tagMind ControlCloser to the Heart

Closer to the Heart


"That's right," Lynn says, her voice a husky purr. "Deeper and deeper. Down...and down...and down." Each word is punctuated by a tiny caress on Michael's cock, evoking an equally tiny whimper from him even as he sinks deeper into hypnosis.

He doesn't remember exactly when he went into trance, any more than he remembers exactly when Lynn's touches became erotic instead of soothing. She was simply holding him and petting him, and her fingers slowly drifted down to his cock without any real moment of decision on her part. And then he felt so good, just lying there and relaxing and enjoying the way she played with his balls, and then she was sensuously unrolling a condom onto him, and somewhere along the line his eyes slipped shut so that he could focus on those wonderful sensations...and now they don't want to open anymore. But it's alright, he knows. She's got him.

"I've got you," Lynn repeats. The words become Michael's thoughts within an instant, and he forgets they were even spoken. They're simply an irrefutable truth, as natural as breathing and as impossible to resist. She's got him. The words lull him into an even deeper trance, one of total peace and serenity. There's no need to worry, no need to fear, no need even to think anymore. Lynn's control is also Lynn's protection, and he trusts that more than anything else in the world. She's got him. He relaxes effortlessly; only one part of him is stiff now, and that by her will.

"Feel the energy," she whispers in his ear. "Feel the power of your arousal building by my will, flowing under my fingertips. This is one of your centers of power, Michael. One of your chakras. And I am controlling it, just like I control you."

"You control me, Goddess," he whispers in response. There was a time, he knows, when he was reluctant to call her 'Goddess'--he's not even sure why, now, but he was. But then she found that resistance, and gently crumbled it away with relentless, inexorable pleasure. She made it feel so good to obey that he stopped trying to fight it, and now the word slips out of his mouth easily, without him even needing to think about it. He recognizes it as one of the ways he's been brainwashed, and his mind melts into joy at the thought.

"I control the energy of your arousal, tranceslut," she says. "This chakra is mine, now. You have surrendered it to me...and what is surrender?"

"Surrender is bliss," Michael husks out. He can't imagine answering any other way. It's as though a groove has been carved into his mind through endless repetition of his mantras; once the thought enters his head, there's only one direction it can go and only one destination it can find. Surrender is bliss. Surrender is always bliss. Surrender can't be anything but bliss. It's an equation of pure and perfect pleasure, and he has learned it perfectly.

"Good boy," Lynn purrs. "Pleasure." He feels it, a shiver of ecstasy that runs all the way from the very base of his cock up to the tip. He can't help himself; he moans. "You know you have other chakras, don't you, pet?"

"Yes, Goddess," he replies, feeling his trance deepen and his arousal build simply from hearing the mindless, vacant tone in his own voice. Hearing himself speak in trance always sends him deeper. He remembers this, and then just as quickly forgets it.

"That's right, pet," Lynn continues. She gently caresses his forehead with the hand that isn't fondling his cock. "This is your mind chakra, the site of your consciousness. It's so quiet right now, love, isn't it?"

"Quiet..." he agrees, feeling it still even more at her touch. Everything sends him deeper now, and all he needs to do is agree with his Goddess. All he can do is agree with his Goddess. His thoughts are too quiet and still to do otherwise. On some level, he knows that this is true because she has made it true, that she made him think he can't think and that makes it too hard to think, but it's just too hard to think about that right now. Chasing the circular concept only exhausts his mind and makes it even easier to give up thinking and simply obey.

"And this is the center of your will," Lynn says, taking her hand away from his forehead and resting it on his belly. "The energy here is so bright, tranceslut. So strong. Your will is strong..."

The thought comes to mind easily, along another groove carved into his mind by the will of his Goddess. "And all my will is turned to reinforcing my submission." It's exhausting to speak so many words, but Michael knows she wants to hear them, and that makes it impossible not to say them.

"Good boy!" she replies, her hand giving his cock a soft, fluttering squeeze as she speaks. "Pleasure." Again, the jolt of ecstasy travels the length of his cock, from deep within his body up to the head that's already drooling precum. He moans loudly, only her hypnotic control holding his orgasm back now. He can see it in his mind's eye, the warm, orange power of his chakra building and building...and her hand, gathering it all in and capturing it with her even greater power.

