Cleverly Disguised


"Mistress Terri?" he tried.

"Dammit, you were so close!" she said and struck him several more times on each cheek. "Who am I?"

"Mistress, please," he begged. "I don't know."

"No, you do know," she said, tossing the spatula in the sink. "You just said it. I am Mistress. I am NOT your Mistress. I am Mistress to whomever I please. Mistress and only Mistress, do you understand me?"

"Yes Mistress," he said.

Terri slapped his face. "Stand up. Let me look at you. Are you hard?"

Derrick straightened up, afraid. He had been hard. He was hard when she arrived to work, but during the brutality of her spanking, his erection had faded. His cock wanted to be hard, but his body found it difficult to sort out the mixed messages of a sore ass. His cock stood out straight from his body in that half mast position between a full erection and being too soft to be of use.

She looked down at his cock. "What if I wanted to fuck right now? Could you fuck me with that?"

"Yes Mistress," he assured her, the idea sorting out the confusion in his brain. His cock grew stiffer.

"Do you want an orgasm?"

"Your will, Mistress." Derrick refused to fall into her traps.

"Yes, my will," she agreed, digging insider her purse for her cell phone. She tapped through a couple screens. "If I wish it, will you give yourself an orgasm right now?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Then you have sixty seconds to do so," she said, tapping on her phone and showing him the timer. Derrick worked his cock fast and hard, straining to move to an orgasm in the required time. It didn't happen. "Oh, so sorry," Terri said, smirking. "Better luck next time." Picking up the spatula, she delivered six more swats before allowing him to dress.

Next time happened an hour later. "Are you still hard for me?" she asked when he finished ringing up elderly lady and her husband.

"Yes Mistress," he reported, stepping around the counter so she could see the lump inside his pants.

"Sixty seconds," she told him, pulling her phone from her pocket and starting the timer. Derrick darted into the backroom, pulling open his pants, and tried jerking off for her. When he couldn't produce an orgasm in the allotted time, she waved her finger in a circle, indicating that he should turn around. Six more swats brought back the heat, burn, and sting on his beleaguered ass. "Go again," she said, restarting the clock. He received six more swats for failing.

Determined to win her game, Derrick did everything he could to keep himself on the edge of an orgasm. He rubbed the front of his pants, keeping himself hard and needful. If there were customers, he rub against the counter, in hopes of keeping his edge. But he made the mistake of complacent when Terri took one of her unannounced breaks. After waiting on a couple customers, his mind drifted. When Terri came back to the store, she checked the front of the house, pulled out her phone, and said, "Sixty seconds." While he tried, it wasn't worth the effort. He accepted his beating and learned his lesson; to be ready, stay ready!

He finished the work day without receiving another beating or another sixty second challenge. He felt on edge, his swollen, needful cock aching more than ass did after one of her spankings. Before she left, Terri caressed the lump in the front of his pants. "Poor baby. You look ready to burst." Up on tip-toes, she planted a kiss on his lips and left. Before closing the door, she added, "Remember, no orgasms without permission."

Terri had the next day off. Working the store with one of his other team members, Derrick wore an apron to hide his hard-on. He didn't mean to be hard. He didn't try to get hard. But his need was too great. Simple things set his imagination racing. He sent his help home early and closed the store alone. Feeling better control, he worked out before heading to the house. When he got home, he saw Terri's supplies sitting on his dining room table and had two reactions. His cock grew hard as he stripped off his clothes and he felt lonely. Dammit, had she crawled beneath his skin that quickly? He spent a restless evening in front of the TV wishing she would call or stop by. She didn't. He worried he was being punished. He worried she had lost interest. He thought about calling or texting her and decided he shouldn't. Sitting naked on his couch, his cock stayed hard. In a lonely funk, he went to bed at eleven.

Friday morning, Terri arrived at work two minutes before open. "Hi Mr. Mac," she beamed, as full of sunshine as ever.

"Good morning, Mistress," he said, glad his prick was hard for her.

Terri breezed by him, clocked in at the cash register, and helped with the rest of the opening. "Looks like a nice day, think we'll be busy?"

"Probably," he said.

"Guess I'll get busy on the windows," she said, collecting the step stool, window spray, and stack of paper towels she would need. Window cleaning was a regular Friday morning chore. Derrick liked the store to look extra clean going into the weekend. "Unless you have something else you want me to do?"

"As you wish, Mistress."

She gave him a smile and set to work, leaving him wondering what was going on. Had she abandoned their game?

