tagErotic CouplingsClose Friends Ch. 2

Close Friends Ch. 2


“Kim was telling me one day a few weeks ago that her and Dave’s favorite fantasy was for her to get well fucked and cum filled by another guy.” Pat walked over and sat in the love seat across from me, dropping her purse on the floor beside her. Dave continued to clean Kim’s full pussy. “I just had to tell her how you loved to get off thinking about doing her…and as she said a few minutes ago I told her how you and I used to ‘have fun’ with friends in our younger years.”

“Yes honey……my clit……lick my clit!” Kim had been listening to Pat while Dave continued to noisily lick and suck. “I’m going to cum…..ohhhyessSSSSS!!” She pushed down onto his mouth as his hands pulled her hips tighter to his mouth. As her orgasm subsided she relaxed. Moving slowly she sat back and leaned against the love seat, Dave moved next to her and rested his head on her thigh.

I remained in my chair with my hand absently mindedly stroking my cock. Although I was spent and knew I wouldn’t be able to cum again very soon the blood had begun to flow back into it and was semi-hard. My attention had been on Dave and Kim but now I looked back over to Pat. She had removed her blouse and bra and sat watching me with a small smile on her lips; her hands cupped the underside of her breasts while her fingers rubbed over the hard nipples. Lifting her hips off the cushion she unzipped her skirt and slipped it down onto the floor and looking straight in my eyes spread her legs. My gaze dropped to the ‘V’ of her thighs and I could see the dark wet spot on her panties. One hand pushed under the elastic and I watched her finger tease her clit.

“This…today…was planned?” I watched her finger work inside her panties. “When did you talk with Kim…..why didn’t you tell me?” I wasn’t upset but curious, there were so many thoughts going through my mind. I looked from her to Kim and Dave and back.

The three of them laughed warmly at my confusion. Dave winked at Pat, “Maybe you should fill him in.” Kim nodded her agreement.

I didn’t have any idea what Pat was going to say, but I was surprised to see her sitting almost completely naked. Pat thought that at her age she had lost any appeal that another man would be interested in. She had changed from her youth, the same as me, but I still found her desirable and told her often. Pat stood 5’8” and weighed, I would guess, about 165 or 170 pounds. She now kept her light auburn hair cut short and it curled softly just below her ears, which nicely accented her blue eyes and bright smile. Her breasts a 38D, which I loved to slide my cock in between. Her areoles and nipples stood proudly perched just above the underside of her breast. The areoles were a huge four inches across with nipples the size of a large pencil eraser…and sensitive as hell! Her hips and belly had filled out after three kids and she had a few stretch marks (which I called her ‘war wounds’), but even so she still looked sexy as hell in a pair of tight jeans. More than once I had brought to attention when we were out in public how men would take a long second look at her when she passed.

What I found as her best feature, and until this moment only I knew, was her pussy. As she had gotten older her pubic hair had turned almost completely silver with wisps of auburn. She only trimmed along her bathing suit line and it was a beautiful thick mat of silver-gray. The outer lips of her slit were full and invited you to her opening, she loved to have them gently pulled and sucked. Spreading her thighs opened her treasures to your eyes; fingers; and tongue. When excited her clit would grow from its sheath, it was a large as her nipples and I could take it between my index finger and thumb and literally jack her off. Now she sat before the three of us and lifting her hips pushed her soaked panties off. The musky scene of her sex permeated the room. Opening her thighs I could see her ‘hard on’ protruding and her swollen outer lips.

Pat glanced over to Kim and Dave. “I guess you’re right. It’s time Jon….” She giggled, “…knew the…rest of the story.” Standing she came towards me and stood with her legs spread. Her fingers slid down her belly and I watched as she pushed two of them deep inside herself. Withdrawing them she placed them against my lips and into my mouth. “They taste good don’t they, sweetheart?”

“yyyes-s-s-s…” I stammered. They were coated with what I hadn’t tasted in years. I looked up at her questioningly and then over to Kim and Dave. Kim looked down at Dave’s cock, which he was stroking slowly, then back to me and nodded. I knew then what I was tasting! My cock began to harden and I reached for Pats hips but she moved back and smiled.

“No not yet love, but yes that’s what you tasted.” She moved over to Dave and placing her legs on each side of his hips dropped down onto her knees. Kim reached forward and taking the base of his shaft in her hand held it as my wife lowered herself onto him. “Ummm, that feels good.” Slowly she took his full length until her ass was firmly planted on his lower belly. “I did go to visit friends and I’ve found some really close friends. Haven’t you wondered how Dave has held off cumming for so long after watching you and Kim?”

“Well…yes…but then….” Actually the thought had passed my mind, but I had been so busy with other things that it had been forgotten.

“A short time before they came over this afternoon…..oh damn Kim!…” Pat had to stop. Kim had reached around and taken Pat’s hard clit between her fingers and was jacking her off. “Go slow baby…go slow….Before they came over this afternoon Dave, along with Kim’s help, put a deposit of his hot cum deep into my….my….oh yes don’t stop!” Kim was rolling one of Pat’s nipples between her fingers of one hand and masturbating her clit with the other. “Ohhhyessslove…so good….” Pat’s body shuddered as she came. Turning her head towards Kim their lips met and Kim sucked Pat’s tongue into her mouth. My cock was growing hard in my hand as their kiss ended. “I love the feel of Kim’s small fingers doing my clit….”

