Cleaning Jennifer


"Always." She repeated.

"You really want this, Jennifer?"

"Yes. Do you?"

I took one final moment to think. Our married life was about to change forever. "Yes."

She gently caressed my now fully hardened cock. We made love. It wasn't "sex." It wasn't raunchy. It wasn't filled with over-the-top fantasy. We both knew it was a time for closeness. The fun would come soon enough.

For the next several days we talked about how she would make our fantasy happen. Would we want to jeopardize one of our friendships? We decided against that. We also decided against the Russian Roulette of Jennifer just picking up someone at a bar. For a moment she considered asking one of her old boyfriends if he'd want to "get together and reminisce," but we eventually rejected the idea. Finally, we settled on one of Jennifer's co-workers. Dan's flirtations with Jennifer never stopped, even after we were married. "He knows he's not going to get anywhere, but he just does it out of fun, now," she once told me. He was divorced and had been for a few years. From conversations Jen had with him, she knew he was clean. Furthermore, he had just accepted a transfer to the company's office in Denver, so, if he did fuck Jennifer, they wouldn't have those awkward office moments. Finally, not least importantly, Jennifer found him attractive.

"How are you going to approach him?" I asked. "Are you just going to walk up to him and say, 'Wanna fuck?'"

"Knowing guys, that would be just fine." She winked at me, and I felt a stirring in my cock. "Actually, I was thinking that I would ask him out for a drink, you know, one of those 'good luck with your transfer' kind of things. I figured that once we were alone with a few cocktails in us, the flirting will progress. In fact, I'll make sure it progresses. I'll just let things take their natural course from there."

As she laid out her plan, it struck me that my wife was telling me how she was going to have an affair—and I was right there with her, supporting her all the way. Jealousy began to stir, winning out over horniness. But the more she talked, the more I realized how much we loved each other. She would come home to me when the night was over. Not only that, but the whole reason for the night was for us, for our enjoyment of each other.

"So, you're still OK with this?" She was serious now.

"Yes, I am."

She took a deep breath and exhaled. "I was thinking of Friday. Would that be alright?"

Jealousy gained the upper hand with the flat reality of setting the date. "Yes, Friday would be great."

The next morning, Jennifer called me at work. "Hon, I talked to Dan." My palms began to sweat and I became light headed.


"He said he'd love to go out for a drink Friday."

"That's...wonderful. Perfect."

"John, are you sure you're still fine with this?"

"Yes, it's just that it's becoming real and I have so many emotions swirling around in my head."

"OK. But remember, if at anytime you want to call it off, just say so."

"I want this," I said. Then, "I love you, Jennifer."

"I love you, too, John. I always will."

When Friday finally came, I was a wreck. I decided to take off early. First of all, I couldn't concentrate. Second, I wanted to make sure I would be there to help Jennifer get ready for her...I didn't know what to call it: her date? her encounter? her affair? The plan was simple. She told Dan she'd meet him at a local hotel bar at about 7:00. They'd have drinks, flirt a bit, flirt a bit more, then, if all went well, they'd go up to the room she booked. She'd gotten the hotel room, she'd explain, because we'd just painted the house and the fumes made her nauseous. She'd also tell him I was out of town on business. She decided not to tell Dan about our fantasy. Instead, she'd make him think that it was an illicit affair, nothing more. That made the whole event even more exciting to me.

I met her at the hotel around 5:00, room 815. I knocked at the door, and Jennifer let me in. We kissed deeply and passionately. She was wrapped in a big, comfy robe. "I was just about to take a shower." Then, with a sexy, crooked smile, she added, "would you like to bathe me?" I was naked before her robe hit the ground. I couldn't believe I was soaping my wife's body, washing her hair, all to prepare her to fuck another man—in that very hotel room.

She caressed my cock with slow, soapy strokes. "Mmmm...I can't wait for this tonight." Then she squeezed my balls and said, "and I can't wait for YOUR cock either." She was so wicked and I loved it. She rubbed her slick breasts all over my chest and continued to stroke. "Don't you dare cum before I get a hold of you." She nibbled my ear. "Finger me. Fell how wet I am." I did, and she was. "Just imagine how messy I'll be later," she whispered in my ear. I was afraid I would cum just thinking about it. "Now come on, we have to get me dressed."

She had decided to wear a short black dress. It was sexy without being obvious. Beneath, she put on a pair of tiny thong panties, black lace of course. Her bra was more for show than function. It was a black, lacy demi-cup that didn't even pretend to cover her dark areolas. More than anything, the bra displayed her full breasts rather than support them. Then she pulled out the surprise. She showed me the stockings and garter she bought special for the occasion. She did a slow, sexy, reverse strip-tease as she slipped them on. She stood before me in skimpy panties, bra, and stockings. To this she added black patent leather cum-fuck-me pumps. My wife, pussy barely covered, breasts jiggling and proud, struck a pose. "So. Would you fuck me?"

"" was all I could muster.

She shimmied into her dress. "Zip me, honey. Then leave. I don't want him to see you skulking about."

Before I left, she took on a very serious tone. "Are you sure you want this? Really sure? Because once it happens, we'll never be able to take it back. No matter how much we say we can get beyond it, it will always be a part of us."

I kissed her one last time. "Have fun. And be sure to tell me all about it."

Her eyes glimmered mischievously. "I'll call you when you can come back."

