tagGroup SexClaudia Meets Mr. Z & Viv

Claudia Meets Mr. Z & Viv


Claudia was a waitress at a new club, Tarts-n-Hearts. It was her first day working the floor alone. Her long black curly black hair was ticked back and pinned at her neck. The tiny uniform she wore outlined her curves and hugged her body. Her breasts were a c-cup, overflowing from the top she wore. Her thighs were barely covered and she'd had to wear a thong to hide panties lines in the tight skirt. Topping it off, they had to wear heels, atleast six inch, stillettos. She wasn't very comfortable, but the tips were amazing because the customers loved the skin they got.

Tarts-n-Hearts was not just a club, two nights a week they had strippers and once a week was ladies night. Men brought their women into the bar, got them drunk, cozied up in a booth and watched the show. She'd only worked here for three days, but she'd seen plenty of women kissing the waitresses, grabbing them and she'd even thought she'd seen one girl on her knees in front of a man.

Each section of the club was distinguished by color, tonight her color was blue. Three closed off booths for private parties, two tables for meals and three seats to wait at the bar for an opening. Her job was to wait on the two tables and three booths. Jerry, the bar tender would take care of the ones waiting at the bar. If a high paying private party wants to take over the waitress for any time period, they bring out a back-up waitress and close off her section until the private party's time is over.

She could handle this, not alot to do. She had been a waitress before, just not in a place like this. Two hours into her shift, she'd made almost a hundred dollars. She'd had two private parties and three tables so far. The next man to enter her zone was known around the club as Mr. Z.

Mr Z. was a big spender, his tips were atleast five hundred dollars an hour. He'd keep you as long as you did as he told you. If you were late or took too long, he'd cut you short, no tip and move to someone else's section. She was very nervous. She'd hoped he'd avoid her section for atleast a few weeks til she got the hang of it.

Before she could get Mr. Z into a booth, her lights went out and her buzzer went off. Another waitress was taking over and she was to report to Jerry for details.

Seating Mr. Z, she quickly rushed over to Jerry. "What's going on?" she asked.

Jerry smiled, "Mr. Z wants you for the night. Do what ever he wants. He's a good client and he can make or break you. If you want this job, make nice with him."

"What do you mean make nice? Do what he wants? Anthing he wants? What does that mean?" she stammered.

Jerry hurried her along, "Go Claudia, if you want your job, keep Mr. Z happy. No go, he doesn't like to wait."

Tucking her hair and straightening the tiny skirt, she rushed back to the booth Mr. Z had been settled into. Entering the booth, she glanced around looking for him. He was no where to be found. She left the booth and checked the next one, it was empty too. She made her way to the back booth and he was seated inside.

He had a woman with him, she was absolutely breath taking. Soft reddish blonde hair cascaded around her shoulders. She wore a short red dress, covered in sequins held up by tiny straps. Her neck was decorated with diamonds and she wore a beautiful diamond ring. Bright red nails attached to long slender fingers.

Claudia had never been with a woman before, but she was mighty curious about Mr. Z's companion. Taking their drinks orders, she met eyes with the woman. She smiled sweetly and the woman brushed a hand against her cheek. A spark between them, she backed away to go get their drinks.

Returning, she found Mr. Z alone. "Here are your drinks, sir."

Mr. Z's eyes met her's. His grin widened and he spoke softly, "You think she's attractive don't you?"

Her eyes lowered and she mumbled, "Very pretty."

He ran a hand along her chin, lifting her eyes to his, "She's attracted to you too. She went to freshen up. I bet she's touching herself thinking of you."

Her cheeks turned crimson, she couldn't look up at him again. Backing away, she thought of what Jerry had said, keep Mr. Z happy. She had to continue through this.

When she offered him an appetizer or meal, he shushed her. "Come, sit with me dear. I like to get to know the women who work here."

She sat next to him, he rested an arm behind her. "So, do you enjoy beautiful women? Or is it just my lady who you're attracted to?"

She blushed more, "She's very attractive, but I've got a boyfriend at home."

He laughed, "I guess you don't know the rules here. No one has a boyfriend while they are at work here."

His hand roamed across the edge of her skirt hem. Sliding a finger underneath and running it across her bare skin. His fingers crawled up her inner thigh, finding the wet spot in her thong. She gasped.

He leaned in closer, his lips near her earlobe. Breathe on her skin, her body warming up. "Now, be a good girl and...."

Just then, the lady walked inside, "Z, baby, I told you to wait for me! I wanted to be a part of this too."

