WARNINGS: Contains transgender themes, Sci-Fi, explicit sex, mild violence, bad words, and strange ideas. It has only the strange things that dribble from my head. If you are not old enough, mature enough, open minded enough, and especially not smart enough to stop reading should you find yourself becoming offended viewing such a story, don't!

I hereby grant permission to post this story, make it available for download, or send it to a one or more of your kinky friends, as long as I am given credit for it and no monetary profit is made from it without sharing it with me. (I'm not greedy, but I did write it.)

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By Wholeman

I couldn't believe my good fortune. Here I was leaving the church hand in hand with my new bride.

I'm Sid Banner, a 32-year-old Longshoreman, who has just married the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

Six months before I had been a lonely man, sitting at home trying to find someone to share my life with, desperately searching the Internet, when I received an E-Mail response to an ad I'd posted.


I read your Ad. I will be in town this weekend and have 4 or 5 hours to kill on Saturday. Please send me your address so I can drop by and meet you.

This may sound like a strange request to ask someone before your first date. Unfortunately, my personal physician insists.

Yes you read that right. I am disgustingly rich. My physician insists before I date anyone that she get a blood and tissue sample from him. She worries about me and wants to protect me from AIDS and other potential hazards.

I can't expect you to give such personal information without giving you the same courtesy. Enclosed is a complete blood and tissue workup from this morning, signed by my Doctor. If you want I will submit to your Doctor for verifiable blood work just have them call my Doctor and she can set up an appointment.

If you agree to the exam call Doctor Margaret Willingham at 1 800 555-5555 and she will see you anytime it is convenient for you. I promise no waiting in waiting rooms, the exact time you make the appointment for, she will escort you to an exam room. (I hate wasting my time waiting around, like their time is so much more valuable than mine, don't you?) I can guarantee this due to the fact that I am Margaret's only patient (No I don't need her that often, but her salary isn't so much that I can't afford her.)

I really hope you respond to this and I promise to make this invasion on your privacy worth your while. (I wouldn't insult you with money, I mean with my feminine wiles.)

Enclosed are four JPG files of me, in my bikini, that were taken last weekend. (Sorry about the blushing)


When I opened the picture files, my tongue began sweating! She was the most gorgeous strawberry blonde woman I had ever laid eyes on!

I opened the medical file. Her stats were there. She is five foot two, green eyes, 35 D Breasts, twenty four inch waist, thirty six inch hips, tested negative for HIV, all of the hepatitis strains, no yeast infection, pap smear showed no abnormal tissues, Etc.

Damn! I could have gone on for six pages and four X-rays. Suffice it to say, she is perfect.

First thing I did was go into my bedroom and make sure I wasn't sleeping on my bed. I pinched myself, and then slapped myself. No change!

I figured it being seven O'clock at night when I called the phone number I'd get an answering machine trying to sell me some thing, or saying April Fools!

"Doctor Willingham, may I help you?" she answered.

"Aaaaaa," was all I managed.

"Normally I don't get that response unless I have a tongue depressor down someone's throat. Try again sweetheart," she quipped.

"Sorry Doctor, I was expecting to get an answering machine trying to sell me a subscription to a porn site or at the very least your answering service. The last thing I expected was to have you answer your own phone at this hour," I explained.

"Oh, hi Sid, the reason for that is, only Beth and you, have this cell phone's number. So when is it most convenient for you to come by the hospital? I don't have an office in this town so arrangements have been made to allow me to use the facilities there," Doctor Willingham, got right to the point.

"Wow, that sounds like a lot of trouble for a date! Hell I'm willing if Beth has arranged all this, it's only fair that we have a date, I guess. I'm still kind of intimidated. She doesn't think I'm rich or anything does she?" I stammered. Shit, it sounds like she's spending a few thousand dollars for a four-hour date!

"No, our Beth is a wonderful girl and is just looking for an average guy, not some gold digger, or one of the pretentious types that run in the circles of the filthy rich," she explained, "so when is good for you? This is Sunday night, and I need at least twenty-four hours to complete the testing. So if you want to meet this weekend, it will have to be between now and Friday noon."

