Just recently I've been contacted by a couple of women through Litrotica feedback which has progressed quite luckily for them in to much more meaningful email and chat sessions.

Claudia though got my attention immediately and it's for her, the filthy married slut that I write this story regarding a very naughty chat we shared the other morning that was unfortunately cut short due to work commitments.

Claudia is one of those married housewives that needs that little bit of extra spice in her stale marriage. At 27 she's felt the need to use the internet to quench that thirst of a little bit extra that her husband just fails to give her any more.

Feeling frustrated she decided to go out and find work, or at least better work than she was currently doing which was assisting in a school for young children.

the money wasn't that great and not really enough hours. Her husband earned well and was often away on business leaving her all alone, lonely and neglected.

She answered a job advert that my company had placed in the local papers and after reading her impressive CV she was given an interview.

When I saw her arrive for her interview and breeze through the foyer in a tight pencil skirt that finished just above the knee and a tight buttoned up blouse hugging what looked like a nice pair of tits she'd grabbed my attention.

I found out later that day that the gorgeous small blonde in black high heels had applied for the job as an admin support in my department.

For the next few weeks I could think of nothing else as we waited for the announcement to come regarding the successful candidate.

So imagine how pleased I was when some thirty days later said blonde in tight skirt and small blouse entered the office with the boss and was shown to the empty desk over near the window.

"Gentlemen, and lady," he said turning to Barbra the PA in her fifties, "meet the new admin support Claudia,"

We all said hi and smiled and she responded in a sexy accent, but I couldn't place where from, maybe German I thought as I eyed her up and down. Damn she was a sexy piece of arse and I wan't the only one licking their lips at the sight of this new blonde beauty.

Over the next few weeks we all made her feel welcome and learned about her as she learned about us. She fit in well, was up for a laugh and responded well to innuendo's and harmless flirting.

Or so it was at first, one night down the pub after work us blokes were talking about Claudia and obviously the conversation turned to sex and more importantly whether Claudia was the sort of woman to cheat on her husband.

We decided she perhaps wasn't as she spoke well of him in the main and often said he treated her well and was kind and gentle. One thing that she did gradually admit to one drunken evening was that she was frustrated how often he was away from home with work and that her sex life had suffered.

This drunken admission hadn't gone unnoticed by myself anyway.

Five months in to her employment that annoyance of not seeing her husband and the neglected feeling got the better of her and one Wednesday evening when she was working late on some important files she made a mistake.

Claudia had been asked by the boss to stay and sort some important files ready for dispatch the following morning. It was when she was alone that her husband had called from another of his trips and she took a break to speak to him.

I'd left the pub on the corner a ten minute walk from our offices not long after she'd answered the call when I realised I'd left my house keys on my desk so decided to pop back and fetch them.

No big deal I thought, I had to go that way anyway.

As I approached I noticed the light still on on the fourth floor where we were located and wondered whether Claudia had left the light on by mistake.

I let myself in easily as nowhere was locked so began to assume either Claudia was still there or someone else was inside, an intruder maybe I wasn't sure.

The office was empty, boxes and files were out on all the desks clearly telling me that Claudia wasn't yet done for the night but she wasn't around.

I grabbed my keys and went to use the loo, when I got in here I stopped as I could hear Claudia's voice and that of a man.

I stopped and listened realising it was her husband, the noise was coming from the staff room.

I left quietly and snuck a look in the door as I passed and saw Claudia sat on the sofa in there looking at her phone talking. I assumed they were face timing each other something she said they often did when he was away.

I went back to the men's which backed on to the staff room and it must've been through the vents that I could hear her conversation. Not perfectly but well enough to know that they were telling each other they missed each other, loved each other before Claudia declared she wanted him back as she was desperate for sex.

She'd already lead us to believe that she had the higher sex drive and from her husbands response i could believe her. Then shockingly she began asking if he'd have phone sex and show her his cock so that she could get off as she was getting desperate.

My ears pricked up and my cock twitched in my trousers. Surely the new girl wasn't going to do this here in the staff room when working alone.

