Classroom Barbie


???: Hey its Sarah ;)

John: How'd you get my number?

Sarah: Facebook I hope this is ok

John: Yeah, its fine!

Sarah: I know teachers aren't like supposed to text there students but idc

John: Me either lol

Sarah: Hows your brake so far hun?

John: Fine, yours?

Sarah: Its ok im sort of loonely i mis seaing u in clas

John: Me too :)

He and Sarah texted on and off for the rest of the night.

The break was over in a blink of an eye and John was back in school. He sat down in Sarah's classroom and checked his phone. He saw a text from her. I have a suprize 4 u John ull sea when i get to clas. The class was loud as the students all chatted about their breaks with each other. Suddenly the door opened and Sarah stepped inside. The whole class fell silent, and John could see why.

Sarah was wearing a short and tight fitting pink dress. He noticed that her waist was incredibly skinny, she was thinner now, like almost Barbie thin, she must have gotten lipo. The pink dress barely covered her crotch, and he saw that her thighs went from super skinny to juicy and thick, so she'd gotten thigh injections too. His eyes drifted up to her chest. The top was super low-cut and seemed a size too small for her new round fake DD breasts.

The implants were high on her chest and very fake looking, she wasn't even wearing a bra, her nipples were visible through the thin pink material. She had a diamond necklace around her neck and matching diamond bracelet. John was so hard as he stared at her new fake breasts. Sarah turned to walk towards her desk and John's jaw dropped. Her ass was huge! It was massive, sticking out and barely contained by the short dress. Her ass looked even bigger then Kim's, she was in the realm of an ass model now.

Mrs Williams giggled and sat at her desk. "I hope everyone had like a good break and stuff," she said. John noticed that Sarah's pupils were huge and her eyes looked bloodshot, she must have still been taking painkillers from all the surgeries. Sarah adjusted the top of her dress, touching her breasts and pulling them up. "Sorry they are new," she smiled. The class was still silent, shocked. "Well they look great," Ashley said breaking the silence.

"Thanks honey!" Sarah beamed. The class began to talk quietly to themselves as Sarah got up to pull down the over-head to show a video. As she pulled the overhead down she made a show of bending over as far as she could, her short pink dress riding up and showing her new huge fake booty, and the thin pink G-string. She stood up before pulling the dress back down over her ass. She then wobbled back to her desk in her pink heels. John noticed that she'd had her hair done; it was much longer now and had much more volume. She looked like the perfect Barbie. "I'm so high right now," Sarah giggled. "Does anyone want some vicodin?"

"Sure," Ashley said getting up out of her seat. John watched the blonde cheerleader walk to Sarah and accept a few pills from her before taking them dry. As the class went on the video played but no one watched it, all eyes were on Mrs. Williams and Ashley who was sitting by her desk as they laughed and acted completely out of it. People were taking pictures with their phone, especially when Ashley reached out and touched Sarah's new fake tits. "They feel so good!" she said. John smiled to himself. After class everyone left, including Ashley. John approached Sarah's desk.

"Ashley asked me to be like the new cheerleading coach! The old one quit!" Sarah said happily. "I like said yes!"

"That's great," John smiled. "I really like my surprise." He said as he stared at her breasts.

"You like them?" she squealed happily as she touched her breasts. "Here, feel them," she said grabbing his hand and placing it on her breast. John obliged, squeezing her breast and rubbing her hard nipple through the fabric. Sarah moaned. "What about my ass? I like didn't over do it did I?" she asked, getting up and bending over.

"No it looks perfect," he said. He laid a hand on her round ass and squeezed it. "Um, I'll be right back." Sarah said. She walked over and locked the door and turned off the lights.

She then walked towards him before pulling her top down to expose her new fake tits. "I've wanted to do this for a long time," she said as she placed a hand on his chest and leaned in. He noticed that her nose was different; she must have gotten it done as well. Not only that but her cheeks were slightly bigger, she'd also gotten cheek implants to make her look younger. John leaned in and kissed Sarah, pressing his lips against her large plump ones.

It felt great; she kissed him back fiercely, slipping her tongue into his mouth. As they kissed John's hands slipped up to her breasts, he squeezed them and played with her nipples making Sarah moan. She suddenly dropped to her knees, undoing his pants and pulling his boxers down to expose his big hard cock. She kissed the head of his cock and slipped her huge lips around it. John moaned as she began to suck his cock like she'd been doing it her whole life. Her fake lips felt great around his cock. John grunted as she began to deep-throat his cock without barely making a sound. "Ohhh godd..." he moaned. Several minutes later she pulled away and he exploded. Spraying his warm cum all over her chin and her fake tits. Sarah licked up the cum on her face, "Its so yummy!" she giggled as she began to rub the cum in all over her tits, making them shinny. Sarah got up and kissed John again.

