tagFirst TimeClimbing a Fence

Climbing a Fence


"Shit." I whispered. There was only one way to get back to my apartment and that was to climb the fence. This was normally no problem, but tonight I had gotten back late, and the neighbors annoying dog was in the yard. I could climb over the next fence, but someone might question it. Living in New York, people always were looking. I could easily take the alley, but I was small and pretty by some standards, and since it was a complex, it would be a long walk. I had long blonde loosely curled hair that fell almost to my waist. I almost weighed 110 and even though I was only 5'1'' my doctor said I was underweight. I was afraid to gain weight because I wanted to be able to climb fences and stuff. It was hard enough as it is. Most girls in my school told me I was pretty, but that I needed bigger breasts. I hated them; at 34B I thought they were tiny. But I was only 18 so I tried to convince myself that they'd grow.

My apartment building had a tall fence and a small hole under it so I could push things under it, and then climb over it. But that dog, that dog would bark and make a ton of noise if I climbed over. Being two AM my mom would know, and she would throw a fit. The only way to get in was to climb the other fence to the neighbors yard. I climbed quickly my backpack making noise with my new camera in it. I had wanted to buy that camera forever and tonight I finally got it. The problem is my mother didn't want me to buy it. She says photography distracts me from school. But I bought the camera anyway. As I jumped down the last few feet the door opened and I could see the outline of a very built man in the light. I started to run. He easily caught up with me and grabbed my arm. I struggled to get away. He pinned me up against the side of the house.

"What the fuck do you think your doing?" he quietly asked.

I kept fighting to get away, and I suddenly heard a crack. I froze, and my eyes widened.

"FUCK!" I almost yelled. I whipped my hands out of his grasp and pulled my pack off and open. I yanked out the camera and was destroyed. The lens had been broken. Tears started pouring down my face, and I realized I had been muttering profanities repeatedly. The man knelt down next to me and lifted my face with his fingers.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't realize who you were. I'm your neighbor, I'll help you fix your camera..." his voice was husky, and his muscular hands under my chin sent shivers down my back.

"It's not fixable. Just let me go. Please." I whispered.

"Why did you—" he started to ask

"Because if I went over my fence my mother would've found out and her alcoholic boyfriend probably would've flipped out. So just leave me alone." My voice shook and my body said exactly the opposite of leave me alone. I ran away from him, leaving my pack there.

Later when I was in bed, my fingers were lightly tracing over my body, leaving trails of goose bumps. I was thinking of the shivers his fingers had sent down my spine. Thinking of him pressed between my legs, his chest pressed against my tits. How his hands had grasped my wrists. I thought about what I knew of him. He was a marine. He had done two tours in Afghanistan. I knew he suffered from PTSD, and I figured that's why he reacted. I wanted him.

- - - - -

Three days later there was a box on my bed. No shipping, no note. I looked in it, and there was my backpack and camera. I lifted the camera out of it and it was fixed! I decided I would slip out that night to thank him- and apologize.

Thank god my mother and her boyfriend went to bed at ten that night, as I was antsy to get going. At eleven thirty I quietly climbed out my window, climbed down the fire escape and scurried over the fence. He was in a lawn chair smoking a blunt. I quietly approached even though he was staring at me. I had chosen to wear jean shorts and a pretty white tank top. You could see the outline of my black lace bra through the shirt but it was dark. Maybe he didn't see. As I walked towards him he blew out smoke and I inhaled slightly.

"I'm sor—thanks." I stuttered

"Not fixable?" he said

"I don't have money."

He held out the blunt.

"I've never smoked before so--- no thanks?" I was uncertain of everything at that point.

"Come here." He stated. "I'm Jace by the way."

I timidly walked over. He took a long drag, and then pulled me down so I was sitting on the edge of the lawn chair, leaning over his chest. He pulled my face down like he was going to kiss me, and he parted my lips with his and blew the smoke into my lungs. Then after a few seconds he let go and I exhaled. It felt amazing. He did this a few more times. We talked about everything over that blunt. It felt like it lasted forever, yet it was over too quickly. We took that last drag and shared it. He slowly started to kiss me. I pulled back and stammered something unintelligible. Jace grinned a lopsided grin and told me to stop by the next day, no expectations.

