tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCleaning The Pool

Cleaning The Pool

byOne Wounded Dragon©

Everything in this story actually happened. The names are changed and the time is condensed. Please enjoy. <.em>


It was a hot afternoon in June and I'd been asked to help open my lover's pool for the summer. She greeted me at the door wearing a flirtatious smile, very sheer, lace top high-cut panties, and a sheer white blouse, held closed with only two buttons near her navel. She turned slightly and posed for a moment, then pulled me in and kissed me. All of this, though exciting, seems fairly normal, until you realize her husband was sitting in the TV room watching his western. I was speechless, enchanted and admired her up and down, my hands briefly following my gaze. I caressed her pussy and she pulled away, smiling and holding a finger to her lips.

"You like?" She turned and strutted into the kitchen.

I was still awe-struck. This was a fantasy come true and I glanced toward the TV room as I followed. She smiled.

I had known Cece for many years and had quickly become close friends with her. We'd been introduced through my sister and had wanted a closer relationship from the beginning, but had never managed to make it work, as we never seemed mutually available at the same time. I became friends with Marvin, her husband. He was elderly, but wise and an excellent fly fisherman and Blackjack player. Finally, when our desires became unbearable, we became intimate and erotic lovers, choosing each other over all else. Cece and I were always discreet, but increasingly daring and erotic. I had coaxed her into some daring adventures and to my delight we discovered her exhibitionist streak.

Cece glanced into a strategically placed mirror and saw Marvin focused on the television. She leaned back against the sink as I unbuttoned my cut-offs. I released the two buttons of her blouse and kissed her passionately. We switched places and my cut-offs fell to my ankles. She stood on her toes and I held her ass, pressing my cock against her pussy. It had been days since we'd been together and I watched the mirror as we kissed. Her blouse opened and she pressed her breasts against my chest. I glanced again at the mirror and daringly reached down and pushed her panties down below her knees and they slid to the floor. She stood in just her open blouse, her husband just a room away. My cock was rock hard and sprang from my panties as I lowered them. Cece was nervous, but raised up and I pulled her to me, rubbing my cock against her wet slit. Her pussy opened and she welcomed me in. My cock slid into her warm pussy, out an inch, then all the way in. I held her ass and she wrapped a leg around me as we fucked. Cowboys yelled from the other room as her husband watched and Cece and I absorbed each other, lost in our lust.

"Oh Lover, this is so good..." She humped against me. We were fucking, daringly, openly.

"Oh God," I whispered. My cock throbbed. I was bumping her cervix.

"Oh yes, cum in me, Oh yessss..." Her eyes glazed and she climaxed humping uncontrollably.

"Oh Luv, Oh Luv..." I erupted deep inside her, and we kissed deeply as our climaxes subsided. We stood, my cock still pulsing, buried in her wet pussy. She smiled, rocking back and forth, thrilled at her daring exhibition and we slid apart. She posed again, her pussy engorged and wet with cum then slid her panties up, catching the cum trickling down her leg and soaking the crotch of her panties. They were soaked and transparent and she turned toward the rear door and the TV room, re-buttoning the two buttons of her blouse.

"We're headed down to the pool to un-cover it and get it ready. Wanna' come?" Cece stood at the end of the couch, her blouse carelessly open and her soaked pussy eye level with her husband.

"Nah, you go ahead. It's a good day for it. Have fun." He glanced our way then back to the movie.

"Ok, back in a while..."

We carried our towels down to the pool deck, spread them out and she lay back as I slid her panties off. I was again hard as a rock and we casually fucked, listening for the back door, hoping to be caught and seen.

We spent the afternoon cleaning the pool and connecting the filter. Cece had flirtatiously slipped her panties and blouse off and worked completely nude. It was daring and exciting for both of us. She glanced from me, up to the rear deck of the house and back. Her husband watched movies a mere hundred feet away and could open the back door or glance out a window and catch us at any moment... She smiled mischievously, thought a moment and slipped her panties and blouse off, posing for me. I was hard in an instant. My lover wanted to be seen. We'd become so bold that we were convinced he knew and didn't mind, maybe even enjoyed it. I suspected he was ok with us, providing his dignity remained intact, which was fine. We had no desire to humiliate him. We fantasized complete openness, being able to kiss, pet, and caress in front of him.

It was now dusk, early evening, and we'd removed the winter cover, vacuumed and started the filter. The water was already surprisingly clean. Cece embraced me and we walked to our towels. She lay back and opened her legs, she was so warm and slippery, I slid deep inside of her and we casually fucked. She closed her eyes and rocked her hips as my cock bumped her cervix.