Fuck me she was, he begrudgingly agreed and over the next ten minutes I listened as Claudia and her husband spoke dirty to each other eventually leading to Claudia telling him her tits were out and her skirt was up round her waist.

"I'm pulling my knickers aside," she told her husband, "oh god I'm fingering myself at work, oooohhh," she moaned and I dashed back to the window in the door.

I looked in and my cock almost ripped my trousers off, there she was with her legs splayed on the sofa, her red thong pulled aside and two fingers in her pussy.

Shit I thought, I grabbed my phone and took a few snaps and then some video, this was golden I thought, absolute golden.

I watched and recorded as much as my phone would allow which unfortunately didn't get her when she came. That picture of her screwed up sweet face will remain with me for some time as she pushed two fingers deep in her pussy and thumbed her clit hard making herself come on her fingers.

That night at home i wondered just how to proceed with what i had seen and recorded. Of course I watched the footage again and then made copies on my computer as well as a memory stick.

For two weeks I held on to the footage and played a nice little game with Claudia. I gradually found a way of spending more and more time with her, even managing to work late once together and slowly I was flirting more heavily as we grew closer.

I was after work on a Friday when we ended up the last two in the bar that I made a move to kiss her and she turned away and told me, "no, I'm married and will never cheat on my husband."

She'd blew me out, made me look and feel daft. I wasn't happy and I wasn't going to forget.

We were awkward around each other for a few days but then the tension seemed to lift and we were getting back to normal. She seemed to of forgotten about my advance in the pub so on the next Friday evening before I left for home I attached a snap of her two fingers deep in an email and headed to the pub.

The delay I'd set on the email being delivered meant that I'd be in the pub with the boys when she received it and opened it.

I was stood at the bar when my phone beeped in my pocket and I looked at the name displayed in the notification box. Claudia.

I ordered my beer and then opened the text.

"We have to talk you bastard, are you at the pub?" it said.

I took a big swallow of my drink and smiled before replying, "yes," I wrote before adding some more with a smirk on my face, "be here in fifteen minutes," and hit send.

The smirk remained as I wrote the next bit, "Take your knickers off and put them in my jacket pocket that's on the back of my seat when you come in. Then order a drink and join us. I'll check my pocket and if they are not there I'll pass my phone around the lads," and then I hit send.

I was seated when my phone buzzed, "you bastard, I will not be blackmailed," she had replied.

"Your choice, fifteen minutes, knickers in my jacket or the lads all see you in action," and I hit send.

Before Claudia's fifteen minutes were up, twelve and a half to be precise she entered the bar and approached our table and came to stand beside me.

"Drinks?" she asked and crouched a little before heading to the bar.

Whilst she was gone I reached down in to my pocket and smiled as my fingers felt the material of a pair of women's knickers.

We all stayed pretty late, drinking for a good four hours until it was almost nine o'clock at night. Slowly people slopped off leaving just me and Claudia, just how I wanted it.

I'd kept her drinks flowing all night and she'd drank them all because when she said she didn't want one a quick wave of my phone had her changing her mind pretty quickly.

"So," I said as soon as we were alone and reached in to my jacket pocket pulling out a navy blue pair of french knickers with a little red bow on the middle. "Very nice," I said thumbing them at the gusset where her pussy had been resting against all day.

I looked at her and she blushed a deep red and looked away.

"Look at me Claudia," I said firmly.

She slowly turned her head and looked at me red with embarrassment as I thumbed her knickers and then raised them to my nose and mouth and inhaled deeply.

"Your smell delicious Claudia," I said smirking at her as her eyes wanted to wander. A slight shake of my head snapped her eyes back to mine and I inhaled her sweet scent again as she watched in horror.

"Now what did you want to talk about Claudia?" I said dropping her knickers on the middle of the table.

She was silent for a while, almost a minute as she gathered her thoughts and wondered what the hell to say. When she did talk it was a mumble stammer, barely audible, nut I gathered it was something along the lines of please don't say anything, blah blah blah.

2 Hours later;

"Please, not here, please," she whimpered as I led her down the alleyway beside her house.

