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Classroom Adventures


It was one of the first days back from winter break and 18-year-old Kevin was hiding out from an all school assembly. He hated the exclusive all-boys boarding school his parents sent him too, and was happy to think he only had a few months left before graduation. As a gay man in a school of rich jocks, Kevin hadn't come out to anyone, happy to just be labeled "weird" and left alone for the most part. Always a big reader, that afternoon Kevin found himself in the reading area his English teacher, Mr. Houlihan had created in the back of his classroom. Surrounded on three sides by bookshelves and filled with bean bag chairs and overstuffed pillows, it was the perfect hiding spot. No one could see you unless they walked all the way to the back of the room and looked. When Kevin heard the door open, he jumped a little, scared he was about to be discovered. Cautiously, he peeked over the top of the bookcase, a little surprised to see Mr. Houlihan with his math teacher, Mr. James. And when Mr. James pushed Mr. Houlihan against the desk and began kissing him, Kevin was even more surprised.

He couldn't tear his eyes away as he watched the two men making out, hands groping each other. Never in his wildest fantasies had he expected something like this. Mr. Houlihan was average height, with sandy hair and bright green eyes. Kevin had spent many a class period just looking at those eyes, fantasizing about what they would look like in the middle of an orgasm. Mr. James was well over 6 feet, his skin the color of charcoal, all muscle and power. As Kevin watch, Mr. James turned so he was sitting on the edge of the desk, Mr. Houlihan sinking to his knees in front of him.

"That's it, Harry, I bet you missed this big black cock, didn't you?" Mr. James growled as Mr. Houlihan tugged the zipper of his slacks down. Kevin had to bite his lip hard to keep from gasping as the biggest cock he had seen sprung out. He didn't have the best view, but he guess it was maybe 10 inches long and thick. As Mr. Houlihan took that pole into his mouth, Kevin began rubbing his now ridged cock through his jeans, still unable to believe what was going on.

"That's it, you pretty little cocksucker, take it all in...that's right, you love it." Mr. James was whispering to Mr. Houlihan as he worked his cock, moaning loudly as he gripped his head, almost fucking Mr. Houlihan's face with his giant dick. Embolded and more turned on than ever, Kevin unzipped his jeans, pulling out his cock and furiously jerking off to the free show he was watching. He was still trying to be careful to stay out of site, managing to push a few books aside and create the perfect peephole to watch his teacher get a blow job from another of his teachers.

"You're gonna drink every last drop of my cum, aren't you? Yeah, yeah you are cause it's coming..."

Kevin watched as Mr. James's face tensed up, imagining the huge load he was about to shoot right down Mr. Houlihan's throat. When he heard Mr. James shout, Mr. Houlihan pulled his head away and Kevin could see the thick ropes of jiz shooting through the air, landing all over Mr. Houlihan's face and neck. That put him over the edge and Kevin came hard, his free hand knocking some books off the shelf in the middle of his orgasm.

"Who the fuck is back there?!" Mr. James shouted, still breathing hard from his orgasm and sounding incredible pissed off. Kevin knew it was better to just come out into the open then try and hide, so he stood up, his pants still open, his own come dripping from his hand.

"Well, what do we have here," Mr. James said, his anger subsiding at the site of Kevin, still half hard, appearing from behind the bookcase. "We found us a little voyeur, Harry. Get up here now, Kevin."

Face burning with shame, Kevin obeyed, walking to the front of the classroom as Mr. Houlihan stood, still licking Mr. James come off his face, using a paper towel to clean the rest. When he was done with it, he threw it to Kevin to clean his hand with.

"I take it you like what you saw here, Kevin. Tell me, do you like to suck cock?" Mr. Houlihan was already unzipping his pants as he asked, and Kevin eyed the cock that emerged, not as long as Mr. James's monster, but thicker, with a hunger.

"I love it, Mr. Houlihan. I love to suck cock." Kevin didn't know what came over him. In the limited experience he had with the same sex, he was always the dominate one. But here, he was submissive, and he knew he would do anything these two men asked.

"Get on your knees and prove it, then." Mr. Houlihan almost snarled at him and Kevin immediately dropped to his knees, his hands curling around Mr. Houlihan's hips as he starting to lick the head of his cock. It was velvety and he could taste the salty precome that had beaded there. It had been so long since Kevin had a cock in his mouth that he wanted to rush, to taste it all, but he paced himself. He wanted to show these men he could suck dick like a pro. With Mr. James watching, Kevin slowly slid Mr. Houlihan's prick into his mouth, his tongue circling the head slowly, teasing him almost. He was rewarded with a loud groan, and Kevin smiled. Humming low in his throat, Kevin slid more of the beautiful cock into his mouth until he could feel the head at the back of his throat and his nose was buried in Mr. Houlihan's pubic hair. He then, just as slowly, slid him back out, until he was just flicking his tongue across the head.

"Jesus, this kid knows what he's doing," Mr. Houlihan gasped, clamping Kevin's head tightly in his hands. Kevin just smiled around the mouthful of cock, picking up speed as he took the shaft in and out, one hand reached up to cup Mr. Houlihan's balls, massaging them with one hand as the other wrapped around the shaft, jerking him off as Kevin sucked hard on the head. He needed to taste the fruits of his labor, hands and mouth moving faster and faster as the grip on his hair got tighter. He could tell Mr. Houlihan was about to blow.

He held Kevin's head tight and began fucking his mouth with fervor. Kevin, already hard again, reached down to jerk himself off and was surprised with a larger hand wrapped around him. Never did he think that he would be kneeling on the floor of his English classroom, blowing one teacher and being jerked off by another. Suddenly, Mr. Houlihan thrust deep into his mouth and Kevin felt the first hot jets of come hitting his throat. They didn't stop, Kevin trying to swallow as much of that thick cream as he could, feeling it dribble out his mouth and down his chin. Finally, as Kevin felt the last small stream, his own orgasm hit, and he came for a second time, Mr. Houlihan's cock sliding out of his mouth as he leaned back against Mr. James, his body jerking as he covered Mr. James's hand with his load.

Kevin's heart was still racing as he looked back at Mr. James, who was licking Kevin's come from his fingers, watching him as he did so. He held his hand up to Mr. Houlihan, who nodded appreciatively as he tasted Kevin's jism.

"Tastes good, and is an incredible little cocksucker. I think we just found ourselves a new little playmate, Terrence."

Mr. James grinned, turning Kevin's face to his. "I think you're right."

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