tagSci-Fi & FantasyClone Saga: Final War Ch. 02

Clone Saga: Final War Ch. 02


Chapter 2 - Attack of the Sharks

This story contains graphic violence and rape. If you don't like that stuff feel free to not read it. Also feel free to leave a comment telling me how much you don't like rape. -Ax


Sadie woke up to the sound of her TAB ringing loudly. She groaned and thumped the small device on the nightstand next to her bed making it stop. She had set her alarm for zero six hundred. They were launching off planet today, she had to make sure the Jaws was ready, she was the Captain after all.

The young woman slowly sat up and moaned as she rubbed her face. She was stark naked, she always slept in the nude. She felt like shit, that was nothing unusual. She got up from her bed and walked over to the ensuite and splashed some cold water on her face.

Sadie looked at herself in the mirror, her spiky mohawk had flattened out in her sleep. She had silver rings and studs all through her face. She also had a large dark bruise on the left side of her face, a badly swollen lip and a gash on her forehead. 'Fuck, I look like I feel.' she thought to herself.

This was the day she thought she wouldn't see. Yesterday she was in the hands of the enemy and was surprised when they chose not to kill her. A lot of pirates died yesterday, but she wasn't among them. She wasn't feeling too grateful for being spared either. Not if she had to keep going on feeling like this every day.

Around four and a half months she had stayed clean, and for the same amount of time she was the captain of the Jaws. Was it worth it? She wasn't sure of anything anymore. At least she didn't have to bend over or get on her knees for some ape whenever he felt the urge to stick his cock into her. It was probably worth holding onto her captaincy while she could.

Sadie spiked her mohawk up again and got dressed in her purple top, black leather pants and boots. She got into her black jacket, which was the unofficial uniform of the Pirate Alliance, and left the captains' quarters.

She entered the large bridge of the Jaws III. Three new crew members in their black jackets were standing around talking to each other. Their abrupt silence as she entered gave away that she was probably the topic of conversation, as well as the cold gaze each of them gave her.

One of them, a sandy brown haired man in his mid twenties nodded her way, "Mornin' Captain."

Sadie approached them, "Morning... Embley is it?"

He nodded and gave her a condescending smile. "Yes Ma'am."

Sadie coldly looked each of them over, there was also Rickson and Laars, recently transferred over from other Steel Shark ships. "Is there anything you new guys want to say to me? Anything you want to ask?"

There was a brief silence and then Embley spoke up, "Yeah, I was just wondering how many crew members have died under your command."

"A fair question. Eight, all up."

"And I heard even the mighty Tank has been shot up pretty bad. Not bad for a few months on the job. And now we've got the privilege of serving under you. Lucky us!"

Sadie was getting annoyed, she wasn't in the mood for putting up with this shit. "In case you haven't noticed Dickhead, we're at war. We're not one of those Pirate ships that just fuck around harassing little fish traders. Skylar has us doing the important shit. If you want to be a little pussy about it, you can just fuck off."

"Hey, I got no problem with high risk. As long as there's high reward to go with it. If I'm risking my neck for nothing, then you can just go get fucked."

"Don't worry about that, Skylar rewards those who serve her well, and the PA will soon be overflowing with the spoils of war. She's not so nice with those who fail her, so I'd just concentrate on not fucking up if I were you."

Embley nodded, "Fair enough. I know we'll be running important missions and shit like that, but will we be getting some pussy out there? I'm a hot-blooded man with needs. Perhaps you could take care of them personally Captain?" he looked at Sadie with a wide grin.

Sadie smiled back, "Sure, I'll cut your balls off, that should take care of your urges. Now get to work Assholes. We're launching in three hours and I don't want you standing around gossiping like a bunch of bitches. Any crewmen not pulling their weight, I consider more expendable than the rest." The three of them quickly dispersed. "Hey, Embley wait!"

The man turned and looked at her coldly, "Yes Captain?"

"Get me a cup of coffee. Black with four sugars, and no loogies." He looked annoyed, but slowly turned and went off to get it.

She had another new crew member assigned to her ship as well; Dr Morgan. Despite his grumpy and sarcastic demeanour, she thought he was allright, and from what she heard about him, he was a good doctor. Though she got the impression he didn't want to be there. It was Skylars' choice, not hers.

Sadie inspected the bridge briefly, and then Duff entered, wiping his oily hands on a rag, he had probably just came from the engine room. The ugly, bald-headed, overweight man knew the Jaws better than anyone, he had served as chief engineer for years under Captain Naeme, and for Captain Veach before that.