"Oh Scott, that's sooo good. Use me... please use my wet pussy..." She moaned softly.

"Oh God..." I loved it when she said that.

"Fuck me. Fuck my pussy. Cum in me..."

"Oh yes..." I felt the tingle at the base of my cock. I started to cum.

Just then the back door light came on and the door opened.

"Oh God, stay in me. Don't stop... please." She pulled me deeper.

I couldn't stop. My cock erupted as she spoke and I humped deeper, gushing cum into her warm pussy.

"Are you guys ready for dinner? Shall I light the barbecue?" Her husband's voice called. He was blinded, standing in light, gazing into darkness. At best, he could see shapes, two bodies humping in the darkness. With my cock cumming deep in her cunt, Cece looked up at her husband and erupted. Her wet pussy held my cock and she curled into me, she watched him on the deck as her orgasm convulsed through her, wave after wave of pleasure. She closed her eyes and caught her breath.

"OK," she called. "We're coming." He stood on the deck and she humped against me as her orgasm slowly trailed off and she smiled.

I smiled, shook my head and rolled off of her. We were drenched. She stood and dressed, then slipped into the pool to rinse. She climbed from the pool and stepped down the ladder from the deck to the grass, then glanced down at herself. Her panties and blouse were transparent and she smiled, not bothering to button her blouse. I looked up at the house. Her husband gazed into the darkness.

I followed Cece up the wide path of lawn toward the rear deck of the house, her shapely ass swayed before me and she paused behind the bushes and turned, opening her blouse wide, and posing. Her dark nipples were erect in the evening breeze, and perched just so, waiting for my lips. I embraced her and held her ass, pulling her to me, sucking on one nipple, then the other. Her panties and blouse were dripping wet and clinging and her pussy aligned with my cock perfectly. We kissed passionately, our tongues sliding together and she rocked her hips so that my cock pressed her panties into her slit. I pulled apart and took a deep breath. We could hear her husband lighting the grill just a few feet away and she humped against me erotically.

As we approached the light I could see her panties and blouse were transparent and I glanced at her husband. Cece turned as she reached the top step of the deck, glanced at her clinging blouse and panties and grinned at me. Her panties were pulled high between her swollen lips and barely covered her swollen clit. She stroked her husband's shoulders as she passed and he turned and they kissed with a peck of the lips. His hand groped her wet ass and they hugged briefly.

"You should get some dry clothes on."

"Ok," she smiled and entered the house. "I'll get the spare ribs ready and bring them out for you."

Her husband watched her go, turned and saw me standing awkwardly behind him and continued scraping the grill.

"I think she likes you." His tone was matter of fact.

"Yeah, we've known each other a long time."

He nodded.

"Scott, could you give me a hand?" Cece called from the kitchen.

I stepped into the house and found Cece in the kitchen placing ribs on a platter to carry out to the grill. Her blouse was drying, but remained unbuttoned and her breasts swayed gently as she moved. She smiled at me.

"So... do you suppose he suspects something?" She glanced at me.

"Hmf," I softly snorted. "He said he thinks you like me."

She smiled up at me. "I think he's right."

We ate sitting on the deck and later sat watching a movie. I sat in a recliner and pretended to watch the movie. It was a drama and my lover was much more exciting. Cece sat beside her husband on the couch, still in her panties and open blouse. She was quite casual, enjoying her nakedness, her blouse open, displaying her gorgeous breasts. She posed for me as her husband tried to enjoy the movie. She rested her hand on his thigh, but would erotically glance at me and move her blouse to one side, freeing her breasts. She leaned forward and lifted her wine glass, then opened her legs. Her panties were dry now, but loose and I smiled as she casually pulled them to one side, displaying her still swollen pussy. She softly rocked her hips and leaned back, leaving her pussy fully exposed, watching me.

I was again hard as a rock and squirmed, trying to adjust my cock. Finally, Cece looked at me and patted the cushion beside her. I reached for my wine glass and sat beside my nearly naked lover. She smiled at me and turned, leaning against her husband, then opened her legs, lifting her knee onto the cushion between us. I gazed down at her beautiful pussy and she softly rocked her hips. An action scene unfolded on the screen and her husband watched. Cece licked her lips and pulled her panties aside further. She smiled and slid a finger up her slit, separating her swollen lips for me, then erotically licked her finger off and pretended to watch the movie, softly rocking her hips. I rested my hand on her knee and gently stroked her.

