tagMind ControlCloned Ch. 04

Cloned Ch. 04


The nights were the worst, sitting there in the dark upon the charger. Ellie always felt her will sapping away after a night of recharging. That last hour of the day, knowing it was coming, knowing she could do nothing about it, always looking at that hateful cupboard door behind which she would be closed down once more for interminable hours, and what would remain of her mind when she re-emerged. It was that twilight part of the day she dreaded most.

Ellie had been completely overwhelmed by the sensations that flooded her that first time she had been put on the charger. She had felt extremely uncomfortable being pushed onto that long metal cylinder with its rounded tip like some huge steel phallus, designed to avoid tearing. When she had first seen it, emerging like an insolent uprisen sex, rigid and demanding from the seat of the black leather chair, it seemed to suck the air from out her lungs. It looked obscene: the gleaming hard surface of the prong was partially transparent revealing a hard spiral element snaking round inside it. Ellie was transfixed at the sight of it, terrified and lubricated to the point of dripping over the chair. She was disgusted by her reaction.

That first time she had been pressed down firmly into place, locked upon the arrogant male tool, she had felt her anus open itself, the ridges inside her belly bumping and forgiving against the unyielding frame; the penetration deeper and made more profound by her body having to twist to accommodate it. Her body became part of a machine, the mate of this steel charging rod, her purpose reduced to being driven down upon it and locked into position; the male and female adaptors interlocking perfectly and sealing the two parts of machinery together into a single unit.

Sitting there now in the dark she could feel the tingle of invading electrons being released inside her anus, firing into her flesh. She felt she needed to get off, to lift herself up to escape this feeling. It was an invasion, unwelcome and yet strangely hypnotic too. She was mesmerised by the sensation, the little firecrackers of energy let off in her abdomen; the fingers of energy that pulsed down the corridors of her gut and the slow puddling vibration at the base of her body that just accumulated and built up in response. She could feel the energy leaking across into her vagina, it moved through her flesh, penetrated the walls of her cunt and she could feel it responding. She felt a warmth spread like a flower opening, her vagina squeezed and flexed against an imaginary cock, the movement seemed to spark new energy from within her. Ellie sat staring with unseeing eyes, hooked on the sensations playing inside her body. She had the motionless expectant quality of a girl being taken for the first time. The energy vibrated around the walls of her opening and pulsed at its base, where her lips parted and there she felt the first undeniable evidence of her response, the cloying wetness and musky scent that the escalating dopamine levels in her head created. She could feel herself merging, gluing herself onto the electrode buried within her, the strands of her viscous sweet willing secretions that flowed out of her and over the chair.

She could feel the buzz now in her buttocks, they shook and vibrated as if someone's fingers kneaded and massaged them. She knew there was no one there, and yet her ass cheeks tingled and the little nerve endings in her ass jived on the seat. She could feel the motion spreading out enveloping her abdomen. It moved faster now. Her hole leaked and pooled between her thighs and her belly echoed with the call of the electricity up through her into her stomach. Her hips felt arched by currents sweeping over them and she started to rock forward and then back in jerking little movements as she felt the electric current intertwine with her body. The hardness of the electrode buried inside her banged against the walls of her rectum and sent more pleasure burning up through her. She could feel it now rising up her throat, at the back of her mouth. Her lips parted like she was going to throw up words and her head nodded in the same relentless dance as her hips. Drool leaked from her open mouth and she felt the electric current swirl inside her mouth. It was as though her body was constantly in the grip of preparing to orgasm. She didn't cum, but she was kept on the edge and preparing herself for the overload when it was about to happen.

Ellie could feel the electricity running up and down her spine now. She was a conduit and the energy surged through her. She could feel it coursing down her limbs and they trembled and spasmed with the shock. It was a disconcerting sensation to feel she had no control over her limbs. It reinforced the notion to her that she was a robot and only had control over her legs and arms when ordered to perform a task. It was such an odd sensation. All the time she had taken for granted that they were part of her body that she moved them at will, and now they suddenly felt alien, long and cumbersome. Somehow it seemed impossible to think she could have permanent control over them, she would be exhausted. She needed this recharge to enable her to manage them when required.

