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Classroom Ass Tease


Jessica chewed the end of her biro. She was trying to act coquettishly but felt nervous. Jessica was not the type to become infatuated but here she was sitting at the front of a crowded lecture feature making eyes at her college tutor. She crossed her legs for the fourth time and undid a button on her blouse. She glanced at his crotch for any sign of a reaction there but saw none.

Disappointment and frustration had led her to this out of character course of action. Jessica's flatmate Casey had bought her a vibrator for her birthday and this had opened a new world to her. As she slid the vibrator into her pussy on a daily basis previously suppressed desires came to the front of her mind. Men who she'd never considered attractive found themselves in her fantasies, screwing her over bar stools, taking her from behind in nightclub toilets, eating out her pussy in the local park. The more she masturbated the more it seemed no-one was immune from her desires, she dreamt of her friends, her parents friends, even the big titted Italian girl who lived downstairs from her. She'd never fantasized about a girl before and found it delicious. Subservience seemed to be a reoccurring them to her fantasies and when she thought of Tom, her college tutor, it was always in this way. He would be dominating her and she would be ready to satisfy his every whim.

Tom was attractive but certainly not her usual type. He was fifteen years her senior, he was tall with greying temples and wire rimmed spectacles. Jessica would not normally have given him a second look in the street but when she was alone with her sex toy she would sometimes dream she was on all fours on his desk, her bare arse up in the air ready for him to use her as he pleased. She couldn't help herself; the thought of this respectable college lecturer taking her on his desk would make her come hard as pushed down on her vibrator, sometimes slipping a finger into her arse. Afterwards she would feel guilty but it was the guilt itself that drove her back to the fantasies. Sometimes she fantasised about being spanked by Tom and soon she came to realise that taboo and some degree of humiliation were essential to her fantasies.

In the weeks that followed the arrival of the vibrator she had tried to expand her limited sexual experience, she tried to be more forward with boys at college, she stayed behind to discuss lectures with Tom, but with no success. She was a bright girl and thought she could charm men with her intellect, so it was frustrating to see their heads turn for some silly tramp in a short skirt with her tits spilling out. Jessica resolved to discover what type of person she was sexually. She needed to discover if she was anything like the girl in her dreams. She was going to try and seduce her tutor like she did every night in her imagination. If he turned her down then she was just going to have to deal with it.

Jessica was certain of the fact that she was good-looking. She had short blonde hair with a floppy fringe, bright blue eyes and a pretty mouth. Jessica had small tits but neither of her two boyfriends so far had complained. She loved it when they took them roughly in her hands and bit hard on her nipples.

The feature Jessica was most proud of was her perky little ass. On the rare summer day when she would wear a short tennis skirt she knew she finally had all the boys' attention. One of her fantasies involved her wearing a tight dress in a nightclub, she would dance on the crowded dance floor as the boys and girls groped her bum, running their hands up her thighs and over her arse cheeks.

Despite this Jessica had decided against a short skirt today, instead she wore a long brown skirt with a slit that reached half way up her thigh. She crossed her legs so as to show Tom some bare flesh. She wore white cotton knee socks and shiny black patent leather shoes. They had a tee-bar strap and chunky two inch heels. She figured they would be part of any man's school girl fantasies and rocked her crossed leg so as to gain his attention.

Jessica's blouse was open enough to reveal her collar bone and the silver pendant which hung there. She tugged at it, ran it around its chain, occasionally placed it between her lips. When Tom looked at her she paused before glancing away. Jessica was unsure as to weather her seduction techniques were working, through out the lecture his voice never faltered and he only glanced at her once or twice. Did he look at her bare knee? She couldn't be sure. She started to feel more anxious and more than a little stupid, but the guilt and humiliation was not unlike how she felt when she mastubated. This feeling spurred her on and she sat upright and stuck out her titties, her braless nipples showing through her blouse.

Jessica remained seated as everyone left the lecture theatre.

"Not leaving Jessie?" asked Tom.

"Not yet I..."

"You wouldn't be the first or the last student to let a crush get out of control, you know."