The sunny spring day brought out the customers. Soon, they were busy restocking the topping bar, monitoring the frozen yogurt machines, and cleaning up after customers. Derrick worked in a funk, wanting to ask Terri if things were okay between them, but he couldn't find the words. She asked before taking a break, took only half an hour, and later suggested he take one, too. Derrick didn't need a break, but didn't want to disappoint Mistress. He sat in his car for half an hour, his cock aching for attention she refused to give.

On Friday and Saturday, the store stayed opened until nine. At four, the second shift showed up. When he saw Terri clocking out, Derrick went into the backroom, hoping for a hint of what was going on. She paused in front of him, looked down at the firm hard on inside his pants, and smiled. She rubbed the lump and said, "I'll see you tonight."

Near midnight, Derrick gave up on seeing her. Turning off the TV, he started his nightly routine. His hard cock ached, throbbed, and demanded attention he refused to give it. He was setting up the coffeemaker for the morning when he saw a flash of headlights pulling into his driveway. He smiled, wondering where he should be when she walked in. Should he turn the TV on again and act casual? Should he stand by the door? Abandoning the coffee, he decided to kneel in front of his door.

A drunk Terri swung his door open wide. She staggered inside with three guys close to her age. "Holy shit," said the blonde hair man with his arm around Terri when he saw Derrick kneeling on the floor. He was the only sober one in the group.

"Did you think I was fucking lying?" Terri asked, tussling Derrick's hair.

"What the fuck!" said a muscular young man with dark hair.

"Hey, does this slave of yours got anything to drink?" the third man asked, bringing up the rear of the party. He stopped at the door way. "Dude, you're naked!"

"Okay, this is officially weird," the blonde said, looking unsure of himself.

"Fuck it, Carl. Terri said it would be weird," the dark haired guy said.

"Yeah, but damn," Carl insisted, holding Terri's waist, but staring at Derrick.

"Naked guys bother you?" Terri asked him.

"Just weird. Can you make him get dressed or something?"

"I could, but I like him like that."

"You fuck him?" the muscular dark haired guy asked.

"I fuck with him," Terri laughed. "What this." After making Derrick stand against the wall, she began clamping clothespins to his balls.

"Oh fuck, that's got to hurt!" the last man into Derrick's home said, squirming and instinctively holding his junk.

"You want to try?" she asked him.

"No way!"

"Come on, Travis. Let her put a clothespin on your balls," the dark hair guy taunted.

"Fuck you, Gary. You do it."

"So, he has to do like anything you say?" Carl, the sober blonde, asked. He still stared with wide open eyes.

"Anything," she said, smiling up at him. There was a pleased twinkle in her eyes that made Derrick feel good.

"Make him jerk off and eat it," said Gary, the muscle bound guy.

Terri turned on the dark hair man, grabbing his crotch. "Don't tell me what to do, Gary, or you'll be standing next to him." Gary winced.

"Whoa baby, relax. I'm just trying to have some fun."

"Me too," Terri said, holding her grip a moment longer before she released him. Gary stumbled back a step, giving her a wary look. Derrick smirked.

"But if she asked you to do that, you'd do it, wouldn't you?" Carl asked Derrick, his eyes finally moving away from Derrick's crotch.

It was a guess on his part, but Derrick didn't reply. Terri considered him for a moment, smirked and gave him a discreet nod of approval. "He's mine, Carl, not yours," she told the blonde. She removed the clothespins from Derrick's balls, turned, and faced the trio of men. "Okay, who wants to fuck?"

"Gotta love a woman who knows what she wants," Travis said.

"Looks like we have winner," Terri said, pushing Travis in front of her towards Derrick's bedroom and pulling Derrick behind her by his hard cock.

"You going to fuck them both?" Carl asked.

"Maybe," Terri said. As they moved down the short hallway, Derrick heard his TV come back to life as Carl and Gary began laughing.

Terri positioned Derrick against the wall at the foot of his bed. "Does he have to watch?" Travis asked.

"Who cares?" Terri said, pressing against the man. As she kissed him, she pulling his hand to one of her tits. Any concerns Travis had about Derrick vanished.

Travis and Terri had sex together. They fucked. Derrick didn't know how else to describe it. There wasn't affection, love, or passion to what they did. Terri tore at Travis's clothes, stripping him down and rubbing his hard cock while he finished taking off her clothes. "I want to eat this," he said, cupping her bare pussy.

