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Clear Conscience


Being married to Tom was great in so many ways. He was a good looking guy, romantic, he knew how to treat a girl, and ... he had a lot of money. He was everything she wanted... except in the bedroom where he was just as romantic, loving, and gentle. This might be great for some women. But, the problem was that Sandy didn't want gentleness. What Sandy wanted was a man that would pull her hair, slap her ass, and call her a bitch as he fucked her. A man that didn't make love to her, but one that used her only to satisfy his own pleasure. One that made her do all the dirty things that a girl shouldn't do.

Still, she was intent on getting past that. She had been married twice before, and she wanted this one to last. She focused on the good things and felt very happy. She decided to forget the men she'd been with before. The ones that she'd been married to as well as the others who had taken advantage of her - in so many ways... Yes, she tried hard to forget what they did with her.

Then, on the day before their wedding, she met her Tom's son. They hadn't met before since she and Tom had only been together a few months before they decided to get married. Steve, his son, lived in California where he went to college while they lived in Ohio, so there had been no time to meet.

When Steve walked into the reception the night before, Tom was off somewhere else. A friend was talking with her and pointed him out from across the room. "I'll go get Tom," her friend said and left. Sandy's eyes almost went wide open as she looked at him. Steve was not very much like Tom, except for his good looks. He was unshaved and wore his shirt a little open. He was tan and muscular and when he saw her a few moments later, Sandy saw his eyes take a nice, long look over her body. When he saw his dad walk over to her, and lead her towards him, she saw him smile as he realized who she was. He looked a little like someone who had been caught doing something he shouldn't be doing. He wasn't embarrassed, instead he was almost laughing.

In one hand, he held a glass of Scotch, but when introduced he held out his other, took hers, and gave it a light kiss. Sandy's heart fluttered and she felt her pussy go instantly wet. Before he let go, she pulled herself closer to him and gave him a little hug. She made sure that he could feel her tits as they pressed into him.

On his part, Steve could hardly believe that this woman, Sandy, was his new step mom. She was a very beautiful, incredibly sexy woman. He wasn't sure, but he guessed she was 15 years younger than his father. He was 55, so she was around 40.

Like many women of that age, Sandy had a body that had lots of curves except he saw that hers had also been enhanced. The short, tight little pink dress she wore showed of a set of big, swollen, silicon enhanced tits trying to push out over the strapless top, a nice round ass, and great legs that were looking even better on a pair of stiletto heels. Her hair was dyed in shades of blonde and he saw that she wore quite a bit of makeup even though she didn't really need it. Her eyes were outlined with eye shadow and mascara making them dark and sexy. Steve knew immediately that his father had fallen for her because of how fucking hot she was. He couldn't blame him.

As she talked with the small crowd around them, he couldn't stop looking at her lips. They were really nice and full, puffed out with collagen treatments. Pink glossy lipstick enhanced them all the more, making them look nice and wet. She was rambling on about something. Steve noticed that the guys around her all nodded their heads as if in full agreement. They probably didn't hear most of what she was saying, they were just happy to have her close by them.

At the wedding the next day, Steve's picture of Sandy was cemented. Her wedding dress was white, but there wasn't much else pure about it. It was short, tight, and made out of the same stretchy material as the cocktail dress she'd worn the night before which had her tits again almost spilling out. Most women wouldn't have chosen such a ... what would he call it... slutty?... wedding dress.

As he watched her walk by him towards the altar, he stole a glance at those nice legs and saw that she had also decided that lace wasn't for her. White fishnet stockings - the satin band holding them up was just barely visible under the her dress - were what she wanted to wear on her wedding day. Naturally, the shoes matched the look as well. White, glossy stiletto heels, at least 4" tall made her look not exactly like the blushing bride. The only thing that contrasted her white outfit was the makeup around her dark eyes and the bright red lipstick covering her lips.

Standing at the altar, at one point Sandy turned around and looked over her shoulder. Their eyes met. It was only a glance, but Steve thought for sure that she had specifically been looking for him.

