Cleverly Disguised


"Underwear?" he replied, confused.

"Didn't I say you won't need these anymore?"

"Yes Mistress," he said, squirming. She had been in home for less than ten minutes and he had already disappointed her.

"What kind of guy folds his underwear?" she asked, pulling out each pair of boxers and throwing them around the room. Leaving him standing in his bedroom, she returned from the main room with the package of spring clothes pins from her shopping list. Opening the package of plastic clips, she began clamping one after another of the rainbow colored clips on his balls. The pain was exquisite. As she added each clip, his cock bobbed and throbbed. "There," she said, leaning back to admire her handiwork. "Ten pairs of underwear. Ten clothespins. Now pick them up with your teeth and throw them away."

Dropping on all fours, Derrick crawled around his bedroom. One by one, he picked up a pair of boxers with his mouth, carried it to the wastebasket in the corner, and dropped it inside. The clothespins on his balls felt like bee stings, but his prick stayed hard. He was on the last pair when one of the clothespins worked its way off his balls. Any hope he had that she wouldn't notice or wouldn't care vanished quickly.

"Worthless bastard," she said, picking up the plastic clamp. "Stand up." He did. She replaced the clothespin and added one to each of his nipples. "Wait here," she instructed, returning again to the other room. Turning him around, she used a length of rope to tie his hands behind his back. Next, she wrapped a scarf around his eyes, blinding him. Hands on his shoulders, she turned him around and backed him against the wall.

He stood, listening intently. He sensed her still in front of him. If he looked down the bridge of his nose, he could see his hard cock, the clothespins on his body, and his feet. Feeling something soft against his toes, he looked down to see a pair of panties resting on his toes. A moment later, they were joined with a bra. His cock throbbed as he realized Terri had gotten undressed, too. He fought the urge to raise his chin so he could see his bed. Listening, he heard her soft moans of pleasure and the faint moist smacking noise of fingers rubbing a pussy. He heard her gasp as an orgasm overtook her. When she shoved two fingers inside of his mouth, he tasted her sex for the first time.

"When you're ready to try to serve me correctly, I'll be in the living room. Take off that shit and join me." Looking down the bridge of his nose, he saw her pull away her panties and bra before he heard her leaving the room.

When he wiggled his hands, he found it easy to undo the job she had done lashing his wrists together. He found it interesting that she hadn't bound him any tighter. Hands free, he pulled off his blindfold. The opened package of clothespins were still on his bed. He pulled off the twelve clothespins he wore, put them back inside the bag, and walked into the other room.

He found Terri standing naked at the dining room table where he had positioned the supplies from her list. Her firm, tiny ass was as tanned as her back. She turned when she heard him. "Looks good," she said, smiling.

"Thank you Mistress," he said, his prick throbbing as he drank in the sight of her so casually naked.

"Balls hurt?"

"Some," he admitted.

"Relax," she said, opening a couple packages. "This is supposed to be fun, remember?" He wanted to ask for who, but stayed quiet. "So many toys," she mused. When she faced him, his eyes drank in the beauty of her naked, young body. He admired her firm, perky breasts and the long, hard nipples that stood out proudly from those twin swells. Below her flat stomach, he saw she was shaved. Her pussy looked puffy from her recent orgasm. "Got anything to eat around here?" she asked, turning and heading into his kitchen. She opened his refrigerator as if she owned it.

Setting aside two cups of yogurt, she rummaged through his kitchen drawers until she found two spoons. Pulling the top off one, she held it in front of his prick. "Jerk off," she told him. In need, Derrick began stroking his cock. She watched him, a pleased look in her eyes. "Fuck that looks hot," she said. As his orgasm neared, he aimed his cockhead at the open container of yogurt. He didn't need to be told that's where she wanted his orgasm. The force of his orgasm rippled the yogurt. "Good," she said, stirring the yogurt before handing it to him with the spoon still inside the cup. She picked up the other one from the counter. "Go ahead. Enjoy," she said, spooning her untainted yogurt in her mouth. Derrick ate his, aware that he was eating his cumshot at the same time. He felt humiliated and excited by the idea.

Terri's eyes danced across him as openly as his eyes absorbed her. "How's the yogurt?" she asked.

"Good," he said, not sure he tasted the semen.

