tagGay MaleClinical Trial in Submission Ch. 02

Clinical Trial in Submission Ch. 02


I took the head of Master Dom's tool in my mouth, my first taste of cock. Rather than feeling revulsion, I was intrigued by the contrast between the softness of the spongy head and the hardness of the shaft just below the head. I took a little more cock in, careful to keep my teeth in check. As I took more than half his thick length in, Master Dom moaned softly, "Yes, that's right, slave. You like that big cock in your mouth don't you?"

"Uhmmm hmmm," I hummed my affirmative answer with a mouth full of cock. Master Dom smiled and stepped an inch further forward, allowing me, from my seated position, to take even more of him in.

The cock seemed to swell even larger as I swirled my tongue around the bulbous head and wetly engulfed more and more of its length. A big fan of blowjobs myself, I had tried to instruct various girls in how to do it right. Now, I tried to do the same things I had asked of the the ladies I had enjoyed sex with. Keeping it varied and never mechanical was one of the keys, I had told more than a few girls in my college town. I had always told the girls to make it very wet and even sloppy. Eagerness and a love of your work are also very important; nobody likes a reluctant or half-ass job, at giving head or anything else, I had repeated.

As I put my own instructions to use, I struggled to take this massive slab of cock down to the balls without gagging, finally succeeding in burying it in my mouth. Master Dom moaned his approval and I felt safe, safe from the shocks, safe from the brutal throat "training" I had witnessed a less cooperative captive suffer.

After just a few minutes of my eager and noisy sucking, Master Dom told the doctor that it appeared I would no longer require discipline and that the doctor was free to go check on the progress of the other slaves being trained today. I felt a warm sense of relief when I heard the doctor leave.

Master Dom had never hurt me, had only praised me so far, and was gentle in how he allowed me to take time to adjust to having his fat cock in my mouth. I felt almost secure in his presence, knowing that if I did a good job of pleasing him, I would be safe from the doctor's cruel discipline.

"That's right, slave boy. You have a wonderful, wet, warm mouth and you seem to have quite a talent for this. My cock fits so well inside your mouth."

I sucked with abandon until Master Dom spoke with more instructions:

"Now, to change things up a bit, gently lick my balls, then try sucking them into your mouth, one at a time." He stepped forward a little easing my access.

I had been lightly massaging his full balls with one of my hands while I sucked his dick, careful not to play with them too roughly until I learned what degree of stimulation he preferred. My own balls were quite sensitive to touch and more than one girl had come dangerously close to hurting me by mouthing them too aggressively. I slowly withdrew the huge cock from my mouth, making sure my tongue slathered it with wet pleasure as I withdrew. I then applied a broad, wet lick under Master Dom's furry ball sac and started licking his ample balls.

"Good boy, lick them well ... yes, that's it, very nice, uhmmmm, now, try to put one in your mouth. A slave can find true happiness with his master's balls in his mouth."

I did as instructed, mindful of the plug up my ass and the penis plug inserted in my still rock hard cock, its ring tightly encircling my cockhead. I licked Master Dom's balls generously then opened wide to take his left ball into my mouth. This seemed to please him from the sighs he uttered, so I gave the right ball the same treatment. As I mouthed his balls, I used my hands to continue my loving ministrations on the thick cock just above. I thought about trying to take both balls in my mouth at the same time, but paused to seek permission first.

Looking up at Master Dom's smiling face, I meekly asked, "May I try to take both of them in my mouth, Master?"

"Why yes, slave, you may. Just hold them there for 3 or 4 seconds once you do, to see how fulfilling it is to have a mouth stuffed with your master's full balls."

I obeyed without delay. As I carefully took both balls in my mouth, I considered the security and safety I felt with Master Dom's jewels in my mouth. I told myself this was wise self-preservation, but the thought crossed my mind that maybe I was enjoying this new experience a little as well.

"Good slave. Well done. Now resume pleasing your master's cock. Yes, that's it, suck it. Yes..."

As I returned to sucking his fat dick, I tasted his pre-cum, which was flowing intermittently. It was sticky and salty, not at all unpleasant. Soon, I felt Master Dom's hand grabbling my raging hard-on and his fingers inspecting the penis plug in a clinical way.

Holding the ring in his fingers and feeling how tightly it encircling my dick, Master Dom looked down at me and spoke:

"Unlike some masters, I like to reward my slaves when they work hard to please and believe such positive reinforcement can work even better than the threat of discipline. Because you are sucking my cock so well for your first time, I will remove this plug if you like."

