tagExhibitionist & VoyeurClose Quarters Ch. 02

Close Quarters Ch. 02


Second part of a two part series. Have you ever wanted to make love while your best friends watch? How intimate would you get? What would you confess?

Several months passed before they took another trip together. Matching schedules between two families is never easy, but they kept working the logistics until it happened.

"Looking forward to seeing Sharon again?" Cynthia asked, a sparkle in her eye. She and David were enjoying the evening after putting the kids to bed.

"She's great at keeping the dinner conversation lively, isn't she?" David answered.

Cynthia just rolled her eyes. "Nice dodge, but I know better. However, I'll be honest and say I've been looking forward to spending some exclusive time with our friends myself. We've had a pretty good time reliving that weekend, haven't we?"

"You've been a tigress," David said, to a chuckle from Cynthia. "Not that I'm complaining, either. It's also brought us closer together as friends. You're right, I can't look at Sharon the same way anymore. I am looking forward to seeing both of them, and them seeing us."

"It adds a little to the anticipation when you know we only have one room, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, it does," David said to a stirring in his jeans. "You and Sharon did a nice job finding the place."

"I figured when we only had one night, we should spend it close to home and enjoy it. Besides, there's some good food downtown and we'll get to try it."

"And then dessert back at the room," David said brightly.

"Something like that, yes," Cynthia chuckled. "Speaking of that, I might be tempted by a little dessert tonight," she said, fixing him with a smile.

"Lead on, madam," David said as he got up.

"A little eager, are we?" Cynthia laughed and got up as David pulled the chair for her. She leaned back into his arms and whispered, "Just thinking about it is turning me on. You've got another tigress in your arms tonight."

Driving home after work on Friday, David reminisced about their "dessert." Cynthia's passion had fueled his own, and they experienced a memorable night. He was looking forward to another one tonight.

This time, David and Cynthia picked up their friends, and they made it to their downtown LA hotel in reasonable time.

"Nice to just drop the car and walk after this," David said as the doorman took their bags.

"Yeah, we drive enough in LA as it is," Steve replied. "It was cool not to have too much traffic coming over here—we can enjoy a cocktail before dinner."

The two couples quickly hung up their clothes and headed out for the evening. While no one spoke of it, an air of expectation hung in the room—how would this evening end?

It started well enough. Sharon led them to a bar she had heard of, and they found a table, got a drink, and caught up with each other.

"Ah, it's nice to be adults again," Cynthia observed, toasting her companions.

"Hear, hear!" the group toasted back.

Dinner found the couples seated at a place that Cynthia wanted them to try. They enjoyed a great evening of food, wine, and conversation. Holding hands on the way back, the couples talked quietly, the anticipation building.

"Perhaps David and I should just get ready for bed together," Cynthia said when they got back to the room. "Might save you some time."

"Good idea," Sharon answered. "Go ahead."

David wondered what Cynthia had in mind as she pulled him into the bathroom.

"I thought we might spend some time on the balcony while they're in here," Cynthia explained. "Brush out my hair?"

David took the brush to a sigh of approval from Cynthia. They undressed, and David smiled when he saw the sheer bra and panties on his wife.

"You look smashing, my darling," he said dramatically.

"You don't say?" she answered, batting an eye. "Let's hope the balcony is a little hidden."

"Not wanting to show off?"

"Oh, I do—just for a private audience tonight," she replied. "We'll wow the public some other day."

David laughed and filed that away for future reference. He knew Cynthia, and he knew she wanted him to wonder.

"All yours," Cynthia announced as she paraded out of the bathroom. "You'll find us on the balcony."

"Sounds fun," Sharon replied. "Come on, Steven, let's catch up with those two."

Steve rolled his tongue back into his mouth and followed his wife into the bathroom. Cynthia took David's hand and pulled back the balcony door. They stepped out, and she moved to the railing. David stepped behind her and encircled her waist.

"Lovely view," Cynthia said, looking out. "I think we're reasonably safe. No other hotels looking into this one."

"The view's pretty good here, too," David said, nuzzling her neck.

Cynthia sighed. "You have such a way with words."

"Let's see what I can do without them." David's fingertips lightly brushed across her arms, sending an electric current through her.