The hours droned on, and Ellie shut down her mind letting the sensations tick away inside her so that she didn't have to think, she could rest. She was not used to resting like this, but somehow it was relaxing like having a massage except that it is fully and totally worked at, inside and out. She saw the door open and she looked up as mistress looked in and smiled at her.

"Time to get you up and making breakfast my dear," she said. Mistress seemed very pleased with herself, and strangely this made Ellie feel pleased too. While mistress was happy, everything was all right, she thought.


Zak could not quite put his finger upon it. There was something different about Ellie these days. At first he thought it was just her reaction to the maid. That was indeed fascinating and he had been making notes. But now he was thinking there was more to it. When they were in bed and Ellie tried to instigate sex, he found himself strangely reluctant. He had never been reluctant before. He always found Ellie's body incredibly hot. So it was a shock to feel something was not right. In fact it was Ellie who seemed more interested in sex now rather than him. Perhaps he too was reacting to the presence of the maid? That would be a surprise.

"Tonight you get to sleep in the bed." Ellie stood in her uniform and received her instructions. It only took one press of the remote to set her in attention mode and while she did still have moments of feeling the injustice of what had happened to her, they were less frequent now. She understood that she must be the robot as only the robot would respond to the soundless press of a button she could not even see. She still felt human, still felt she was being robbed, but it didn't make sense. Much more likely she had just had these memories downloaded to her. It was confusing, but she was mastering it like a good maid.

"There is something wrong, something I am not doing right. You have to show me. When master gets home tonight you will play his wife and I will be the maid. Then show me how you seduce him, make him lust after your body. Then when he takes you into the bed, you will insist he fucks the robot while you watch. You tell him how hot it makes you to watch. And it will won't it? It will make you so hot and wet watching him fuck your robot twin, because you and I are linked now. As he fucks me you will feel it too. You can feel the intertwining that exists between us now can't you?"

"Yes mistress. I feel confused. I don't know whether I am the wife or the maid any more. I am both."

"That's right, you are both. You are only part human now and part robot. And you feel the robotic side growing inside you. Every day, it takes you over that little bit more. You want it now, don't you?"

"I do. I never thought I'd feel this way. But it just feels right. I feel more content when treated as the maid. I feel insecure when playing his wife."

"You feel insecure about tonight then?"

"Yes I am. I would rather you were playing his wife and I could just stand there awaiting orders."

"Well don't worry. It won't be for long now; and you will be obeying orders, won't you? And you will find it hot watching and feeling the relief that he is fucking me and not you, and your orders are to make yourself cum as you watch."

"Yes mistress. And you are right. I will feel such a relief when the attention is off of me and he is fucking you."

"It will be fun won't it? You will realise as you watch Zak fuck me that you will be taking another important step towards full time robot. No more responsibilities, just obeying orders and you will be so excited and cum so much at the thought of your human side drifting away before your eyes. How much you love to serve your human masters. That is your growing purpose and soon will be your only purpose." Ellie was now rubbing her clit through her maid's panty. She couldn't wait for this evening to let go of a little more of her human side, to watch Zak abandon her in favour of her robotic twin. She would feel all the excitement as if he were fucking her directly, she already could not distinguish between her two personas, flitting effortlessly between them. She no longer worried and tried to work out which was the real her, as she knew she was in transition. She could let go, feel the release.

"Yes mistress. I will be happy to show you and for you to take him from me. I know I am just the maid. That is what I want."

"Good girl." With that she turned and walked away and already Ellie was feeling her cunt slick. Somewhere she knew she should be feeling upset, she should be fighting this. Yet it was just so much more erotic to give in. She just made herself wet the more she felt herself being bypassed, of being demeaned of becoming a stupid servile maid. Yes, probably she was wrong to be feeling these feelings, but she couldn't fight them. She didn't want to. And besides she was the stupid dumb robot that thought it was something more. Served her right.