I led her half way down to where there was a street lamp and leaned back against the wall and then applied pressure on her shoulders.

She resisted as expected, "On your knees Claudia," I said firmly and eventually her legs weakened and she lowered before me in to a crouching position on her high heels.

I unbuttoned my trouser and lowered the fly as a tear rolled down your cheek, "pleaseeee," you whimpered.

I pulled my waistband away from my hips and reached in to fish out my cock. It sprang out erect already and your eyes widened, I didn't have the longest cock in the world but I was thick with a large helmet.

I saw face, shocked, horrified, scared but also you subconsciously ran your tongue along your bottom lip. I smirked at you and you realise immediately what you had done and I had seen and you whimper again.

"pleaseeee," but with even less meaning or conviction than before. Your eyes unable to look away from my throbbing solid cock inches from your face.

"Your just a slut aren't you Claudia?" I goad.

"Noooo," you moan.

"Your a dirty slut aren't you Claudia?" I say again and shuffle closer letting my helmet bump in to you cheek and slide along your face.

You don't even flinch, either paralysed by fear or unfazed by cock so close to your face. I take my dick and hit you on the cheek, slapping my heavy shaft on your face and you moan slightly.

"Your a filthy slut aren't you Claudia?" I ask again as I pull back my dick and then swing it down across your nose and eye causing you to moan yet again.

"Nooooo," you whimper.

I take my cock and aim the helmet at your lips and push forward against them, you resist for four, maybe five seconds and then your lips part and my fat cock head pushes inside stretching your mouth.

"Your a filthy cock sucking slut aren't you Claudia?" I asked her as she looked up at me with wide eyes. She breathed heavily sucking in air through her nose.

"Ummpphh ummmm," she mumbled and nodded.

"I knew you were Claudia, I think a better name for you is slut don't you think?" I said pushing more meat in her mouth filling her and making her gag.

I pulled out and she coughed and spat, saliva hanging from her lips and on her chin.

"Yes, " she panted agreeing to her new name as slut.

Ten minutes later I was walking off in the direction of the main road zipping my fly and buttoning up. It was nearly midnight and I needed a cab home.

You on the other hand had a fifty yard walk home with come on your face after I filled your throat and then pulled out to cover your pretty face with my hot sperm.

"I'll see you soon slut," I said as I walked off relieved.

Over the next five months you had come to understand what being a slut, no my slut, fully entailed.

I'd fucked you on the Monday after that first blowjob and then at least three times each week for them five months. I'd fucked you at your house, my house, in both our cars, in the alley beside your house and at work.

I'd made you alter your dress at work to shorter skirts to show off your lovely legs and you now regularly revealed cleavage. You'd become quite the talk of the office even catching the eye of the boss.

Away from work I'd been getting you to meet me at all different times which often meant you had to lie to your husband when he was back from business, but you did it and I knew that I now had a good hold over you.

I wanted to up the ante, push the boundaries, that's why I was sat in the men's toilet with a hard dick in the middle of the day. I text you.

"Slut, men's toilet, cubicle 3, now," I hit send.

The toilet was on the same floor as our offices so it didn't take long to hear the door go and then close before I heard high heels clicking across the tiled floor.

I'd left the door unlocked and it opened slowly as you pushed it and peered in, I sat smirking at you wanking my cock and your face dropped.

"We could get caught!" you said.

"Lift your skirt, pull your knickers down and ride my cock you slut," I told her.

You knew better than to refuse me now so backed in to the cubicle and shut the door then raised your skirt over your wonderful arse so it was round your waist.

You then peeled your thong down and left it somewhere round your knees and back towards me, I took your hips and pulled you down and like a good slut your pussy was already slightly damp so when it met my head you parted and slid down me easily.

You bit your lip and moaned as my thick cock spread and then filled your wonderful tight hole. You didn't stop until you were fully down my pole getting as much in your cheating cunt as possible before you rocked back and forth a few times and groaned again.

"Now ride me slut," I ordered you and you immediately began to bounce up and down my meat, slowly at first and then faster and faster until you slammed down hard and came hard on my dick.