"Morning Duff." said Sadie.

"Captain." said the middle aged man nodding to her.

"So is she spaceworthy?"

"Will be. She didn't take any damage in yesterdays' battle, the shields held out. Just been havin' the same old compatibility problems with the Alien tech upgrades. Gunna do my fuckin' head in tryin' to figure that Alien shit out."

"Just keep her flying, that's all I ask."

"Yeah, it'll fuckin' fly, until the day that it doesn't."

Embley returned with Sadies' coffee. She smiled at him as she took the hot mug from him, "Thank you crewman."

"Hey, I wouldn't mind one of those too." said Duff.

"Go get a coffee for the Chief Engineer." ordered Sadie. Embley let out a loud sigh and shuffled off, swearing under his breath. She didn't have a fan there, fuck him.

Soon Sadie exited the ship, stepping down the stairs and into the huge hangar. Several other Pirate ships were docked there and there was a fair bit of activity going on around her. She sipped her coffee as she walked around, inspecting the grey and black hull of her large Sonycorp gunship.

At the back of the Jaws III, one of her crewmen was piloting a loader. The hovering craft was picking up large crates and carrying them up the ramp, into the ships' cargo hold. Tank was there as well. Her huge first mate was picking up the heavy crates and carrying them into the cargo hold.

Sadie walked up to him as he was coming back down the ramp. He smiled down at her, "Mornin' Captain."

"Morning Tank. Didn't the doctor say you were supposed to be taking it easy?"

"Nah, I feel fine. I'm ready to get stuck into this war. I'm sure it'll be lots of fun."

"So your new legs are working out for you then?"

He knocked his huge legs under his black pants and there was a metallic clang. "They're doin' what they're supposed to."

"Now he's a fuckin' cyborg as well." said the crewman as he drove the loader past them.

Sadie smiled. Of all her crew, Tank was the only one whose' loyalty she fully trusted. And that was enough. Tank was worth a hundred of all her other crew members. All the other Pirates feared and respected him, ...well, the smart ones did.

"You look pretty beat up Cap. How you feelin'?"


"Yeah, I'm glad. If I was there, they'd still be cleaning bits of clone out of my boots. Fuckin' Resistance Cunts!"

"They'll get what's coming to them."

"Yeah, they will. ...Is this mission going to get messy Captain?"

"Dunno ...probably will. You fit for combat?"

Tank smiled at her, "Ha, you're a fuckin' comedian." Then he looked past her and his expression changed to one of surprise, "I don't fuckin' believe it!" He pushed past Sadie and started quickly striding away from her.

"Tank, what is it?" said Sadie turning around, and they she saw where he was heading, "Oh Fuck! No Tank, wait!"

Maxine McKenzie was in the hangar, prepping her own small craft for take-off. The skinny young brunette suddenly ducked as Tanks' huge fist came at her head and slammed into the side of the craft with a loud bang. It left a big dent in the hull.

Maxine stared up at him in surprise, "Oh, you're fucking with the wrong woman Asshole!" She struck out with a hard kick to his right knee and there was a loud metallic clang. She cried out in pain from both the strike and her slave collar giving her a powerful electric shock. Tank lunged forward and kicked at her, getting her square in the chest and sending her rolling back.

"Nah, I've already fucked you." said Tank. "Now I'm just gunna rip your fuckin' head off Slut!" Maxine jumped up and kicked him in the head. Tank just growled and swung his fist at her, she leapt back, dodging the blow.

"I don't know what your problem is, you big fuckin' ape, but it just got you killed."

"No Tank! Stand Down! That's not Streek!" yelled out Sadie, as she ran up to them.

Tank didn't listen to her as he lunged forward and grabbed the clone around her throat and slammed her up against the craft. Maxine cried out and struggled against him.

"Fuckin' Slut! I got lots of scars, and I've killed every man who inflicted them. You shot my arm and took my legs. No way I'm letting you live."

She kicked out at his torso and her slave collar surged. The powerful electric current ran into Tanks' hand and he yelled out and dropped her onto the ground.

Maxine sprung up with a strong uppercut to Tanks' jaw, sending him stumbling back. Sadie was close by, watching the whole thing and yelling out to Tank, trying to get him to stop.

Maxines' eyes were glowing now, "Game over Cunt!" she threw a ball of blue light out into Tanks' chest and sent him flying back through the air. He slammed into a stack of large steel canisters around thirty meters away, sending them scattering everywhere.