"I want to fuck this," Terri insisted, pushing the man backwards on the bed. She climbed on top of him, guiding his hard cock inside her pussy and bouncing.

"You're crazy as shit," he said, grabbing at her perky tits.

"Just shut-up and get off," she said.

"Can't last," he moaned. He glanced at Derrick, but quickly looked away.

Their fucking lasted a few short minutes. "Come for me," Terri told him. "I want to feel it."

"Oh yeah. Fuck yeah!" Travis said, hands on her ass. Derrick watched the man's pleasure consume him. He watched as Travis let go, releasing his orgasm inside of her. "Oh fuck yeah!"

Terri rolled off of him. Laying next to him, she kissed him. "Thanks," she purred.

"Give me a minute and we can do it again."

"Maybe later," she said, nodding at the door.


"I said I wanted to fuck, that's it. We fucked. Now get the fuck out," she told him.

Travis looked confused, but climbed out of the bed, pulled on his underwear and jeans, and looked at her. "You're a freak," he said.

"You're probably right. Shut the door behind you." When he left, she looked at Derrick. "Clean me."

Kneeling on the side of his bed, Derrick didn't hesitate to press his mouth against her used pussy. He didn't care about Travis's orgasm. Instead, he thrilled at being allowed to please Mistress. He licked, lapped, and sucked at her bald pussy, delighting in how she squirmed beneath him. He gave her the orgasm she didn't have with Travis.

"Enough," she said, pushing away his head. She pointed to the foot of the bed. Derrick didn't need more instruction than that. He stood against the wall, his hard prick leaking pre-cum, as she walked naked out of her bedroom. "Who's next?" he heard her ask.

There seemed to be a discussion in the other room before Carl walked in behind Terri. He looked back and forth between Terri and Derrick. Even as Terri undressed him, Carl looked at Derrick. "You're not hard," she said, rubbing him.

"What's he going to do?" Carl asked.

Terri was focused on Carl's soft prick. She waved from Derrick to come closer. With a hand on his shoulder, she pushed him down. "He's going to suck your cock while we kiss," she said. "Once you're hard, you can fuck me." Grabbing Carl's face, she pressed her lips against his. Keeping one hand around the back of his head, she pushed Derrick's head forward.

Derrick opened his mouth, taking the young man's limp cock between his lips. Carl wasn't hard, but he wasn't soft, either. His prick was full, just not full enough to be hard. As Derrick sucked, he felt the man grow. He heard the two of them moan inside each other's mouths as Carl's cock found its strength.

"Do you to fuck or do you want him to finish?"

"He's good," Carl said, looking between them with the same wide eyed expression he had been wearing since arriving. "If he sucks me off, does it make me gay?"

"Not you, but it does make him a cocksucker," Terri said, giggling. She pushed Derrick's face against Carl's crotch and went back to kissing the man, leaving Derrick to finish him.

Derrick didn't know what to expect. He never considered the idea of sucking cock. He felt a heated blush reach his face when Terri pointed out that he was now a cocksucker, but it passed quickly. He enjoyed having his cock sucked and tried to do the things that felt best to him. He swirled his tongue over and around the head of the young man's prick. He bobbed his head back and forth, knowing that felt good when it was done to him. He felt the man's prick throb, that was interesting, and he grew aware the man would soon orgasm inside his mouth. Without knowing how to prepare for the experience, he kept a steady pace and waiting for it. When it happened, the strength of the first spurt against the roof of his mouth surprised him, but didn't gag him. The man's semen had a slight acidic taste to it, but it wasn't unpleasant.

"Think we can fuck, too?" Carl asked.

"One orgasm to a customer," Terri said, pulling away from Carl. "Gotta pee," she said, leaving the room.

"Ever do that before?" Carl asked, pulling on his pants.

"No," Derrick said.

"Was it weird?"

"Not really. It was okay."

Carl's eyes flickered back to Derrick's hard prick. He glanced at the open door, shrugged, and finished getting dressed. "Later dude," he said.

Derrick stood at the foot of the bed while Terri and Gary got down to business. Gary was drunker than the Travis. Once he was naked, he didn't care about Terri's lack of foreplay. He slapped Terri's bare ass. "You ready for this?" he asked.

"Bring it on," she said, flopping backwards on the bed.

"Alright," he said, working the front of his pants open. Not pushing his pants down any farther than his ass, he fell on top of Terri and started fucking her.

"Do it, you fucking stud. Come for me."