"Ohhh," she whispered. She shivered to his touch as his hands explored her arms, neck, back, and upper legs.

"I love you, Cynthia. You are the sexiest woman alive."

"I am just on fire."

The door gently slid back, and Sharon led Steven out onto the balcony.

"You two are looking romantic," Sharon said as she joined them at the railing. "Steven, why don't we try what they're doing? It sure seems to be working for them."

Cynthia chuckled as David continued his caresses. Both ladies watched each other as their husbands' hands brushed fire along their skin.

"Let's try out those beds," Cynthia whispered after a while.

They went inside. Cynthia sat down on the edge of the bed and patted the place beside her. David joined her, wondering what she had in mind. He saw the other couple sit across from them.

Cynthia wasn't sure yet, but she was in the mood to open herself further to their friends. The memories of their previous encounter often resonated in her mind. The confession of her sexual side to Steve and Sharon had driven her excitement, and she wanted to confess more this time. She leaned over to kiss David, figuring that her body would know what to do.

David kissed her passionately. The session on the balcony had gotten both of them aroused. His hand moved over her breast, and she moaned. He gently kneaded through the material of her bra, and then he brushed over the fastener, asking a question with his fingers.

"Yes," Cynthia breathed, and David undid her bra, pulling it away and returning to her breasts. Her nipples pebbled under his fingers, rock hard. He alternated gentle caresses with firmer twists, pulling the nubs between his fingers. Cynthia's breath ran hot in his mouth.

As David's hand wandered below Cynthia's breasts, she clamped her lips tighter to his. She wanted him to move downward. He moved a little more each time, finally brushing her legs. A moan communicated Cynthia's approval, but she made no motion to lie down. Was she going to let him work his hand between her legs here—facing their friends? His heart started to pound.

David moved his hand along the top of her leg, still wondering how far she wanted this to go. At one point, his hand brushed both her knees, and he jumped when he felt her legs move slightly apart. He grew a little more bold, and started caressing the insides of her legs. Cynthia moaned several times while he worked, and slowly moved her legs further apart. David slid his hand up toward the waist of her panties, with the thought of working around to the front.

As his fingers brushed the waistband, David got a shock. He felt Cynthia's hand on his, and she guided his finger under the waistband. She rocked to the side. She wanted them off! In a daze, David hooked the material and began pulling it down. Cynthia continued to lock her lips to his, and he could sense her mounting arousal.

David's other hand left her nipple and began to tug the other side of her panties. Cynthia planted her arms and lifted her ass off the bed, allowing him to fully pull the material down around her knees. She then drew her legs up together, which got the panties completely off. She kept her knees together, but still gave no hint that she wanted to move or lie down.

David knew that Cynthia was deeply into the moment. Any parting of her legs would let Steve and Sharon see straight to heaven. He still couldn't quite believe that she was going to show herself so openly. On the other hand, her lips told a different story. She was really hot, and David decided to see how far this was going to go.

He repeated his caressing of her legs, and she responded the same as before, moaning each time his hand moved along the inner side. He could feel the space between her legs just barely increase, and he finally shrugged off any doubts about going too far in this game. He also realized that one of the rules was that Cynthia would act passively—at least for a time—while he acted like the one directing this show. He increased the pressure of his caresses, and was rewarded by a louder series of moans. Steve and Sharon could definitely hear those.

Confident now that she really wanted this, David began to work his hand completely between her knees. She yielded easily, and David brought his hand back toward her junction, using it to guide her legs apart. He stroked just the outer lips of her pussy and enjoyed her struggle to push his fingers deeper, while not being too obvious about it.

David could feel her body tremble and knew that she was feverish with excitement. He decided it was time to give Steve and Sharon a full view of the action, and pushed her right leg with his fingers, just hard enough to get the message across.

Cynthia understood perfectly. David's cock thrilled as he felt her move her leg further and further in response to his hand. Her pussy was now fully exposed, the puffy lips just starting to part and reveal the pink inside. David opened her other leg and then pulled back. He took in his wife's fully naked figure leaning back on the bed, completely open to their friends' view. He could not remember ever seeing her so hot.

