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Cloak and Dagger


Ava groaned when she heard the alarm clock erupt in its obnoxious announcement that another day was yet upon her. Reaching over to silence it, if only for a few precious moments, she pondered the monotony of her everyday life. Each day, she made her way to the CIA headquarters in Langley...only to occupy the same desk and perform the same mundane tasks. She reflected on her wide-eyed dreams of becoming a full fledged field agent and longed for that first big assignment. The alarm sounded again, jogging her mind from her thoughts, and urging her to get out of bed and repeat the all too familiar routine of readying herself for work.

On the drive in, she remembered with great trepidation the training she'd received, and how intense it had been. She laughed a bit when she thought of the movie, 'The Recruit,' knowing how much of the actual training was left out. Sure, she'd learned to deceive others in order to gain the information she needed, and she had mastered an unequaled ability to gain the trust of any 'mark.' But the mental and physical training she endured had tested her resolve...almost to the point of making her forget her life-long dream of being a bona fide, lethal weapon for her country.

She had a few 'flings,' but they didn't satisfy the deep seeded need for a relationship...a true relationship, one of love, respect and trust. Of course, the secretive nature of her job didn't allow for much social interaction outside of her fellow agents, and that left her with an emptiness in her heart that desperately wanted a companion...someone she could share her life with. She knew her affinity for women wasn't looked upon kindly...even in this 'enlightened' age, and that only served to amplify that longing within her. She was attractive, standing 5-6 with an athletic figure...although she knew how to dress and behave like a lady. Her eyes were nothing less than stunning, leaving anyone...both male and female...to look upon her with desire. Alas, her job kept coming in the way of her love life.

As she approached the outer security check point, her mind immediately returned to business as usual. She plodded through another day of gathering general intelligence and meetings, and another tedious day finally came to an end. She gathered her belongings and went through the exit security checks before heading to her car. Before she could even open her door, her cell phone rang loudly. "Hello?" she answered.

"Agent Sinclair," the voice on the other end began, "I have an assignment for you. Please report to the second level intel office immediately.

"Yes sir, I'll be there shortly," she replied and heard an abrupt 'click' from the other end of the line.

While excited about potentially receiving her first 'real' assignment, Ava found herself slightly aggravated at being pulled back into the building when she thought her day was done. Nonetheless, she did exactly as she had been instructed and made her way back through security to her destination.

She was greeted by several agents with ranks far above that of her own, and for a moment felt somewhat intimidated...surprising, given her usual confidence and assertiveness. She was offered coffee and a seat at the large, brown conference table where several grey, unmarked folders lay awaiting inspection. No one in the room had to wait long before a senior agent entered the room and called the meeting to order.

"We have a top-level, priority situation that needs immediate attention," he said gesturing to a large projection screen hanging from a central wall. Ava couldn't help but be more than awed by the enormity of the situation. Fear and anticipation fought their battles within her, and she found herself feeling again unsure of her abilities.

"It seems that some North Korean militants have set up shop in New York. We don't know what their plans are, but since our relations with them haven't been cordial as of late, we need to find out all we can."

A surge of excitement coursed through Ava's body in anticipation at the whole scenario. While she didn't like the fact that our government needed to keep such close tabs on the activities of others, she knew that what she had trained for was of utmost importance to the safety of our country. She anxiously awaited instructions to dive into the ominous folder before her, and she wasn't disappointed.

"If you will all please open your assignment folders," he began, "You'll find the details for your individual part in this operation."

Ava tore through hers with an urgency that caused some of her more seasoned colleagues to snicker a bit. Inside her folder was a picture of a North Korean woman known only by the name of Cho Min...which she found out meant beautiful and clever. Ava's task was pretty straightforward...she was to set up surveillance on her first 'mark' and wait for further instructions, while reporting daily as to the routine of Cho Min.