"Oh yeah, baby. I'm going to," he promised. He moved faster, shaking Derrick's bed, but he didn't last any longer than Travis before he arched his back and came. "How was that, baby?"

"Average," she said, pushing him off of her.

"Oh yeah? Give me a minute and I'll show you," he said, sitting on the bed and clawing at her tits.

Terri slapped his hand away. "You had your shot. Now get the fuck out."

"Why, so you can do him?"

"Maybe," she said. "Unless you want to blow him first."

"Fuck you," Gary said, standing and pulling up his pants. "You want me to send Travis back in?"

"Nah, I'm done. Go home."

"Aw, don't be like that, baby."

"Don't be like what?"

"I don't know, a bitch?"

Terri sprang off the bed in a flurry of waving hands, slapping the much bigger man. "What the fuck did you call me?"

"Hey, hey, hey! I was just kidding," he said, retreating.

"Get out!" she yelled, following him down the hall. "All of you. Get the fuck out."

Derrick heard a few confused objections. He moved into the hallway, standing behind Mistress with his arms crossed. "You heard the woman. Get the fuck out before it's my turn to fuck you." That seemed to convince the younger men it was time to leave.

"Fucking faggot!" Gary yelled, last out of the door.

"Nice job," Terri said, turning and smiling up at him. Pulling him by the hand, she led him to his couch. She turned off the TV, sat, and spread her legs. "Still want to eat this pussy?" Some of Gary's semen had leaked from her pussy and ran down her thigh.

"Yes Mistress," Derrick said, dropping to his knees. Holding her calf, he started by licking up her thigh, his tongue tracing the length of semen. Taking his time, he licked the rest of her bald pussy before burying his tongue between her nether lips. Terri squirmed and moaned her pleasure again and again before stopping him.

"Enough," she said, pushing him away. Cradling his wet face, she considered him for a long moment. Leaning forward, she kissed him, pushing her tongue inside of his mouth. "You like this, don't you?"

"I like you, Mistress," he admitted.

"Sit," she said, patting the couch next to her. Leaning forward, she picked up a couple clothespins left on the coffee table. She attached them to his nipples before swinging her leg over him, facing and straddling him. She positioned herself just right until her warm, wet pussy slipped around his hard aching cock. She settled on top of him, not moving. His prick throbbed madly inside of her, threatening to orgasm from nothing more than the feel of her around him.

Terri caressed his face. "You sucked dick for me." He nodded. "You know that makes you a faggot, right?"

"Your will, Mistress."

She kissed him. "I think I believe you."

"Mistress should," he said, sure he was crossing a line by saying it, but she rewarded him another kiss.

Staring at him again, she put her hands on his shoulders. Slowly, she raised off of him once before settling back down. Once more, his cock throbbed its need deep inside of her. "I've wanted this for a long time," she told him. "Since before our game started."

Derrick stared up at her, unsure what to say. Deciding it was better to remain silent, he did.

She raised off of him and down again, smirking when his cock throbbed again. "How many times do you think I can do that before you cum?"

"Not many," he admitted.

"If I told one of those guys to fuck you up the ass, would you have let them?"

"Yes Mistress. Your will. Always."

"What does that feel like?"

Again she rose and fell. "To give yourself to me so completely. What does it feel like?"


"What if I left you right now?" she asked, pulling away. She pushed backwards, sitting closer to his knees while his hard cock danced in the air. "Would it be cruel if I left you hard like this?"

"Your will."

"Should I paddle you again?"

"Your will."

"And you wouldn't care? Don't you need an orgasm?"

"Not as much as I think I need this," he said, nodding at the clothespins on his nipples and meaning everything.


"I feel you everywhere. Always."

"Even today when I ignored you?"

"Especially today. I was confused, afraid you didn't want me, but it didn't change anything for me."

Giggling, she moved back on top of him. "You were really hard at work today."

His cock throbbed with new force. He was glad she had noticed. "For you, Mistress. Because of you, I was hard yesterday, too."

She giggled again. "I know. I heard. You're getting quite the reputation for having an issue."

"I do. You, Mistress."

"This is for me," she said, rising and falling on him. "Don't hold back. Give it to me. I want this. I want to feel you coming inside of me, for me." She fucked him with long, slow strokes; as if she were savoring the feel of him. "Do it," she purred. "Come for me."

As if by command, though it was probably from pent-up need, Derrick did. He came with a force and satisfaction that curled his toes. He saw her watching him, studying him as his orgasm worked through his body.

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