"I can't get over it."

"How do you mean?"

"Well I don't know how to explain really. It's like there are times...lots of times in fact, when the maid seems more like my wife than my wife does."

Rob pulled a face. "What the hell's that supposed to mean?"

"I know it sounds ridiculous doesn't it. Sometimes, when I am around the maid I just feel it somehow. Like I am with my wife. Yet when I am with my wife, it doesn't feel the same."

"That's you fantasising mate. You get off on thinking your wife as the maid." He laughed, and Zak feeling a heat in his cheeks laughed too.

"Well a man can fantasise can't he?"

"Have you fucked it?"

Zak hesitated. This was a very personal question and he was regretting bringing up this subject. Rob was a pretty direct no nonsense guy.


"You have haven't you! God that is so cool. What was it like?"

"I..." Zak squirmed. "It wasn't like that."

"Yeh right. So how was it then?"

"She made me. My wife actually egged me on, told me it made her hot watching me fuck her through the robot. I mean I didn't want to at first."

"You bloody lucky sod. I wish my wife would encourage me to fuck another bird in our bed and get off on watching me."

"But it was not like that. At first I was reluctant. I don't know. I didn't feel comfortable about fucking a robot. But she was rubbing herself and told me she needed it, she needed me to fuck her twin. And once I started, it was as though I could not hold myself back any longer. I started fucking the robot full of rage, like I was raping the thing, like I was angry with it. It had usurped its way into our bed."

"My God, Zak. What was it like? Tell me what was it like?"

"How do you mean?"

"The feel of it, the robot around your cock? Did it feel real?"

"Yes! It did. Just identical to my wife's. I couldn't tell them apart."

"Oh man, that is so fucking awesome."

"The more I fucked that robot, the hotter my wife got. She started moaning and rubbing herself so hard. She could hardly contain herself, urging me to drive myself hard into it, and the robot was bucking its hips just as though it were my wife. And when finally I came, my wife just lost it. She orgasmed so hard she actually drenched the sheets. I have never seen her come that hard before. The robot caressed me and hugged me with a huge smile, exactly the same expression as my wife would have. It was amazing. My mind couldn't take it in. I could sense my wife kneeling on the bed beside me squeezing her hand as tight between her thighs as she could, and she was also underneath me running her fingers through my hair, chest heaving and gently squeezing the last drops out of my cock. I felt sick in my stomach at what I had just done and at the same time I felt elated."

The two men sat in silence for a few moments, contemplating what Zak had just said. There was something that should have been the absolute fantasy come true, and yet Zak had felt that lurch in his stomach as he recalled the moment. It was as though he had been playing his part in a much bigger story; one that he did not understand at any conscious level, but somehow was affecting him profoundly at a much deeper level.

Rob looked at him again. There was something in his expression.

"That's not all, is it?" Zak looked away and threw him a sideways glance.

"Well... That robot sounds so convincing. It pleads with me, you know, insisting it is my wife."

"That's fucking mental. You sure the maid isn't your wife?"

"I know! It plagues my mind. I get so confused. I haven't dared tell my wife. She would go ballistic if she thought I could possibly confuse her with a robot. I keep telling myself not to obsess about it, but that nagging feeling won't go away."

"Isn't there some way you could prove to yourself that you are just imagining all this?"

"Oh I have. The robot responds to the remote... always. I have even sneaked up behind it and it still responds correctly. I know it is just in my head. I could never have imagined that creating this robot could mess with my own head so."

"You need to take your wife and go on a holiday together, leave the maid behind."

"I think I need to do more than that. I am thinking I have to get rid of that robot while I still have some sanity left."