The meeting concluded, and Ava was immediately put on a plane for New York. She had a small team of assistants, but the operation was pretty much hers. She now had the task of delegating the various aspects of the operation to her team. Holding a bulky folder in her hands, she began to look over the different jobs that needed attention. Sitting in her private quarters, she sorted through the information that Langley had been able to gather. Her perusal came to an abrupt stop when she came across the picture of Cho Min. Her eyes found not the portrait of an enemy, but, rather, an angelic face...surrounded by dark hair serving to highlight the piercing eyes that Ava found herself engulfed in.

Knowing that it was her job...no, her duty to look upon this situation with complete objectivity, she struggled to not let her body and its needs take over the situation. She saw something delightful in the face of her enemy, but knew that she'd have to put her feelings aside.

Deciding that she'd pondered the task at hand long enough, she put the folder aside for the night...knowing it would be waiting for her in the morning.

Cloak and Dagger Pt. 2

Morning came too soon for Ava, as her sleep had been consumed with dreams further illuminating the exquisite qualities of Cho Min. She knew that objectivity was the key, but be it a deep-seeded need for female contact or a simple fascination, Ava found it more and more difficult to maintain any kind of impartiality. Everything about this woman...even though Ava knew nothing of her personality or even her real intentions, militantly speaking...left her with an almost undeniable urge to pursue this 'enemy.'

After showering and getting dressed, Ava got to the business of assigning jobs to her team. She sent one team to set up surveillance at a restaurant that was a well-known gathering place for Cho Min and her accomplices. Another team was to shadow Cho Min's vehicle...noting every stopping point and looking for any sort of pattern in movement. The only job left was to send an agent to infiltrate Cho Min's faction. Ava saved that job for herself, even though she knew it was not only risky, but probably against her better professional judgment.

The other team members went about their assignments, while Ava contemplated her strategy in gaining access to Cho Min's group. Since not all the members were Asian, Ava had a good shot at getting in. Obviously, she had no idea what Cho Min's sexual preference was, so choosing an outfit, approach...everything was complicated. After much deliberation, Ava came to the conclusion that gaining Cho Min's confidence was the most crucial thing, and her appearance didn't necessarily have anything to do with that. Her job, as she reminded herself, was to get inside and figure out what Cho Min and her militants had in mind.

Ava had to admit that her training never prepared her for such a situation. Although, in retrospect, she wasn't surprised. The CIA was and always has been somewhat of a 'boy's club.' Still, a certain amount of uneasiness crept within her...she was beginning to doubt whether she was really ready for this, especially given the circumstances. She waved off those fears, knowing that there was indeed a job to do and that she must not disappoint her superiors.


While the other members of her team were on their assignments, Ava prepared herself for her encounter with Cho Min and her entourage. She decided that the best approach would be for her to represent herself as someone who could provide extra security, using her obvious athletic and fit figure as an advantage.

She knew that the group would be at the restaurant they seemed to call home and decided it was the best venue for her 'proposal,' since it was public and offered her a good sense of security. She dressed herself as if she were ready for a workout...perpetuating the idea that she'd make a good security assistant. Entering the restaurant, she took a seat at a table for one, allowing her to observe and draw attention to herself at the same time. She made sure that her table was close to that of Cho Min, so as to be able to overhear any conversation.

As she nibbled on her lunch, Ava was able to hear that Cho Min did indeed need extra security. She played the usual CIA nonchalant role...waiting for the perfect moment to offer her services.

Finally, a lull in the conversation came about and Ava wasted no time seizing the opportunity. She walked casually over to Cho Min's table and said, 'I couldn't help but overhear your discussion of your security predicament, and I would be interested in helping you out...that is, if you'll have me.'

Cho Min looked over Ava with those intense eyes, almost causing Ava to become weak in the knees. Noting that Ava appeared to be American, Cho Min asked if she had any problems being associated with an anti-American group. Ava quickly answered, saying that America hadn't done much for her throughout her life.

Cho Min grinned, and commented that Ava appeared to have what it would take to protect her. With that, Ava was 'inside.' Now she would be able to get a better idea of what exactly Cho Min had planned. The question remained, however....could she maintain her cover given her attraction to her new 'mark.' Ava resolved that she would have to or risk her life in the process.