He pushed Sarah against the desk, her short dress riding up and showing her pink thong. Sarah pulled it down showing her tight pink pussy.

"I've only ever fucked my ex-husband," she said. So she was calling her dead husband her ex now. John smiled at her, "Its time to change that," he said before he shoved his big cock into her tight pussy. Sarah moaned loudly as he began to fuck her against the desk. Her fake tits bounced as he fucked her, "Oh god, yes, John yes!" she moaned. "Take my big cock you slut!" he grunted.

"Oh yes! Fuck me harder! I'm your little slut!" she moaned. He pounded her tight pussy, his cock going all the way to her cervix, making the pleasure more intense for her. He leaned forward and began to suck her nipple and nibble on it as he rammed his cock into her wet pussy. Suddenly Sarah reared back and moaned as she orgasmed in his arms. He followed a few seconds later, exploding again inside her as his cum squirted deep inside her pussy.

"Don't worry I can't have kids," Sarah said breathing heavily.

"Okay," John said as he pulled his cock out of her pussy. She smiled at him and leaned in and kissed him, "That was soo good, you fuck better then my ex." She giggled.

"You should like come see my house one night." She suggested.

"Sure, that sounds nice; probably safer then making love here."

"Yeah, hehe." Sarah said as she pulled her thong up and her short dress down before pulling it back up over her fake breasts and slipping the thin straps back over her shoulders.

"I'm gonna head home I'll text you Sarah." He said smiling at her.

She nodded and waved at him as he left before turning to collect her things.

John walked into class the next day to find Sarah already inside. She was wearing tight fitting white pants that showed off the contour of her big fake ass. She was wearing a tight fitting blue top that showed off her big fake tits and which came down to her midriff, revealing her pierced belly button, and was that a new tattoo? Sure enough there was a small black Playboy bunny on her midriff. He also noticed it looked like she'd gotten a fake tan, she was practically orange now; her fake tan was very obvious.

Sarah then turned around and bent over for some reason, her white pants riding down and showing off her thong and a new tramp stamp. It was the words Barbie stenciled in pink letters. John liked the tattoos, he saw Sarah turn to him and wink. He noticed that her eyebrows were different and realized she now sported dark tattooed ones, perfectly symmetrical. "Okay you guys can like do whatever you want, skip, go home, I don't care." She smiled at her class. "I'll be showing Legally Blonde," she giggled as she put on the movie.

Sarah then sat at her desk putting a pencil to her large lips as she was attempting to read something on her computer.

"Um Mrs. Williams why does it say Mrs. Barbie on the board?" Ashley asked. John looked up and saw that sure enough it was written there.

"Oh lol, I forgot to tell you guys that I like changed my name yesterday? I did it illegally, or is it legally? Whichever one the governers say is ok," she giggled. She pulled out her driver license and showed it to the class, "See?" she asked. Sure enough it said Sarah Barbie on the license, and showed a recent picture of her. She was pouting in the picture.

"Cool!" Ashley said. "Don't forget about cheer-practice after school Mrs. Barbie!" she said. Sarah nodded, "Okay I won't!" she said, her breasts bouncing as she nodded.

Once the classroom was clear John approached Sarah with his laptop, "Hey Sarah I have a cool fashion video I thought you'd like, its called Barbie Fashion." He said.

"Ohhh! Play it! I want too see!" she squealed. He played the video and soon she was frozen again as she stared at the screen. He read the screen as it flashed. Bigger boobs! You will obey John's every command... You will fuck only him unless he says otherwise. Soon the brainwashing was done. "Ohhh like my brain hurts," she said. "Wait no my skull hurts," she giggled. "Your brains are in your boobies right?" she asked as she touched them and began to rub them. "Mmm my boobies are still too small!" she pouted. "Oh well I'm right! I can buy like anything!" she giggled. He'd forgotten to turn the intelligence draining part off, and it seemed she'd become even dumber. Oh well. She turned to John, "I need to go to cheer-practice," she said getting up.

"Come over to my house tonight, I'll have a new surprise for you baby." She winked at him before walking out of the classroom, he watched her giant ass in the tight white pants as she left and felt his cock harden.

Chapter 4

Later that night John followed Sarah's directions and rode his bike to her house. He whistled as he saw the house. It was massive, like a mansion. Standing outside was Sarah. "John!" she said as he came closer. "I bought some cars today!" she said as she pointed to the pink corvette. "Nice!" he said admiring the car. "And this is your surprise, this one is for you!" she giggled as she pointed to a bright red, 2013 Mustang GT. "Holy fucking shit!" John yelled. "You bought this for me?!" he said looking at the car.

