tagRomanceClosing Shift

Closing Shift


They were gonna be short staffed and they knew it. Yuma didn't mind though, less people on, more tips for him. He and Kalara worked well together most nights. Their chemistry was always clicking. They constantly flirted during their shifts despite Kalara having a boyfriend. It was all just playful and mike knew that.

Kalara walked into work visibly upset about something and yuma noticed right away. Walking away from the people he was serving at the bar he went to check on her.

"Hey darling what's up? You okay?" Yuma said putting his hand on the small of her back. Kalara quickly hugged him, she was much shorter than him and her face rested softly against his chest.

Kalara was short with long thick black hair that fell down to the middle of her back. Her skin was brown like milk chocolate, her lips were full and her soft features left her nationality. She definitely came from some Asian decent but nothing yuma could pinpoint. Her legs were short but thick and ran all the way to a very round ass. For being so short, her body was curvy and yuma could not help but stare during their shifts together.

"Carl and I just have been in a serious rough patch lately. We got in a big fight just now." Kalara said into his chest.

Yuma squeezed her tighter before breaking the hug, remembering they had customers.

"You need a minute darling?" He said moving back toward the bar.

Kalara shook her head and with a bright smile she moved to greet a customer.

They continued their shift together with smiles and laughs. Enjoying their time together and making good money. The bar was full and there were a few tables but they never let the stress get to them. Yuma stood at the P.O.S system and started to punch in an order when Kalara ducked under his arm and put herself between him and the computer.

"Um excuse me..." yuma said smiling

"I need this real quick, I'll make it up to you!"

Yuma laughed sarcastically acting like he didn't believe her and refusing to give up any ground so his body was only inches from hers. When he was about to ask her how she was going to make it up to him he felt her push her round ass back into him and quickly grind her ass into his dick. He paused and looked down at her, she gave him a devilish stare back. With her ass still against him he could feel himself begin to get hard so to save himself some embarrassment.

They continued their shift with little other distraction but they kept getting more and more busy.

"I need your help changing a keg." Kalara said peeking out from the walk in fridge.

"Get one of the bussers to do it." Yuma responded putting cash in the drawer.

"They can't I need your help. Please boo?" Kalara always called him boo.

"Ugh! Fine!" Yuma said in a huff. He told his customers he would be right back and made his way to the walk in. Kalara let him go in first as he made his way to the back of it beyond the racks of bottled beer and condiments. The fridge was large and efficient holding at 38 degrees, yuma could see his breath as he stood in front of the kegs.

"Which keg?" He said turning to look at Kalara, trying his best not to notice her pierced nipples showing through her shirt. Having become hard in the cold.

When she did not answer him he gave a small lift to each keg and felt that they were all full enough to make it through the night. He mumbled a confused "okay" to himself as he tried to exit only to have Kalara put a hand on his arm.

"What's up? Whatever it is can you tell me somewhere warmer than this?" Yuma chuckled. Kalara shook her head, "fuck it..." and pulled yuma by the shirt bringing his lips to hers with force. If he had not wanted it too he would have stopped her but instead kissed her back, grabbing her by her hips aggressively. Their kiss was almost frantic, wet and intense, the sound of their mouths broken by the latch of the fridge door opening. One of the cooks was coming in to grab some prep for the line. They broke their kiss the second they heard the sound and did their best to look busy, and most importantly calmer than they actually were.

"Hey chef!" Kalara said as she left the walk in without so much as an excuse as to why she was in there.

Yuma let out a "Hey" as he pretended to work on a keg.

Their shift carried on without much more excitement, the number of customers dwindled down until there was only the same regulars scattered throughout the bar. Yuma was slightly confused by how seemingly nonchalant Kalara was acting about what happened in the walk in.

"I'm telling you they aren't doing enough this offseason to help next year." Yuma said to his regular. While they talked, making fun of each other for their respective teams, Kalara came up next to him and asked him to get a bottled beer from the fridge he was blocking. Her tone of voice was almost cold towards him as he knelt down to search the back of fridge. While he knelt Kalara started talking to his regular over the high bar. Her hips were at about the same height as his head when he looked back to see if she was paying any attention to him. She wasn't but he couldn't help himself, with a hand he knew would be hidden from the patrons at the bar he ran his fingers up her thigh and made a move at the warm crotch of her pants. He was nervous, what was her reaction going to be? Was this going to be over the line? Would he ruin the friendship they had built with this one act? It was too late to turn back, and the reaction he got put his mind at ease. Kalara in response to feeling his touch leaned her hips forward. Grinding hard against his fingers her mouth opened slightly at the feeling of pleasure, but she quickly disguised it with a smile and a laugh. She walked to the other side of the bar to grab an empty glass from a patron and Yuma rose with a bottle in hand.

