imagined feeling so full or so stretched in her whole life; she had never imagined feeling such pain as his dick continued to hammer her abused pussy. He, in turn, knew that he had never had a cunt as hot or as tight as the one now wrapped around his throbbing dick. For all her inexperience she seemed to be squeezing him with her cunt, never to let him go.

Each time he pulled out she whimpered with the loss but each time he thrust forward she pleaded for more. Faster and faster, harder and harder, deeper and deeper he fucked her, until Amy thought she could take no more of the pain but wanted even more of the pleasure. Soon the pain disappeared and the pleasure took over. As her pussy stretched she began to arch her back, thrusting her hips to meet his. He reached down between them and began to play with her incredibly sensitive clit, making her screams and squeals of pleasure sound like music to his ears.

Their bodies clashed against each other, his large and strong, hers petite and hungry. Amy was unable to think of anything but the cock fucking her but Miss O'Hare could see that Amy was now fucking her Headmaster just as vigorously as the other way round. The young girl's thighs squeezing him, her ankles now locked around him as he pistoned in and out of her tight cunt. This was Miss O'Hare's time to take another photo.

"You like it, don't you, slut? Admit it, you love me fucking your tight cunt with my big, fat cock."

Amy could hardly speak. "Fuck me!" was all she could answer.

So he did. He fucked her cunt like he had never fucked one before. She bucked beneath him as he hammered; his lust was centered entirely on his cock and her cunt. She had all the strength of a rag doll but still she raised her hips to meet his thrusts.

"I'M CUMMING!" he screamed, as with one final push he poured his spunk deep inside the young girl's cunt. She, in turn, tightened her legs around him and pulled him even deeper as she had the second orgasm of her young life, his cum filling her and pouring out of her ravaged hole.

He collapsed on top of her and Amy lay there exhausted, not sure what was expected of her now. She wondered if her punishment was over now -- she hoped not.

"Miss O'Hare! Miss O'Hare! What on earth is going on in there? What is all that screaming?" cried Mrs West, the young History teacher, as she pounded on the office door.

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