tagFetishClass Rules Ch. 03

Class Rules Ch. 03


Shirley thought that the Headmaster would now agree to retaining both her husband, Julian, and herself in their teaching posts at the all girls school. She had allowed him to spank her over his lap, had held his large cock (much larger than Julian's) in her hand and had not tried to escape when he started to shoot his spunk all over her face. Julian had never done anything like that and she was quite sure he never would but he seemed to enjoy the sight of his wife being treated in this humiliating way. She still hadn't found her knickers and she was very aware of being naked under her short skirt.

"So, are our jobs secure now, sir?" she dared to ask. Shirley hadn't realised that the Headmaster was now in possession of her knickers nor that he planned to go to sleep that night with them lying next to him so he could smell her musk.

"Well, you have responded very nicely, Mrs West, but I think it is now time to see if your husband is just as compliant."

Julian trembled when he heard his name mentioned. So far all he had been asked to do was watch his young wife be spanked by the Headmaster and then watch further as she played with his hard dick until he came all over her face. He had secretly enjoyed every minute of it but now the attention seemed to be turning on him.

"Me, sir," he stammered. "What do you mean?"

"Well, since it is both of you who want to save your jobs and since your wife has been spanked, I think it only fair that you should suffer the same fate. Or don't you want to keep your job too?"

Julian knew he had no choice but he also knew what humiliation was before him as he made his way over to the Headmaster's large desk.

"No, Mr West. I think Miss O'Hare should be the one to administer your spanking, don't you?"

Julian looked over to his pretty wife, pleading with her, but she was quite looking forward to this. She knew that Julian had done nothing to stop the Headmaster from punishing her poor bum and she could see her worthless husband's cock forming a small tent in his trousers when the Headmaster had cum all over her face.

Julian was literally shaking. Shirley thought it was from fear but he knew that she was going to be even more disgusted with him when he dropped his trousers as he was now told to do. He seemed to take an eternity to undo his leather belt, button and zip before his trousers fell around his ankles. The other three in the room exploded with laughter when they saw the pink, silk panties he was wearing. Only his wife recognised them as her best pair and only Julian knew that he often wore her knickers when he was feeling tense or nervous. He was certainly nervous now as his cock seemed to have shrunk to almost nothing while the others continued to laugh and tease him.

When the Headmaster was finally able to stop laughing he tried to put on his sternest voice. "Now, Mr West, over Miss O'Hare's lap you go."

Julian did as he was told, burning with shame, but reached new depths of humiliation when the school secretary grabbed the waistband of his silk knickers and pulled them down to his knees in one brutal tug. Now his puny arse was bare for them all to see and he closed his eyes awaiting his punishment.

His wife, meanwhile and got up off the floor and walked over to where her feeble husband lay over the lap of the formidable Miss O'Hare with a pair of his wife's panties around his knees. At least that explained why she often found her knickers in the laundry basket with suspicious stains on them. The wimp wasn't even resisting; he simply lay there waiting for the spanking to begin. However, as soon as Miss O'Hare raised her strong hand and brought it down, hard, on his skinny cheeks he began to squirm.

His face was screwed up, tears rolling from his eyes. There was no finesse about Miss O'Hare. She didn't fondle him or stroke him; she simply spanked him, starting with a firm, deliberate slap across both his skinny cheeks and settling down to an even, steady rhythm. There was nothing else in Julian's mind; just firm, stern smacks, hard enough to sting and set even his tiny cheeks bouncing. All he could do was cry. He absolutely howled, full of shame and humiliation, tears streaming down his face, his feet kicking against his captivity.

Shirley was enjoying this. She had suffered at the hands of the Headmaster while Julian had meekly stood by and watched; now it was her turn and she couldn't have been happier. Miss O'Hare, on the other hand, was far from happy; she could feel Julian's miserable excuse for a cock getting hard through her tweed skirt; the miserable worm was enjoying this. She decided then and there that his punishment was far from over and that he would have to work much harder tonight to save his job. She went on spanking, smack after smack after smack, as Julian squirmed and became harder than he had ever been.

