Claustrophobia Cure


Steve felt the elevator begin moving a split second before the woman's body clenched in orgasm, her strong ass muscles milking his seed from him as his body's immediate and instinctive reaction to the elevator's resumed motion was overriden by her body's demand that he cum with her. Her knees buckled, and he pulled away from her sex to hold her up with both big hands as he poured his lust into her shaking body.

She finally understood that the elevator was moving downward again as their mutual orgasm came to an end. Suddenly horribly embarrased, she pulled away from his body, their disentanglement making an audible squelch which further mortified her. She smoothed her dress down over her hips quickly, trying to collect herself, in case there were other people downstairs, waiting for the elevator to get there.

Steve felt a mixture of bewilderment and amused ambivalence as she pulled away from him. Now that their lusts were served, the whole thing seemed surreal. If it weren't for his pants around his ankles, he could almost believe it had never happened at all. With that thought, he quickly pulled his pants up and struggled to right his appearance, preparing for the end of their strange ride together. The only thing he regretted was that she wouldn't meet his gaze, was avowedly avoiding eye contact with him, in fact.

There was a hard thunk as the elevator reached its base desination, the doors sliding open just as they got themselves mostly composed. She moved to step from the elevator and flee before facing his judgement, or having to explain her inexplicable behavior. Before she could get away, though, he grabbed her arm.

"Hey, don't run away. It's okay, I'm not going to hurt you." She blushed under the slick of sweat on her face and neck.

He reached down for their coats, picking them up as he stepped out of the elevator with her, keeping his eye on her in case she decided to run away before her even got her name. When the doors slid shut behind him, he draped his coat across his arm, holding her blazer open for her to put her arms through. She glanced at him quizzically before understanding the gesture and spinning around to put on her jacket. He leaned down to whisper to her, "I'm Steve."

"Candace," she mumbled in reply. His arms came around her briefly, feeling unbelievably good, despite the odd circumstances. "Thank you," she spoke, feeling like an idiot as she turned to face him.

"That's quite alright, ma'am. Where I come from, a gentleman always helps a lady on with her coat." She smiled as she stepped to him, quickly kissing him on the lower lip before abruptly turning away to leave.

He didn't get a chance to react before her retreating form was halfway to the front doors of the building. He thought about going after her, deciding against it. Clearly, she wasn't ready to talk about what happened between them. Instead, Steve thought he'd work late tomorrow, see if anything interesting happened on the way home. "You never know," he thought with a smile. He left humming, looking forward to tomorrow. One thing he knew for sure, he was done taking the express elevator. He liked a longer ride.

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