"You would do it now? I think tomorrow at four I could meet you," I offered.

"I'll see you then, and yes, I would have met you now," she answered.

When I hung up, I started looking around my apartment for cameras. Then I figured they would wait to surprise me at the hospital with the candid camera routine.

The next day I damn near ran my forklift off the docks. I couldn't stop thinking about Beth.

At the hospital Margaret greeted me as soon I entered the waiting room. (She insisted I call her Margaret, not Doctor.) If Margaret was any example, Beth must be amazing. Margaret was a, five foot six, blonde haired, twenty-eight-year-old knockout.

She took four vials of blood, a urine sample, scrapings of tissue from inside my mouth, a whole series of X-rays, and a MRI series. I received a rectal exam, a throat culture, and ear exam, an Eye exam, she even X-Rayed my teeth, and I had to fill out reams of forms, even a release that would be sent to my doctor for more information.

That woman had seen more places on me than I ever knew I had!

"Well Sid, from all of my preliminary information you look to be in near perfect health," she baited me.

"Near perfect?" I stuttered.

She giggled, "Well you could stand to loose about ten pound, but other than that..."

"Maybe five," I argued.

"Got you!" she giggled, "Actually every thing is fine, I still have to see the blood work though. I'll call you tomorrow to let you know. I expect Beth will call you right after that, good news or bad."

We said our goodbyes and I spent the whole next day keyed up again.

When the phone rang after work it was Margaret, "Great news Sid! Your blood work was absolutely perfect! Beth is so excited she almost had her pilot turn the jet around and head into town tonight. I better get off the phone so she can call! Congratulations I just know the two of you will hit it off!"

She hung up while I just stared at the hand piece.

The phone rang just as I put the receiver down, "Hello?"

The most exquisite voice I'd ever heard said, "Oh Sid, I'm so excited to see you, I think I've just ruined the seat I'm sitting in!"

I gulped hard, "That would be costly if you are where, I think you are."

"Okay, smarty where do you think I am?" she teased.

"About thirty thousand feet up, doing over 500 knots," I answered.

"That darned Margaret! She squealed didn't she?"

"I think she was almost as excited for us as you, there is probably an office chair at the hospital in a like condition as yours," I told her trying to keep Margaret out of trouble.

"She is a dear, isn't she? I guess you figured out that she is not only my physician. She's a good friend as well. I hope she didn't hurt you with all the examination stuff, did she?" her voice sounded concerned, as well as angelic.

"Oh no, but I don't think I've ever had as thorough an exam before in my life, maybe she can send the results to my doctor, and I can skip this years physical," I joked.

"No sooner said than done, one less prostrate exam coming up!"

I heard some noises at her end, "Margaret, can you send a copy of Sid's exam to his doctor, he figures it might save him a fingering this year. Yes, he's on the other line now... -Click."

"Hello again Sid, I'd be happy to send the files, see you soon, bye Beth. -Click," she was switched out of the three-way.

"Wow!" was all I could say.

"Well hon. I have to be going, the pilot informs me that when we land a O'Hare, we will probably loose the phone, I can't wait to see you, five O'clock Saturday, bye!" she rang off.

Talk about nervous! I cleaned my apartment three times. I went out and bought some nice casual clothes. I picked up the best wine I could afford, and had no idea what else I should do to spruce myself up and not appear as a classless buffoon.

Oh well live by the sword die by the sword.

When Saturday rolled around I had nearly convinced myself that she would take one look at me, laugh and run for the hills.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when the doorbell rang.

I opened my front door and there before me was a goddess! It took all my will power to say, "Come in. Sit down. Can I get you anything? Some wine perhaps?"

She stepped in the door and planted a stunning kiss on my mouth that just about had me shoot my wad.

"Ooh, I could just eat you up," she said

"Yah I know, those domestic flights, they give you a handful of peanuts and that's supposed to tide you over until you reach your destination," this time I figured I'd bait her.

"And the stewardesses aren't what they used to be either!" she had me, no playing dumb with her!

"So did you have an agenda for tonight or do we just hang around and get to know each other?" I prodded.

She held up one finger, walked to the door, opened it and whistled. Thirty seconds later, six women carried in a table, chairs, candelabra, and a five-course meal.

