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The brothers did everything together. Their logging business was successful and they were regarded with respect in the village. There was also a little bit of apprehension. They were both very big, strong men who you would not want to argue with. In rural Bulgaria families are tight knit and conservative. It was no surprise the the brothers' father arranged their marriage to two sisters from a neighbouring community and they all moved into the large family home.

In contrast to their husbands, the sisters were short and slim, but with full breasts and they were pretty girls. At eighteen and nineteen they were also several years younger than the brothers. The women were not expected to do work other than keeping house, but it was very large and the men demanded high standards. Any failings resulted in discipline which might be given by either brother or their father.

Getting on for a year after the wedding Anka was coming close to term in her first pregnancy. When her contractions started she went to her sister Ivet so that they could make preparations to carry out the strict instructions of her husband.

Ivet gave Anka a very thorough warm milk enema and then lubricated her ass well. The two women milked Anka's tits until they had enough to half fill two small glasses. Ivet topped them up with vodka. While Anka took off her clothes Ivet phoned her husband to tell him the time was close. Ivet worked more lubricant into Anka's ass and laid out clean, soft blankets on the floor. Anka knelt on all fours panting and wincing as each contraction came, but without crying out.

Within a few minutes the brothers came in. When Ivet said that the birth could come within an hour or two they took off their clothes. Anka's husband pulled up a chair and sat in front of her face, telling her to suck him until he was hard. At the same time Ivet's husband put his dick in her mouth for the same job. As soon as Kosta was hard he moved round and eased his prick into Anka's ass. Marko removed his cock from his wife's mouth and put it in Anka's. Holding her tightly by the hair Marko pressed his large prick all the way down her throat and built up the same fucking rhythm as his brother. At a slight nod from Kosta the men withdrew and changed places.

Ivet placed her head on Anka's back with her mouth as close as she could get to the prick boring deeply into her ass. A mixture of grunts and groans escaped from Anka's cock filled mouth. Ivet stroked her sopping clit until Kosta withdrew his dick from her sister's ass and plunged it into her mouth. A few minutes later the men swapped positions again and Anka shuddered in an explosive orgasm. Kosta shot a load into her mouth. Marko felt her ass spasm on his dick as she orgasmed and then relax a little. He felt the movement of the baby against his stiff prick deep in her bowels. As soon as Kosta took his softening prick from Anka's mouth, Marko took his dick from her ass and shot another huge load into her mouth.

As the exhausted woman collapsed on the blankets carefully swallowing the cum, the two men picked up the glasses and downed their Anka cocktail in a single swig. Ivet reflected that she was eight months pregnant and it would be her time soon.

Kosta told his wife to get well rested. The punishment caning that she had outstanding because of her condition would be started forty eight hours after the birth of the child. Both men dressed and went back to work.

Just two days later, Anka walked out to the back yard. She was naked except for wrist and ankle cuffs. The old man, Ivan, attached her to the whipping frame with her arms and legs spread wide. He went back indoors where his sons had just finished their evening meal and Ivet was clearing away.

"She is ready."

"OK" said Kosta. He told Ivet to go and get the punishment book and canes. She stopped what she was doing and ran off immediately. When Ivet returned she too was naked. It was required for both women to attend all punishment sessions in this way.

They all went to the back yard where the men sat on a bench a few yards in front of the whipping frame. Ivet handed each man his cane and gave the punishment book to Kosta. Flipping through the pages, Kosta got to the point he wanted.

"Forty two strokes of the cane, fourteen of the whip and twenty one with the leather strap" he read out. He looked up at Anka who still looked very tired although she had slept well after her son was born. Kosta stood up and walked over to her. Her legs were trembling and there was a tear in her eye. Anka was used to being caned. It hurt a lot, but as far as she was concerned it was a normal part of life. Her father had caned her as a child and since she married it had been done to her a lot until the later stages of her pregnancy. Now, weakened by the birth and seven or eight weeks since her last beating, she feared the cane and the large amount of punishment she had accumulated.

Kosta ran his fingers over Anka's belly. His large, calloused hands were rough on the stretch marks. He pushed two fingers into her cunt and wondered to himself whether it would ever be tight again in the way he liked.

"Today you will only have eight cane strokes. Six on the ass and two on your tits." Said Kosta. "A gentle return to normal", he chuckled. Anka's tension eased a little. Although she was still concerned about the caning and she did not know how well she would cope with getting it on her milk filled breasts, eight strokes was not too bad. She had once received fifty strokes of the cane in one session and that had been very bad, but she got over it.