"How long before you get hard again?"

"I don't know," he admitted. His prick had lost its firmness, but remained fat and full looking.

"I'm going to torture you until you're hard again," she said before popping another spoonful of yogurt between her lips. He wondered if she could look more casual.

"As you wish, Mistress," he replied, experiencing an odd mix of fear and excitement.

Finishing her yogurt, she found a tall glass in his cupboard and filled it with water. He noticed how she turned on the water filter before filling the glass. Handing it to him, she told him to drink up. After he tossed back the glass of water, she refilled it. "Again." It took him longer to suck down the second big glass. She filled the glass a third time. "Take your time," she said."It's not a race." He sipped the water, feeling bloated from the first two glassfuls.

Sitting at the table, she picked up the thinnest rope that was on her list. It was quarter inch nylon. Using scissors, she cut off a two foot length and then opened a pack of lighters. Carefully rolling the cut end of the rope over the flame, she fused the strands together. Derrick was fascinated. Waving him closer, she wrapped a loop of the rope around his balls. As he watched, she made a single coil, looped the cut end through the coil, around the length of the rope, and back through the coil. "It's called a bowline knot," she told him. "It's a good one for two reasons. First, because it's easy to untie. Second, once it's done, it won't tighten." She pulled the rope snug around the top of his ball sac and finished the knot. It was snug, but it didn't cut off the circulation. "See?" she asked. When she pulled on the rope, he was forced to move towards her. Doing a second bowline at opposite end of the rope, she formed a second loop. He winced when she pulled on the rope. "Perfect. Now turn around and bend over, I've been waiting to try out this bad boy."

Before he turned, Derrick saw her picking up the leather clad paddle that was on her list. Several of the things on her list required a visit to a specialty store in a shady part of town. The combination store offered tattoos, piercings, had a full line of "tobacco" accessories, and an adults' only area that featured a wide array of "marital" aids. Along with the expected assortment of vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, and lubricants; there was an entire section devoted to whips, chains, paddles, leather accessories, and other objects that filled him with dread as much as it had excited him. After a day of being teased by Terri, he had been very excited. That was where he found the rope, the paddle, and many of the other things sitting on the table.

Terri spanked him with the paddle, swatting him again and again until his backside heated up as it had yesterday. The paddle covered both cheeks, though she alternated her aim alternate between them. She giggled as she worked and when she stopped, his ass stung hot and tender. "Are you hard yet?"

"No Mistress," he reported.

She swatted him again. "Drink some water, rest, and we'll try again in a few minutes."

Standing at the table, he watched her measuring out thicker ropes. After cutting different lengths, she melted the ends before they could fray. "Rope work is such an art." She talked about web pages devoted to the practice and how she used to practice on a girlfriend. "We never fooled around, just played with rope," she explained. "She wasn't very good at tying, but was nice about letting me practice. I think she liked it."

Collecting her ropes, she dragged a chair from the table into the living room. She had Derrick lay across the seat on his chest and stomach. Working quickly with the ropes, she lashed his wrists to two legs and did the same with his knees, leaving his backside exposed to her. Kneeling in front of him, she offered him a drink from his glass of water. "Drink up," she told him, pouring the water faster than he could drink it.

Moving behind him, she pulled on the rope that still hung from his balls. Derrick was powerless to stop her from doing it. "Are you hard yet?"

"No Mistress," he said, wondering how he would get hard if she kept hurting him.

"Aw, that's so sad," she said, moving back to the table for her paddle. She gave him a couple swats, quickly bringing back the stinging pain from her earlier spanking. "How about now?"

"No Mistress," he repeated, feeling helpless.

"Maybe this will help."

Derrick felt her pushing a finger inside his exposed ass. She pushed as deep as she could go. Pulling out her finger, she did it again with a second finger. She rotated her fingers, stretching and lubing him. She replaced her fingers with a butt plug. Reach between his legs, she caressed his cock. Her fingers were still slick with lube. She rubbed him until his cock was hard again. "Much better," she said. Standing in front of him, she picked up her clothes from the couch where she had laid them. She put them on. Pausing to give him another drink of water, she patted him on the head. "Don't go anywhere," she said and he heard her leave.