"Here you go darling." Yuma said handing the bottle to Kalara. She took the bottle and with a wink and Yuma knew things were only getting started.

"Is it cool if I head out? All my stuff is done." The dishwasher said to Yuma from the back of the restaurant.

"Yeah if you're all done I can finish up. I'm almost done now anyway."

Kalara was off before him and was sitting at the bar having a drink with the last of the regulars as they waited for their rides. Yuma rolled the mop bucket to behind the bar, steam rising from the soapy water. He looked at her as he eyes stared at him from the rim of her glass.

"Must be nice to be already off and drinking." He said teasingly.

They weren't allowed to wear their work shirts at the bar while drinking so she had changed into just a black tank top she usually wore under her clothe, her pulled back hair was starting to fall out of its tie and cascade over her shoulders. She smiled at him with an intense look in her eyes that even one of the regulars noticed and could only chuckle.

"Should I leave you two alone?" He said.

"No Carl you're fine she's just being weird." Yuma said playing off the moment. He stared to walk out from behind the bar to turn off one of the TVs when he felt a grab at his waist. Kalara was finishing her drink with one hand and with the other had a firm grip on his belt. Their eyes met and when Kalara's hand moved from just hanging on his belt to trying to undo it Yuma spoke.

"I think your ride is here Carl." He said without looking away from Kalara.

Carl took the hint and quickly, all be it awkwardly, got up from his chair and left the two staring at each other. When the sound of the door clicking behind Carl filled the empty restaurant it was like the starting gun of a race and the two who were just staring sprang into action.

Yuma's hand moved to the back of Kalara's neck and brought her full lips to his. He felt her nails dig into the back of his neck while she kissed him hard in return. Her lips parted, letting her tongue pass them to play with Yuma's. In a second Kalara broke their kiss pushing a firm hand against his chest.

"Cameras?" She asked.

"Turned them off after the walk in. Didn't think we were gonna need them." He replied.

Kalara whispered "good" as she kissed Yuma hard again, lightly biting his bottom lip as she finished undoing his belt. Her hand slid slowly down the front of his jeans and felt him getting harder and harder in her hand. Their kissing intensified as Yuma started to feel himself push grow in her hand and he let out a low exhale at the sensation. Yuma broke their kiss and with his strong hands picked her up out of her chair and sat her on the edge of the bar.

Kalara let out an excited laugh and kept her smile even when they began kissing again. Wasting no more time, Yuma pulled her tank top up over her head pausing to admire her beauty in front of him. He kissed her lips and moved down her body. Stopping to kiss her neck then down to her full breasts. Bringing one of her pierced nipples into his mouth rolling it between his teeth lightly kalara let out a moan. He gave the same treatment to the other nipple leave wet spots on her skin from his tongue while kalara ran her fingers through his hair. Kalara bit her bottom lip as yuma's fingers worked at the button and zipper of her pants. When they were undone Yuma pulled her pants down to her ankles fast, watching kalara kick her shoes off. Starting at her calf Yuma kissed up her leg leaving little wet lip marks inch by inch. The breath in Kalara's chest quickened more and more the further up Yuma and his mouth got. Finally with his head between her legs he paused and smiled, knowing that every second was a lifetime of torture for a waiting Kalara.

"Oh come on." Kalara said grabbing Yuma by the back of his head and bringing his mouth hard into her wet pussy. Yuma clamped his strong hands down on either side of her hips pushing his tongue as deep inside her as he could. Kalara let out a satisfied moan when she felt him licking and sucking lighting in her. Her hands gripped his hair tighter as her pussy became more and more wet, her juices covering his face as his movements got more intense.

"Oh fuck! Your tongue feels so good!" Kalara moaned as her body began to tense up. The orgasm was building up inside her and was ready to explode, "Don't stop. Please don't..." her words were cut off by a loud high pitched moan that came from her throat almost involuntarily as a strong wave of pleasure washed over her tensing body. Yuma knew he had brought her to orgasm by the tightening of her legs around his head. When her body stopped shaking and her moaning was replaced by the sound of heavy breathing Yuma ceased his tongue and moved his mouth to hers. As their lips and tongues met and intertwined Kalara could taste herself.

