tagBDSMClass Time Ch. 05

Class Time Ch. 05


(Note: since my readers are wondering if the "Susan" in my different tales is all the same person – and the answer is no – the Susan in this series is now Suzette, for further clarification)

The students showed up very early.

All four girls had big smiles on their faces, anticipating today's lesson. Perhaps some of the smiles were inspired by the memory of what had happened when I taught them about female sexuality (see "Class Time"). Today's class, scheduled after lunch time, would cover male sexuality. Amanda flicked her long blonde hair back from her face and asked, rather impishly I thought, "Will Mistress Polly be joining us?"

"No, she cannot be here today," I answered. After the "fiasco" of her last visit (even though things ultimately turned out fine), I admitted to myself that I was a bit relieved about this. Dealing with a naked male in my classroom felt like it would be enough of a challenge to my professionalism. I was determined that this class would be conducted in a much more "normal" manner, and I would keep my simmering passions under tight control.

The students did appear to be attentive, listening to the morning's lessons, and even participated with questions and joined into the general discussions. But I did notice that they seemed to be glancing at the clock more often than they normally did.

Lunch time came, and went.

Now I began glancing at the clock myself, wondering where Michael was. I was certain that I had told him the correct day and time, and had given him clear directions to the classroom. Since I met him in an art class, where he served as the nude model, I didn't think that he was having second thoughts about exhibiting his body for this class. Of course, the situation was not exactly the same. Modeling in an art class is very asexual. I had explicitly explained to him that this class dealt with male sexuality. He had indicated to me that was no problem for him, so where was he? I tried sending him a text, but got no reply.

I could not let our time go to waste. "We will go on to other subjects until Michael gets here," I informed the class. "Don't worry, we will still cover the material once he arrives," I assured them.

The students' faces and body language clearly displayed their disappointment as the hours passed. I couldn't blame them – I had been looking forward to doing this class ever since I arranged it. Several sodden pairs of panties could attest to how much I had been anticipating it.

Imagine our surprise when 5 minutes before the end of the day Michael came dashing into the room, apologizing profusely. "I had a flat tire," he explained. "Since I don't have a spare, I had to wait until a good Samaritan happened along to take me and the tire to a repair place. To top it off, my cell phone battery ran out of charge yesterday, and I forgot to recharge it, so there was no way I could call for help, or call to let you know what was going on."

"I understand, Michael – these things happen," I reassured him. "Unfortunately the school day has reached its end, so we will have to reschedule."

There were immediate vigorous complaints from the students. Amanda, for instance, argued, "But you promised we would have this class today."

"But the school day is over," I countered. "What do you all expect me to do about that?"

Michael piped in, "I'm here finally, and I have plenty of time. I'm willing to stay right now," he offered.

"Yes. Yes, please let us stay," begged Judy.

"Well, if you're all quite certain." This statement was met with five heads bobbing to signal acceptance. "Let me make a quick phone call."

I called Mistress Polly to let her know I would be late, and why.

She said, "Give them a memorable class, my girl." I was too flustered by this sudden change in my schedule to fully appreciate what this might entail.

Since there were only the 4 young ladies, we cleared a small space in the room as Michael undressed. In the center of this space we placed a low table for him to stand on. When Michael climbed up onto the table, his crotch ended up at head height as we stood around him – perfect for viewing. Unfortunately, my proximity to his exposed crotch made me more aware of his male scent, wafting from his sparse, dark pubic hairs. I tried not to inhale too deeply, or at least be caught doing it.

I began with the basics.

"In the male, gamete production, the formation of sperm, begins in the testes, located in the scrotal sac." I pointed to it.

Michael's uncircumcised penis was draped down over his scrotum at this point. Judy asked, "Can we see it better, Professor?"

"Michael, I will have to lift up your penis. Is that okay with you?" I inquired, looking up his well formed torso, and into his eyes.

"You mean my cock?" he asked, his face turning a delicate pink as the pronounced the word. "Yes, Molly. I'm game for anything," he chuckled with a slightly nervous smile.

I lifted his penis with a delicate thumb and forefinger, trying not to focus on how smooth and warm his flesh felt in my hand. I showed the young ladies his scrotum, covered with a matting of short delicate hairs. "Did he trim those hairs specially for this class?" I wondered to myself.