From that first meeting, both of them felt the tension between them. Since it was summer break from school, he had decided to take some time off and relax at home. Whenever Sandy was around, Steve, no matter how hard he tried, couldn't keep his eyes from wandering over her hot body. She made it virtually impossible with the tight, low cut tops, the short skirts, and sexy heels she wore every day. He had the same problem with his private thoughts, unable to keep from imagining what he would do with her if he had the chance.

For her part, Sandy found herself almost encouraging her stepson's interest. She took her time changing into regular clothes in the morning, waiting until Steve had woke up and had a chance to see her in the short nighties she wore. None of them were long enough to reach her ass which was only covered, if you could call it that, in tight, skimpy panties. She took every opportunity when he was around to reach up for something or bend over the counter. When she couldn't see his eyes on her, she could still feel them, and she liked it.

As time went on, the looks turned into more overt teasing and flirting. Whenever his dad was around things would be fine, but when they found themselves alone the conversation and comments started to become more and more suggestive.

Sandy seemed to have a very intense interest in Steve's girlfriends. At first, she just teased him about them, but then she started asking him questions about what they did together. "Is she good in bed?" she asked once. Another time when he came in late and his dad was in bed, she asked, "I hope she showed you a good time?"

Then, one day when they had opened a bottle of wine at lunch and drank most of it, she started telling him how much she loved his father. "Tom's a great guy," she said to him. "I really love him." Steve nodded his head, not sure what to say. "That's why I want you to know that I could never cheat on him. There's no way I'd do that. Do you believe me?" she asked him. Again, Steve nodded, unsure of where this was going.

Sandy then leaned over against him. Her hand stroked his hand as her tits pressed into his arm. "The only way that could happen is if a man forced me to do it," she said softly. Steve saw her divert her eyes, looking down at the table. "Then it wouldn't be my fault, right?" she asked. This time, Steve didn't answer at all. He really didn't know what to say. Then, she made one last comment before the door opened and they heard his dad walk in after work. "But I wouldn't tell Tom, if that happened. He wouldn't need to know. I'd keep it a secret."

Still, even with all that going on, it was a big shock when she had walked into his room late one night when Steve thought that she and his father were asleep. He had put on a porno movie and was stroking a nice hard-on when she walked in. She told him she had been walking by his room and heard some screaming from the TV.

Sandy had indeed heard the sounds coming from the movie. That was because she had first stood outside his door and listened for several minutes to the sounds of a girl being put to good use by some man. She slid a hand down and pushed her little panties aside, then started rubbing her pussy in circles. As she did, she imagined what would happen if Steve came out and found her there. She knew what he'd do to her. He'd do the same thing that so many other men had done to her. He'd use her, force her to do all the things that men want to do to a girl. She'd have to suck his cock... and she wondered just how big it was. He'd probably push her up against the wall right there in the hall and fuck her from behind... would he spank her?... would he pull her hair...?

She suddenly decided she couldn't take this anymore. She was going to go in there and make him turn off that movie. "He shouldn't be watching stuff like that anyways," she thought to herself. "Especially with his step mom around."

When she came into the room, what happened was somewhat of a blur for Steve. He remembered her accusing him of being a dirty young man. "You shouldn't be watching that stuff! Do you think all women do those kinds of things?" she demanded of him as she pointed at the TV where a girl was sucking a hard cock. She accused him of probably even lusting after her, wanting to make her do what the girls in those videos did.

He had got up quickly and was trying to get to the TV to turn it off, but as he did she moved in front of him. She was barely over 5' tall without the heels that she usually wore while Steve towered over her at over 6'. Still, she blocked his way. There was an awkward pause as they stood there, Steve looking down at her with his still hard cock pointing straight out while she looked up at him wearing only one of her tight fitting night shirts. Her tits were clearly outlined and her nipples were pointing out. A tiny pair of panties did little to cover her ass.

