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Close Your Eyes Pet


Panting rapidly, legs trembling and eyes trained on Him, her heart is filled with absolute devotion as she awaits the next stroke. His broad back is to her and she knows that when the sting of the last one begins to subside, He will turn to face her, having decided where the next one will land. Her sex is hot and wet to the touch. She knows this because she is holding her right hand firmly between her legs. Just a few moments ago He'd been so close to her. The heat from His body warming her air chilled flesh. His mouth mere millimeters away from her ear, he'd whispered, "Mmmmmm my little pet..." the puff of air hitting the tiny hairs of her ear made her shiver and break out in goosebumps, "...you will leave your hand where I have placed it until I am done. Nod your head if you understand My instructions pet."

She had nodded immediately.

"Very good pet..." He'd said slowly in the low and gravely voice that she'd now come to associate with His most intense moods.

She desperately wants to hold still... she WANTS to please Him. She's been able keep her hand in place thus far, but He'd only just landed the second stroke across her left thigh. Even this early on, she had almost faltered at the sudden intense shock of it.

Her thoughts are broken when she sees Him begin to turn. His movements are slow and deliberate – He knows what the anticipation does to her. He rushes nothing. His eyes come up to meet hers and she smiles. She smiles even though her left thigh feels like it's on fire. She smiles even knowing that He is about to deliver another stroke. She smiles because in His eyes she sees herself. His one. His pet. His adoration. His love ....

"...Close your eyes pet....." He whispers into the silent room with a smile.

As her eyes close, she can only hear her own breathing. Her right hand working in and around her drenched folds. Her body beginning to tense... her sensations sharpening... waiting... Small beads of tears form at the corners of her tightly closed eyes as she can feel her orgasm building... so close now... if she just...

"CRRRRAACCCCKKKKKKK!!" The sound reverberates around the sparsely furnished room. The initial sensation is sharp and unmistakable... White light flashes behind her lids as she bites her lip to keep from screaming out. She couldn't scream, even if she told to... the air in her lungs seems to have left her. At this moment, the burning begins... She knows it will only be seconds before the intensity peaks, becoming almost unbearable and it's this thought that makes her hand falters slightly... but not imperceptibly.

"CRRRRAACCCCKKKKKKK!!" This stroke was laid down expertly beside the last one. Thousands of tiny hot tendrils spread out from the source, joining together to become a single intensely burning area on her right upper thigh. She barely hears Him when he verbally reprimands her for her lapse. All she can sense is the searing pain on her thigh and the even closer orgasm as she frantically rubs that sweet spot between her legs, not daring to stop because she knows she cannot withstand another strike so soon and she doesn't want to end this... yet.

She feels something graze her thigh but it's a mere whisper compared to what she's feeling higher up her leg. Her mind registers this new touch to be that of her Master's hand, which instantly doubles her pleasure while not dulling the pain in the least. An exquisite combination! By the time His hand reaches hers to take over for her, she is already crashing into her first orgasm.

He firmly slides His other hand up her back along her spine to just above the nape of her neck, folding His fingers into the hairs there and closing His fist. Ever so slowly He begins pulling her head back while growling to her what a good girl she is. All at once He thrusts two fingers inside of her, pulling her closer to Him with the pads of His fingers firmly against the inside of her pubic bone. He pulls her head back sharply and begins to pull her toward His body over and over again. Within seconds she is cumming again, this time soaking His hand and thigh. The hot liquid makes her thigh burn even more brightly and she winces but does not stop. Neither is He stopping ... he is relentless and by the time he is finished with her they are standing in a puddle of quickly cooling fluid...

Her mouth is parched, her eyes are mostly closed, and she's still breathing too quickly. But she's not concerned and even manages a smile, for she is in His arms. He supports her body and strokes her hair and whispers to her.

He reaches under her, lifting her effortlessly ... and simply stands in place with her. Alternating His glance from the abused red skin of her thigh, to the flushed skin of her cheeks and lips. As His eyes travel up along her face, His gaze is returned by hers. She opens her eyes a little wider only to have them partially closed again by her growing smile. He doesn't attempt to hide His own smile because he cherishes her more than anything in the world. She – along with her love, adoration, and trust – is the most precious thing He's ever had and He tells her so just before sealing His lips against hers while inhaling deeply.

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