Sex was good, there was no doubt about that. Since Ellie had unexpectedly given up her career she was a lot more sensuous. No Zak was satisfied on that count. But he felt uneasy about her sudden decision to drop her academic work. It had been her life blood. It was true he felt it put a strain on them at times, but he wanted her to do those things she found absorbing. Fact is he felt guilty about feeling happy for all the sex and attention he was receiving now from Ellie, when he should be supporting her over this crisis and help her pursue her career. He also felt apprehensive, this change in her lifestyle maybe ok for now, but later she may regret her choice and he really was afraid she would turn her frustration and anger against him. Maybe he should insist, go against what he so much desired in order to avoid the blame and fall out later.

Then there were those other little things, the little prickly feeling he got around Ellie these days. He could not get out of his mind the way the robot had insisted she was his wife. He discounted it. The robot had switched off with the remote. And yet...

Ellie had changed a lot, and he just couldn't put out of his mind that maybe this was not just a reaction to having the maid here looking and thinking just like her. He also felt about his own uncertainty. Maybe he too was disturbed by the ambiguity he had created. The academic part of him was excited and making mental notes. He had to make more to distinguish between the original person and the clone. Yet at the same time there was a gnawing uncertainty that he could not be certain which was which. There was always the possibility that Ellie was now trapped and this would explain all the recent changes.

There was one sure way to find out. He could dismantle the robot. The trouble is that meant drilling into the frame and as he was no longer sure that the robot was not his wife, that would mean drilling into flesh and that would be an appalling thing to have done. He shrank from that possibility. There had to be another way to distinguish between them.

This was all stupid. The remote worked and the maid shut down whenever he pressed the STOP button. That had to mean, in spite of all the protestations, that the maid was indeed the robot. He realised this was just paranoia. Oh God, what a mess he had created. He had to do something to resolve this. It was at that moment he decided to get rid of the maid. He felt the lurch in the pit of his stomach, the mere possibility that he was getting rid of his wife ate the living flesh inside him. Yet how else could he find peace? He had to have the courage of his convictions, he knew there was no way his wife and the robot could have traded places. She had a brilliant mind and not easily subdued and she had no interest in his work with the robots other than his building his reputation. He had to make a choice and stick to it.

"I think that is such a very good idea, darling. You know I have never been comfortable with that thing looking and behaving just like me wandering about the house."

"Well now that you no longer are working we don't need a maid. And I felt sure that I had put you through enough."

"Mmmmm. You are good to me. Do you have all the data you needed?"

"Yes I think so. It was an amazing experiment and next time I would do things differently. I appreciate now that you can have too close a clone."

"Then it was worth it. What will you do with the robot now then?"

"Take it back to the factory, break it up I guess."

"Oh no, you can't do that. She's alive in her way. She has awareness of what's been done to her. You can't just send her off to the knacker's yard like some old horse!"

Zak smiled. "It's not really alive. It's just a simulation."

"Oh no. That's not true. She has intelligence, even if it is artificial. She is not the same person as the day the maid arrived."

"Well... yes, that's true. It is programmed to learn."

"Of course. And anyway, what defines whether something is alive or not? She has awareness of self and a purpose. She acts to achieve that purpose. Surely that means she is just as alive as any one of us, even if her goal are limited by her reduced intelligence."

"That is state of the art hardware in her."

"Yes I know. But you must admit all she is capable of now is cooking and cleaning and being fucked by her master when I give him permission." She smiled and pressed her finger against his nose playfully.

Zak wrinkled his brow. There was something in what Ellie was saying. He did actually enjoy their little ménage a trois and fucking his wife and her double added something. He had worried about it at first, but when she openly encouraged him he felt relaxed about it. He hesitated at the thought of decommissioning the robot. It was his lover too. It felt wrong, and yet he knew he had to end this uncertainty. He continued to feel the gnawing distrust of whether he had got this the right way round. How awful if he murdered his wife by having her decommissioned as a robot? In fact, he already felt how awful it would be if she were the robot and he had created the circumstances for her entrapment. He wondered whether even if that were true, how much conditioning she must have undergone to be controlled in this way. Would there ever be a way back for her. He doubted it.

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