That night I thought about his dark green eyes, his curly black hair, his tan skin, his abs, his muscular arms, hands, and legs. How his hands were strong and safe. How they held me that night, pulling my face in for a drag, rubbed my back, up and down then securely on my ribs. I wanted him to be my first. I really couldn't imagine it any other way. I decided that I couldn't wait until the next day to see him so I snuck down the fire escape again.

When I got over the fence and into the complex, I struggled to remember where he lived. Then I remembered it was on the second floor facing me, because I had once looked down and saw his back. I got to the second floor, and my heartbeat increased to a hummingbirds' speed. I was knocking on his door before I knew it.

He opened up the door looking exhausted. My breath caught,

"I- I- nevermind." I almost gasped. He didn't say anything when his strong arms encircled me and pulled me close for a kiss. His lips passionately parting mine, his tongue playing with mine. I melted against his touch, forgetting to breathe. He abruptly pulled me inside closing the door using my back, then holding me against it. His hands pushed my hair back and held my head, ran down my body, yanked off my shirt. I was oblivious, all I knew was his touch, and all I could feel was lust. He broke our kiss and stared at me, his eyes looked chaotic with feeling.

"Don't stop," I breathed. "I need you now."

"You ever been with anyone before?" he asked his voice husky and low,

"No, I want it to be you" I moaned because his hands were still tracing my body sending waves of fire to the pit of my stomach and lower. He didn't say another word as he lifted me so that I was straddling him and carried me to his bed. His arms were still around me when we fell into bed, my pussy was pressed against the bulge in his tight jeans. As if they had a mind of their own my hips started to grind against him, and a moan escaped his lips. His callused hands were kneading my small breasts, his fingers gently pinching my stiff nipples. A moment later his mouth was on one of my tits, and one of his hands was pushing my shorts down. I lifted my hips so he could pull them and my panties down, then he slid his hand back up my thigh and immediately his finger began massaging my clitoris. I moaned and pushed my hips against him. I felt wave after wave of heat flow down my spine and into my pussy.

He slowly began kissing down my abdomen, pausing at my hips to look up then he kissed down further till he was licking my pussy. He pushed his finger into my hole while he licked and gently bit my clitoris. I came in what felt like seconds. He moved to kiss me, and I could taste my own cum on his lips. I ran my hands run up his body, pulling off his t-shirt. My hands moved down his sculpted abs to his pants. I unbuttoned them, unzipped them and pushed them down as far as I could, dragging his briefs with them. He removed them the rest of the way. I was suddenly afraid of having sex with him. He was huge, at least ten inches long, and thick.

"You're going to break me!" I gasped.

"You'll be fine." He almost growled as he kissed me hard. I moaned when he rubbed the head of his cock up and down my slit making my already wet pussy, soaked. He started to push his huge member inside of me, hitting my hymen almost right away. He looked into my eyes and told me it was going to hurt for a minute and grabbed my wrists and held them above my head. I gasped as I felt a rip, then an intense burning. It started to fade almost immediately and I pushed my hips down. Jace slowly advanced making me moan loudly. He chuckled breathlessly and started to speed up.

"You want this don't you. God damn woman," He started fucking me, my pussy felt violated, over full and stretched out. I felt wave after wave of pleasure and fire when he pushed foreword, I was so close to cumming.

"Tell me you want it, say how you love it." Jace growled. I couldn't speak so in response I came, my muscles tightening around his cock. He fucked me harder and harder, his cock stretching me out. I screamed as he came inside of me, his hot juices leaking out around his cock. I had cummed at the same time again. He pulled out and rolled off of me. I closed my legs slightly and put my hand down to feel my ravaged pussy. My fingers came away sticky with cum and blood. I looked at him, his jaw was tense, and his eyes looked chaotic. He glared at the ceiling. Then he glared at me...To be continued if you want.

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