Derrick didn't know how long he spent tied to the chair with the butt plug in his ass. He guessed it was half an hour, but he had no way of measuring time. He tried counting, marking off the time, and found it difficult to keep track. Counting slowly, he reached six hundred twice, but he knew he had lost his count twice when he thought she was coming back. He wasn't sure how long he had waited before he started counted. A long time, he was sure. Five minutes? Ten? His ass hurt from her spanking. His cock stay swollen. Fuck, she was pretty. Where was she? When was she coming back?

Did she really play tie-up games with her girlfriend? Which girlfriend? Did they take turns tying each other up like this?

He started counting again. When he reached three hundred, he decided that was another five minutes. He was distracted by a need to pee. Was that what the water was all about? He starting counting again, at first from three hundred one and then deciding it didn't matter. He started over at one.

Derrick's nose itched. He wiggled it as best he could. What if something had happened to her? Who would find him like this and how long would it take? He could yell, but not yet. He started counting out loud. "One. Two. Three..." He reached six hundred again. Lost in worried thoughts, he realized he wasn't hard anymore. Dammit, he can't let her find him like this. He willed his cock to grow hard again. He imagined Terri's naked body, her cute ass and perky tits. Damn, he had to pee. Her nipples were so fat and big. How did she hide them when she was at work? He laughed, imagining her walking through the frozen food section of the grocery store. Damn, that would be a show!

When he started counting again, he flexed his prick with every number. In part, because he had to pee and partly to keep himself hard. He was still working his way to one hundred when he heard his front door open. "Aw, you waited for me," she said. "Still hard I hope?"

"Yes Mistress," he said, relieved to hear her.

Terri undid the ropes. "Well stand up, shake it off, and let's get a look at you." While the ropes never impeded his circulation, it still took him a moment to get his footing. His hard cock stood up proudly. "Mm, that looks nice," she said, rubbing him. She was eating an apple. "Want some?" she asked. She rubbed the apple against his cock and balls before offering it to him for a bite. Whatever lube had been on him must have been absorbed by his cock but the symbolism wasn't lost on him. "Thirsty?" she asked, rubbing the apple on his cock before feeding him a second bite.

"No Mistress. I do need to pee."


"Sorry, I can wait."

"Here, drink some water," she said, handing him the glass. He took a sip. "Aw, you can drink more than that," she insisted. He took another sip. "Let's get some more." Using the rope tied to his balls as a leash, she pulled him into the kitchen, ran the water, and filled up his glass. The sound of the rushing water added to his need to pee. She smiled when he squirmed. "Problem?"

"I really have to go," he admitted.

"Bad?" she asked, leaving the water run.

He nodded.

She handed him the glass, told him drink again. As he sipped at the water, she opened his freezer, removed a couple ice cubes, and tossed them inside the glass. Pulling his leash, she led him back into his living room. "I'll need your help with this position," she said. She had him lay on the ground, curl up, and put his knees over his head as if he was stuck half through a somersault. "Perfect!" she told him, patting his butt. Making it easier on him, she had him rest his back against the front of his couch. While the position was awkward, it wasn't uncomfortable. Moving the chair near his head, she lashed his knees to it, locking him into the position. Smiling, she patted the underside of his balls. "Comfy?"

"Not really," he said, worried she was going to leave him like this.

"Aw, but this is so fun," she said, working the toy from his ass. Heading back to the table, she returned with a long, slender dildo and more lube. Applying a bit of the lube to the toy, she poked it inside his upturned ass. "See? Isn't this fun?"

Derrick didn't reply. His cock was hard, pointing directly at his face, and he still needed to pee. She poked the toy up and down, as if churning butter. "C'mon, admit that you like this." When he wouldn't she frowned. "Bet I can spank you like this, too." She got up, fetched her paddle, and gave his tender ass a few smacks. "Is that better?"

"No Mistress."

"But isn't this what you wanted? You said you wanted to be controlled, didn't you?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Used. Humiliated. Abused?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Tied up, ignored, or whatever else I choose to do, right?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Good. Still need to pee?"

"Yes Mistress."

"How bad?" she asked, picking up the glass of ice water and laying it against the bottom of his ball sac.

"Bad," he said, forcing himself to hold back the flow.

"Then go ahead," she said, a wide, evil grin on her face.