Cloak and Dagger Pt. 3

Cho Min wasted no time in utilizing Ava's services. Her group had some errands to run, so to speak, and Ava was immediately put to work providing her security assistance. Knowing that a team of hers was going to be shadowing Cho Min's every move made Ava feel more comfortable with the whole situation...even though she still felt an uneasiness that exasperated her.

The entourage made its first stop at an army surplus store, furthering Ava's suspicions that Cho Min had more than diplomacy on her mind. They purchased some camouflage clothing, and made their way to the second stop...a secluded hut where they discussed some of the details of their plan. It was here that Ava discovered that Cho Min was in fact planning an attack on New York's subway system.

Unfortunately, no specific information was divulged at this meeting, so all Ava knew was that something was in the works. Cho Min had exhaustive maps of the subway system, and gestured to several points on them...points that Ava tried to make note of. While her job was to provide extra security, Ava intended to gather as much information as she could.

The group left after a rather lengthy meeting and headed back to Cho Min's 'headquarters.' She instructed one of her assistants to prepare quarters for Ava...nothing spectacular, just a bed and the expected amenities. As Ava got ready to retire for the day, she heard a disturbing noise from the main room. She immediately ran to see what was going on...after all; it was her 'job' to provide security. Upon entering the room, Ava saw that a rival group was in the process of attempting an attack.

Ava and the other security officials moved Cho Min to safe quarters before taking on the attackers. Amongst gunfire, Ava rolled across the floor avoiding bullets before grabbing one of the shooters by the throat from behind. She caused him to drop his weapon, and then snapped his neck...removing him as a threat. The other security agents were acting in similar fashion, and the attack was soon over.

Cho Min was brought back into the room and she surveyed the carnage before instructing her subordinates to incinerate the bodies so as to leave no trace of what had transpired. Ava found herself in an awkward position, knowing that destroying evidence of a crime was illegal. Thinking quickly, she managed to make sure that the others did the 'dirty work,' thus removing that burden.

Once the job was done, Ava returned to her quarters. She wanted to rest, but she was still preoccupied with torrid thoughts of Cho Min. She told herself that she shouldn't feel the way she did, given Cho Min's obvious destructive plans, but she couldn't help reflecting on her desires. Cho Min appealed to everything that Ava looked for in a woman, and she wanted so much to pursue some kind of a relationship with her...any relationship.

Ava finally relaxed enough to sleep, although...once again...her dreams were completely consumed with various scenarios involving her and Cho Min. Ava had no real idea what she was going to do, but knew that she would have to fulfill her assignment in spite of her feelings. She began to wish she hadn't given herself this assignment...she'd had no idea how difficult it was going to be.

Cloak and Dagger Pt. 4

Ava was awakened suddenly before dawn, being told that Cho Min needed to meet someone. Disoriented, Ava gathered herself and accompanied the group to the same secluded hut they'd visited the day before. This time, an unknown individual was there waiting for Cho Min's arrival. He was very tall, maybe 6-8, and weighing at least 275...enough to inspire trepidation in even the most seasoned security aide.

Ava and the other security people stood back while Cho Min and her accomplices talked with the mysterious stranger. Again, they were examining maps of the New York subway system, but they seemed more certain of their plans this time. Still, Ava had no clue what those plans were...she was trying to ascertain what exactly Cho Min had in mind.

They went from the hut to an obscure warehouse, where Cho Min and the others had what seemed to be yet another planning meeting. All of a sudden, a pair of federal agents burst in, stating they had a warrant for Cho Min's arrest. Again, Ava found herself in an awkward position. She opted to allow the other security officials to handle the assassination of the feds and deal with the disposal of their bodies. The bunch then returned to their headquarters for the day.