He looked up at Cynthia's face and saw her half-lidded eyes looking down as his fingers possessively massaged either side of her opening. Her eyes jumped up and bored straight into his, and he saw an erotic mixture of love, wickedness, intense desire, and surprise at herself. He kept the connection as he briefly dipped a finger into her tunnel, and he saw the flame of desire leap even higher. He wasn't going to rush this, however. David worked a finger on either side of Cynthia's pussy lips, letting her arousal fully develop. Cynthia was starting to flex her hips, and she leaned back on her arms for support.

Cynthia felt wicked and completely turned on. She knew that, on one level, she was confessing her solitary sexual need by lying back and letting David pleasure her. At another level, she felt the intense relationship of the four people in the room. That helped her release from any restraints. She tilted her head back and moaned deeply and loudly, and pushed her pussy into David's busy hand. A wave of heat washed over her body. With a start, she perceived that someday, she would hold nothing back from her friends at all, and would let them watch her in any way they pleased. "We never stop learning new things about ourselves," she thought, but then let her thoughts subside as she concentrated on the intense pleasure radiating from her sex.

David stole a quick glance at his friends and saw the intense look on their faces and the concentration on his hand. He took a finger and slid it deeply into Cynthia's pussy, eliciting another moan. He then slid it up and started working around the hood of her clit, the moisture making his finger glide freely. Cynthia began humping into his hand, giving all of herself to her friends. David sped up his massage and focused on her clit as Cynthia bucked and moaned. His hand became a blur as Cynthia pushed toward the edge. Steven and Sharon could see her chest heave and her nipples harden even more than before. Her skin shone from her heat.

Cynthia felt herself pass the point of no return, and she clamped down to build the tension to the breaking point. An explosion was forming, drawing its energy from every point of her body. Exquisite pleasure radiated from her pussy as she held on. The heat and pressure built and built, demanding release. With one last effort, she gripped her legs around David's hand and squeezed, confining the pleasure until it exploded throughout her body. Mindless of anything, she threw her head back and cried out "Aaahhh, aaahhh!," as her body shuddered.

David could feel the spasms travel through her pussy as she writhed around his arm. Cynthia opened her legs again and continued to moan and buck, milking every last drop of pleasure from her orgasm. Finally, she collapsed, shaking, her hair falling onto her chest as she dropped her head. She covered his hand in hers, holding him close while she returned to Earth. David lifted her chin and kissed her deeply.

"Oh God, Cynthia, that was a huge turn-on," Steven said. Sharon just nodded her head, not sure if she could speak clearly. Rising, she tugged Steven up as well. She reached around and unsnapped her bra, then quickly tugged her panties down and kicked them off. She tugged on Steven's boxers, and he got them the rest of the way off in a hurry. David could see the excitement of her erect nipples. He also couldn't miss Steven's iron spring free from his boxers. Sharon then turned to Steven and kissed him savagely, running her hands along his ass in an invitation to reciprocate. He took the hint.

Sharon broke the kiss and gently pushed Steven down to a sitting position on the bed with his knees apart. Turning around, she sat down against him and leaned her head back to kiss again. Steven cupped her breasts in his hands, working his way to her extended nipples. Sharon sighed, and spread her knees far apart, giving her friends an unobstructed view. As her pussy opened up, David could see the signs of arousal. Soon, he heard Sharon saying, "Get inside me."

Sharon lifted herself up to sit in Steven's lap. She was going to fuck Steven in full view of her friends. Steven placed his hands on her ass to guide her onto him. She took his cock and placed it at her entrance. Steven then slowly let her sink down around his rod.

It was David's turn to stare wide-eyed as he witnessed the complete opening of his friends to him. Cynthia sat up and leaned next to him, intent as well. He could see Steven's cock spread Sharon's pussy lips on her way down and drag them on her way up. His gaze traveled up to her beautiful breasts and then on to her eyes, which were half open but looking right at him.

His cock poked through his fly, rock hard.

"Enjoying the show?" Cynthia whispered. David just nodded.

"Me, too." She gave his cock a gentle squeeze.

Sharon riveted their eyes again when she trailed a finger down to her pussy, slowly rubbing around her clit.

"Fuck," David breathed. Cynthia's breath caught in her throat. They couldn't believe that Sharon was masturbating right in front of them.