And so I left my wife in her soon-to-be-adulterous hotel room. I drove the five miles to our house and suddenly realized I had no clue as to what I would do with myself. This never entered into our planning. I didn't want to drink—I knew I wanted to have all my senses when the big time came. I tried watching a movie, but I simply couldn't concentrate. It was 7:45. Surely they were already together, sipping cocktails, flirting. By 8:30 I wondered how intimate they had gotten. Had they kissed? Had they already gone up to her room? Did he reject her offer all together? This last thought seemed ridiculous to me. During all the planning, we never once figured that he'd actually say "no."

By 10:00 my stomach was in knots. Had my wife fucked another man?

Eleven came and went. I tried to fall asleep just to pass some time. Twelve. I laid there, eyes wide open, heart pounding. Surely they had fucked by then. I touched my aching cock. The head was slick with pre-cum. My balls were tight and puckery. I ran my finger over the wet head then tasted myself. My cock extended to its full length as I thought about eating Dan's cum from Jennifer. By 1:00 I thought I would go absolutely nuts. At 2:00 I began to worry. What if something had happened? I thought about calling the hotel. A few minutes later the phone rang, jarring me out of my thoughts. I picked it up before the second ring. "Hello."

"Hi honey. It's me."

"I figured." I couldn't believe how nervous I was. "So..."

"So...I just wanted to call and say I love you," she whispered.

"I love you, too Jennifer." I was shaking. "Do you want me to come over now?"

"Well, um, not yet, actually. You see, well, Dan's in the bathroom right now. He's staying the night."

My heart dropped. My vision blurred. "Oh."

"I hope that's OK."

"Sure, sure." Then I asked the question I though about asking all night long, "How was it?"

"I'll tell you all about it in the morning. Oh, I heard a flush. I've gotta go. I love you, John."

But before I could tell her I loved her, too, the line went dead. I was left alone with my raging hard on.

Eventually, I slipped into an erotic dream filled sleep. When the phone rang at 8:30 I was a bit disoriented. I couldn't figure out why Jennifer wasn't in bed next to me. By the second ring, I had remembered.


"Hi, hon. Want to come see me?"

I was at the hotel in record time.

She answered the door naked. "Hi hon, did you miss me?" When she kissed me, I could taste Dan. I followed her into a room that was steeped in sexual musk. She sashayed over to the bed and laid down in a nest of disheveled sheets. I could see several wet spots. She rubbed her naked legs together and stretched lazily. A strand of hair hung across her face. She looked so indescribably beautiful. Without saying a word, she ran her hands across her breasts, lifting them to me, presenting them. Her hands then caressed her stomach, her hips, her thighs. She lifted her knees off the bead and spread her legs lasciviously. She shook her head, tousling her hair. "Ready?"

I nodded and stared transfixed as her fingers snaked through her matted pubic hair. Her red fingernails outlined her puffy pussy lips. Then she slowly pulled them apart. I knelt down at the foot of the bed, wanting to get a better view of the unveiling. Her pussy looked stretched and well fucked. As soon as her lips were about an inch apart, a flow of thick semen oozed out, coating her fingers and flowing down toward her ass.

My mouth was dry, my breathing ragged. The potent cocktail of cum and pussy was near overwhelming. I looked up at Jennifer, my beautiful, sexy, incredible wife. She was staring at me, smiling.

"Clean me up," she said, her voice quiet and raspy.

I leaned forward, getting my face as close as possible without actually touching her. The adulterous scent washed over me. There was another man's cum, oozing out of my wife. I extended my tongue and lapped from the bottom of her lips to her clit. She let out a low, deep moan. So did I, because I had a mouthful of cum. I lifted my head so she could see my face. I opened my mouth, displaying the treasure, then closed it and swallowed. I kissed her pussy lips like they were her mouth. I kissed and sucked and licked. I feasted on Jennifer's used, fucked pussy. After sucking out as much as I could, I moved up and kissed my wife. We shared what little cum I hadn't already swallowed.

"I love you, Jennifer."

"I love you, too, John."

"You've never looked so beautiful as you did, laying in that bed, showing off the way you did. Knowing that you'd been with another man...I just can't believe how exciting this is. I know this was the right thing to do. How can it be wrong?"

"Let's get you out of those clothes." I was so focused on Jennifer that I hadn't even undressed. When I pulled my jeans off, Jen crawled toward me like a cat on the prowl. She outlined my cock with her finger then snapped my shorts off of me. She proceeded to give me a deep, wet blow job. I had to stop her, though, because I wasn't ready to cum. She still had a whole night to tell me about.

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by Anonymous

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by luv23way05/08/18


Great read! I understand the desire and feeling when my wife encourages me to dip down and clean her pussy after we fuck. Awesome story!

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by jackbird04/01/18

comments with so much hate.

Don't know why if it's not your cup of tea why drink it. If this type of story offends you why read it? Then hide behind anonymous for hateful words. Sex is about pleasure love is about commitment andmore...

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by Anonymous03/24/18

Great read....

First, my wife and I would love for you to finish the story starting with what Jennifer said happened all night.

This is (was) a fantasy of my wife's and I reluctantly went along with it. A year later,more...

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by Anonymous03/24/18

And there is your core audience author !

Last anon is exactly the type of seriously mentally ill people that your garbage chums in like sharks to a rotting whale carcass .
I hope you feel artistically fulfilled.

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by Anonymous03/24/18

One of the Best Stories of this Genre!

Both my wife and I enjoyed this because the husband´s journey toward cuckoldry, in the story, was very similar to mine. So rather than make a lot of comments we will just recite some of the highlightsmore...

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