"And this," she says, sliding her hand up his belly to rest on his chest, "this is your heart chakra. The seat of your higher emotions. This is where your love for me resides, pet."

"Love you," Michael whispers, the first words he's spoken unbidden since slipping into trance. He's passive about so many things when under hypnosis, but never this. "Love you so much..."

"I know," Lynn whispers. "I can feel the energy under my fingers. So much love, Michael." The use of his name, instead of any of the endearments she has for his submissive self, reminds him of the totality of that love. It isn't simply that tranceslut loves his Goddess; Michael loves Lynn, and all the aspects of their relationship are enfolded into that deep and abiding love.

"Everything we do comes from love," he whispers, reciting another mantra. But this one is also a promise--his Goddess loves him, and she treasures the gift of his mind and his will. He knows she will never hurt him. He doesn't know that because she brainwashed him; he lets her brainwash him because he knows that.

"Good boy," Lynn says again, and he can hear the intensity of emotion in her voice. "And that love is here, right where my hand is resting. In a moment, you're going to open your eyes, pet. When you do, you will see the energy of these chakras. You will see that love. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Goddess," he responds. He still marvels sometimes at the way that she can use hypnosis to control his perceptions, but it seems so natural when he's this deep in trance that he doesn't question it now. He simply accepts the truth of her words, and waits for her commands.

"Open your eyes, pet," she says.

He opens them--slowly and lazily at first, but then they go wide with wonder at what he sees. "It's so bright," he whispers in awe, his gaze locked on the brilliant, emerald energy of the heart chakra. He notices other energies as well--the yellow of his will, the pulsing orange of his desire--but they pale next to the vivid beauty of the green glow that envelops him.

It takes a moment for Lynn to realize what he's looking at, but he can see the joy dawning on her face as she understands that he's staring at her heart chakra, not his own. She takes his hand and places it between her breasts, her eyes slightly wet with tears of happiness. "That's right, pet," she says, almost too overwhelmed to speak. "It's so bright."

The feel of it is like a shock traveling up his arm; he briefly wonders if Lynn felt that same way touching his heart chakra, but the thought is drowned in sheer astonishment at the force of her love. It's so beautiful, he thinks distantly to himself as he feels her love flowing into him. The light has the same shade as early spring leaves, as though it is constantly new and yet somehow the renewal of something ancient and eternal. It floods into him endlessly, and he smiles dreamily as he realizes that his love is flowing into her as well as they touch.

Michael loses track of how long they stay like that, touching hand to heart and heart to hand. Time loses meaning so easily in trance. It feels blissfully eternal, as though the world has stopped so they can enjoy this moment to its fullest. His palm tingles with the charge of her energies, and he knows what has to happen next.

And it does. Lynn rolls onto her back, pulling him onto her so that their heart chakras grow closer and closer until they finally touch. The closer they get, the more he feels his arousal pulsing in time with his love, in time with his heartbeat, and as he slides into her, he feels her energies mingling with his own. She's so wet, so turned on, and he holds her as tightly as he can and thrusts over and over again.

She moans even louder than he does, her desire so primed that her climax approaches after only moments. "Oh, good boy," she whimpers, and he can hear her voice spilling over into orgasm even as she speaks. "Good boy, love you so much, come for me come for me oh oh oh!" Her words dissolve into a squeal of delight that sends him helplessly over the edge into perfect bliss.

"Goddess," he hears himself moan, over and over again as he comes. "Devi...Goddess... Devi..." The words are another mantra, reinforcing his surrender to the perfection of his goddess and sealing it with orgasmic bliss. He chants them as he comes for her, the pleasure now all that he can think of as his mind goes white with bliss and he goes even deeper into trance for her. When he finally relaxes into the afterglow, he's so deep that he can't even think enough to understand how deeply hypnotized he is. All his thoughts still completely, leaving him blank and accepting for a time.

Eventually, he returns. Michael knows that she has programmed him during that period where his mind was perfectly empty and his deepest self was totally vulnerable to her will; he knows it wasn't the first time, either. But he can't remember what was said. He knows he doesn't need to. Lynn is his Goddess, and she will keep him safe. The gorgeous certainty rests deep in the center of his mind, relaxing him and comforting him as he curls up with Lynn in the afterglow.

"Good boy," Lynn whispers to him, her own voice drowsy, as they drift off together into sleep.


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