Your tight little pussy contracted around my cock as your orgasm shook you and it made me lose my hot load just after.

After a minutes recovery I told you to get up and pull your knickers up and get back to the office.

"You can spend the day with my come running out of you slut," I said as you hurriedly straightened up and left the men's toilet.

It was only ten thirty in the morning and I'd filled your cunt with come, during work hours in the men's toilet.

I looked across at you and you squirmed in your seat awkwardly, probably my come in your knickers making it a little uncomfortable. I sent you an email,

"I've not finished with you today!"

I saw her look across at me after reading her computer, she looked very apprehensive to say the least. That's how i wanted her though, on edge, worried. It helped me control her.

At two thirty in the afternoon most of our department left the office to attend various meetings and appointments, it left only three of us so I emailed Slut.

"Go to the men's toilet and use cubicle 3 , sit back on the seat and spread those legs, skirt round your waist, knickers hanging off one foot, the one that's resting on the toilet holder. Be fingering yourself and leave the door wide open,"

She looked at her computer and I saw her face change and then look over and she shook her head ever so slightly.

I emailed again.

"Do it or I send a picture to the boss,"

A minute later she straightened her desk and pushed her chair back and headed for the corridor where the toilets were situated.

I waited for as long as possible, a good seven minutes as I wanted her to be in there panicking for as long as possible. I eventually went and found her exactly as I requested.

"Fucking hell slut," I said looking at her puffy swollen pussy lips, still inflamed from the earlier fuck. She pushed two fingers back in her sticky hole and moaned.

"Please, be quick Sir," you said, using my name correctly as instructed.

Because she'd asked that I deliberately took my time freeing my cock, there was only Chris left in the office and he was busy on a big project.

Once my cock was out I entered the cubicle and aimed my cock at my sluts cunt, she removed her fingers as my helmet approached her hole, "You ready for more cock slut?" I said as my helmet met her pussy lips.

They parted with ease, the earlier come and her constant state of arousal meant that she was easy to slide in to and she cried out, "Yesssss," as her cunt accepted me.

I wasn't there to fuck nicely, I was there to use her and did just that, I pounded her tight wet pussy hard and fast making her come within minutes. I fucked straight through her orgasm and called her a dirty slut for coming so quick and having no self control.

I was about to make her come again when the door swung open behind us with a loud creak, I stopped momentarily, this wasn't good I thought at first. And then I began fucking her again.

She shook her head and mouthed no to me, I smiled and slammed in to her harder. The slap of wet skin echoed in the toilet and she bit her lip to stifle her moan.

I pulled out to the tip and slammed back in, two, three, four times and she screwed her eyes up and began to come.

She pushed her hips down to meet my thrusting cock and moaned loudly unable to control herself.

I felt a presence behind me and look left to see Chris looking over my shoulder smirking.

"I always knew she was a slut," he said and Claudia's eyes shot open and she tried to back off my cock.

"Where you going slut?" I said leaning in to her and pulling her back down my meat holding her in place as I began to thrust in and out of her again.

She was shaking her head, "No, no, no, pleasseeeeee," she whimpered. Her eyes locked on Chris's as he watched her get taken disgracefully in the work toilets.

"I've gotta piss," he said and left us at it. We heard him take a leak behind us then he came back looking over my shoulder.

He called Claudia a few names, slut, whore and bitch whilst telling her what nice tits she had.

"I told the lads that you were one to keep an eye on didn't I?" he said nudging me.

"You certainly did mate," I said slowing my thrusts as my spunk boiled up ready to erupt.

"You like the cock do you bitch?" he said to Claudia.

She would've answered but I'd just rammed my thumb on her clit and she was screwing her face up and gritting her teeth at that moment. I lifted my thumb and she opened her eyes panting.

"Answer him slut," I said pushing my thumb back on her sensitive nub.

"Yesssss," she hissed. Admitting her love of cock.

I slowed to short sharp strokes and then filled her hole for the second time. I pulled out as soon as I'd emptied and stepped back, this is when I noticed Chris still had his dick out which he was wanking now that it was hard.

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