"What..." Jessica uncrossed her legs and sat up straight.

"You should probably know that I've been in this situation several times before with girls much prettier than you and never once succumbed. What is it you are trying to achieve, sitting there opening and closing your legs like some cheap date. I don't want to look up there whilst I'm trying to work. Do you think the sight of your crotch is going to make me so horny I'd be prepared to lose my job?'

Jessica was frozen, she wanted to leave right there and then, but couldn't make herself move. She was frightened as to what Tom might do or say next but at the same time he was telling her off for acting like a slut yet somewhere amongst her anxiety she sensed arousal. Tom sat down behind his desk and carried on.

'..and what did you think would happen here today? Did you think I might kiss you? Did you think this would lead to an affair? Did you think that we might fall in love, that I might leave my wife?'

"No!" Jessica answered.

"What then?"

"I thought we might..."

"Fuck, just the once and never again?"


"Ah," Tom leaned back, "well that can never happen, Jessica. You imagined this happening here in this room?"

"Yes." Jessica shifted in her seat.

"Where, here on my desk?"


"On all fours? Was that it? Were you hoping to climb on the desk like a dog? Pull your skirt up over your ass, stick it up in the air with your legs apart. Wave your touché about so that I had to touch it. Making me grab your cheeks and pull them apart?"

Jessica shifted in her seat. If it was humiliation she craved then this was it. She recognised the situation as something she might have ordinarily frigged herself off over but this was real and she wasn't sure she like it. However if the unthinkable was going to happen she'd gone too far to turn back now.


"Show me then."


With one sweep of his arm Tom cleared the desk, papers and pens clattering onto the floor.

"Get up on that desk. Show me this bottom of yours. If you think you're so irresistible, get up on this desk and show me what you've got."

This was it, this was what she had imagined. Her tutors talking to her like she was a dirty little whore, making her do his bidding. Telling her exactly what she should do in such filthy language. Jessica couldn't work out if Tom was acting out a fantasy of his own or if he really did want to make a fool of her. Jessica hesitantly stood up and walked over to the desk. She lifted her long skirt above her knees and lifted one leg up onto the desk, the skirt material was pulled tight around her thighs and made it hard for her to get the other leg up. She crawled to the middle of the desk slowly. She was trying to be sexy, but she was still nervous and shaking. She pulled the skirt out from underneath her knees. Her little school girl shoes were hanging over the edge of the desk about a foot apart. Her arse was high in the air, she arched her back and pulled her shoulders back. Her small tits hung beneath her and the pendant dangled from her neck. She looked straight ahead. Tom sat at her side.

"I thought perhaps you'd have your ass up higher than that," said Tom.

Jessica strained to get her behind up as high as she could.

"And that your legs would be further apart."

Jessica struggled to open her legs more as her skirt was too tight around her thighs.

"God girl, are you stupid? Hitch your skirt up. If you want to show me you've got to hitch that skirt up."

Steadying herself with one hand Jessica tugged the skirt up her white thighs, first one side than the other. She struggled to get the bunched skirt up and over her arse. As she pulled the skirt to her waist her white panties rode up her crack. She pulled out the material and smoothed it over her cheeks. Jessica paused to consider her situation, any one could walk in and catch them. They would see Jessica on all fours like a dirty little school girl slut. She would be ashamed for any of her friends to see her like this, but it was that very fear which kept her there. She loathed what Tom was doing to her but at the same time she loved it, she knew this because despite everything Jessie felt a small damp patch form between her legs.

"Now move you legs apart."

Jessica moved her knees apart another couple of inches. Tom stood up and walked behind her. Jessica bit her bottom lip.

"You thought this would break me did you? You thought I wouldn't be able to resist your arse did you? You thought I'd grab it and stick my tongue up your hole. Well look at you there, on your knees like a cheap slag, I don't want to touch you. Do you suppose if you were to wriggle it around it would make any difference?"

"I don't know."

"Do it, move your arse like a porn star. Do it slowly, show me what you do for those spotty boyfriends in your grubby little flat."

