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Close Friends!


The more I got to know Rose the more we got along and I liked her bubbly personality. Joan didn't seem to mind the flirting with Rose, and even Sandy the odd time she could be there, so it was easy to relax in their company. One weekend in spring I was going to be home again, and Joan informed me that Rose wanted to have us over for dinner again. I slipped home on the Friday evening, (so mother wasn't aware), so I could be with Joan all weekend.

In the morning we were lying in her bed almost nose to nose after making love, and Joan was toying with my hair and smiling and kissing me when she suddenly said, "you know Rose has the 'hots' for you", I couldn't think of what to say and realized all the flirting had been serious, at least on Rose's part, then looking directly into her eyes said, "I know". Joan looked at me for a moment then said, "and I love you" to which I again replied, "I know" when she looked at me for a few moments then kissed me long and hard as her fingers found my pussy, then started me on the climb to a most beautiful orgasm.

That evening we got ready to go to Rose's for dinner we took our time getting ready, we shared a bath together and Joan shaved her pussy, after we dried off she then took her time fixing my hair before getting dressed. She had me wear a lovely silver ensemble complete with garter belt and silver colored nylons she had bought me. By now I was enjoying wearing the 'harness' of a garter belt and stockings she loved me to wear, and I had a lovely a pale blue mini dress with me I decided to wear with it. She herself looked resplendent in a crisp white outfit with a sexy pleated skirt.

Rose met us at her door and took our coats after kissing us and led us into her living room. It was very cosy with the fire burning in the fireplace, and candles round the room. Rose was wearing the same flimsy two piece suit she'd worn the first time we'd met, the one that made her boobs stand up as if they were bursting out of their holders, and adorned with a triple strand necklace, her boobs were about as perfect as you can get. We had a couple of glasses of wine sitting on her sofa before we sat down to dinner. After what Joan had told me I looked at Rose in a slightly different light, she was no doubt sexier and friendly, and I thought her ass looked bigger than before, stretching the thin gossamer material of her pant suit over her bum and moving as if to entice me.

After dinner, (with more wine) we returned to the living room and she put on some music on her stereo and she turned off the lights so the room was bathed in the light from the candles and fireplace. I knew I looked sexy, and felt it too, Rose was looking at me and smiling, and I felt conscious of my mini dress showing off my stocking tops as I moved around that I was sure she found enticing. Rose stood up and held out her hand to Joan getting her up so they could dance, and it was romantic to watch. I was starting to feel high from the wine and the atmosphere was very exotic.

Rose next asked me to dance and I kicked off my shoes so we were closer in height as a result, and once in her hands she pulled me to her and I loved the softness of her body. The smell of her hair along with her perfume was in itself intoxicating as we moved in small circles around the room with Joan as our audience. Her hands on my shoulder blades as she pressed her boobs into mine, holding me for a moment before they began to caress my back slowly working their way down to my ass, the thin material of my mini dress sliding against the silk material of my panties as she caressed me.

We continued to dance with each other, taking a breather once in a while to have more wine, the reduced light from the candles and the smell of burning wood in the fire place made for a very intoxicating atmosphere. Rose started by making a comment about it being warm, and after we're all adults here or words to that effect and removed her top and bra. Joan followed suit with her top and bra, both of them had much bigger tits than me.

She changed the music to play some Disco and all three of us got up to dance together. We gyrated together to the music and loving it, their tits had a glow from the sweat in the dim light as they bounced around with the movements of their bodies and making very suggestive movements. It was quiet warm and we were sweating from the dancing. The music ended and we stopped to have another drink and cool down a bit, by now I was in a state of arousal, you could almost smell the sex.

