tagMatureCloser To The Truth

Closer To The Truth


Sue stared up at the headliner of the car as John gave one last push into her. It was a good thing he was almost done, she did have to get back into work. Screwing in the car was ok, especially if it had to be a wham bam, but she'd make it up to him when they had some real time together. She felt John coming inside her and then her own orgasm let go. The man could screw, no doubt, a million times better than that lout back home she was married to. Made a poor girl like her wish there wasn't work, having to get dressed fast and get back inside when she'd rather be with a man. A real man who might make all the bullshit go away.

That's all life was anymore, just bullshit. Sue knew that as she pulled her underpants back on and then her bra. Spend the night cleaning bed pans, endure her husband's attempt at balling her once a week, pray for John to come around and try to keep the kids in line, that's all living was about to a fifty year old woman. She slipped her uniform back on, pulled on her shoes and gave John one more kiss before she beat feet back inside the nursing home. Once she got inside Sue could clean up a little. She hated semen clumped to her, even John's but God, she loved him. No problem meeting him up at the motel in a few hours. Maybe by then she could get it all figured out. Hell, maybe then she'd even ask him.

Sue grinned at that thought as she blew through the double doors. She and John had never really talked that much and they'd been going at it for almost twenty two years. It was just going to be one of those things when she started up with him back then. Sue was going to let him screw her, maybe screw her again and then go off in their own directions. He was just too damn good to let go. The son of a bitch made her crazy and she would never tell him no. Shit, it wasn't like she liked getting it in the backseat but she loved John. A quick one now, another one after work and it would be good. Damn good. Better than life.

Not that life was all that bad, just parts of it. Sue gave it all a big thought as she slipped into Room 17, the empty one that week, to wash up. It was just ordinary, the same old same old, for the most part. No hopes, no dreams, just living and then Roy-Roy had gone and done it. Her baby, the youngest of the six, and he was no baby no more. He'd made his momma feel old the weekend before. Baby Roy-Roy had gotten himself laid.

Hell, he was a man, it couldn't be a surprise to anybody, even his mother. He can vote, he can buy booze in Ohio, he was an adult but still, she just hadn't thought about the youngest actually going down on some bimbo. Roy-Roy sure had though, she could tell when he walked through the door that the boy had gotten his first pussy. Sue wiped her own womanhood with a cloth and felt a shiver pass through her body. She probably should tell his dad.

It was the biggest disadvantage to middle age, to be able to see what reactions every action produce. Sue shook her head as she stepped back into the home's hallway. The world was clear. If the bitch was knocked up, Roy-Roy was going to be getting married. If she was a tramp, he might be looking at a shot of penicillin real soon. His dad didn't need to know but she needed to say something to somebody. Sue could handle her own life. It was everybody else's that seemed so fucking out of control. Thank God there was John.

Knowing she could have a man, a real man, in bed was about all that kept sanity alive in Sue's mind any more. Husband Howard humped her every Thursday night just to make sure his pecker still worked. There wasn't anything else to it but John, damn, he seduced her. He could show up out of the blue, give her one look and she'd do it. Hell, she had done it, him showing up at the retirement home and sweet talking her into his back seat during break time. All the way in the back seat and she was going to get more. She gave the clock a glance, three hours. Three hours and it was all worth while.

A long, slow three hours, Sue thinking about Roy-Roy, thinking about Howard, thinking about all the shit that went on any more. It didn't matter, none of it, it was just a job. It was just a life. Bobby, the janitor, was trying to talk to her but she wasn't listening. All he wanted was in her pants anyway. He wasn't getting it. Only John. Three hours and then two. Two and then one. Finally and she was out the door.

Out the door, up the road and racing to the Knight's Inn on Route 95. There wasn't time to waste, another wham bam, but it was John. Sue wheeled the Nova into the parking lot, around the first unit and spotted his car. She saw the door to his room open as she pulled to a stop. Quickly grabbing her purse, she bolted out of the car and started to run to him. Five steps away and she stopped dead.