Jessica fought the instinct to burst into tears and started to move her hips around in a circular motion. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was getting wetter but still her heart pounded with fear. Where was Tom going to take this?

"Show me what makes those boys want to come all over you. That's it, grind it, move it round and round."

Jessica was unsure if she was doing it right, like porn stars did. She felt the damp cotton of her panties start to ride up into her slit. She wondered if Tom was playing with himself and turned round to see.

"Don't look at me!" shouted Tom.

"Sorry," said Jessica.

"Sorry, what?"

Jessica wondered what he meant then realised, "Sorry, sir."

"I can see where your pussy is making your panties wet", said Tom, softly. "A little wet patch right underneath, right here." Tom didn't touch her but she could sense his finger was close. "Is that where you wanted my face? Did you think I would want to smell your cunt through your panties?"

"Yes," said Jessica, "Yes, I did."

"Did you imagine me pulling your panties down over your arse, down to your knees, unable to help myself?"

"Yes, that's what I thought you'd do."

"Because then I would have to tongue you wouldn't I? I'd see you're wet pussy and your anus and I would have to start licking wouldn't I?"

"That's what I hoped for, that's what I imagined." She paused then went on, "but only if it pleased you."

"Well why don't you get that underwear down to your knees then, show me what I'm missing."

With one hand supporting her, Jessica used the other to pull down her knickers over her round arse and down her long thighs. Her legs were still apart, so when the panties got near to her knees they were stretched and pinched into her skin. Jessica was surrendering herself to the situation, she was enjoying being this old man's little tart. She enjoyed doing what he told her too, she wanted to him to dominate her. This is how she'd always imagined him. If she was naughty, she wanted him to spank her bottom cheeks, but if she was good she hope he might lick her arse out, maybe even fuck her.

"Did you want me to take them off," asked Jessica.

"Did you think I would?"

"No", said Jessica, "I thought you would leave them on like this, stretched between my knees."

"Then leave them on," said Tom. Jessica felt sure that Tom was now crouching down and staring at her pussy. "Why don't you carry on moving your arse? That's it round and round. I must say it really is a fine backside you have there, I've seen and fucked better but it is very fine. Your pussy's gorgeous too, you trim it don't you?"

"Yes, yes I do."

"Yes, you take your time don't you? Making sure you've got a nice tidy bush for the boys. I need to get a better look at your asshole, pull your cheeks apart."

Jessica moved one hand around and pulled her right cheek to one side. She was still trying to move around like a lap dancer, but with her panties around her knees and one hand holding her up it was a tricky position.

"Oh yes, a nice tight hole, that's what I like. Have you ever been fucked up the ass, Jessie."

"Yes, once, my second boyfriend."

"But that's not really what you like is it?"

Jessie though about what he might want to hear, "No what I really like is for someone to stick their tongue up there. I like a man to run his tongue around the rim of my hole. I like him to take his time moving his tongue. It drives me so mad having someone licking the edge of my hole. I want them to do it whilst I pinch and play with my clit."

Jesse moved her hand around to her clit, and started to stroke and flick it. She didn't know if Tom was going to tell her off, she hoped he might.

"So am I going to lick your hole Jessie? Do you think that's what I'm going to do?"

"I don't know but I want you to."

"Well I'm not going to. I've told you before I'm not going to lay a finger on you, but maybe you should beg me."

Could this be true, was he just going to leave her there begging, with her rude hole on display? Was he going to leave her feeling cheap, used and unsatisfied? She couldn't bear the thought of being left wanting but at the same time she was surprised to find even this concept made her hornier. Tom was very close, she could feel his breath on the insides of her legs. She was pinching and rubbing her clit a little faster.

"Stick your tongue between my cheeks, please Sir, I want you to lick my anus out." She was sliding her fingers up and down her slit and then bringing them back up and pinching her clit. "I want you to grab my cheeks and pull them apart, stick your face up there and give me a good licking, please Sir."

"Would you want my tongue to go inside you?"