I was fascinated by Rose's tits, they were like perfect globes of flesh tipped with large reddish brown nipples surrounded by dark aureoles, and glistening from her perspiration they looked magnificent. I don't know of she read my mind or was aware of me watching her, but she put on another slow record and held our her hand for me to dance with her. Now as we held each other her hands were all over my back and ass, fingers tracing the outline of my garter as she pressed herself into me, her thigh making it's way between my legs. My breathing was becoming quite pronounced now as my passion mounted, I couldn't help myself, I was oblivious to the music as her hands continued their caresses. She placed her arms around my neck to pull me down to kiss me and I felt the zipper of my dress being pulled down then she pulled it off my shoulders and I let it fall to the floor and stepped out of it and kicked it aside.

We were just swaying to the music with my hands around her back, we were both breathing heavy absorbed into how were pleasing one another, her skin was warm and sweaty as I caressed her, conscious of her tits pressing into me and I slipped my fingers under the waistband of her pants. I realized she wasn't wearing panties as my hands explored her bum, so warm to my touch, and she pressed herself into me to accommodate my exploring fingers. I was high from the wine, the heat as well as the atmosphere as I felt her body. We almost fell over as we moved to the sofa where we fell into each others arms.

Her pants were down around her thighs where I pushed them down over her knees to free up her legs to fondle her full bush, wet from her excitement. I felt Joan's hands behind me unsnap my bra and I took a moment to get rid of it, so now I could press my tits against Rose's. Hers felt so soft yet firm we were like animals as we tried to devour each other, Joan helped remove her pants altogether and we ended up on the floor, with Joan and I on each side of her, her moans of delight music to our ears as we each sucked one of her tits.

How often we brought her I don't know, we took turns giving her head, her heels drumming the floor in her arousal. I ended up on top of her in the '69' position, with Joan between her legs we took turns licking and sucking on her clit, sometimes kissing and tonguing each other. Rose's nails were dug into my ass as she pulled my pussy to her face trying to devour me, bringing me time and again too. The noises all three of us were making were amazing, finally Rose had her face buried in my crotch and Joan had her arm around me french kissing me, or rather we french kissed each other, I was bent upwards and finally rolled off Rose and we lay there gasping for breath, our hearts pounding as we quieted. Nothing was said and finally Rose got up and with one word, "come" took us by the hands and led us to her bedroom. We must have been quite the sight, me in just my garter belt and nylons, Joan in her shoes and thigh highs and Rose in just knee high nylons and her high heels.

All three of us got on her bed and we started on the road to more orgasms, watching each other was a high that was incredible, we took turns doing each other, licking, sucking and fucking until the sun came up when we finally fell asleep exhausted, drained of orgasm's. When we woke up I had a woolly taste in my mouth and Rose served juice to help freshen my mouth, we were all naked, (I don't remember getting out of my belt and stockings), none of us felt like eating and we all got into Rose's hot tub and soaked for about an hour to, 'get the kinks out'. I was asked if I enjoyed myself and I had to admit it was incredible, my first threesome with just women.

We stayed naked and helped Rose tidy up and wash the dishes from the night before, then settled down in front of the TV, but it was mostly kids shows, so Rose put on a porn movie on her VCR and we watched some lesbians making out. I was sitting between them on her sofa and soon hands began wandering again, so she turned it off and we went back to her bed where we spent the rest of the afternoon and part of the evening making more love. I was fortunate, both Joan and Rose were very passionate lovers, as if trying to outdo each other, and Rose was very complimentary about me too.

Once we returned to Joan's apartment, she mentioned it to me thanking me, and for the first time mentioned our age differences, and said she knew she would lose me one day. I told her not to be so silly that I loved her and would still be her lover, at least until she tired of me at which she assured me that would never happen. She admitted to me too the she had had an affair with Rose before, something I'd guessed at anyway, and the possibility of getting me into a threesome had been discussed between them, or for me to have sex with Rose if nothing else, they had talked about how I'd feel about it so my response to, "you know Rose has the 'hots' for you" had been taken as an acceptance of what might happen.

I got changed and she drove me back to school and her admittance to me gave me something to think about, and I'd have to question her on this again later. I was to learn that Rose and Joan had had lots of discussions regarding me, and that this was to be the beginning of other things for me!

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