Kosta turned his head. "Is that OK father?" The old man was still head of the household and the brothers accorded him his status in all they did.

"Sure" said Ivan. "That is merciful. When will she have more? There is a lot to catch up."

"A strapping in a couple of days I think."

"OK" said Ivan, idly reaching out to Ivet's leg and drawing her towards him. Since his wife died eight years previously, the old man hadn't had much sex, but he still enjoyed women and he was free to do as he liked with the brothers' wives when the fancy took him. Ivan turned her back to him and examined the faint remaining lines on her buttocks from the last caning nearly two weeks ago.

"You already have some debt built up too." Said Ivan mischievously as he felt Ivet's cunt. "So, you are wet for an old man. Get down and suck me. You can have some cum for that fat belly." Ivet dropped to her knees and undid the old man's clothes as Kosta raised his arm.

The cane whistled through the air before making a loud crack on Anka's ass. She let out a small scream before clearly calling out "One Master." Kosta wasted no time in applying a further two hard strokes on her ass which left her with bright welts standing out from the flesh. Her third scream was louder and longer. Anka had to recover her breath to call out "Three Master" in time.

Marko lined up the cane with a couple of light taps and then took his arm right back to deliver a stinging stroke. Anka screamed as the hard blow brought up another livid welt on her sore buttocks. She called out "Four Master" and Marko raised the cane again. With this stroke, Anka let out a kind of yelp that took Ivet by surprise. She jumped and nipped Ivan's cock with her teeth. He slapped her face

"Stupid bitch. Put five with my strap in the book. You better get that baby out soon so I can give 'em to you. When you have made the entry go and get the sink plunger." Ivet's heart sank. She knew what Ivan was going to do. The plunger had a plastic handle that was thicker than a broom handle. Ivan pushed it in Anka's ass once when he wasn't able to beat her because of her pregnancy. He made her kneel with her face on the floor for an hour with the plunger sticking out of her ass.

The old man looked at the plunger and smiled. When he used it on Anka he marked it with a felt tip pen to show how far he had pushed it in. He told Ivet to kneel, but before he did any more Marko had finished his caning of Anka's ass. Marko called out to his father to come and give her the two strokes on her tits. Ivan put down the plunger, picked up his cane and went over.

Anka's face was now streaked with tears and she was still sobbing gently. Ivan ran his gnarled old hands over her scorching ass. "Good job boys." He went to her front and squeezed Anka's tits so that milk droplets appeared on her nipples. Moving to one side he never even needed to take aim. He had abused his wife's tits for many years and it made him feel younger to be doing it again with his sons young wife. With the crack of the cane Anka's heavy tits jostled wildly, flicking tiny droplets of milk away. Ivan moved to the other side as Anka called out the stroke and he ended the caning with the eighth blow stinging her closer to the nipples.

Leaving Kosta to take Anka down from the frame, Ivan and Marko went back to where Ivet was still kneeling. Marko looked at the mark on the plunger.

"My prick's longer than that. You can get it in further."

Ivan took it from his son. He pushed the handle into Ivet's cunt and twisted it around to get it slippery with pussy juice. Marko spread his wife's ass cheeks. Ivan put the rounded end to her sphincter and pressed it in. Ivet gasped. It hurt. She had been fucked in the ass many times and it was true that big pricks had been fully inside her, but this thing was hard in a way that flesh could never be. Ivan worked it in and out, going further each time until he had got it as far as the mark. It looked as though Ivan was going to leave it at that, but Marko wanted his wife to be harder used than her sister. He grasped the plunger and pushed it in a further inch and a half. Ivet squirmed and groaned. Although the brothers had fucked her in the ass and pussy at the same time, she had never felt her insides so stretched.

The men left her. Anka was giving formal thanks to her husband for the punishment. Kosta shot a good load into her mouth and she kept it open for the other men to see before she was told to swallow it. Marko put his prick in her mouth and began a fairly hard throat fucking. He put his hand on the front of her neck so that he could feel his dick going in and out. Ivan felt his cock getting stiff again as he looked forward to his turn.

Not bad for an old man he thought. Can still get it up alright for a pretty girl. How many men his age got to fuck a teenager any way and any time he wanted. He was proud of his family.

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