"I thought tonight would be my treat, I had Wolfgang whip up something for us," she was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"Wolfgang Puck?" I asked.

"You've heard of him? It was Margaret's idea," she was standing close holding my arm as we watched the caterers finish up their setup.

Some large guy dressed all in white, with a tall white hat on, came in inspected everything and declared, "Perfect." And then left with all of the ladies.

"Thanks Wolfgang, bye," she waved at him. "He's a friend of Margaret's. She says he's really good. Do you want to dig in?"

There sitting in my living room was a dinner worth my whole years salary, and then some.

"Sure, but it feels like I'm about to scarf down a Monet," I claimed.

We sat down and I hadn't noticed but one of the caterers had stayed behind to serve us.

As I sat there I discovered the glasses were Waterford crystal, the silver ware was really silver and I have no idea who made the china, but it looked first class to me!

We chatted a while and when we got to desert, was the last thing I remembered clearly, I only remembered that we had a terrific time, and I guess I had had more to drink than I thought. I hope I didn't embarrass myself, or Beth.

According to the telephone call I received the next day, I must not have, she wanted to see me again the next weekend, again a Saturday, and to meet her down at the marina.

Saturday rolled around and there was Beth waiting at the Marina, she took my hand and led me to a two hundred foot plus, Yacht. Margaret was aboard and about ten stunningly beautiful girls, where the captain, and crew.

We motored around all day. I had great fun. I think? I don't seem to be able to remember all of the details though. I do remember that this time it wasn't because I had been drunk though, that much I was sure of.

We had several other dates like that when she was able to be in town and it seems on one of them I proposed to her, but I'll be damned if I can remember the specifics!

One weekend I even woke up in bed with Beth, who quickly gave me one hell of a French kiss, scampered from my bed, wearing a black baby doll, dressed in my bathroom, and scurried to the door, calling back to me, "Sorry I have to run sweetie, I'm late. I was supposed to be in Washington D.C. this morning but I guess our hormones just couldn't be denied last night! You were stupendous darling, see you next weekend, bye," with a wave of her hand she was out the door.

I assumed we had sex, my cock was sore, like I'd been in a marathon Fuck-a-Thon. Still I couldn't remember specifics.

I thought to myself, 'maybe I'll ask Margaret about it, she had reviewed the MRI on my head, after all.'

It seems ours, was a whorl wind romance. I was walking around in a daze most of the time, when I found myself face to face with Beth. Me holding her hand and offering a diamond ring to her.

She squealed, "Oh yes Sid, I will marry you!"

That's when I knew we were to be husband and wife. I don't have a clue as to when or where I bought the ring, or even how much I spent. She loves it and that's all that matters.

Beth told everyone after the wedding at the reception, we would honeymoon in the Caymans. So we boarded her private jet, Margaret, Beth and I, and that's the last I recalled before waking up...

"Oh, I see you are awake. Good morning my dearest husband," Beth's face loomed over me as I swam slowly up to consciousness.

"I'll bet you have a million questions, due to the fact that along about now, you realize that you are numb all over your body and can't move. Don't worry you're fine now. There was a little accident, well more to the point, a plane crash," she picked up a newspaper and held it in front of my eyes. "According to the newspaper Sid and Beth Banner died on their honeymoon, shortly after their wedding, in a fiery crash of Beth's personal Jet aircraft. Sid and Beth's sole heir (one of those papers I had you sign) was Dr. Margaret Willingham, who was too distraught to be interviewed," she put the paper down and looked back into my very confused eyes.

"Oh you poor dear, I'm sorry but we haven't really been introduced properly yet, my full name is Doctor Bethany Hollingsworth, PHD, MD." I could see her hand reach down and my field of vision shake a bit as she shook my limp hand.

"Let's see, oh yes, they say the first question is 'where am I?' You are in my villa on a remote island off of the Caymans, lying on a hospital bed in my laboratory," she looked away from me abruptly and continued, "Hi there Maggie, look he's awake. Could you come over an say hi and continue bringing Sid up to speed, I must attend to something I'll be right back," with that she disappeared from my limited view.