"Yes Sir, eventually I would. I wouldn't be able to take it any more and I would want you to stick your tongue up me. I would want you to pull my cheeks far apart and stick your tongue up there as far as it would go. I think you'll find I taste very sweet. I want it to be good for you Sir, I'd be most upset if my bottom didn't please you. You'd have to spank me if it wasn't to your liking."

"Would you want me to lick your cunt out as well?"

"Yes Sir, I would. I would want you to alternate between my ass and my cunt, sticking your tongue in as deep as you could. I would be frigging my clit so you wouldn't have to worry about that, Sir, but you'd have to eat out my pussy and my ass. Especially my ass, Sir, I really want your tongue up my ass."

Jessica was fully engrossed in her fantasy now and was enjoying thinking of new ways to be Tom's obedient classroom whore. Jessica was rubbing her clit furiously now, working in the juices from her sopping pussy. She couldn't support herself on one hand any longer, and put her face down on the wooden desk, her ass still high up in the air. Now she had two hands free. She tugged and pulled at her hard clit and started to finger fuck her pussy with the other hand. The position was uncomfortable but that just added to the sordidness. Jessica wondered if Tom had his hand down his pants now.

"Are you playing with yourself, Sir?" asked Jessica.

"You'd like that wouldn't you?"

"I'd like it very much, but I'd like it much better if you had your tongue up my ass." Jessica slipped another finger up her snatch and started fucking herself faster.

"Do you suppose Jessie, that it would be ok if I just jerked over you instead? Do you think the college authorities would view that as inappropriate relations with a student?"

"I think under the circumstances, Sir, they may take a lenient view".

Jessica slipped a third finger up her cunt, and fucked herself hard and deep. Her vagina was so wet it was making squelchy noises. Her other hand was still working her throbbing clit. She closed her eyes to imagine what Tom cock might look like. She imagined Tom stroking his penis behind her, using her as his masturbatory toy.

"Oh Jesus," sighed Jessica, "are you going to do me or not!"

"I've told you Jessie, I can't, you're going to have to do it for yourself."

"Alright if that's what you want, I just want to please you, Sir." said Jessica, she was frustrated that he wasn't going to even touch her but still hoped he might come over her soft peachy white arse. She took her finger out of her pussy and started spreading her cunt juices round to her anus, smearing them round her hole, getting it good and lubricated.

"Yes that's it Jessie, you bring yourself off, you wank yourself good and then if your very good, I'll come over your ass cheeks".

"I guess if that's the best you can do Sir, I'd be very grateful." Jessica started to work her thumb into her tight arsehole. With the other hand she fucked her cunt with three fingers. She was imagining Tom spraying his cum over her. She imagined herself covered in his spunk, and him laughing at his sex slave.

"You should be grateful, Jessie, I don't do this for all my students".

Jessica pushed her thumb further into her arse. "Oh I will be Sir. I will be very grateful, as soon as I come I'd be ever so grateful if you could shoot your spunk over my soft white arse. I'd love that so much, look how I'm sticking it up in the air for you. Look at me fucking my tight hole with my thumb, sir. Look at how I'm making myself good for you Sir. Doesn't that make you want to come sir? Me in my black school shoes and knee socks with my thumb up my arse. Doesn't that make you want to shoot over me? I'm just a filthy little slut, I don't even deserve your cock but if I please you, I'd love your spunk all over my cheeks."

Jessica tweaked her clit once last time and then stuck her three fingers deep into her cunt, whilst her other hand pushed her thumb deep up her ass. In her imagination, Tom was spraying his warm jizz over her. She was being the perfect little slut and she loved it, both in her fantasy and right now in real life. As her orgasm began and she contracted her cunt and anus tight around her fingers and thumbs. She shuddered as the orgasm spread out from her vagina to her thighs and belly, right down to her toes, and up through her tiny tits and nipples to her head and the tips of her teeth.

"I'm coming Tom! Christ I'm coming. Shoot it over me, Tom! Do it now!"

Her teeth chattered as the orgasm thundered through her a second time. As the shaking subsided she heard the lecture theatre door close shut behind her.

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