There he stood, his body barely covered by a robe, his cock already extended through the material. One single tie undone and he would be naked. Naked and all hers. She stumbled as Sue felt wetness in her panties, caught her balance and gazed at his cock.

"You're ready," she gasped, staring down at her happiness.

"Get in here," he growled, pushing open the door and motioning her in.

Without another word she came to him, hearing the door shut and lock behind her before he quickly stripped her and then ripped open his robe. They were naked within ten seconds, maybe less. With one motion he tossed her onto the bed, hurriedly climbing on top of her, his mouth finding her breasts. He loved suckling from her massive badges of womanhood. Sue was already wet, his lovemaking now making her drip in lust for his body. John spread her thighs, lifted her ass up and pushed his cock deep into her.

"Too much," Sue moaned. "You're too much, baby."

"You're the best," John grunted, his cock pounding into her in all his lust, her wetness driving him into an immediate frenzy. To him she was the best, the best he'd ever fucked and he was going to get as much of her as he could.

Sue closed her eyes, knowing he was pinning her shoulders to the mattress with his hands as he watched her nipples grow harder and harder with each stroke of his pecker. She wrapped her legs around his gorgeous body and thrust her hips forward to meet his needs as her breasts began to swell in lust. His cock was going berserk, driving her into one orgasm after another. She felt him press his body against hers, his chest crushing her breasts and knew it wouldn't be long before she felt the sweet explosion. John pushed and then pushed deep, Sue groaning as his cock reached full length. She felt the head flower and then gush out his lust into her in a scalding hot stream of love.

Slowly Sue opened her eyes, her lover in her arms and time wasting. She couldn't afford to be late home, Howard never quite sure if she was the loyal bitch she professed to be. She wasn't, but it wasn't any shit to him, at least in her life. Sue had to wash, John's come pouring out of her pussy, and get going. She slid out from under her man, raced to the bath and hurriedly got cleaned up. Back to the room, she grabbed her clothes and moved to get dressed.

"Baby, no rush, I'm not going anywhere," John panted, her sex exhausting him.

"I got to," she said, forcing a grin. "Remember, I'm married."

"Coming back tomorrow?"

His words made Sue stop still, her panties only half up her legs. She stared at her lover for a second before she stammered, "You'll still be here?"

"All day. Right here," he nodded with a grin. "Just for you. I want you to come back. Come to me. Let me have you all day. Let me have what I want."

Sue nodded, now continuing to dress, before she said, "Yeah. Got to make sure something's all right though. Roy-Roy got laid."

"He's the youngest?" John frowned, trying to remember all her kids' names for some reason, totally distracted as Sue pulled on her brassiere. He had no problem getting up just thinking about her incredible body and even more incredible talents in bed.

"Yeah," she nodded, tugging on her slacks and then smock. "First time. I want to talk to him. Make sure he's all right. That I'm no grandma. Then I'll be back. In the morning. By nine."

"I'll be here."

Sue nodded, slid on her shoes and grabbed her purse. She nodded and bolted to the door, then to the car. That asshole Howard knew exactly how long it should take her to get home from work, like it mattered. What an ass. Her John, what a man.

She fired the car to life and pulled away, still in heat for what John had done and would be doing to her. Once she took care of chores in the morning, she'd be back all right. Back for a one man gang bang. John wouldn't let up until she'd been fucked every way possible. Sue made a note in her mind to bring the petroleum jelly, he was sure to want a piece of ass too. He could have it all once she got a few things done.

At least one chore already was out of the way, at least about Roy-Roy. Sue shook her head and then gave it all a shrug of the shoulders. Her youngest had gotten himself laid, she'd have to make sure he was handling it. That he considered the options but at least Roy Roy's daddy now knew his son was a man.

One of these days she was going to have to tell that daddy he was a father.

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