"Tank!" cried out Sadie.

"Told him he was fucking with the wrong woman!" said Maxine.

Sadie ran over to the canisters, she was scared. 'Please don't be dead!' Other Pirates were gathering around to see what all the commotion was. Sadie scanned around the scattered pile of canisters, looking for the big man.

Then there was some movement. Slowly Tank stood up amongst the canisters, raising his huge, seven and a half foot frame. Relief washed over Sadie. He was wincing in pain, but stared intensely at Maxine. The clone seemed surprised to see him get up.

"You got some power Bitch. You're makin' this interesting for me." He started striding out through the pile of canisters toward Maxine.

Sadie came up in front of him. "Tank, will you fuckin' listen to me? That's not Streek. That's Maxine, Skylars' pet clone. Do you think Streek would just be walking around here?"

Tank looked down at her, "What?"

"Streek is a man now. You fucked him once in a little fish trading ship. Maxine is on our side."

Maxine walked up, "So, you wanna kill Streek eh? Sorry Asshole, he's mine to kill."

Tank looked confused, "So she's not the one I fucked back at Skylar Fortress?"

Maxine grimaced at him, "I'd never let an ape like you fuck me, I'd destroy you."

Tank looked into Sadies' eyes, "That's not Streek? Streek is a man now?"

"Yeah, that's what I'm telling you."

Tank frowned and shook his head, "Fuckin' clones!" He looked over at Maxine again. "I better not kill you if you're Skylars' pet. Just stay the fuck out of my way." Then he turned and strode off.

"Same goes for you Asshole!" called out Maxine. "I was the one who let you live today."

Sadie was relieved that was over. Those two were like unstoppable forces of nature, she felt like she diverted a disaster here. She stood there looking at Maxine, an exact copy of the female Streek. She was pretty hot. She remembered how it felt grabbing and kissing those big boobs. The taste of her hot, tight pussy. The way she moaned when she was cumming.

"What the fuck are you looking at?" said Maxine, scowling.

Sadie smiled at her. "Where you headed?"

Maxine just stared at her for a moment and then said, "New Heidi."

"You're really gunna kill Streek?"

"Yeah, I am."

"You got time for some lezzo action before you take off? I know how to get you off you know."

"Fuck off, Junky bitch!" said Maxine, turning away. Sadie clenched her fists in anger. It pissed her off, being called a Junkie. She was clean for four and a half months now, and it was fuckin' hard. She turned and stormed off toward the Jaws III.

Sadie managed to get her crew in line and the Jaws prepped for its' scheduled launch at zero nine thirty SGT. The black Sonycorp gunship lifted off and flew out of the hangar, heading into the blue sky.

"I have a comm coming through to you from Skylar." said Larrs from behind a console on the bridge.

Sadie sighed loudly, "Put her through." The head and shoulders hologram of the young teenage girl with glasses and dark, tied back hair popped up in front of her, "Mistress."

Skylar smiled at her, "Sadie, how is everything going there?"

"Everything is fine. The Jaws III is fully prepped and ready to go."

"Good, so you have everything you require for the mission?"

"Yes." said Sadie, a little annoyed.

"And what about your withdrawl symptoms? Are they manageable?"

"I can handle it."

"Yes, I know you can. I'm sure my faith in you is well founded. When you return successful, I have a surprise for you." She giggled, "I can't wait to see your face."

"Gee, I can hardly wait." said Sadie sarcastically.

"If you fail, I have a different surprise for you."

"Is that all?"

"Are you cold with me because of what happened yesterday? You're still alive Sadie, embrace it. I know you miss your substances, but you need to learn to love life again."

"Yeah, I'll do that. Now if you don't mind mistress, I have an important mission."

"Sure. Good luck Captain, but don't rely on luck."

"Bye bye." said Sadie, shutting the comm off. "Fuckin' smug little bitch coasting off her famous daddy's name!" she muttered under her breath. Skylar was the one who raised her up to be Captain of the Jaws, and the one forcing her to stay clean. Yesterday her mistress had abandoned her to her enemies. Now she was supposed to just forget about it and let it slide.

The meaning of that message was clear; her future with the Pirate Alliance will be determined by the success of this mission. 'If you fail I have a different surprise for you.' If she failed she wasn't going to return. She would have to leave the Pirate Alliance. What the fuck would she do then?

Soon the starship was in hyper-warp speeding away from the Verona system. It was going to be a fairly long trip, seven and a half days, heading toward the centre of the galaxy.