"The scrotum has a central partition, so each testis is isolated to its own side," I described.

"Could you demonstrate that to us somehow, Professor?" Suzette inquired.

I looked up at Michael, and received his nod of acquiescence.

Swallowing to wet my suddenly dry mouth, I carefully pressed against his right testicle, pushing it towards his left. It shifted, but its movement stopped as it bulged against the middle partition. It felt so good to have an excuse to touch his intimate flesh that it gave me an idea for an addition to this lecture.

"Something you should know, class, is that males should check for testicular cancer as often as we check for breast cancer. Those cancers can be highly aggressive, and need to be detected early." I turned my attention to Michael. "Do you check yourself often, Michael?"

He flushed and stammered a bit, and as I had hoped, admitted, "I have never learned how to do that, Molly – that is, Professor. How should I do it?"

I began explaining and demonstrating, pressing all over the surface of each of his testicles looking for abnormal lumps. Even though I was doing it correctly, and it was for a good reason, I found that I was having trouble keeping the proper professional detachment. I felt a slight trickle running down my thigh. I pressed my thighs together more tightly, in an attempt to stem the flow. I feared that sharp-eyed Amanda would become aware of my loss of composure. Clearing my throat, I told Michael that I could detect no sign of abnormalities.

Hoping my voice would not betray my altering mood, I went on to explain about the seminiferous tubules where spermatogenesis – sperm formation – takes place. "Spermatogenesis cannot take place at body temperature, so the testes are air cooled to 3 degrees Centigrade lower here outside the body. Temperature adjustments are necessary, so the scrotum has a muscle called the dartos, and testes themselves are attached with a cremaster muscle so if they get too cold, they can be pulled back toward the warmth of the torso."

Impulsively, I wet my finger, gently dabbed his sac, and blew a stream of cool air across Michael's balls. The students gasped as the scrotum crinkled and the testes rose upward in response. Michael laughed quietly as he felt his balls squirm.

Emboldened, I curled one of my fingers along the back of a testis, to demonstrate the shape and location of the C shaped epididymis which receives the spermatozoa next in their journey.

The students now were leaning close, wide-eyed, hopefully visualizing the internal tubing, and not just ogling this luscious hunk of man meat. "OMG, did I just think that?" I chastised myself.

"The epididymis leads to the vas deferens which loops up over the urinary bladder and has a swollen ampulla right before it enters the prostate gland. Seminal vesicles flank the tube here, and contribute to the semen."

"What is semen, actually?" Suzette asked, her voice a little huskier than I remembered it.

"A mixture of fluids from the seminal vesicles and the prostate gland, along with spermatozoa from the testes," I replied.

"So its not all sperm?" chimed in Judy.

"Oh no, only a small portion is actually sperm. This is why if a man gets a vasectomy, there is virtually no change in the volume of his ejaculate." As I vocalized the word "ejaculate" I felt my pussy give a little twinge of contraction.

"The fluids from those glands mix with the sperm, activating and nourishing them for their journey from the vagina, up through the uterus, and into the Fallopian tubules. To get to the outside, these fluids begin mixing in the ejaculatory duct found inside the side walls of the prostate, and then enter the urethra."

"Urethra – isn't that the tube for urine?" Amanda challenged, a twinkle in her eye – no doubt thinking about peeing and golden showers, if I am any judge of a person.

I tried to answer scientifically. "The urethra serves dual purposes in most animals. In a male human, the urethra actually has 3 sections: prostatic, membranous, and spongy or penile urethra. The latter leads to the outside. Its opening is in the head of the penis, also called the glans. Michael is not circumcised, so his glans has this skin covering, called a prepuce, or foreskin."

Supposedly to demonstrate my point, I encircled his shaft, and pressed toward the base of his cock, and the foreskin drew back, exposing the tiny slit of the urethral opening.

From either the talk, or the touches, Michael's cock had stiffened slightly. As we were looking, a tiny bead of clear fluid emerged from the slit.

"Is that semen?" Suzette, perhaps the least experienced of the four, asked curiously.