The action scene had ended and the cast now sat in a Victorian room, taking turns reciting poetry. Cece's husband shook his head, stretched and struggled to stand.

"Ok, let me know how it ends. I'm headed to bed."

I began to withdraw my hand, but Cece quickly placed her hand over it, holding me there. She sat, blouse unbuttoned, legs open and her beautiful pussy open and beckoning.

"Is Scott staying in the guest room?" He glanced at me.

"Um... Sure, if he'd like...?" Cece looked up at him and actually opened her legs a bit wider and glanced at me.

"Yeah, I um... Thanks..." I couldn't help glancing from her used pussy to him and back. Her pussy was swollen and open and waiting.

He followed my gaze and nodded, gave Cece a peck on the lips and turned toward the bedroom.

We exchanged wide lascivious grins the moment he turned the corner. She opened her legs and lay back as I unbuttoned my cut-offs. She was sooo wet. My cock slid into her warm pussy and we kissed passionately, fucking openly on the couch.

"Oh Scott, he left us here... he saw my open pussy and left us here to fuck... Ohhh..."

My cock swelled in her pussy and she gazed up at me.

"Oh God, he knows... I sat showing you my pussy, he saw me full of cum and he knows." She humped into me, grinding her clit against me.

"Oh God... we can fuck openly, Ohhh... maybe he'll watch..." She arched into an orgasm and I cradled her shoulders and head as she climaxed.

"Oh Luv," I gushed, flooding her pussy with cum.

I closed my eyes and softly humped into her as my climax slowed. Waves washed over us, but we remained, my cock still pulsing in her pussy. Her husband lay in bed just a room away and I kissed her, still hard, softly fucking, pushing my cum into her cervix.

"I should go," She glanced toward the bedroom.

I nodded. "Is he asleep?" I asked softly.

"No, he's listening, waiting." She closed her eyes and rubbed her clit against me.

"Will he cum in you?" I grew harder.

"Oh yes, he's waiting."

"Ohh... he'll feel all of my cum in you..." We were again fucking and kissing.

"Oh God... Oh yes. I want that... Ohhh... yessss." She curled into another orgasm and I ground against her clit, bumping her cervix. I knew I couldn't cum. It was too soon, but Cece was most beautiful when she climaxed and I loved it and watched. She crested and I held her, riding her as she slowly relaxed. We smiled and kissed and I slowly slid out of her. Her pussy was drenched and swollen and beautifully used. My cum trickled out of her and she smiled. She carried her panties and blouse, walking naked to their bedroom, and I followed her to the door and watched her enter. She winked and left the door ajar.

I lay on the bed in Cece's guest room, listening to their muffled voices and the soft squeak of the bed. I heard her husband groan and knew his cock was in her. Moments later he groaned again, and again, louder, as he climaxed. I heard the sheets rustle and minutes later his snores. I had just closed my eyes when the shadow of Cece entered my room. She was naked and slid into bed beside me.

"Oh Lover..." I was so hard and she opened her legs, welcoming me into her.

Oh Scott, this is sooo good. I'm sooo full of cum... use me, fuck me... Oh God, I want that..."

My cock slid into her used pussy. She was sooo slippery and swollen. Cum pushed out of her coating my hard cock and soaking the sheets.

"Oh Cece... I love this..." We fucked slowly until her eyes grew and she again curled into me.

"OH God... Cum in me... shoot more cum in me... OH Yessss... watch men cumming in me..."

"Yessss...." I hunched into her, gushing more cum. I buried my face in her shoulder and kissed her. She offered me her neck and I sucked and nibbled, marking her, claiming her. She pulled me deep, draining me as I used her wet pussy.

We slept, my cock still buried in her pussy, a large hickey on her throat.

The next morning we fucked yet again, finally rising for breakfast. Cece wore just a sheer blouse, unbuttoned, and we talked softly as we sipped coffee.

"Did you mean what you said this morning?" I smiled at her.

"What...?" She looked nervous.

"...about me watching men cumming in you?" I stood close, stroking her sides.

"I... I um..." she hung her head. "Oh Scott, I would love that..."

"Oh God, oh yes," I held her close.

Almost an hour later her husband rose and joined us. We sat on the couch, Cece in my lap, naked, leaning back against me. She sat with her legs open as I stroked her pussy, attempting to keep my cum from running out of her. She smiled up at him and he gave her a peck on the lips, stroking her waist, then sat with his coffee and paper.

The End?

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