I was desperate to get that thing out of my dick, and anxious to be disconnected from a device that had tortured me earlier with electric shock.

"Yes, please, master. I would be so grateful if you would remove it."

I resumed my plunging down on Master Dom's cock, swallowing him to the balls each time. As I worked, he expertly twisted the ring, then held it as he pushed my cockhead through and free from the ring. Finally, he slowly withdrew the plug that had been impaling my piss hole. Master Dom also thoughtfully removed the electro-shock patches from my smooth, completely hairless balls.

My rock-hard cock emitted a small pearl of pre-cum, perhaps mixed with some of the lube the attendant had used to insert the plug. Free of the device, my dick felt even fuller and harder than before. I began to have strong desire to play with my meat, or have it played with. I needed to get off, but dared not express any desires of my own to Master Dom.

"Your slave dick is quite hard, I see. I like it when a slave becomes so aroused from pleasuring me."

"Uhhhmmm hmmm," I mumbled my affirmation with a mouth stuffed full of man meat.

Master Dom's hips were starting to gently pump in a slow-motion fucking manner as my gulping sucking worked its intended magic. My mouth eagerly met his every stroke. I was doing my best to prove my worth to him and hoped my hard work would please him. My hands massaged his full balls in the manner that he seemed to like. He gave me instructions from time to time and praised my developing cocksucking skills on several occasions.

My jaws were sore from the ball gag and now the sucking, but I continued to work him steadily. It was so strange to be on this end of a blowjob. I realized that by following all the tips I had given out in the past and by doing everything Master Dom instructed, I was giving really good head, the kind I would have loved to have received from the girls I had fucked.

The blowjob had been going on for quite some time when Master Dom's tempo changed and I sensed a more goal-driven effort from his steady fucking motion, in and out of my mouth.

"You are getting closer and closer to your reward, slave. Yes, keep up that eager sucking... Suck that fat cock, slave, and it will feed you the juice of life... That's it slave, suck it because you need your master's cum in your mouth and down your throat."

I tried to turn off my brain and concentrate on sucking, deathly afraid that I would involuntarily recoil at the feel of a cock shooting off in my mouth. I worried I would not be able to suppress disgust at the taste. But I feared Damian and being throat fucked with that horrible metal jaw-opener in my mouth even more. Yes, I told myself, I needed to get through this, to just do it without thinking about it, to save myself.

Master Dom was now breathing harder and we were both sweating as we moved in unison toward his climax. He pumped faster and faster as I struggled to keep up. I concentrated on meeting every thrust with a willing wet mouth, on acting eager for the jizz that would soon be spurting from Master Dom's big tool. I wanted him to be as pleased with how this blowjob ended as he was with the rest of it. I told myself I had to do this to save myself from far worse.

"Oh yes, oh yes, suck it, slave, take my cock, yes, take it, you are soon to be rewarded, so soon, uh, uh, yeeeessssss."

Master Dom thrust deeply into my mouth, momentarily holding his even more swollen cockhead against the opening to my throat, his massive meat stretching my mouth to its fullest. He held it there as the first gush of his cum surged into my mouth. I opened my throat and swallowed for all I was worth, taking a big load down without really tasting it. He convulsed a little and pulled about a third of his cock out of my mouth then gave a small thrust and delivered the second surge, covering my tongue and coating the inside of my mouth with his sperm. This time, I very much tasted the salty, sticky cream.

The second surge of his jizz was too much to swallow completely before more cum filled my mouth. A little dribbled out of the left side of my mouth, dripping down toward my chin. I gulped as much down as I could, not wanting to displease him. Time seemed to go in slow-motion as Master Dom pumped his cock slowly in and out of my mouth, his spewing cock delivering more cum before slowly tapering off.

It was a big load, but nothing like the geyser I had watched Damian shoot into the mouth of the unlucky boy who had refused to cooperate. I swallowed and proceeded to lick his magnificent tool clean. I diligently but very softly cleaned him with my lips and tongue, taking any further drops of jizz his dick dribbled out on my tongue and swallowing.

"Yes, swallow it all, slave. A good slave dreams of being rewarded with a big mouthful of his master's cum. He is fulfilled and knows his purpose in life when he takes his master's load each day."

He swiped his finger across my chin and up to the corner of my mouth where some of his jizz had leaked out.

"Here, here is a little you missed," Master Dom said. It was still quite warm as he fed it to me. I dutifully licked it off his finger like I was licking icing from the bowl off my own finger.

"Yes, eat that cum, slave. Tell me how you liked your first load of man cream."