Cho Min began to take note of Ava's reluctance, and summoned her to her private quarters. Ava thought that she had certainly bought herself a death warrant...that Cho Min had pinned her as some kind of outside agent. When she arrived, Ava found out that Cho Min just wanted to question her reluctance to 'jump in,' on the two perilous incidents.

Scrambling for some rational explanation, Ava told Cho Min that she thought the others had the situations under control without her. Cho Min seemed to accept that reason, and went on to comment that she thought Ava was an extremely attractive woman. Ava had no real idea where Cho Min's sexual preference lied, but she suddenly had that uneasy feeling again. If Cho Min knew what had been going through Ava's mind...well, who knows what would happen.

Ava thanked Cho Min for her compliment and went to her own domicile. She found it more than difficult to focus on her assignment, but she was able to make a covert report to her superiors...noting the maps of the subway system, and Cho Min's obvious plans to carry out something insidious.

Her report having been made, Ava lie back on her bed and contemplated her situation. She was a federal agent who not only had a job to do, but also had witnessed the assassination of some fellow agents. Then, there was her attraction to Cho Min...an attraction that now seemed to be mutual. An overwhelming sense of inadequacy began to creep in, and tears started to flow from Ava's eyes. She began to believe that she was indeed in over her head, but didn't know how to rectify the situation.

Ava's tears were forced to be short-lived, because she heard a knock at her door. She went to answer it, only to find Cho Min on the other side. Without a word, Cho Min leaned in and planted a kiss on Ava's lips that could only be described as mind-blowing. Ava's questions about Cho Min and her intentions toward her were now put to rest, as Ava gave into the kiss...choosing to hold Cho Min's face as they kissed.

Cho Min broke their kiss, only to say good night. With that...she left, leaving Ava to wonder what was happening She already had more than an affection for her enemy, and this incident only made her confusion that much stronger. She closed the door to her room...letting herself linger on the passionate kiss she and Cho Min had just exchanged. Whatever was happening between the two of them remained to be seen, and Ava knew that she would be forced to make some decision regarding her relationship with Cho Min.

Cloak and Dagger Pt. 5

Although she had been lost in a confusing barrage of thoughts, Ava's Blackberry communication device caught the corner of her eye and she remembered that she would need to make another report. The Agency fitted all their field agents with these wireless, handheld gizmos, but Ava's had a few extra 'bells and whistles.' Along with its compact design and wireless capabilities, hers was equipped with an almost undetectable earpiece which allowed her to receive alerts without notice. She also had an optional mouthpiece that enabled her to verbally connect with the Agency if needed.

It was a very subtle blinking light that drew her eye to the device and pulled her out of the haze of thought in which she'd been absorbed. When her earpiece wasn't in place, the blinking light was used to make her aware of the Agency's communications. She picked up the device and quickly accessed the message awaiting her. An indescribable feeling of complete panic began to rise within her as she took in the meaning behind the simple black characters before her, and Ava knew without even looking that her face was most likely ashen. The message read, 'Be advised...Key nuclear components found missing at nearby military facility. Cho Min's involvement not confirmed, but highly suspected. Confirm if possible.'

Suddenly, Ava's mental focus had found a new target...and those mysterious maps of the New York subway system took on new meaning. She fought to put aside the panic she felt and gathered herself to formulate some plan. Her mind went over the layout of the building she was in and she opted to somehow sneak out of her room and try to gather some intelligence...without being seen. She picked up the Blackberry device and sent a message to Langley, explaining what her next move would be.


In a secluded room within the CIA headquarters in Langley, three men sat discussing the entire situation with Cho Min. Any observer would have easily picked up on the tenseness of their body language without hearing the heated conversation that was occurring.

"Henderson, you said this wasn't going to be a problem. You said you had the situation under control!" shouted one of the agents.

"That's right, Henderson. We both had your word that you had the perfect agent to assign to this thing..." shouted the other agent before being interrupted.

"Simmons, shut-up, and Cooper sit down!" Henderson insisted. "I told you both that Agent Sinclair was the perfect choice because she's 'green' and, well, I think we all know where her 'preferences' lie."

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