"So nice to see you awake Sid. I overheard Beth tell you her full name, and where you are. So I think you should know, how important you are to her, she blew up a perfectly good aircraft to cover your disappearance, and believe it or not, you two are really legally married. She sincerely likes you, I guess," she shrugged her shoulders.

"When this first started, we were just looking for a new subject for our experiments, then after you blood and tissues workups we were both beside ourselves, your DNA and blood chemistry was perfect and very receptive to our ministrations, the best we have ever tested!" she claimed.

"After dinner that first night, we were ecstatic to find you also, a great subject, for hypnotic manipulation. It was like you were made to order for our purposes. Now you understand why you couldn't recall specifics from your many dates. Mere minutes after you were in her presence she had you in a hypnotic trance. The day you woke up next to Beth we had been taking sperm from you all night, as much as we could make you produce. Beth spent all week in the lab and only left it to meet with you and keep up the charade, by the end of the six month courtship, you were such a willing subject, a couple of your dates were with me and Beth wasn't even there," she paused to take a sip of water and mop my forehead with a damp towel.

"Beth was like a kid before Christmas at the wedding, she had the lab set up and everything was ready for our test subject's arrival."

"I see that Beth is back, so I'll let her resume," she left my sight.

"Sorry about the interruption, now you know how we set you up and why and even the reason for the extensive physical we gave you," she smiled down at me.

"I have to tell you that you are a dream come true. You don't know this, but we tested thirty other men that our search of the medical data banks gave preliminary indications would be potentially suitable for our research. We eliminated tens of thousands of men and whittled it down to thirty and you were the best of the bunch! You should feel very honored of course it may be some time before you will agree with me," she gave a little giggle that was echoed by Margaret.

"I know you will be angry and feel very betrayed at first, Margaret suggested that we construct an new personality for you to replace your conscious self, but I convinced her of the additional research opportunities from a purely psychological standpoint. So for now you will remain Sid, should you prove too uncooperative that could and will be rectified," she threatened.

"In a few minutes I will remove the nerve block slowly and allow you to regain control and feeling of your body. Before I do that there are a few things I must explain to you to try and reduce the shock of getting it all at once," she warned me. "Now the first ability you will regain is speech, your voice will sound very different than you are used to, probably very high pitched, we expect this, you have been kept in a coma now for over a year," she did some thing near my head and I could feel my mouth and jaw once again.

"How could you do this to me, what did I ever do to you?" no kidding my voice was high! To me it sounded higher than a two year old girls!

"Well I need a man with certain genetic characteristics, and we learned from our hypnosis sessions with you, that you had fantasies about being kidnapped and altered against your will, many times, so I figured I was doing you a favor, making your dream come true, and ours."

"Just what did you do to me?" I was scared shitless laying he so vulnerable and completely defenseless.

"Well my field of research is cloning, specifically the cloning of replacement organs and limbs Etc. Margaret there has been working on editing the genetic code of cloned organs, to make the replacements stronger, larger, smaller, or even changing the code to grow organs the original patients body had not. Like people born without two kidneys, she could grow the missing one and make the patient whole."

Margaret was positively beaming with pride, "You are the ultimate evidence that our techniques are viable. Over the past year you have undergone over 200 surgical procedures and we have grown hundreds of cloned parts, nearly identical with your own DNA. That means no rejection, complete tissue compatibility."

"We were astounded at how quickly you healed up after each operation. We have even perfected a procedure to virtually eliminate the scarring you would normally have," Beth added.

It was hard sounding pissed with a tiny high-pitched voice, but I gave it my best, "What did you do to me! Not how, what!"

"I see your point, we have been a trifle off subject," Beth answered.

"We're just so proud of our accomplishments and you are the first person other than us who knows," Margaret added.

I just gave them a nasty look at least I think I did.

"You'll have to be patient the list of what we did is really long," Beth tried stroking my forehead to calm me. She must have forgotten I couldn't feel it anyway.

"Margaret made just one genetic modification to all of the parts we used on you, she replaced the "Y" chromosome with and X," Beth was watching me intently, I could see that her hands looked poised to do something quickly depending on my reaction.

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