He remembered her saying something like, "What are you going to do? Do you think you can treat me like one of those sluts?" An instant later she had slid down onto her knees. Her face was even with his thick cock. "You think you can just shove your cock into your step mom's mouth. Use it to shut her up? Make her suck on it? Is that how you think you can treat me?"

Sandy's full lips were almost touching his cock as she talked. She looked up at him, his cock still nearly touching her lips. "I've seen how you've been looking at me," she said in a whisper... almost a hiss. "And now I know what you've been thinking." She paused a moment, then went on. "Just go ahead, then. Do it. Do whatever it is that dirty mind of yours has been wanting to do to me. Just whatever you do, don't tell your dad. Don't tell him what you made me do tonight."

With barely a thought, Steve's primal urges took over. His cock was already hard from the movie and now here was an apparently willing woman ready to relieve his pent-up tension. He reached down and grabbed his step mom with both hands by the back of her head and pushed his cock against her puffy lips.

She pretended to resist at first, keeping her mouth closed so that his cock slid back and forth as he tried to push himself inside. She looked up at him the whole time, watching his frustration rise. Finally, he reached down and took her by the chin with one hand to hold her still. She knew that the teasing was over.

Steve watched her lips stretch as he shoved his cock harder then finally he slipped inside her warm, wet mouth. Sandy was still looking up at him, her attractive face now looking even more interesting with a hard cock shoved in her mouth. He slid in and out a few times, watching how she kept her full lips locked tight around his hard shaft.

Sandy took over from there. She bobbed her head up and down, slowly at first letting him really feel her lips and tongue as she slid up and down his shaft. She rolled her head around, sucking on the sensitive tip. It was pretty clear, though, that this wasn't going to last long tonight. When she sensed that Steve was about to explode, she shifted to a much faster pace. She grabbed the back of his thighs and worked her mouth up and down, faster and faster. The room was filled with the slurping sound of her mouth working his cock.

It was less than a minute until Steve was blasting a huge load of cum into her mouth and watching her try to swallow as much as she could. His balls were much too full, though, and after swallowing several gulps she had to pull free. She grabbed his cock with her hand, and pumped it with her fist as the last few jets shot out. She let it land on her face, letting Steve see how she looked covered in his jizz. As he finally stopped coming, she slowly licked and sucked on the tip, nursing the last drops out as he calmed down.

After he was finished, she looked up at him and said, "There, are you happy? Is that what you wanted? You made make me suck your cock and come all over my face like those whores on your movies. Are you happy now?" She stood up and looked at him, her face still messy with his fluid. "I knew that's what you've been thinking," she said and she gave him a little push to make him get out of her way. "All you men are the same."

As she got to the door, Sandy stopped one last time and told him, "I'm not going to tell your father what you made me do tonight," she said as she wiped her face with a finger then licked it clean. "He might think that I was the one cheating on him with his son. I just hope it was enough for you... I hope that you don't think you can make me do that again."

Sandy went back to her room and crawled quietly into bed next to her husband. He woke up a little and turned over to hold her. He stroked her hair softly, but he was already almost asleep. He didn't feel the sticky fluid still splattered there.

For Steve, all the pieces of this puzzle now began to fit together. She wanted him, but she needed to pretend that what they did was all his fault. She didn't want to be the one guilty of letting him do that to her. As he came to this conclusion, it only took a little longer for him to understand the implications. "So, it's my fault. I made her do it." He smiled to himself. "That's fine," he thought. "No problem at all. Next time it will be my fault all over again."

Now it was a week later. It was a Tuesday and his father was at work. He had woke late and showered. Coming out of the shower, Steve had glanced in the mirror and saw his step mom looking at him through the partially open bathroom door. He saw her eyes first looking at his cock, then catching his gaze. She acted surprised, and quickly moved away from the door.

Steve had followed her wearing only a towel and finally caught her as she went into her own bedroom and began to close the door. He saw that she was wearing her wedding dress and he wondered why that would be. It was all there... the short dress, the fishnet stockings, the heels...