Sadie left the bridge and headed down the corridor. She went down into the open cargo bay. Tank was there, sitting at a table with his large laser assault rifle in pieces, neatly spread out on the table in front of him, he was wiping over one of the barrels. There was also an open bottle of Rum sitting on the table. Sitting down he was close to eye level with her, "Hey Captain." he said, smiling at her.

"Hey Tank. How's your gun?"

"She's fine, just givin her some love and attention." He put the barrel down and Sadie noticed him slightly wince. She knew him well enough to know that he had to be in excruciating pain before he showed it. He barely made a sound when his legs were riddled with bullets.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"Yeah, sure."

"Take off your jacket and shirt."

"Why, you want an eyeful?"

"Yeah, do it, that's an order."

"Okay Captain." He removed his huge black jacket and then pulled his grey shirt up over his head. Amongst the several scars and body hair and large shark tattoo over his bulging muscles Sadie saw very large, dark bruises that seemed to cover most of his torso. Sadie let out a gasp, the bruising looked really nasty.

"Shit! you call that okay?"

"I'll live. That clones' power attack really packs a punch."

"Yeah, I gathered that when it threw you half way across the hangar." Sadie went up close to him and gently rubbed her hand over his chest. Tank winced again as she lightly pressed into his hard flesh. "Fuck Tank, you have a couple of broken ribs. I'm gunna have Dr Morgan see to you and then you gotta take it easy, that's a fuckin' order. I want you in good condition when we reach Tollner."

"Yeah, I will be. Don't worry Captain. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm allright. Why?"

"Just askin'"

"I'll go and get Dr Morgan." she said backing away from him. "Take it easy Tank, or I'll shoot you with a stun-gun."

"Yeah, righto."

Sadie swiftly left the cargo bay and went to talk with the doctor. Afterwards she found herself feeling pretty horny. She went and locked herself away in her quarters to play with her vibrators for a while.

It was on long journeys like this that Sadie started long for a hit even more. She kept herself occupied, studying up on warfare and military tactics, but she never had much of a head for study. She enjoyed relieving some stress with her small collection of vibrators and sex toys, often thinking about Streek as she masturbated, as both a man and woman.

Managing the men was a full time job as well. Especially after a few days when they started getting antsy. They briefly stopped over at a few space stations and spaceports so that they could blow off some steam. But as they headed further into Federation territory she decided it was too big of a risk, particularly since her crew had a knack for starting trouble.

Six days in, the men were getting irritable again. Sadie was sitting in the captains' chair on the bridge as they dropped out into an uninhabited red dwarf system. Sadie yawned, she looked at the time and saw that it was around midday. Travelling through deep space always seemed to mess with her body clock.

"Is there anything of note around here?" she asked Embley who was sitting behind a console.

"Fuck all. Just another fly-through system."

"How many more jumps have we got until we reach Tollner?"

"Just three. ...Hey can we stop off at Oaks, they got a spacestation there. I could get some time with a whore."

"No, no more stop-offs. I'm not risking any trouble with the blue coats before we complete our mission."

"Maybe you can whore for me then. I'll pay you well."

"Maybe you can go fuck yourself. The ships toilets could use a good clean. Wonder who I could get to do it for me..."

"Ha, I'm just kidding with ya Captain." Sadie scowled at him. The more she got to know Embley on the journey the less she liked him. He reminded her too much of Naeme. She knew he hated her being his Captain. She was probably going to have to something about him down the line.

"We'll be ready to jump again in five minutes." said Laars.

"Hey, another ship just popped into the system." said Embley looking at his screen.

"Identify it." said Sadie, perking up.

"Looks like a small private craft. Just over four hundred clicks away." He looked up at Sadie, "Just a little fish. Can we raid it? There might be some good pussy or drugs aboard."

Sadie considered it for a moment. This could be an opportunity to boost the morale of her crew before they reached their destination. "They're heading away from us Captain, what are we gunna do?"

"Pursue the craft and hail them."

"Aye Captain." said Laars. He piloted the Jaws toward the small craft at full speed. The Pirate ship was much faster than the small shuttle.

A few moments later the hail was answered. A window popped up on the viewscreen, showing a man in his thirties with short red hair. Sadie thought he was pretty easy on the eyes. "Hey there handsome." said Sadie smiling.

The man was keeping a brave face and seemed a little agitated. "What do you want? I have nothing of value, I swear."

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