Unable to express myself for a moment, I just moaned as if with satisfaction, then replied as submissively as possible:

"You have a wonderful cock, master, so thick and tasty. I enjoyed sucking it from start to finish."

"Good, slave, and did you enjoy eating my cum as well?"

"Yes, master. It made me so incredibly horny, as my hard-on proves."

My seven inches, nicely proportioned but a good deal less thick than Master Dom's, was jutting straight up, straining in its hardness. It looked even bigger because my pubic hair had been removed.

"Your own pleasure should come from serving your master, slave. That said, you will occasionally be allowed to cum as a reward for pleasing your master."

With that, he grabbed the tube of lubricant and squirted it on my cock. "Now, show me how big a load you can shoot, slave. It will please me if servicing my cock has caused your balls to make a large amount of sperm. Go ahead, pleasure yourself for my enjoyment."

I had just sucked a cock and swallowed a lot of . cum, so I should not have felt any embarrassment about jacking off in front of another man. But I blushed deeply as I started to play with my cock as Master Dom instructed.

"Yes, as a new slave, you may feel embarrassment at doing some things in front of me that you no doubt only did privately before. That is natural, but shame and embarrassment will fade quickly. Slaves have no expectation of privacy. Now show me how you like to jerk off, slave. Do it exactly like you do it alone in your bed. I sometimes learn new things from watching my slaves masturbate, new ideas to teach my slaves when they are pleasing me."

Anxious to obey and unbelievably horny from the drug I had been given and the highly sexual nature of everything that had happened in the last hour, I slowly massaged my cock with the lube he had applied, jacking myself off and playing with my smooth balls. As I worked on my dick, Master Dom watched from a nearby chair.

I closed my eyes and thought about some great sexual escapades I had in college, freeze-framing different hot moments with different girls I had fucked, fantasizing as I jacked off. But strangely, an image of Master Dom's thick cock kept appearing in my mind.

Dom spoke to me quietly: "An obedient slave thinks of his master when he pleasures himself. I hope you are thinking of my cock, slave. Or perhaps of my warm, delicious cum spurting in your mouth."

"Yes, master," I said with resignation. "I was trying to think of girls I had fucked, but your cock kept creeping into my mind when I closed my eyes."

"Good, slave. Excellent. Your orgasms will always be associated with your master's cock. Now continue masturbating, slave."

As I worked on my cock, he rose from his chair and approached me. I did not stop my furious jerking off, but stared at Master Dom's naked body as I did it. This seemed to please him as well.

Standing close to me now, right between my legs, he was watching everything my hands were doing to my raging hard on and balls. After a few seconds, Master Dom lifted his still wet cock, now softer but still semi-hard, and felt it with his right hand.

"My cock is often very sensitive just after a climax, but I think it has recovered enough now to help you over the edge. Do you want this cock, slave?"

"Oh please, kind master, please put your thick tool in my mouth while I jerk off. Please allow me to hold it in my mouth while I cum."

As I wondered where those words came from and how I said them so quickly, Master Dom put his cock in my mouth once more, pressing his flat abdomen against my forehead. I lolled its thick mass about in my mouth, tasting the after-effects of his recent orgasm, but careful not to overstimulate him so soon. Strangely, I was glad to have him back in my mouth. It felt right somehow.

Within thirty seconds or so of feeling him fill my mouth, I started to feel the familiar signs that my own orgasm was imminent.

I moaned around his big cock and then began to shake as I came in an enormous eruption. Ropes of white-hot jizz surged from my cock as I shot again and again. It was like no other orgasm I ever had. I continued to jack my dick as the large load shot all over my chest and neck, careful to aim my spewing cock away from Master Dom.

After the jizz stopped flowing from my still-engorged cock and I stopped my jacking off motions, Master Dom spoke again:

"You produced an impressive load, slave. It is a sign of how well you are progressing that being permitted to take my cock in your mouth put you over the edge."

As he spoke, Master Dom scooped up two fingers full of my jizz off my chest and pulled his cock from my mouth.

"Here, slave, clean up the mess you have made."

Unable to think of any way out of it, I obediently licked his fingers, trying again not to think about crossing so many lines I never considered before today. I noted that my cum tasted like Master Dom's, only a little more bitter. As he fed me more off his fingers, I joined him in wiping the cum off my chest and neck, licking it off my fingers each time until my body was cleaned of all of my seed.

"Thank you, master. I had never tasted cum before, even my own. Your cum is sweeter than mine."

"As it should be, slave. If you remain a good boy, perhaps I will feed you some more later this afternoon, when we resume your training."

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