"No, it's not. When a male is stimulated, the bulbourethral glands, a special pair of glands at the base of his penis, being secreting this fluid. It's job is to clean the urethra, and remove any acidity, making the environment suitable for launching the semen." Perhaps "launching" was too evocative of a word to use, since I felt my heart accelerate as I said it. "It is referred to as 'precum' by many people, I believe," I stated with an authoritative voice as an attempt to diffuse the impact of the slang expression.

I had to admit to myself that the sight of that precum was turning me on, but I also felt I could not do anything about it. However, Amanda gave me an opening by speculating, "Professor, if that fluid removes acidity, it must be slightly alkaline, and alkaline substances have a mildly bitter taste, right?"

"That is correct, Amanda. Very good thinking."

"Should we taste it, and see? After all, in the class on female sexuality, we tasted someone's vaginal fluids. Remember?" the little tease goaded me. She knew full well it was MY vaginal fluids they all had tasted.

"I don't know," I hesitated. "Perhaps if Michael does not mind?" I looked up again, to see him smile and shrug permissively. "Very well."

I dipped my finger in the bead of precum, only to see more well up in its place. The students waited, watching me as I placed that finger in my mouth and started sucking it. When I made no grimace of distaste, one by one they in turn dipped their fingers, and sampled. After a brief discussion, we agreed that while there might be a hint of bitterness, it was certainly not an unpleasant taste.

Judy then declared, "So if that liquid is from a different gland, precum can't get us pregnant. Right?"

I had to answer honestly. "There may be small amounts of sperm that seep into that fluid. Withdrawal before ejaculation is a risky endeavor. A better way to prevent pregnancy is to use some other birth control, like the pill, which is what I use." This caused my heart to accelerate even more, fearing I had just given too much information.

At that moment, Amanda's cell phone made a dinging sound, signifying the arrive of a text. Such things are not permitted during the school day, but this was after hours. She glanced at it. "Oh! A text from Mistress Polly." She scanned it quickly. Watching her face, I saw her expression transform from surprise to haughty calculation.

"Mistress Polly reminded me that, during school time, I am your student, and therefore I should not dominate you. She pointed out, however, that technically we are outside of school hours right now, and that I should make certain that this class is a 'memorable' one, since she cannot be here with you to help." To my amazement, Amanda now shifted to The Voice, demanding, "What is the next topic you are planning to cover?"

My throat constricted as I felt my body reacting to that tone. Shaking slightly, I choked out, "Erection, Miss." I tried to ignore the sharp inhalations of breath from the other 3 students, and probably Michael, as well, hearing me answer in such a manner. Even though the other 3 young ladies knew that I had acted submissively to Amanda when Mistress Polly had been present, this was their first inkling that my submission to her had gone any farther.

"Very well. What things can trigger an erection in the male, girl?" Amanda prodded me verbally.

Gulping, I answered, "Several things, Miss. Visual, tactile, olfactory, gustatory, and auditory stimuli can – even libidinous thoughts."

"Excellent summary, girl. Michael, are you truly game for anything, as you said earlier?" Michael was looking a bit dazed at the sudden change of attitude in the room, but managed to nod in response to Amanda's question.

"Wonderful. We will start with visual stimulation. Girl, stand very still as my classmates undress you," she directed. With a wave of her hand, she signaled the other three young ladies. They came toward me with huge grins on their faces. Their expressions indicated that this indeed was beginning to have the makings of a memorable class. In what seemed to be no time at all, their eager hands had stripped me of every bit of clothing. Amanda pulled me in front of Michael, and turned me to face him.

"There, Michael. Take a good look. Look at Molly's tits. Are they arousing?" She slapped my ass softly, saying, "Spread your thighs, and open your cunt. Show Michael that as well."

I could not stop myself – in truth, I did not want to stop myself. My true nature was emerging under her control. I widened my stance, and even tilted my pelvis back as I lewdly opened myself to his gaze. His cock twitched and stiffened a bit more at this display.

"Very good. Now for tactile. Hmmm. Let's see," Amanda pondered. "You seemed to enjoy fondling his cock earlier. Go pump it a little, and use your lips on it. That will demonstrate tactile."

Michael let out a groan as my hand wrapped itself on his cock and started a slow pumping action. I kissed all the rest of the exposed shaft carefully, and there was a good amount to kiss. I felt his cock getting more firm in my embrace.

