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Thanks to Wmnbiu for the idea and the feedback. This is for My friend.

* * * * *

lovey had been alone all day. Her Mistress was somewhere, lovey knew, but She had been gone a long time; and lovey was getting anxious. She had straightened up their rooms. Lunch had been brought to her. And dinner. It was late. Where was Mistress?

Just then, lovey heard voices in the hall. A man's deep voice, soothing. And Mistress. lovey was on her knees, head properly bowed, when the door opened and her Mistress came in, alone.

"lovey," She said, "I'm so tired. Will you help Me to bed?" lovey trembled a little. Mistress usually told her what was required.

"Yes, Mistress," she said softly, as she rose gracefully and went to Her. lovey could smell the arousal and something else. It took her a moment to recognize the scent of the salve Mistress used to soother her after a particularly hard session.


"Hush, lovey, it's okay. I just need to sleep."

lovey helped her Mistress bathe. She noticed the red marks on her back and buttocks. Who had done this to Her? Why? She got Mistress settled in the bed.

"Stay with Me, lovey," murmured Mistress as she fell asleep. lovey eased into the bed with Mistress, moving close to Her. Sleep was long in coming to the confused girl. She watched as Mistress slept and suddenly realized that it had been a while since Mistress had fallen asleep so easily. Greatly daring, lovey gently caressed the sleeping form beside her. A soft murmur. A sigh. Taking Mistress's hand in hers, lovey finally slept.

Mistress was gone when lovey awoke. There was a note with her breakfast. 'You may walk in the garden and talk with the others if you wish, lovey.' It was signed with her Mistress's initials. Now thoroughly confused, lovey finished her breakfast and wandered out into the garden. She saw others, some with collars, some not. lovey wandered toward a small building deep in the garden. A low cry caught her attention. Curiosity drew her closer.

She saw a nude man standing with his back to her. The cat o' nine tales in his hand twitched. Then he moved, knelt on one knee beside the figure of a nude woman, shackled in a kneeling position, her hands grasping the post in front of her. He murmured to her, his hand caressing her bent head. lovey saw the woman draw a shuddering breath and raise her head to look at the man. lovey gasped. Mistress! She almost cried out. Only a large hand over her mouth stopped her.

"Shhh," whispered a deep voice. lovey turned in shock. A male submissive, collared as she was, held her still. "My Master," he whispered, "your Mistress?" lovey nodded. "First time?" came the deep whisper. Again, lovey nodded. The man nodded in return. "Be very quiet," he murmured, "watch."

lovey turned to watch. The Master was standing again. Cringing, anxious, lovey watched the lash fall on her Mistress again and again until the soft sounds of her Mistress's distress faded and were replaced by soft moans. As lovey watched, her Mistress slipped into that place where there was no pain, only acceptance and peace.

"Come away, now," murmured the man, drawing lovey away from the building. She looked up at him, confused, frightened. He smiled. "Your Mistress will tell you," he said.

"Will She?" asked lovey, "you're certain?" She so needed reassurance that everything would be all right.

The man hugged lovey. "As my Master told me," he said, "your Mistress will tell you." lovey turned her head back toward the building, toward her Mistress, as the man urged her away.

Lovey went back to the rooms to wait. Her thoughts chased around her mind, manic, disjointed. Lunch came and went. lovey couldn't eat. Supper. lovey could only look at the food. Voices in the hallway. Heart pounding, lovey knelt, waiting, hoping. The door opened. lovey hoped her sigh of relief was not noted. She heard Mistress talking low and soft to someone. A deeper voice answered. A low laugh. A squeak of surprise, the sound of a hand striking firm flesh.

Mistress came into the room. She smiled at lovey, Her eyes sparkling. "Come with Me, lovey," She said, holding out her hand for lovey to take. Mistress drew lovey to her feet, then into Her lap as She settled into a comfortable chair.

"Oh, My lovey," Mistress murmured as she caressed the girl in her lap. "I know you are confused."

"Yes, Mistress," whispered lovey.

Mistress softly kissed her and hugged her. "It has been very stressful lately, lovey, and I have been...inconsistent...with you." lovey stirred as if to protest. "Hush, girl," said Mistress, "you know that's true." lovey nodded reluctantly. "We came here, lovey, so I could recover My balance."

Lovey leaned against Mistress's shoulder. "Balance, Mistress?"

"Mmm hmm." Mistress did not say anything for long moments. She seemed content to hold lovey and caress her. And lovey found herself slowly relaxing in her Mistress's arms. Mistress sighed.

"I've been focusing too much on what pleases Me, lovey," She said quietly. "I've been neglecting you." lovey stirred, a soft sound of protest. Mistress tapped lovey's nose, causing her to jump and squeak. Mistress laughed.

"lovey, as My submissive, you gave yourself to Me, body, mind, life. But I also owe you something. I owe you guidance, security. I have demanded a great deal from you. And, lately, I have not given you much in return." Mistress hugged lovey tighter. "That's why W/we came here."

lovey was silent for a few minutes. "Mistress?" she asked softly.


"Why..." lovey hesitated, "why did you..."

"Why did Master flog Me?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"It was to remind Me, My lovey, that I have a responsibility to you. That I needed to let go of some things. My temper. My frustrations."

Lovey risked a quick glance at Mistress, something she had been recently punished for. She saw a faraway look in Mistress's eyes.

Mistress felt lovey tremble. "Hush, lovey," Mistress stroked the girl in her lap. She knew that lovey was concerned that She would not want her now. "Let Me tell you, My lovey," murmured Mistress. "Master had Me strip. It's been a long time since I did that. He had Me kneel and left Me to think about the position I was now in." Mistress laughed softly. "My knees hurt. I was getting angry, wondering why I thought I wanted this."

lovey was remembering her first time on her knees, the discomfort, the confusion, the uncertainty.

"Master eventually came back to Me. I fear I was rude. So he left Me on My knees and bound My wrists to the post. Then he began." Mistress's voice was becoming softer. "It was soft at first. Barely grazing My skin. The soft tails of the lash caressing. Then biting as he punished My rudeness. I was furious. How dare He! And the lash kissed My body, wrapping around the curves, nipping, biting. I felt My anger shred. The more the lash fell, the more I lost. He would stop and caress Me, care for Me. Then he would begin again." Mistress was stroking lovey, her hands gentle on the girl's skin, cupping her breasts. "Today, He put Me on My knees again. And I went willingly, putting My hands to the post so He could bind Me." Mistress drew a deep breath.

"Oh, lovey," she whispered, "how I needed that! The kiss of the lash heating My body, freeing My mind. And when He took his pleasure in My kneeling, bound body, I soared!" Mistress sighed. She felt the quiver in lovey's body.

"Let's go to bed, lovey," She said softly. lovey helped her Mistress prepare fore bed, bathing her, pampering Her. When lovey would have gone to the cot by the wall, Mistress tugged her into the bed, wrapping Her arms around the girl. "My lovey," She whispered. Then She began to kiss and caress the soft body next to Her. Her lovemaking was gentle and thorough and in the end both of them reached the edge and dove headlong into ecstasy.



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