“How long have you all been getting each other off?” My fist was now moving quickly up and down my hard shaft.

“It’s been close to two weeks…..OHHHHH!!!…” Pat’s eyes widened and she raised slightly off Dave’s cock. “Oh Jon! Come look….he’s finger fucking my ass!…Oh gawdddsooogoodddd…”

I moved from my chair and knelt down beside them, and watched as his fingers, buried deep in her backhole, pumped slowly in and out of her. I felt fingers stroke my balls and then enclose my prick.

“Oh my…I haven’t ever……” Kim spoke in a hushed tone. I realized it was Dave’s fist around my cock, and that it was the first time she had ever seen him do this.

Pat lifted off Dave’s cock that was now coated with his earlier load, and as she sat next to Kim his fingers slipped from her. “Jon, it’s been a long time. I know you want to and I know Kim wants to see too.” She took his cock at the base and offered the cock tip to my lips. “Dave has never done something like this, but he is curious. Your cock is the first one he has ever touched….other than his own……That’s it sweetheart suck him off..”

I took his cockhead into my mouth and had forgotten the feeling of having a hard cock in my mouth. It was hard, but yet soft. I could feel it pulse as I slowly slid up and down what I could fit in my mouth. Dave’s grip tightened on my shaft and he jerked my length.

“Oh damn! Damn! Pat! He’s sucking my cock…of fuck it feels good! I’ve got his cock in my hand!…ohhhdamnnnnnngawddd…” I had lay down on my side propping myself up on my elbow that was between his thighs, my hand cradling his balls. I could suck to just below the crown and back to the tip, my fist was pumping and twisting the remaining shaft, I could feel the throbbing increase and knew he was getting close.

“Watch Kim…watch! Dave is going to blow his load into Jon’s mouth…..he’s going to pump the entire load in his mouth….” I could tell by the tone of Pat’s voice she was getting excited watching. “Dave are you watching him suck your hard prick? You’re going to cum aren’t you? Let it happen….cum in his mouth!”

“Oh yes honey….fill his mouth with your hot cum….oh let me see….please…please…” Kim’s little girl voice echoed through the room.

“Yes… I’m… watching! I going…to.give.. him… my cum! OHGAWD! OHGAWD!! I jacked him OFF!!” Dave sounded incredulous as my cock erupted with what little bit had built up in the past few minutes. Cum oozed from the tip and down over his fingers. Moving his fist down my rapidly shrinking shaft he slowly milked my load. Suddenly his fist gripped my cock. “OHHHHHFUCKKKKKKKK!!!!!!DAMNNNNN!!!!GOODDD!”

I felt his load travel past my fist as he began to cum. Opening my mouth wide I held the head of his cock just at the entrance of my mouth. Gently squeezing his balls I released the tight grip I had on his shaft and jacked up and down slowly. I groaned as I felt my own load dribbling over his fingers.

“Yes….yes!….” the girls gasped in unison.

“OHHHHFUCKKKMEEEEE!!!!!” Three spurts hit the back of my throat and I swallowed, then taking the head between my lips I increased the tempo on his shaft and felt another four loads fill my mouth….cum leaked from the edges of my mouth as I couldn’t swallow fast enough. “ohhhhhhdamnnnn….that feels so good…..” Dave fell back onto the floor and his body relaxed. I gently held the head and felt his shaft begin to soften. Slowly and ever so gently I slid my hand up and down the length.

“OHHH…..I’m cumming-g-g-g-g…..”


Dave and I looked at the girls at the same time. Their bodies were joined at the juncture of their thighs, pumping against one another. Each time they separated we could see that making them one was a dildo buried deep in each one’s cunt, the remaining cum from Dave and I coated the latex cock. Kim’s fingers were a blur as they rubbed her clit. Pat held her pussy lips apart and a finger and thumb was jacking off her erect clit. The nipples on Kim’s small breasts where rock hard and jiggled as she slammed against Pat. In turn Pat’s breasts bounced against her chest. The areolas were pulled tight around her nipples into a series of small bumps, the nipples hard and large as she slammed equally hard against Kim’s stretched cunt.

“ohhhhh…it’s been…so longgg…” Pat slowed and lay back trying to catch her breath.

Kim slowly relaxed and leaned against the couch. Her small hand slowly caressed her own naked slit and then she would run them gently through Pat’s silver-gray mat and pull the outer lips. “Oh Pat….I love you……”

We all sat quietly for several minutes. Finally Pat sat up and reaching between their thighs pulled the double dildo out and leaning forward gently outlined Kim’s lips with her tongue then gave her a soft loving kiss. “I love you too, honey….”

I slowly stood and taking Kim’s hand helped her stand. Looking down at the other two I smiled, “Let’s take that swim we talked about then we’ll fix some dinner.” I chuckled as Dave and Pat followed us out to the pool. “Dave and I better get some oyster’s! I have a feeling this is going to be a long…..hard…..weekend…..”

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