That spanking seemed to go on forever; the stinging slaps, Julian's hot, throbbing bottom and the woman who was punishing him became his whole world until, at last, he could feel himself cumming between her skirt and his shirt. Miss O'Hare threw him to the floor and they all watched as his tiny cock continued to spurt his spunk. "You miserable worm," she screamed at him. "Look at the mess you have made of my favourite skirt. You will have to pay for that!"

"I'm really sorry, Miss O'Hare. I will certainly pay to have your skirt cleaned."

"I don't want your money, you worthless man. I have my own ways of punishing deviants. Get on your hands and knees."

Julian was lost. His bum was red, sore and throbbing yet he had just cum more than he ever had with his wife. He looked to her for help but she was now sitting on the Headmaster's lap, playing with his hard cock while he had taken off her blouse and was sucking on her hard nipples. Shirley had waited a long time for a real man to take care of her pussy and now she had found one, her own Headmaster, she wasn't going to let him get away.

Miss O'Hare, meanwhile, had taken off her spunk-stained skirt. Julian noticed she had also taken off her high-necked blouse and was now dressed in crimson red, lacy bra, knickers and matching suspenders holding up her stockings. It wasn't these though that had grabbed Julian's attention. She also now had fitted a huge strap-on dildo between her legs and was approaching him with a look of menace in her fierce eyes. He suddenly realised what his punishment was going to entail and he started to get up, hoping to somehow find some escape from this vengeful woman.

"Get back on your knees, worm, or it will be even worse for you."

Julian couldn't begin to imagine how it could be worse but he did as he was told, kneeling down on the thick carpet, his head buried beneath him as he tried to hide -- but his arse was still in the air, pointing right at Miss O'Hare. He dared to look up from his kneeling position just in time to see the Headmaster plunge his cock deep into Shirley's pussy, hearing her begging, "Fuck me, please fuck me, please fuck me hard."

For Julian this was just one more thing that added to his humiliation. He had never been able to satisfy Shirley and now another man was about to do just that. He watched as the Headmaster slowly began to fuck his wife, Shirley's body responding to the deep thrusts of the biggest cock she had ever had. He watched as they fucked faster and faster, heard Shirley's moans of pleasure and, suddenly, heard them both cry out as Mr Gallagher shot his cum deep into Shirley and her orgasm washed over her at just that moment.

Julian hadn't forgotten Miss O'Hare and her massive plastic cock but she slipped from his mind as the Headmaster pulled out of his own wife's cunt, stood up, came over to him, put his cock to his mouth and said, "Now, Mr West, suck me clean." Julian hesitated for just a moment before he opened his mouth to accept the now softening cock into his mouth, his own Headmaster's cock, the same cock that had just fucked his wife and now dripped with her juices.

Julian wasn't really sure what to do; this was the first cock he had ever had in his mouth (although he had often fantasised about doing it); he simply licked up and down Mr Gallagher's prick, tasting his own wife and finding that it was all quite nice. This brief sense of pleasure was shattered as he suddenly felt something prodding at his arsehole. Miss O'Hare had waited while her Headmaster had got into position and commandeered this worm to suck his cock. Now she got done behind him, poured some of the oil that Shirley handed her on to her finger, and pressed against his tight hole, preparing him for what was to come next. Once again Julian could feel his cock hardening as he waited in fear and anticipation.

Then he felt something else, obviously not a finger, pressing against his asshole, pushing gently, pushing harder, pushing forward, until the plastic cock slipped into his hole. Julian screamed out in pain but Mr Gallagher soon muffled him by pushing his cock further down Julian's throat. He somehow knew he had to relax and allow what was happening to him happen as Miss O'Hare pushed her big cock further and further into him.

As she eased her artificial in and out of his tender arsehole, Julian sensed the pain eventually ease into a not unpleasant feeling and soon found he was quite enjoying being fucked. As Miss O'Hare noticed Julian now pushing back against her, she started to fuck him deeper and deeper. As she got faster and faster, the Headmaster began fucking Julian's face with the same intensity. All of a sudden, Julian was being fucked in both holes and realised that he could take this kind of punishment. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper they fucked him until Mr Gallagher shot his spunk down Julian's throat and he himself came all over the carpet.

As they withdrew from him and saw what he had done Miss O'Hare screamed at him once again. "Now see what you have done. Lick that up, worm, then you can lick the Headmaster's spunk from your wife's cunt."

Julian could hardly wait.

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