Steve caught the door before she could close it and pushed it open, forcing his way in. He moved towards her, making her back up until she was against a wall. She had nowhere to go now as Steve stood directly in front of her. He used his size to make sure he had her full attention.

He freely looked over her body, almost inspecting her, noticing how he could see the edge of the dark circles surround her nipples peeking out over the top of the dress. With a strong voice he said to her, "You were spying on me, weren't you!" Sandy shook her head to deny it, but he didn't pay attention. "Did you see anything?" he demanded of her.

Sandy finally responded. "No!" she protested as she looked up at this man standing almost above her. "I... I... I wasn't spying. I was just walking by the door. I was..." She was trying to think of an excuse for what she'd been caught doing, but couldn't. Not being able to think of what else to say, she finally just blurted out, "I wasn't peeking at you!"

"Well, I think you were," Steve said to her. Then, he asked her, "And why are you wearing your wedding dress? Did you want to show it to me again?"

Sandy's heart pounded. She had pulled the dress out of the closet that morning and put it on because she really liked how she looked in it. She had originally picked it out, thinking that Tom would fuck her in it on their wedding night. Instead, he had fallen asleep after the reception. It made her sad that it hadn't worked out the way she wanted, and as she saw it in her closet that day she decided she was going to wear it again that night and hoped things would turn out better.

However, once she got it on, her thoughts left her husband and instead went back to just days earlier. She remembered how Steve had taken her head and forced her to suck on his hard cock... at least that's how she wanted to remember what had happened. He made her do it. She had felt, and eventually tasted, his passion... his desire.

She imagined what he would have done to her in this dress if he'd been the one given a chance to do with her whatever he wanted on their wedding night. He would have shown her the way that a man treats his new bride. Sandy imagined that they might not even make it out of the reception hall before he'd push her over a table, somewhere just out of sight, and ram his cock into her from behind. He'd make sure she knew who owned her now... and teach her what happens to a girl who dress like a slut for her wedding. He would have given it to her good and hard.

Now, here she was in that dress, looking up at Steve and seeing that his passions were indeed inflamed. She knew what was going to happen next... what he was going to do to her.

"Well, whatever the reason you're wearing it, did you get to see what you wanted to see in the bathroom? No? Maybe you'd like a closer look?"

With that, he put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down. She didn't go down to her knees, though. Instead, she bent her legs and squatted down, remaining perched on her high heels. This spread her legs open which also made the short dress slide up to expose her pussy and now making it completely clear that the only thing she had on was stockings... her pussy was bare.

Steve slid off his towel, and his cock stood out. It had already grown partially hard as his pulse raced, remembering what had happened the last time she had been in this position, and it was growing harder by the second as he looked at her. He took his cock in his hand and pumped it a few times, making it grow even harder. "Now can you see it?" he said to her. "Is that what you were trying to look at... my hard cock?"

The cock that that she had seen as she spied on him when he came out of the shower was soft, but now she saw it growing rock hard just above her face. She turned her head up to look at it, studying how long and thick it was. She could see that the bulging head was a little purple from the blood rushing towards that sensitive tip and she could see the veins standing out along the shaft. It looked like an angry monster coming to life.

She wanted to reach out to touch him, but she held herself back. She knew herself well enough. She needed to keep a clean conscience with her husband, or else her guilty feelings would give her away. So, instead of reaching up and grabbing that magnificent object of desire, she submissively placed her behind her back. Still, she looked up and moved her face closer until his hard cock rested barely above her lips.

"Don't forget that I'm your step mom... your father's wife. You need to treat me with respect," she said to him in a voice that sounded very strict, especially when coming from a woman in a position where she was just not going to get much respect. "Do you understand? You can't treat me like those other girls you bring home, or those sluts in those movies you like to watch."

"No... you can't treat me like them... you can't... No! No, no, no." That last part made it sound like she was chiding a young boy for being bad. Then, as if to reinforce her point, she slowly shook her head from side to side. As she did, his cock slid seductively back and forth across her lips and all over her face as she did, even slapping up against her cheeks.

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