Their kiss continued and Kalara wasted no time using her hands to get rid of Yuma's shirt and slide off the bar to her knees. She finished pulling his pants down along with the boxers underneath exposing his hard cock in front of her. Without a second to waste and still glistening with sweat from her climax Kalara took him in her wet mouth and let the head of his dick slide along her tongue and press at the back of her throat. When Yuma let out a groan Kalara took it as encouragement and pulled at the back of his legs to force him down deeper into her throat. She wanted to take every inch of him and feel him shake in pleasure the same way he made her shake.

"Fuck." Yuma groaned as he felt her soft throat close tightly around him. Kalara moved her mouth off his dick sucking as she went making a loud pop sound as her full lips moved past his head. Her eyes looked up at his as she dragged her tongue along the length of him and sucking on the tip. Yuma moved his hand to the top of her head and started to guide here back and forth on his dick. Feeling himself press against the back of her throat then her tongue swirling around his dick all the while her dark eyes never breaking contact with his. Soon her head was moving faster than his hand was guiding as she sucked him harder and deeper with each stroke. Yuma knew that if he let her she would make him cum like this in a matter of minutes but he wanted more.

Yuma grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her mouth off his dick. Her spit covered lips parted to show a smile. He picked her up, pretending to kiss her but instead spinning her around and moving her to a nearby table and bending her over it. Kalara arched her back slightly moving her ass up in the air, looking back at Yuma with a sexy smile. Yuma brought his hand down on her round ass filling the empty restaurant with the sound of a spanking. Kalara bit her lip and shook her ass impatiently.

Yuma walked up to her naked body in front of him and with one hand on either side of her hips pushed himself inside her. They both let out a sign as his hard dick moved inch by inch inside her tight wet pussy. The speed of Yuma's strokes increased as he started to slam into Kalara. Her loud moans filled the restaurant "Fuck me!" She moaned.

Kalara's hair was sticking to the beads of sweat on her back as Yuma moved his hand up to grab a handful of it. Pulling lightly Kalara bit her lip at the feeling of him inside her. Yuma let go of her hair to move both hands to her hips and bring her back into him harder. In and out, Yuma's hard cock moved, in and out. Kalara was wet and getting tighter around him as another orgasm washed over her. Her nails wrapped around the edges of the table as all the muscles in her body tightened and made her shake.

Yuma moved out of her and flipped Kalara over onto her back.

"I want to see your face when you cum again." Yuma said.

"Only if you cum too." Kalara replied. Yuma moved to kiss Kalara again passionately and while their lips were together Yuma moved his hips forward sliding his dick back inside her. They both let a low moan past their smiling mouths before Yuma increased his speed. He was going faster now than he had before and could hear the screeching of the table legs scraping along the floor an inch or two at a time with each pounding stroke.

Kalara immediately reacted to the change of intensity, her mouth opened and let out a loud moan.

"Fuck me Yuma. Fuck me harder." Kalara moaned.

"Come on baby give me another one" Yuma replied, spurred on at the sound of her moaning his name. Yuma's hands moved to her chest, rolling a pierced nipple between his thumb and forefinger then cupping and massaging her full breasts. Their passion continued and only intensified with Kalara propping herself up from the table and pushing her hips back into him. Yuma's hand moved from her breast to around her throat. He wasn't planning on it initially but the look in her eyes he couldn't help it. His grip around her throat wasn't too hard just firm enough to feel it. As his large hand wrapped around her neck she laid back down flat on the table running her hands up and down his arm. Not to get his hand off her neck but just to feel him.

They were both getting close but Yuma wanted to make sure she came one more time before he did. Between moans Kalara whispered "harder" so Yuma's hand squeezed a little tighter and hips thrust a little faster and he watched with satisfaction as Kalara shook and screamed and came one more time. Her soft hand reached up to pull on the back of his neck and bring him in for a kiss. Kalara broke their kiss, "cum for me." She refused to let go from the back of his neck, just encouraged him to continue while their faces stayed close to each other and their eyes burned like fire locked together. Yuma kissed her again and had to break it off as his body seized up. He came hard with a groaned curse and slowed strokes.

Yuma moved off of Kalara but didn't have the energy to stand. Instead laid on the freshly mopped floor, letting his sweat cover the cold tile. Kalara had just enough more energy than him that she grabbed her cigarettes off the bar on her way down. The lighter flicked and the cherry of brightened and faded. Under a large cloud of smoke they both chuckled. They laughed at what had happened. How it started. And the fact that half one of the walls was all windows. And how they would ever be able to look at the walk in, bar top, or table 41 the same again.

"So," Yuma said, "I'm gonna make sure we close together from here on out."

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