"Enough!" Amanda ordered, obviously enjoying herself. "Place yourself on your back on top of your desk, girl, and open yourself up. We will test olfactory now." As I complied, she directed Michael, "Go ahead and give her pussy a good sniff. Inhale deeply." To her classmates, she said, "Watch his cock closely as he does."

I was flushing a deep scarlet as Michael lowered his face into my crotch. The sounds made by his deep inhalations were interrupted by Judy crowing, "That sure is having the desired effect! Look at that!" Apparently, Michael's cock was indeed showing more of an erection, but I could not see it from my position.

Amanda whispered something quietly into Michael's ear. I wondered what she was asking or saying. Her voice was too low for me to hear. Suddenly Michael's tongue slurped all the way from the base of my cunt to my clit! As he did this, Amanda explained to her classmates, "Gustatory means taste, of course."

The sensation caused me to shriek with pleasure, and Michael kept plowing his tongue in long strokes up the furrow between my labia, obviously relishing my taste. "Oh yes," Amanda added. "Let's also incorporate auditory. Girl, tell Michael how good his tongue feels."

"That's fantastic, Michael!" I moaned. "Please keep licking my hot, wet, cunt! Your tongue makes me so excited! Keep it up, and I will cum all over your face!"

Finally Amanda said, "OK, Michael. Stop and stand back please. Let us all have a good look." As she said this, she pulled me upright from the desk. Michael's cock now stood rampant! Fully engorged, its length and girth caused his foreskin to peel back partway, revealing his smooth glans with its now oozing slit.

Turning to me, Amanda demanded, "Explain to the class the physiology behind that erection."

Another excuse to touch that lovely structure! I moved close to him, and dropped to my knees. Taking his cock in one hand, with the other hand I used a fingertip to trace along each of the three rods of erectile tissues that constitute the bulk of the shaft. The words tumbled from my mouth. "The top two rods – here and here – are the corpora cavernosa. The bottom rod – here – is the corpus spongiosum, which passes forward and swells at the tip to become the glans, or head." His cock jerked and a small spurt emerged from the slit in the glans as my finger caressed the tube along the underside of his cock.

"His excitement causes his heart to pump blood into the erectile tissues of the penis at a faster rate. This, as well as a chemical release, causes the penile arteries to dilate, and the rising blood pressure collapses the veins in it, preventing the blood from escaping. This causes this wonderful engorgement." I was so mesmerized, I did not even notice using "wonderful" in such a non-scientific manner.

"You explain things so well, my dear little slut," Amanda complimented me. "And what causes the erection to ultimately recede?"

My breathing rate and depth intensified, and my heart began hammering in my chest, thumping so hard I wondered if my tits were bouncing because of it. "Ejaculation, Miss. When the male ejaculates, along with the rhythmic contractions of musculature that cause his semen to..." my voice faltered slightly, "... erupt from his cock, constriction of the arteries helps the engorgement to dissipate."

"I believe a demonstration is in order. Do you agree, ladies?" Amanda asked her classmates. There was a chorus of assent. Amanda took me by my hair and lifted me to my feet, commanding, "Back on top of your desk, slut. Time for you to get fucked while we watch." The word "fuck" excited me more than I could articulate.

Without a peep of protest, I stretched out on my desk with my legs dangling over its side and eagerly spread my legs apart. I wanted that cock in me more than anything at that moment. "Come here, Michael," I pleaded. "Give me the fucking that I need so desperately!" The fact that we would have an audience for our screwing seemed to act like an aphrodisiac on me. Gone for the moment was the prim and proper teacher. In her place appeared a wanton, needy slut, offering her cunt to this man. Begging to be his fuck toy!

Michael hesitated only a moment or two, perhaps unable to believe his luck. He certainly did not suffer from performance anxiety. If anything, his cock swell even more as he stepped toward me. Grabbing its base in his hand, he rubbed that throbbing shaft up and down my wet furrow, lubing it in my freely flowing juices. Still holding that glistening rod in his hand, he stepped back lightly and teased me, saying, "Come on, Molly. Show me where you want this."

In answer, I reached down and grabbed my labia, one in each hand, and stretched them as far as I could to each side, completely revealing my churning vaginal opening. "Right here," I moaned. "Ram that dick right into this tight little fuck hole of mine. Make me cum. Make us both cum. Please!"

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