Sharon moaned and closed her eyes, tingling with arousal at sharing herself so openly. Waves of pleasure radiated from her pussy and washed over her. She increased the pressure on her clit, feeling Steven's hard cock plunging deep.

Cynthia and David watched, rapt, as Sharon's chest arched and a flush started down from her neck. The color crept to her swollen breasts, tight and hard. She panted with effort, and drove her fingers to a blur. Behind her, Steven grunted with the effort of driving his rod upward to meet her motions.

"Oh, fuck, I'm gonna come!" Sharon gasped. "Uh, uh, uh, ahhhhhhhhhh!" she wailed, pressing her fingers deep into her core. Her body shuddered and twitched through her orgasm, but she kept riding Steven.

"I'm coming!" he announced as he drove his hips upward, pushing his cock as deep as it would go. "Ugghhhhhh!" Cynthia and David watched his balls twitch as he emptied himself into his wife. They stayed pressed together, grunting as the aftershocks passed from one to another. Finally, Steven lowered his hips, and Sharon followed, settling in his lap.

"Whew! That was something!" she exclaimed. "I came really hard."

"Me, too!" Steven added. "Watching you come drove me right over the edge. Wow!"

"Looked pretty fantastic from here," Cynthia observed.

"Unbelievable," David said. "Sharon, you flushed deep red—you're still glowing. What an orgasm." He wasn't lying. Sharon's pussy was still flushed, the outer lips swollen, and the inner lips clinging around Steven's cock. He committed the sight to memory.

"So I guess you liked the show, huh?" Sharon asked. "I had fun showing myself to you, especially after watching Cynthia get off."

"You got me going again," Cynthia answered "and I think it's about time to give poor David some relief." She took his hand and lifted him to his feet, guiding his boxers over his jutting erection and then down over his feet. She then scooted close and kissed the head of his cock, finally plunging down.

"Oh, fuck," David groaned. Cynthia backed off and kissed his cock all over, keeping him aroused but not too far. She had other plans, and she dropped a hand to her pussy, working her arousal level up to his.

Sharon pulled herself off of Steven's cock and settled back into him so they could both watch. They alternated their eyes from the sight of Cynthia's lips teasing David's cock to the sight of her fingers framing her prominent clit.

Suddenly, she stood and kissed David fiercely. He responded, pulling her tight. Cynthia broke the kiss, and then turned and bent over the bed, spreading her legs and presenting her swollen pussy to him.

"Fuck me hard," she ordered. David lined his up cock and Cynthia immediately pushed back, flattening her ass against him.

Sharon and Steven watched, mesmerized by the naked lust in front of them. Cynthia had positioned herself slightly to the side so they had an excellent view of her pussy getting reamed by David's meat. They could also see Cynthia continue to work her clit, clearly driving herself to another orgasm.

David pushed hard but not too fast. He knew Cynthia would speed up when she was ready, and he wanted to save himself for that. Sure enough, she started bouncing back into him, and he picked up the pace.

Sharon and Steven thrilled to the sound of lightly slapping hips as they watched Cynthia's ass flatten and her breasts shake with each thrust.

"Give it to me, David!" Cynthia hissed. David grabbed her hips and slammed into her, the slaps much louder and mixed with grunts from both of them.

"I'm gonna come, baby!"

"Yes!" Cynthia responded, her hand a blur.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, aggggghhhhhhh!" David moaned as he pulled her hips back hard and spewed into her. Her pussy clamped the underside of his cock, and the cum surged past in jolts of fire.

David's climax drove Cynthia over the edge. She threw her head back as she convulsed around him. Strangled whimpers and sobs escaped her lips. Her hand clamped her white-hot clit, the waves of heat crashing through her body.

Sharon and Steven held their breath—sharing the intensity of their friends' lovemaking. Their skin prickled and little tremors shot through them in response to the scene before them.

"Damn," Steven said under his breath. Sharon squeezed his hand in hers. They watched Cynthia and David come back to earth.

Cynthia hung her head in surrender. David ran his hands along her back, ass, and legs, prolonging the intimacy between them. Finally, he gently eased out of her, and they both sighed at the loss of feeling. David guided her onto the bed, and he settled beside her, nibbling and sucking at her lips.

"I love you," he said.

"I know." They both chuckled. Cynthia turned her head.

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