"Like duh, I love you baby," she said as she tossed him a set of keys. John snatched them out of the air and then pulled Sarah into a hug resting his head on her breasts.

"Thank you so much..." he said.

"Your welcome, you can like repay me later." She giggled, "Now come inside I want to introduce you to the girls." She said.

"The girls?" he asked as he followed Sarah into the massive house, he gave her big ass a light slap which made her giggle.

She walked into the living room and John's eyes widened when he saw the entire Cheer Leading squad sitting in the living room. All of the school's most popular girls, they smiled at him.

"Girls this is John," she said.

"Hey John," they all said, Ashley smiled at him. She was pretty with long dark hair, a pretty face thin body, and small perky breasts she liked to show off.

"Hey Ashley," he said.

"You girls all need to see John's new car he drove here in *giggle*, it's like really totally hot!" Sarah said.

"Yes Mrs. Barbie," the girls replied. "Hey John I need to like talk to you with just like us, follow me," she said before walking off into the kitchen. She turned to John. "I need your help," she frowned as if thinking really hard. "I want my gitls to be sexy, like the hottest cheer squad ever, so they'd win all those como... compo.. contest thingys." She said. "But their boobies are like so small and stuff, I want them to be barbies like me." She said.

"I might be able to help with that..." John said slowly. "Like what I did to you, I have a program that can turn them into bimbos, and have them agree for the plastic surgery, as for their parents it will be easy to convince them with this program." He grinned.

"You like turned me into a bimbo?" she asked looking as surprised as her frozen face would allow.

"Yeah," he said.

"Awh thank you so much! I'm like so happy!" she said before she began kissing him. "Just give me 20 minutes, and I need all their names..." he said.

Twenty minutes later and he'd tweaked his first video a bit, deleted some commands, and edited in all their names, while removing Sarah's. The video would no longer affect her. He walked into the living room and used a cord to hook his laptop up to the massive plasma screen. "Like we are totally going to watch a cheerleading video girls!" Sarah said. John played the video and suddenly all of the girls froze as the colors began to flash, with glazed looks on their face. "Oooh pretty colors!" Sarah clapped.

"Is it working?" she asked.

"Yes," John said. "They will all now listen to everything you say, want to get implants and other surgeries and their intelligence will be lowered a bit, but not as far as we need."

"Good," she giggled. When the video the girls blinked confused, "Why didn't the video play?" Ashley said as she rubbed her temples.

"I guess the link's broken." John shrugged. He'd planted a special command for Ashley... that she'd like him.

"I have to admit something... god I wish I had big fake breasts like you Mrs. Barbie," Sarah said. "Me too!" some of the other girls said as they looked at their smaller breasts.

"I can buy you all fake boobies!" Sarah said.

"I don't think my parents would ever agree to that," Ashley sighed. "Don't worry I can like totally make them see the... the... dark? No that's not right."

"You'll convince them," John offered.

"Yeah! I'll condense them!" Sarah said. "Just show them this video," she said offering them all disks. "Tell them its information about the cheer-squad," she said. "It will condense them," she giggled. It was true; John had made the videos earlier to convince the parents that their girls implants were okay and totally acceptable. He'd set the parents to expect their daughters future changes, and they wouldn't be surprised now when they started to act like bimbo's due to the video.

"Okay!" the girls said as they each took a disk. "Okay girls its like time to go home, your mommies and daddies are totally outside right now." Sarah said; as the girls got up to leave Ashley looked at Sarah.

"My parent's aren't they like couldn't pick me up today." She said.

"I'll give you a ride," John offered.

"Sure!" Ashley said her face lighting up. "Thanks John!" she said. They walked outside together, John couldn't help but admire her thin petite frame, her small tight ass and her petite rounds breasts. "That's your car!" she yelled when she saw it.

"Yeah," he said scratching his head as he unlocked it. "Oh my god!" she said running towards it. "This car is so hot!" she said. They both climbed in and took off down the road, John began going about seventy miles an hour. Soon they pulled up outside her house.

"Thanks for the ride John," Ashley smiled. She then leaned in and kissed John. "I'll text you okay?" she smiled before getting out and walking up to her house. John couldn't believe it; he'd just been kissed by Ashley. He drove home thinking about what he was doing now and where his life was going. He'd be sure to make a video to convince his parents his new car was okay and normal.

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Its hard to believe Sarah will be employed

as a teacher much longer. What might John do with her after she is fired?

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Continuation can be seen here

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A Pleasant Tale

A nice story. Can't wait to see how things turn out. I hope that John, Sarah, and even Ashley will be very happy.

Looking forward to next installments...

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