Derrick fought the urge inside his body, regretting everything. If he peed now, he would pee on his face and his carpeting. His safe word came to mind and moved to his lips. "Um...." he said, stopping before he said anything more.

"Yes?" she asked, looking as delighted now as ever. "Did I break you already?" She moved the glass around his balls, teasing him with its cool wetness. She splash some of the water in his face. From the kitchen, he could still hear the water running at the faucet. "Maybe this helps instead?" she asked, grabbing his cock and stroking it. "If you cum in your face, then maybe I'll untie you before you pee on yourself."

Derrick wished it was that easy, but that bridge has been crossed by his body. His need was to release his bladder, not his nut sac. "Please Mistress," he begged.

"Your safe word is 'umbrella,'" she reminded him. "Say it and I untie you. Say it and all this ends."

Derrick moaned. He wouldn't say it. He couldn't. She wasn't going to win. "Fuck you," he said.

"Oh, wrong answer," she said, pouring the ice cold water over him. The ice cubes bounced off his face as the water splashed against him. She laughed. "I'm very patient," she said. Setting the glass aside, she began pulling off her clothes. Naked, she straddled him. "All this talk about peeing makes me need to do it." Picking up the glass, she held it between her legs and released her bladder. He watched the glass fill with her pee. He listened to the splash it made.

It was too much for him. He peed, splashing his face with the warm, wet stream. The warm piss splashed against his mouth and up his nose. When he gasped for air, it went in his mouth. Unable to stop, slow, or control the flow, it went in his eyes, hair, and when he tried to turn his head away from it, in his ears. Worse was when it was going up his nose, forcing him to gasp for air and spit it from his mouth. His stream eased until the last weak bit of his need sprayed on his neck and chest. Laughing, Terri turned over her glass and poured her pee on top of him, too.

Her deft fingers undid the bonds around his knees. She allowed him to uncurl, but kept him laying on the wet carpet. Her hands guided him as he kept his eyes shut from the pee on his face. She had him turn, lay flat, and felt her kneeling over his head. He peeked, seeing her straddling his head. "Open your mouth," she said, pressing her pussy against his face. "Oops, a bit more," she said, spraying a last, short stream of her piss into his mouth before rubbing against his face. Laying in a puddle of piss, he ate her pussy, licking and sucking on her clit and bare pussy lips as his cock throbbed with a different need. Humbled, embarrassed, wet, and feeling dirty, he still felt the lust for an orgasm that only she could allow. Laughing and squealing, she came. "Damn, Mr. Mac, you're good at that!"

Still blinded from the piss in his face, she helped Derrick to his feet. Pulling the rope around his balls, she led him into his bathroom and helped him step over the lip of bathtub. Turning on the water, she left him behind the plastic shower curtain. He showered, dried himself, and found her sitting in the dining room back in her clothes. Calling him over, she undid the rope around his balls, pointing out how even wet, her knot was easy to untie. "You did a good job," she told him, holding his hips. "This is your reward." Caressing his shaved balls, she sucked his cock, giving him the best blow job he could remember. He warned her before he came, in case she didn't like to swallow. Some women were funny about that, but she didn't stop. But after he came, she stood, pulling his face to hers, and kissed him deeply. As they kissed, she pushed his orgasm from her mouth to his.

After she left, he got dressed and rented a carpet cleaner. The requirement to be naked as often as possible was easier than trying to be constantly hard. But after their afternoon together, he found both things easy. Picturing his Terri naked thrilled him. His sense of ownership would soon get him in trouble.

"Who am I?" Terri asked him when she arrived at work. It was the second time she asked the question.

"My Mistress," he replied again, though doubt crept into him.

"Assume the position," she demanded. Dropping his pants, he bent over, exposing his bare ass to her. She used one of the store's spatulas again. After turning both cheeks pink, she asked him again. "Who am I?"

"Terri Marie Sanders?" he offered.

"Fuck, you're a stupid bitch," she said, smacking him again. Terri had a system for spanking his ass. She alternated cheeks and locations, producing an even, stinging sensation from the top of his thighs to the bottom of his back. Her first series of swats had stung. The second series set his ass on fire. "Here's your hint. You were closer the first time. Now tell me, who am I?"

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