She slid into the seat against Claudia. "Hi sweetie, I'm Viv, I'm Mr. Z's lady friend. You're really pretty sweetie."

Claudia was trapped between them, Viv's fingers ran across her breasts, touching her nipples. They were getting hard and poking against the fabric. Mr. Z's cock was also growing harder, pressed against his pants. She could see the outline, it was large.

Mr. Z's fingers were running up and down her leg. Slowly making their way to her freshly shaved pussy. Her thong was moist, her wetness seeping through the thin fabric.

Viv's lips were near her ear, kissing her neck and nibbling on her earlobe. She was nervous, afraid to stop it. She couldn't forget that she'd been warned to keep Mr. Z happy. She would do whatever he wanted, she just wanted the tip!

She spread her legs a little wider, his fingers were on the outside of her thong. Rubbing at her throbbing clit through the thin silk. Her mouth was watering, she loved her pussy fingered. She could cum three or four times just by rubbing herself. Mr. Z's thick fingers were teasing her.

Viv's face was now even with her tits. One tug at the front of her shirt made both of them pop out. Her nipples were solid and poking straight at Viv. She took that as an invitation and sucked it into her mouth. She teased and flicked at the hard nub with her tongue. Her fingers slipping down towards her now hiked up skirt.

Her thong was fully exposed, so were her breasts. She should have been naked as bare as she was. Mr. Z pushed the thong over, exposing her pussy. It was glistening, wet as could be. He pushed one thick finger up inside her, rubbing her clit with his thumb.

Viv's mouth had been across both breasts, tasting her every inch. She helped Claudia off with her shirt. She sat there in a thong, her skirt around her waist. With two stranger's teased and taunting her with orgasm.

She tensed as Mr. Z stuffed another finger deep inside her. Fucking her with his fat fingers. She was dripping all over his hand, his movements made her cum. She was sopping wet and horny as fuck. All she wanted now was to be fucked.

Her slow orgasmic torture wasn't over yet. Mr. Z was sliding away from her, while Viv helped her off with her skirt. Then her thong came off and Mr. Z breathed in her scent. He flicked his tongue across the wet spot on the fabric before tucking it away in his pocket.

He helped Claudia lay back on the bench, one leg resting across the back above them. The other foot was perched against the table, spreading herself wide for him. He lowered himself to breathe in her sweet smell, lowering his mouth to her sweet spot and lapping at her. He lapped as if she were water and he needed a drink, over and over his tongue smacked across her clit.

She couldn't believe her luck, his tongue worked wonders on her. Viv wasn't to be left out, she lifted one leg over Claudia's face, resting it beside her head. Lowering her own delicious cunt right to Claudia's mouth.

Claudia's experimenting with women went as far as a tongue kiss. She'd never tasted pussy before. Viv's tiny patch of curly black hair rested just above her slit. She ran her tongue along the slit, searching for her warmth.

She found it, just as Mr. Z sucked her clit into his mouth, slurping at it. Pressing two fingers into her. She treated Viv to the same, two fingers deep, fucking her pussy. While her mouth tasted every inch of her savory hole.

Mr. Z suddenly slipped a third finger deep into her asshole, fucking both holes at once. She clamped down on Viv's pussy, teasing her with tongue and fingers. She rubbed vigorously at Viv's cunt, begging her to cum.

Both of them, working hard at pussy tasting. Mr. Z's tongue pressed her clit and rubbed harder and faster. She let go of Viv long enough to cry out and went back to Viv, tighter and harder than she had. Viv's orgasm lasted longer, she dripped on Claudia's face. Leaving behind a trail of wetness.

Mr. Z stood, Viv helped Claudia up. Thinking she was finished, she went to slip past Mr. Z to get them refills on drinks. His grip on her arm was hard. Before she could get him off, she was bent over the table. Her ass in the air and he was inside her before she could stop him.

His cock was so big and hard. She was off the ground, he was so big. Pounding into her, over and over. Masculine arms pressed him into her, she cried out, over and over. Wanting him to be harder, rougher. She'd even wanted him to fill her with cum.

Suddenly, she felt Viv's mouth over her clit. His dick in and out of her. Could hear his balls slap off Viv's chin. She cried out as waves of orgasm ripped through her. She shook, unable to control the urgency of the orgasm she'd had.

Finally, she felt Mr. Z's cum spray inside her, filling her with his salty mix. Viv's face when she emerged was covered in a mix of both of their cum. She was happy, he was happy and after the five hundred dollar tip, Claudia was even happy.

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